The Waking Giant

by Linda A. Prussen-Razzano

Thursday, December 2, 1999

In the world of politics, power is a zero-sum game. The Founding Fathers were quite specific about delegating which powers each specific branch of Government could claim as its own. Moreover, any powers not specifically enumerated in the Constitution or Bill of Rights were reserved for the States or We, The People.

Make no mistake. Every single time We, The People, willingly relinquish any little bit of power to the Federal Government, we cannot, at a later time, decide to demand it back. Once it's gone, it's gone forever; once gone, the Federal Government can and will use that relinquished "authority" to expand its power. Every time they do, we have less.

A more interesting, and perhaps frightening, trend is our Government's willingness to relinquish power to global governing bodies. Our representatives in these organizations are not accountable to anyone. We do not vote for them; We, The People, have little to say in their appointment. They serve at the discretion of our elected officials and bring globalist ideologies back to the American political table. Biozones, International Border Zones, Family Planning, and World Treasure designations are being introduced into our country, care of the United Nations.

Americans are finally taking notice, and they do not like what they see. Their position does not reflect an "isolationist" mind-set but patriotism. There is a difference between ignoring the plight of oppressed peoples and refusing to embrace socialistic trends that violate the basic rights of fellow human beings (such as forced Family Planning).

Oddly enough, the voices of dissenters cross political lines. Unions of all stripes, historically supportive of the Democrats, are protesting the WTO and unfair trade practices. Conservative religious groups, historically supportive of the Republicans, are protesting American tax dollars for abortion funding abroad. Environmentalists, a group unto themselves, are protesting unbalanced anti-pollution treaties that allow developing countries to operate under less stringent standards than their modernized counterparts. The military has been whipped into frenzy by the Cox Report, and the Cold War, for all intents and purposes, is starting again... this time in the Far East.

It seems everyone has gotten into the anti-global act. Pat Buchanan stands firmly opposed to NAFTA and GATT, Dr. Alan Keyes denounced the United Nations during the presidential debates, and Governor George Bush has correctly refused to call China and Russia "allies."

This is a trend towards national sovereignty, not isolationism. Pride in one's country is an asset, not a detriment. America did not become a super power by putting other countries first; America became a super power by putting America's interests, and America's goals, first. Only after we became a super power were we able to free others around the globe.

We pledge allegiance to America, not the WTO or the United Nations. Our troops vow to support the Constitution of the United States, not the United Nations. Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that bureaucrats in a distant land are passing laws that affect our back yard and are doing something about it.

It's about time We, The People, started fighting for the power that still lies within our reach... before there is none left.





5 dec 99