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for the week ending 2 May 2021

 Gov. Newsom Facing Recall Election After GOP-led Effort Sees Enough Voter Signatures Verified

(KTLA-5) — Organizers of the recall effort against California Gov. Gavin Newsom collected enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, state election officials said Monday, likely triggering just the second such election in state history.

"The people of California have done what the politicians thought would be impossible," said Orrin Heatlie, the retired county sheriff's sergeant who launched the recall effort last year. "Our work is just beginning. Now the real campaign is about to commence."

Heatlie spearheaded the signature collection effort that began last June and then picked up momentum in the fall as frustration grew over Newsom's coronavirus-related actions. The California secretary of state's office said more than 1.6 million signatures had been deemed valid as of Monday, about 100,000 more than required.

People who signed petitions now have 30 days to withdraw their signatures, though it's unlikely enough will do so to stop the question from going to voters.

The recall against Newsom, a first-term Democrat seen as a possible White House hopeful someday, will be among the highest-profile political races in the country this year.
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Michigan Democrat State Rep Threatens Police
During DUI Stop – Police Release Dashcam Footage

(CTH) — According to witnesses who called 911, State Representative Jewell Jones was speeding down I-95 in his black Chevy Tahoe before he ran off the road in a ditch.

A woman traveling with Jones was transported via ambulance to the hospital. However, Jones became combative with police officers who arrived at the scene. Mr. Jones had a blood alcohol level of .19, twice the legal limit.

Mr. Jones refused to present his drivers license and then began physically struggling with officers who were attempting to handcuff him. The state representative then claimed Governor Gretchen Whitmer would get involved and began threatening the police.

"[…] Jones said, "when I call Gretchen," he'd need badge numbers for all the state troopers and Fowlerville police officers on the scene, according to the state police report. (NBC Report)"

Prosecutors say Jones has been charged with resisting arrest, operating a motor vehicle with high blood alcohol content (.19), operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, possession of a weapon under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving.
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Subway Franchisees Fight For More Frequent Food Deliveries: ‘It’s Not Fresh’

(Fox Business) — it’s not just TikTokers who are questioning Subway Restaurants’ "Eat Fresh" slogan.

The giant sandwich chain – which lately has been getting mocked on social media for beef that looks like "cat food" – is now coming under attack by store operators who are demanding better-quality produce, The Post has learned.

According to franchisees, the restaurant chain that once drew a petition to stop making its bread from yoga mat material has been delivering food to most of its stores just once a week – resulting sometimes in soggy lettuce and flaccid cucumbers.

"It is vacuum-packed, but the reality is it’s not fresh," griped a franchisee of the lettuce, which, he lamented, also arrives pre-shredded. "If I have it for seven days, it is more like 15 to 20 days since it was picked," he said.

"How ethical is it for them to say ‘Eat Fresh’?" said the franchisee who owns multiple Subway stores.
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More Drug Overdose Deaths Than COVID-19 Casualties Reported In San Francisco Last Year

(The DC) — The city of San Francisco reported more drug overdose deaths than COVID-19 casualties in 2020, according to the New York Times (NYT).

713 San Franciscans died of drug overdoses, compared to 257 San Franciscans who died of the coronavirus, according to the report. A researcher found that drug overdoses have more than tripled in the city since 2017 and that San Francisco has more overdoses per capita than any other major city on the West Coast, the NYT reported.

An average of 16 people per week died of drug overdoses in the first three months of 2021, according to the Times.

Fentanyl is ravaging city streets, particularly among the homeless population in the Tenderloin district. Matt Haney, a member of the city's Board of Supervisors who represents the Tenderloin, told the Times, "I can say for sure that what we are doing is not working and that it's getting worse every single day. I get offered drugs every time I step outside. It's overwhelming."
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 Gamestop Execs To Collect
$290 Million On Their Way Out

(NY Post) — Four top GameStop executives being pushed out of the company will get a sizeable parting gift – with their vested stocks valued at roughly $290 million.

