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for the week ending 12 September 2021

 Members Of Congress, Federal Judges, Staffers
Exempt From Vaccine Mandate

(Epoch Times) — On Thursday evening, President Joe Biden unveiled two executive orders that could mandate vaccinations for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus for millions of working Americans in both the public and private spheres. But absent from these mandates are similar requirements for members of Congress, federal judges, or their staffers.

Biden's executive orders would unilaterally require vaccination for federal employees, the military, and government contractors. The president also asked Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to require that firms with over 100 employees either mandate vaccination or weekly CCP virus tests. In total, these mandates could affect over 100 million American workers, making it one of the widest-reaching vaccine mandates in world history.

Biden wrote, "It is the policy of my Administration to halt the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), including the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant, by relying on the best available data and science-based public health measures."
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USPS Not Covered
By Biden's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

(Epoch Times) — The United States Postal Service is not one of the agencies compelled to require COVID-19 vaccination under President Joe Biden's new executive order, a spokesman said Friday. "The COVID-19 vaccination requirements included in the White House executive order issued on September 9, 2021, for federal employees do not apply to the Postal Service," a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, or USPS, told The Epoch Times in an email.

"Regarding other vaccination rules expected to be issued by the federal government, the Postal Service has no comment until those rules are issued and we have had a chance to review them," he added.

Biden on Thursday ordered all federal employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine, with limited exceptions for approved medical or religious reasons.

“It is essential that Federal employees take all available steps to protect themselves and avoid spreading COVID-19 to their co-workers and members of the public,” Biden said in the order.
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New York City Teacher's Union
Wins Battle Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

(Epoch Times) — New York City's largest teacher's union has won a battle to keep teachers and other educators employed if they suffer from certain medical conditions and don't want to comply as a result with the Big Apple's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

An arbitrator ruled late Friday that teachers with certain documented medical afflictions must be offered assignments outside of classrooms and be kept on the city's payroll.

Other educators who don't want a COVID-19 vaccine must be offered unpaid leave that keeps in place their health coverage or a severance package.

City officials announced last month that all 148,000 Department of Education employees would have to get a COVID-19 vaccine, with limited exemptions.
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 Former Yale Employee Facing Charges For Allegedly Selling Millions Worth Of Computer Hardware

(NBC) — A former Yale University School of Medicine employee is facing charges after being accused of stealing and selling millions of dollars' worth of computer hardware.

The U.S. Department of Justice said Jamie Petrone-Codrington, of Naugatuck, is facing federal fraud and money laundering charges after allegedly stealing from the School of Medicine where she was employed. Federal officials said Petrone-Codrington was released on a $1 million bond after appearing before a judge Friday.

Beginning in 2008, she was employed by the Yale School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, and most recently served as the Director of Finance and Administration for the department. Her responsibilities included making and authorizing certain purchases for departmental needs, as long as the purchase amount stayed below $10,000, according to the DOJ.
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Trump Makes Surprise Visit To New York Police And Firefighters On 9/11, "I Love You All"

(NY Post) — Former President Trump made a surprise visit with New York City police and firefighters Saturday to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

In remarks to assembled guests, the former president sharply rebuked President Biden and the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan.

"It was gross incompetence and I hate to talk about it on this day," Trump said.

Trump praised New York's Finest, telling the crowd, "if they let you do your job you wouldn't have crime in New York!"

As some in the crowd nodded their heads, The Donald jokingly warned them to “just stand and just be perfect.” “Don’t nod, because if you do nod, you’ll get in trouble, OK?”

Then someone asked if Trump would consider running for mayor of New York City.
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Pelosi May Add Debt Ceiling Raise
To Infrastructure, Budget Bill

(Epoch Times) — As Democrats prepare for an upcoming legal battle over raising the debt ceiling later this month, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is looking at attaching a limit increase to the Senate-passed infrastructure bill or Sen. Sanders’ (I-Vt.) $3.5 trillion budget resolution.

The debt ceiling, the federal government’s borrowing limit, can only be raised through congressional action. Should Congress fail to raise the borrowing limit, the U.S. government would face default, a move which Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says should be “unthinkable.” Such a default, Yellen warned, “would have absolutely catastrophic economic consequences.”

Debt raises are unpopular with the American people, some polls show (pdf).

But a debt ceiling increase is absolutely essential to Democratic policy priorities, as they delegated $1.9 trillion to CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus relief earlier this year and hope to spend approximately $4.7 trillion more in their infrastructure and budget package.
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  A Pilot Spent 17 Years Building A 1:3 Scale Replica
Of The B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber – and Yes, It Flies

(Robb Report) — As far as Jack Bally was concerned, if you spent enough time admiring a plane, you might as well build one of your own.

That’s why the Vietnam veteran and aviation enthusiast decided to build a 1:3 scale replica of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber back in 1999, according to Jalopnik. It would take nearly two decades to complete, but the result is easily one of the coolest homebuilt planes you will ever see.
Model B-17 Bomber  Model B-17 bomber that flies
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