This material originally appeared on Kim Weissman's
Congress Action Newsletter

The Founders' Documents
(and more)
on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Table of Contents

The Founders on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Political Philosophers on the Right to Bear Arms and Self Defense

Debates in the Federal Constitutional Convention

State Debates on the Ratification of the Federal Constitution

Newspaper Commentary from the Founding Period

Early Congressional Debates

Supreme Court Justices

State Constitutions

Words of Warning for Those Who Value Freedom

The Domestic Threat
(for those foolish enough to believe "But it can't happen here…")

Massachusetts' attorney Kim Weissman closed his website, Congress Action Newsletter, and has graciously selected TYSK as the repository for his very popular Second Amendment Information. Mr. Weissman and TYSK both hope that you will find what is contained here informative and enlightening and useful in refuting the claims, falsehoods, and distortions offered by those that want to restrict or eliminate the one pillar of the Bill of Rights which protects all others.

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