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for the week ending 6 June 2021

 Honduras Set To Move Embassy To Jerusalem
Trump's Diplomacy Continues To Bear Fruit

(WFB) — Honduras will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem by the end of June, joining the United States in the historic decision to open a diplomatic post in Israel's capital.

Senior adviser to the Israeli minister of regional cooperation David Aaronson tweeted Tuesday celebrating Honduras's decision to move its mission to Jerusalem.

Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado will arrive in Israel on June 23, according to Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom.

Hernández announced in 2019 that the Latin American country would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but the move was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and Israeli political changes. Israel will in turn open its own embassy in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

Honduras will become the fourth country to open an embassy in Jerusalem, after Kosovo, Guatemala, and the United States. Both Kosovo and Guatemala followed in the footsteps of the United States, which made the move in 2018.
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NY Taxpayers Paying Cuomo's $2.5 Million Legal Fees For Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Pandemic Probe

(The Daily Wire) — Even though Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) was paid $5 million for his book about alleged pandemic leadership and is about to host a $10,000-a-person fundraiser for his upcoming election bid, New York taxpayers are footing the bill for his legal defense.

The New York Post reported that taxpayers are paying $900 an hour for Cuomo's lead defense lawyer, who is defending the embattled governor from multiple allegations of sexual harassment, allegations that he used staffers to write the book about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and allegations that he and his staff attempted to deceive the public by hiding the true number of nursing home deaths that occurred after Cuomo's administration mandated nursing homes accept COVID-positive patients. The costs for Cuomo's lengthy defense tab total $2.5 million.

"The $2.5 million deal, revealed in a contract made public through a Freedom of Information Request by the Post, was struck even though Cuomo sold the rights to his coronavirus memoir for $5.1 million and has around $17 million in his campaign war chest," the Post reported.
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 Hate-Crime Hoax: Noose Reported On Campus
Just Crane's Steel Cable Loop

(College Fix) — A construction company building a parking structure at Central Connecticut State University had hoisted an American flag at the end of one of its steel cable loops to mark Memorial Day – but a complaint that the cable was a noose prompted campus officials to apologize and pledge to take down the cable as soon as possible.

"Early this evening, we received a complaint about a possible noose found hanging from a construction site on the CCSU campus. Campus Police … investigated and found that it was not a noose but a standard steel cable loop hanging from a crane," wrote President Zulma Toro in an email to the campus community on Saturday night.

"A construction crew working on campus hung an American flag from the crane's cable to recognize Memorial Day," added Toro in her email, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix.
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California Café Charges Fee For Customers Wearing Mask
Or 'Bragging' About Vaccine

(NTD) — A café owner in Northern California has hung up a sign on his business's window stating anyone who places an order while wearing a face mask will be charged a fee.

"$5 FEE ADDED TO ORDERS PLACED WHILE WEARING A FACE MASK," says the message posted on May 28 at the Fiddleheads Café in Mendocino, Fox News reported. In addition, anyone who is heard "bragging" about being vaccinated will also have to pay the penalty.

Chris Castleman, the eatery's owner and a vocal critic of lockdowns since the start of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, explained to the outlet fees will directly go to "charities that have been overwhelmed by the collateral damage of government lockdowns."

"I've been asked this entire time to put on a mask and that's not a large request, all I'm asking is a $5 donation to charity and I don't think that's too much," he said.
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Catastrophic Engine Failure On A Chassis Dyno
 Sent Pistons Into The Stands

(Autoweek) — Catastrophic engine failure is always fascinating, at least for the audience. It's generally less fun for the person forking over the cash for the engine parts that were just sent into lower Earth orbit. Except at this past Ultimate Callout Challenge at Indiana's Lucas Oil Raceway, it was borderline terrifying for a few spectators watching a diesel pickup on a chassis dyno.

As you see in the video above, a high-performance, Cummins-powered Dodge Ram is running on a dyno. The truck, campaigned by the folks at Power Driven Diesel, was making serious power. As the folks from Power Driven Diesel explain, the team was chasing 3000 hp, which is an impressive number for any road-going engine. And as sometimes can be the case with high-performance engines, chaos ensues during the dyno pull.

You can see everything going well for all parties involved: The truck is making a lot of noise and power, and everyone is happy. That is, until the Cummins engine's internals become externals.

The engine fails catastrophically and sends pistons and other pieces into the grandstands.
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French Frigate Downs
Supersonic Missile In NATO Exercise

(UPI) — A missile traveling at about 5,000 miles per hour was destroyed recently by a French frigate during NATO exercises off the Scottish coast, the U.S. Navy 6th Fleet and French navy said.

The French anti-missile ship FS Forbin fired an Aster 30 combat missile, destroying the target skimming the water's surface, on May 21, the nations said in a statement this week.

It was the first combat-armed use of the missile, developed by Eurosam, a consortium jointly owned by European defense contractors MBDA Missile Systems and Thales.

The system is an element of the Principal Anti Air Missile System, an integrated anti-aircraft warfare system in use by the navies of France, Britain and Italy.

The exercise was an element of the At-Sea Demo/Formidable Shield 2021 interoperability exercises, involving 15 ships, at least 10 aircraft and about 3,000 military personnel from 10 NATO countries and led by the U.S. Navy.

The successful downing of the incoming missile followed a series of simulated tests of the Aster 30 missile at sea.
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 FDA: Don't Eat Cicadas If You Have Seafood Allergies

(UPI) — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning for those interested in sampling cuisine containing Brood X cicadas: Stay away if you're allergic to seafood.

The FDA tweeted Wednesday that people with allergies to seafood should steer clear of eating cicadas because of their relation to sea creatures.

"We have to say it," the FDA tweeted. "Don't eat #cicadas if you're allergic to seafood as these insects share a family relation to shrimp and lobsters."

The Brood X cicadas, which emerge every 17 years, surfaced this month in several states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana and Tennessee. The plentiful insects have inspired a number of culinary creations that use the cicadas as a main ingredient.
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Robert Mueller to Teach Class On Mueller Investigation

(LI) — The University of Virginia announced this week that they will offer a new course on the Mueller investigation of Trump's non-existent collusion with Russia. Mueller will teach at least one class.

This move is especially ironic when you recall Mueller's testimony before Congress. He seemed to know very little about the Mueller investigation.

It's more likely that this is a political reward. It'll be fascinating to learn how much UVA will pay Mueller.

So UVA students will pay for a course about an investigation, which wasted millions of dollars and two years, found nothing. What a nearly perfect metaphor for most of higher education today.
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