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for the week ending 6 October 2019

 Women Who Vandalized Dakota Access Pipeline
Charged On 9 Counts

(The Hill) — Two women have been charged by the Justice Department with attempting to damage the controversial Dakota Access pipeline in Iowa after attacking the oil pipeline with torches in 2017.

A press release Wednesday from the Justice Department announced nine charges each against Jessica Rae Reznicek and Ruby Katherine Montoya, including four counts of malicious use of fire, four counts of use of fire in the commission of a felony, and one count of conspiracy to damage an energy facility.

The two women admitted to attempting to damage the pipeline and nearby construction machinery at a news conference in 2017 shortly after their arrest, though they did not face charges at the time.

“Some may view these actions as violent, but be not mistaken,” Montoya said in July 2017, according to The New York Times. “We acted from our hearts and never threatened human life nor personal property.
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Bad Sign For Lori Loughlin: Dad Gets Longest Prison Sentence Yet In College Scandal

(Law & Crime) — Records show that winemaker Agustin Francisco Huneeus Jr. was sentenced Friday in a Massachusetts federal court for his role in the college admissions scandal. He must spend five months behind bars to be followed by two years of probation, 500 hours of community service, a $100,000 fine, and a $100 special assessment fee. This is the longest sentence in the case to date, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. Legal experts say this result is a bad sign for actress Lori Loughlin.

Federal investigators roped in dozens of criminal defendants over a nationwide scheme in which wealthy moms and dads spent money in trying to illegally buy and bribe their childrens’ way into selective, high-profile universities. The case caught a lot of attention because it fell into a cultural fissure: the dynamics on how wealth can gain access to high status education, and the debate over how this can be unfair even when it’s done legally. And yeah, people also paid attention because actresses Felicity Huffman and Loughlin were charged.
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Iowa Pastor Beaten To Death And Robbed
Outside Of His Church

FORT DODGE, Iowa (AP) — A central Iowa pastor who also served as a chaplain to area first responders was robbed and beaten to death outside of his church, authorities said.

Officers sent to St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fort Dodge on Wednesday evening found the Rev. Allen Henderson lying unresponsive outside of the building, police said in a news release. Henderson was pronounced dead at a local hospital of injuries consistent with an assault.

Police later arrested Joshua Pendleton, 36, and charged him with robbery and first-degree murder. He remained jailed on Thursday, and online court records don't list an attorney for him yet. The records do show that he was previously convicted of disorderly conduct, assaulting a jailer and other crimes.

In a court filing, a police lieutenant said security footage shows a man who officers identified as Pendleton trying to get into the building. He said Pendleton later acknowledged to investigators that he had fought with a man at the church, and he gave officers a cellphone he'd taken from the man.
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Islam Convert Kills 4 In Paris Police HQ

(Telegraph) — Three officers and an administrative assistant were stabbed to death at Paris police headquarters by an employee who went on a rampage after evading security with a ceramic knife.

The 45-year old, named by local media as Mickaël H, had worked for 20 years in the IT department of the police intelligence section in offices in Paris' central île de la Cité, a stone's throw from Notre Dame cathedral.  He was shot dead at the scene after killing three men and a woman.

Police sources said the assailant, who was partially deaf and reportedly converted to Islam 18 months ago, was "in conflict" with his superiors. Police last night said they had not determined a terror links.

Interior minister Christophe Castaner said the assailant had had "never shown any behavioural problems". The police were “struck to the heart” by the exceptionally grave incident, he added.

Three of the dead were police officers and the fourth was an administrative assistant.  A fifth person who was critically injured was being treated in hospital.
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Man Went Back To Bed
After Fatally Shooting Burglar, Cops Say

(Law & Crime) -- A Dallas man has been charged with murdering a burglar. James Michael Meyer, 72, was arrested Friday, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The defendant allegedly told cops that sounds from outside woke him up at about 5 a.m.. In this account, he checked it out through a window. Turned out an apparent burglar was attempting to get into a storage shed. This person was allegedly using a pickaxe to break in.

