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for the week ending 6 January 2019

Pence Politely Swears In
First Bisexual Senator – To Replace Flake

(CNSNews) — Vice President Mike Pence yesterday politely administered the oath of office to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D.-Ariz.), who was elected in November to replace Sen. Jeff Flake (R.-Ariz.), who did not seek reelection.

Sinema, who is unmarried, is the first openly bisexual member of the United States Senate. Raised a Mormon, she now professes no religion.

When Sinema came to the front of the Old Senate Chamber in the U.S. Capitol to take the oath of office, Vice President Pence said to her: "Congratulations. ... My great honor. ... I look forward to working with you a little bit."

She then asked the vice president where she should stand while taking the oath, and as Pence advised her on this matter, she suddenly declared – perhaps in response to some unheard person in the audience: "Could we get a spouse?" As Pence laughs, she then says: "Just kidding. Just kidding."
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 North Korea's Top Diplomat In Italy Defected,
Embarrassing Kim Jong Un

(Fox News) — North Korea's acting ambassador to Italy defected with his wife in November, South Korea's spy agency told lawmakers Thursday, striking an embarrassing blow to leader Kim Jong Un and his communist regime.

Jo Song Gil, 48, and his wife left the official residence in early November, weeks before his term was set to end, an official from Seoul's National Intelligence Service said, according to South Korean lawmaker Kim Min-ki.

He was the acting ambassador in Rome since Oct. 2017, after the Italian government expelled the now-former ambassador Mun Jong Nam in retaliation for a nuclear test by North Korea that year, the AFP reported.

Pyongyang deems the diplomatic mission in Italy essential as it's the home of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the regime suffers from food shortages, the outlet noted.
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British Muslim YouTube Star Receives Massive
Amount Of Abuse After She Stops Wearing A Hijab

(Voice of Europe) — YouTube star and fashion blogger Dina Torkia has received a wave of abusive and offensive comments on social media since she stopped wearing a hijab, the Daily Mail reports.

Dina, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, said she had made a 'personal decision to wear it when I want to'. In a video called The Bad, The Worse And The Ugly she reads out the torrent of abuse she has received from strangers on Facebook.

Even in an uninterrupted 47-minute-video the fashion blogger is only able to get through some of the nasty messages.

Among the offensive and unsolicited posts, one comment said she would "be a porn star" while another called her a "sick person mentally".

Many posts questioned her faith, with one saying "she's not a Muslim any more" and another writing she was "messed up" and had "made Islam look bad".
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 Latin American Nations
Call For New Elections In Venezuela

(Bloomberg) — A group of 12 Latin American nations plus Canada urged Venezuela's leader to hand power to the opposition-controlled National Assembly and call new elections, stepping up pressure on Nicolas Maduro days before he's due to start a new term.

The so-called Lima Group of nations views the presidential election in Venezuela last year as illegitimate and won't recognize Maduro as leader when his new term begins Jan. 10, according to a joint statement issued Friday following a meeting of foreign ministers.

The countries agreed to bar the entry of senior Venezuelan officials and reevaluate diplomatic relations with the crisis-racked Caribbean country. Governments will draw up a list of individuals and companies with which banks will be barred from doing business and will freeze assets if necessary, according to the statement.

They also agreed to suspend military cooperation with Maduro, including the transfer of arms.
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Wannabe NY Firefighter Who Failed
Physical Test 3 Times Sues To Get Job Anyway.

(NY Post) — Meet the flameout who wants to be a smoke-eater.

A firefighter wannabe who failed the FDNY physical test three times has sued the city and the department, demanding he get the job anyway, in a brazen effort an FDNY source called "absurd."

Kevin Walker, 47, had been a lead plaintiff in the Vulcan Society's class-action case against the city, which accused the department of discriminating against minority firefighter applicants and was settled in 2014 for $100 million. The Jamaica, Queens, resident got $22,500 of that payout.

Because of Walker's participation in the case, he became a "priority hire" when he passed the 2013 qualifying exam and would have been allowed to come aboard well past the usual maximum age of 35 – but was not able to because he repeatedly flunked the physical test.
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 Professional Ghost Hunters To Investigate
Haunting Of USS North Carolina Battleship

(Charlotte Observer) — A trio of nationally known "paranormal investigators" intends to spend part of Saturday night aboard the USS North Carolina (BB-55) in Wilmington, in hope of proving the 80-year-old battleship is home to the spirits of one or more dead sailors.

