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for the week ending 9 June 2019

 Murders, Cellphones, Drugs – Feds Strike At Aryan Brotherhood Gang In California Prisons

(Sacramento Bee) — Federal law enforcement officials in Sacramento say they have struck a blow at the leadership of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, outlining an alleged conspiracy among inmates in California state prisons to order murders, oversee narcotics sales and arrange for the smuggling of numerous cell phones to prisoners.

The allegations, contained in court documents unsealed Thursday in federal court in Sacramento, seek charges under the federal racketeering statute against 16 defendants, including two inmates considered to be among the ruling "commissioners" of the white supremacist gang.

"What we report today is a very significant setback for the Aryan Brotherhood," U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott said at a press conference at his downtown Sacramento office Thursday, where he described a series of crimes inside prisons that stretched from Lassen County to Imperial County.
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University Of New Hampshire Students Allegedly Used Stolen Credit Cards To Pay For Tuition

(Fox News/AP) — Two University of New Hampshire students were arrested for allegedly using stolen credit cards to try to pay for their tuition.

Chunyang Li and Chenghan Wang, both 20, tried to pay the school thousands of dollars for services using credit cards from people as far as Australia, officials said.

Li allegedly used nine credit cards to pay the university $56,407.50, according to, which reported that each credit card was charged $6,267.50 each. Investigators claim the credit cards were owned by people in six U.S. states – Texas, California, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey and Wisconsin – and Australia.

Officials said that Wang allegedly used a credit card to charge $6,332.50 to pay the University of New Hampshire from a person who lived in Maryland. He's also accused of seeking to use the same card to charge $174.14 to the school.
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Dodgeball Is A Tool Of Oppression, Researchers Say

(Daily Caller) — A team of Canadian researchers are set to lecture teachers about the moral dangers of dodgeball, a sport they say teaches kids to single out and violently dominate weaker students.

Dodgeball is a tool of "oppression" and "miseducative," the researchers say in the abstract of a paper cited by the National Post, which they will present in Vancouver at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, a summit for thousands of academics happening in early June. The "hidden curriculum" it teaches students is out of step with the larger curriculum, they argue.

"As we consider the potential of physical education to empower students by engaging them in critical and democratic practices, we conclude that the hidden curriculum is antithetical to this project, even when it reflects the choices of the strongest and most agile students," the abstract reads.

The researchers add that dodgeball "reinforces the five faces of oppression" as defined by the late University of Chicago theorist Iris Marion Young. Those are marginalization, powerlessness, helplessness of those perceived as weaker, exploitation and cultural domination, according to the abstract.
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 U.S. Regulators Say Some Boeing 737 MAX Planes
May Have Faulty Parts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Sunday disclosed a new problem involving Boeing Co's grounded 737 MAX, saying that more than 300 of that troubled plane and the prior generation 737 may contain improperly manufactured parts and that the agency will require these parts to be quickly replaced.

The FAA said up to 148 of the part known as a leading-edge slat track that were manufactured by a Boeing supplier are affected, covering 179 MAX and 133 NG aircraft worldwide. Slats are movable panels that extend along the wing's front during takeoffs and landings to provide additional lift. The tracks guide the slats and are built into the wing.

The 737 MAX, Chicago-based Boeing's best-selling jet, was grounded globally in March following a fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash after a similar Lion Air disaster in Indonesia in October. The two crashes together killed 346 people. Boeing has yet to submit a software upgrade to the FAA as it works to get approval to end the grounding of the 737 MAX.

In a statement issued after the FAA announcement, Boeing said it has not been informed of any in-service issues related to this batch of slat tracks.
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 Nebraska School That Declared Candy Canes 'Too Religious' Pulls Yearbook With Christian Symbol

(Fox News/AP) — Fifth graders at an Omaha, Neb. school voted to put inspirational words shaped like a cross on the front cover of their yearbook. The cross-shaped design featured words like love, imagine, dream, and faith.

But several weeks after Manchester Elementary School printed its yearbook, an issue was raised about the religious imagery – before the commemorative books had been placed in students' hands.

Kara Perchal, a spokeswoman for Elkhorn Public Schools, said leaders of the school's parent-teacher organization, which oversees the yearbook, decided to scrub the kids' choice from the cover.

The PTO reprinted the yearbooks without the cross shape and just a sky on the cover.
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VA May Owe Veterans Millions In Refunds But Knowingly Hasn't Paid Them For Years, Probe Finds

WASHINGTON (USA Today) —  More than 50,000 disabled veterans could be owed as much as $190 million in refunds from the Department of Veterans Affairs for home loan fees they were wrongly charged or no longer owe, an investigation has found.

Senior leaders knew about the problem for years but didn't ensure veterans received what they are due, the investigation by the VA inspector general found.

Veterans pay the fees when they buy homes with the help of VA's Home Loan Guaranty Program, but they are supposed to be exempt if they are disabled. Fees can total up to 3.3% of a home's value.

In cases where veterans improperly paid the fees or the VA later determined they were disabled, the agency is supposed to issue refunds.
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Report: Medicaid Paid For NY Sex Offenders'
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

ALBANY, N.Y. (WCBS 880/AP) — New York's publicly funded Medicaid program paid more than $63,000 for erectile dysfunction drugs and other sexual treatments for 47 sex offenders, despite laws banning such expenses.

The figures come from an audit released Wednesday by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and first reported by The Associated Press.

State and federal laws prohibit payments for sexual treatments for any Medicaid recipient. Yet auditors found that the state approved a total of more than $930,000 for such treatments between 2012 and 2018.

DiNapoli urged immediate changes to ensure the state isn't misusing taxpayer money.
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 Plan B Morning-After Pill Flying Off Shelves As
States Move To Tighten Abortion Laws

PHILADELPHIA (CBS3) — With the battle over abortion heating up, some pharmacists say the Plan B morning-after pill is flying off the shelves. They say they’re having trouble keeping the over-the-counter medication in stock.

Those pharmacists say some women are afraid as states move to tighten abortion laws.

“They’re afraid they might get into something that would hold them from getting an abortion,” pharmacist Sarah Alameddine said. “The demand has been high, it will continue to be high.”

So far, there’s been no word from the manufacturers of the morning-after pill if some other factor might account for its increase in demand.
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 Sheriff: Armed Carjacker Dead After Being Confronted
By Gun Owner In Parking Lot Near Publix

SUN CITY CENTER, Fla. (WTSP) — The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is investigating multiple attempted carjackings this morning that ended in a suspect being shot and killed.

It happened around 9:10 a.m. in the parking lot of the plaza that contains the Publix at 4854 Sun City Blvd.

"There is an active investigation and we're working with law enforcement officials," a Publix spokesperson said. "We're very thankful that our customers were not injured during this incident."

Sheriff Chad Chronister held a news conference late Tuesday morning. In it, he said the armed suspect tried to carjack at least four people in the parking lot, but their cars were locked.
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Vultures Invade Florida Neighborhood,
Damaging Roofs & Property

ORLANDO (CBS Miami) — A Florida neighborhood is beginning to look a lot like one of those terrifying scenes from the classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller 'The Birds.'

That's because hundreds of black vultures are invading the neighborhood, damaging the roofs they walk on and blocking sidewalks with their large, extended wings, according to CBS affiliate WKMG.

Residents think the vulture invasion is due to development encroaching on the birds' previous habitat.

"It sounds like there are rocks being dropped on our rooftop," a resident of the neighborhood told WKMG. He estimates 200 to 300 vultures live around the small subdivision.
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