GameStop CEO George Sherman could walk away with $169 million if he sells his 1.1 million shares in the company when he steps down, based on Friday's closing, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Sherman announced last week he will depart GameStop by July 31 – and his separation agreement allows his stock awards to vest when he leaves. Shares in the video game retailer were below $20 early last year, but a Reddit-fueled rally made the stock skyrocket to $150 per share.
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Black Penn State Profs Report 'Noose' Behind House;
Ends Up Being Part Of Neighbor's Swing Set

(The College Fix) — Earlier this week, a pair of black Penn State University professors reported a "noose" in a tree behind their house.

As reported by the PSU student newspaper Daily Collegian, the professors said the incident was "deeply distressing to them and their family."

The Centre Daily Times notes the profs believed the "noose" was "deliberately placed [on the tree] to harass them."

Responding to the profs' call about "possible harassment," Patton Township Police Department collected the "noose" and began investigating around the neighborhood.
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Controversial Idaho Bill That Bans
'Indoctrination' Of Students Passes Senate

(PJ Media) — The left has gotten hysterical again. This time, it's over a bill currently going through the Idaho legislature that would ban schools from "indoctrinating" students. Leftists claim it bans the teaching of critical race theory. It does not. What it does is make it legal to teach all points of view. You can imagine how that's going over on the left.

Several earlier versions of the bill did, indeed, ban critical race theory from being taught. But the final version voted on by the Senate on Tuesday took a much more ecumenical view of teaching history.

Senate Education Chairman Steven Thayn, a Republican, said, "There's no topic banned in the bill, there's no book banned in the bill. It does not censor history, you can talk about anything in history. … In fact, it does not ban the teaching of critical race theory, it doesn't ban that. It doesn't ban anything. What it says is that you cannot compel students to adopt or adhere" to certain principles. And that's a problem for the racial propagandists.
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 SpaceX Crew Dragon Makes 1st Nighttime Splashdown With U.S. Astronauts Since Apollo Era

( — A SpaceX Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts returned to Earth early Sunday (May 2) with an ocean splashdown off the Florida coast, successfully completing the company's first full-fledged crewed mission to the International Space Station.

The astronauts of SpaceX's Crew-1 mission for NASA splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico near Panama City at 2:56 a.m. EDT (0656 GMT), with a recovery ship swiftly retrieving their Crew Dragon capsule from the sea. The spacecraft landed on target, marking the first nighttime splashdown of a U.S. crewed flight in 53 years. The last was NASA's Apollo 8 moon mission on Dec. 27, 1968.

"Dragon, on behalf of NASA and SpaceX teams, we welcome you back to planet Earth and thanks for flying SpaceX. For those of you enrolled in our frequent flier program, you've earned 68 million miles [109 million kilometers] on this voyage," a SpaceX crew operations and resources engineer told the Crew-1 astronauts after splashdown.
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 Sex Attacker Has His Penis And Testicles Hacked Off
And Fed To PIGS 'by victim's boyfriend'

 OLHOS D'AGUA, Brazil (Daily Mail) — A sex attacker had his penis and testicles hacked off and fed to wild pigs in a revenge attack after he allegedly attempted to rape his niece in Brazil.

The 36-year-old man, who has not been named, sparked widespread anger in the northern Brazilian municipality of Olhos D'Agua after he allegedly tried to rape his 20-year-old relative.

His niece, who remains anonymous, managed to fight off his advances and fled before her attacker then drunkenly staggered home and fell asleep.

The woman's boyfriend and his cousin were reportedly furious with the attempted rape and allegedly asked the uncle to join them in a nearby sugarcane field where they planned to neuter pigs on April 19.
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 Florida Man Charged For Selling Bleach Coronavirus 'Cure' Arrested In Columbia

(NY Post) — A Florida man behind a fake church allegedly selling a deadly bleach coronavirus "miracle cure" has been arrested in Colombia.

Mark Grenon, 62, and his son, Joseph, 32, face extradition to the US after they were detained by Colombian authorities, the country's top prosecutor announced Tuesday evening on Twitter.

Their arrests come a month after the pair were charged by federal authorities in Florida for allegedly peddling the dangerous product under the name "Miracle Mineral Solution," or MMS.

The family sold the toxic concoction out of Florida through an entity called the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, which prosecutors said was a phony religious entity created in an attempt to avoid government regulation.
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