Professional "ghost hunters" Steve Gonsalves, Chris Smith and Mike Goncalves will start their investigation after dark Saturday (about 9 p.m.) and continue until 1:30 a.m. Sunday, according to a schedule released on the Ghost Hunt Weekends site.

A crowd of people who bought tickets to watch will follow them from compartment to compartment.

All three men are considered celebrities in the ghost hunting world, thanks to their roles on shows like the Syfy Channel's "Ghost Hunters," and Destination America's "Ghost Asylum" and "Haunted Towns."
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 Wind Turbine Destroyed By Fire;
Burning Blade Crashed Into Farm Building

Denmark (TV Midvest) — On Tuesday at 4:02 pm, a Vestas wind turbine was in flames at Agerfeldvej in Sørvad south of Holstebro.

The situation developed dramatically as one of the wind turbine blades which was in flames, fell into a nearby farm building.

According to TV Midtvest's information, the property at Agerfeldvej included a farmhouse where no one lives. However, the buildings were not completely empty. According to Brand and Rescue Midtvest there were between 30 and 40 bull calves in the stable buildings.

"The windmill stands above a two-sided farm shelter where the bull calves are housed. The blades fell into the building, and caused fire to spread to the barn and straw in there, which we have tried to control," says Lars Stensbjerg, who is the leader of fire and rescue MidtVest.
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Rare 'Super Blood Moon' Eclipse To
Put On Stunning Display In January

(Fox News) — Stargazers will witness a trifecta of lunar events in the New Year – a total lunar eclipse, a super blood Moon and a "Wolf Moon," a nickname for a full Moon that appears in the middle of winter.

Millions of people across North and South America and portions of western Europe and Africa will be able to catch the rare sight overnight on January 20 into January 21, according to National Geographic. For a few hours, the moon will give off a bright reddish glow.

"A total lunar eclipse can happen only when the Sun, Earth and Moon are perfectly lined up – anything less than perfection creates a partial lunar eclipse or no eclipse at all," explains.

You won't want to miss it. Earth won't experience another total lunar eclipse, which occurs when the entire Moon enters Earth's shadow, until May 2021, NASA estimates.
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Customer Runs Over, Kills Nevada Manicurist
After Failing To Pay

(Fox News) — Las Vegas police were searching Monday for a nail salon customer who they say used a stolen car to run over and kill a manicurist after the suspect failed to pay a $35 bill.

Authorities say the unidentified woman got a manicure Saturday at Crystal Nails and Spa about a mile and a half from the Las Vegas Strip, but her credit card was declined when she attempted to pay. Las Vegas Police Lt. Ray Spencer said the woman went to her car, telling workers that she would come back with another form of payment. Instead, she tried to drive away.

The manicurist, identified as 51-year-old Ngoc Nhu Nguyen, ran in front of the car to try and stop the woman from driving off when she was hit by the vehicle and dragged 50 feet. Nguyen was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Nguyen's family told Fox 5 that the manicurist, also known as "Annie," was a Vietnamese refugee who raised three daughters on her own. She had traveled the country before coming to Las Vegas two years ago.
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Washington Woman Critically Hurt After
Ex-Boyfriend T-Bones Her Car At 50 MPH

(Fox News) — A Washington state woman was critically injured Sunday when her ex-boyfriend smashed into her car at over 50 mph, trapping them both inside their vehicles as responders raced to the scene, officials said.

The incident happened in the town of Parkland at about 9:40 a.m., after the 34-year-old woman was spotted by the man, who was not identified because he hasn't been formally charged, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department said in a news release

"The male suspect T-boned the female victim's Honda at speeds estimated to be at least 50 mph, crushing the side of the vehicle and critically injuring the victim," police said. "The suspect's Volkswagen flipped over against the side of the apartment building, also seriously injuring the male suspect."

The sheriff's office said the duo had previously been in a relationship and the woman had recently obtained a restraining order against the 37-year-old man. A sheriff's department official told Q13 News the incident was a case of domestic violence.
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