Meyer allegedly said he chambered a round in his handgun, and confronted the burglar. In this story, he laid down an ultimatum: stop and don’t come any closer, or get shot.

He claimed that the person walked toward him. In response, he fired, he allegedly said. The individual ran toward a nearby park after dropping the pickaxe, according to this story.
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People Infected With HIV In A Region Of Iran Attack Government Buildings

(Radio Farda) — Enraged people in a village in southwest Iran stormed the Friday Prayer Imam's office, set it on fire, and attacked the Governor's building.

At least 300 people, including children, are believed to have been infected with HIV in the province by a medical assistant using a contaminated syringe, furious people say.

Based on the latest reports, protesters burned the health network facilities on Saturday, October 5. Local health clinics are run by the country's health ministry.

People in the village of Chenar Mahmoud in the town of Lordegan, Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari, maintain that their loved ones contracted HIV from contaminated needles used by the village's health organization to test for diabetes two months ago.
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Sexercise! Research Reveals
How Many Calories Different Positions Burn

(Daily Mail) — Fitness experts have revealed the fitness credentials of different sex positions and which burn the most calories. 

Research conducted by 24/7 Fitness, explored the link between sex and fitness, as well as analyzing 11 different sexual positions to calculate the potential calories burned during a 30-minute session.

And it seems that position really does matter when it comes to 'sex-ercise' -  with the standing position burning off an impressive 343 calories between both partners.

However, it's a different story for the spooning position, which sees partners shed a combined total of just 56 calories.

'The link between sex and fitness is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Improved fitness improves your sex life and regular sex improves your workouts,' said Gary Lockwood, CEO at 24/7 Fitness.
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Cops: Burglar Used Drone For Aerial Recon

(Smoking Gun) — Before burglarizing a pair of food carts, an Oregon man used a drone to scope out his targets, according to police who last night arrested the accused thief.

The two food carts, which are part of the Piedmont Station Food Carts pod, were broken into early Tuesday morning, with the burglar getting away with computer tablets, money, speakers, utensils, business checks, and other items.

After conducting aerial reconnaissance, the suspect, cops say, cut through a fence to access the 15-cart pod, which had closed hours earlier.

When one of the victim's reviewed surveillance video, she noticed a small drone flying around the pod shortly before a man broke into her cart. The suspect is seen carrying a large backpack and wearing a jacket with the letters "LSC" on the back.

A Portland Police Bureau investigation identified Christopher Behurst, 34, as the alleged culprit. Behurst was charged yesterday with burglary and theft, both felonies.
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 California, New Jersey Well Represented On
List Of ‘miserable’ U.S. Cities

(Fox News) — Want to be miserable? Just three states offer an array of places you may like.

Business Insider recently released its list of the 50 most miserable cities in America – with cities in California (10), New Jersey (9), and Florida (6), accounting for half the list.

In compiling its rankings, Business Insider said it used U.S. Census information to analyze 1,000 U.S. cities on metrics such as crime, drug addiction, population changes, job opportunities, commute times, household incomes, abandoned homes and effects from problems such as natural disasters.

It decided that Gary, Ind., just outside Chicago, was the nation’s most miserable city, followed by Port Arthur, Texas, and Detroit.
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11 Tons Of Water And "Special Container" Used
To Extinguish Burning Tesla In Austria

(Zero Hedge) — It was just days ago that we reported that the NHTSA was opening an inquiry into the use of Tesla's "Smart Summon" feature. Then, just hours ago we followed up by reporting that a petition had been filed with the NHTSA claiming that Tesla was using over the air software updates to cover up dangerous battery issues.

Today, we offer a stark reminder that just because the NHTSA has started to perk up its ears, doesn't mean that Teslas haven't stopped going up in flames all over the world. The most recent example comes from Austria, where after a Tesla was involved in an accident and caught fire, firefighters had to use a special container to transport the remains of the vehicle and the battery.

According to a translated version of this ORF News story, a 57 year old driver lost control of his Tesla and crashed into a tree, after first hitting the guardrail.
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