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for the week ending 31 July 2022

Shocking Moment A New Jersey Councilwoman Crashes Her SUV Into Cyclist, 29, At Intersection And Then Speeds Away Without Stopping

(Daily Mail) — A New Jersey councilwoman was captured on street surveillance footage hitting a cyclist at an intersection in Jersey City with her SUV before speeding away without stopping.

Amy DeGise is facing calls to resign after she drove into bicyclist Andrew Black, 29, on July 19 around 8 a.m. at the intersection of Martin Lukther King Drive and Forrest Street. 

CCTV street footage shows DeGise having the right-of-way, as her Nissan Rogue was seen driving through the intersection while the light was green, before hitting Black and sending him flying onto the hood of her car before falling to the ground.

Right before the incident, Black had burned a red light.

DeGise, who is the daughter of Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, did not stop to check on the cyclist after the incident and instead drove away.
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 'Meathead': Rob Reiner Ridiculed For Claiming
Biden Is Best President In Almost 60 Years

(Breitbart) — Rob Reiner has made many wild and unsubstantiated claims on Twitter. On Friday, he managed to top himself by declaring that Joe Biden is the best president in nearly 60 years.

The result has been widespread ridicule, with the term "Meathead" trending on Twitter late Friday. ("Meathead" refers to the dim-witted character Reiner played on the sitcom All in the Family).

Reiner, who was one of Biden's biggest Hollywood fundraisers during the 2020 election, trumpeted his opinion while acknowledging that it goes against the prevailing popular sentiment. As Breitbart News reported, a recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey found that just one in five Americans want Biden to run for reelection in 2024.

"Screw politics. Screw poll numbers," Reiner tweeted Friday. "Joe Biden has  a record of accomplishments in the first two years of his Presidency that has gone unmatched for almost 60 years."
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Ukraine Attacks Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ

(Reuters) — Ukrainian forces struck the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Russian-held Sevastopol early on Sunday, the Crimean port city's governor said, while Ukraine reported heavy Russian attacks against two southern cities.

Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev was quoted by Russian media as saying five members of staff were wounded in the attack when what was presumed to be a drone flew into the courtyard at the headquarters.

The attack coincided with Russia's Navy Day, which President Vladimir Putin marked by announcing that the Russian navy would receive what he called "formidable" hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles in the next few months. Hypersonic weapons can travel at nine times the speed of sound.

He did not mention Ukraine directly.
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Volcanic Eruption Created Extremely Rare Mineral
Found On Mars

(UPI) — A chunk of the "extremely rare" mineral tridymite unexpectedly found at the bottom of Gale Crater on Mars may have been created by a volcanic eruption more than three billion years ago, researchers said Monday.

The discovery of tridymite, a high-temperature and low-pressure form of quartz, perplexed scientists when it was discovered by NASA's Curiosity rover in 2016 because the mineral is normally associated with volcanic activity on Earth where it is already considered very rare.

The research, published online in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, agreed with a previous study from 2016 that found that a "silicic volcanism scenario" was likely responsible for the creation of the tridymite.
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Former Cuomo Adviser Is Killed After Lyft Driver
 Kicked Him Out On A Delaware Highway

(People) — A staffer for former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo died Sunday after a Lyft driver ordered him out of the car on an active highway, Delaware State Police confirmed.

Sidney Wolf, 43, of Clarksburg, Maryland, was identified by authorities as "the victim who died during a fatal pedestrian crash that occurred on July 24, 2022, in the Dewey Beach area."

In a press release, the department said the incident occurred after Wolf and five of his friends hired a Lyft driver to pick them up in Dewey Beach and take them back to a residence in Bethany Beach.

"As the group was traveling southbound on Coastal Highway all in the same vehicle, a disagreement occurred between the group and the Lyft operator," the press release said. "The Lyft operator terminated the ride and stopped in the middle of the southbound left lane and demanded all six passengers exit the vehicle."
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 Former Democratic Judges Declare Invasion, Now Run For Reelection As Republicans In Texas Border Communities

(The Center Square) — Two life-long Democrats are now running for judicial reelection as Republicans in Texas border communities. Both women say they are fighting  against the Biden administration's open border policies that they argue are wreaking havoc in their small communities.

The single reason they switched parties, they say, is because the Biden administration's policies led to more than 2 million people coming through the southern border from over 150 countries. The costs of crime stemming from an open border - increased trafficking and smuggling of people, weapons and guns - to their communities has prompted them to say, "enough is enough" and do something about it.

Both judges were among the first to declare an invasion on July 5, citing an imminent threat to the lives of their residents.

First elected as a Democrat, Terrell County Judge Dale Carruthers is now running for reelection as a Republican.
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Most Demand Biden Condemn Protests Of Judges
And Prosecute Violence

(Wash Examiner) — With pro-abortion activists engaged in a "summer of rage" against conservative Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade, most voters, including a majority of Democrats, are calling on President Joe Biden to condemn any violence.

In a new survey shared with Secrets, large percentages of voters also want Attorney General Merrick Garland to enforce laws better that bar violence against judges who have seen threats, including an assassination attempt on one.

The survey from CRC Research revealed a national concern about the protests in front of the homes of key Supreme Court justices such as Brett Kavanaugh, who was the target of an assassination attempt broken up by police.

It also showed that many in the country, as they did on Jan. 6, 2021, during the Capitol riots, want the sitting president to condemn the violence and stop his aides from encouraging it instead.
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 ABC's 'The View' Addresses Cease And Desist Letter
From Turning Point USA: 'We Apologize'

(Fox News) — ABC News' "The View" on Wednesday apologized to Turning Point USA after the conservative group called on the daytime gabfest to "retract the defamatory statements" made earlier this week or face legal action.

Fox News Digital first reported a scathing letter sent from Turning Point USA that gave "The View" until Wednesday to retract comments made by the show's liberal panelists tying neo-Nazi demonstrators at its Tampa, Florida, event last weekend to the conservative group. "#SueTheView" trended on social media overnight and the ABC News program addressed the comments early in the first episode after network executives received the letter.

"On Monday we talked about the fact that there were openly neo-Nazi demonstrators outside the Florida Student Action Summit of the Turning Point USA group. We want to make clear that these demonstrators were gathered outside the event and that they were not invited or endorsed by Turning Point USA," co-host Sara Haines said.
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Ethan Liming Death: Ohio Grand Jury Indicts 3 Suspects
On Lesser Charges In Teen's June Beating Death

(Fox News) — The three young men accused in connection with the alleged beating death of Ohio teenager Ethan Liming have been indicted on lesser charges related to the fatal fight.

A grand jury in Summit County, Ohio, indicted brothers DeShawn and Tyler Stafford, ages 20 and 19, respectively, and their 21-year-old cousin, Donovon Jones, in connection with the early June incident fight that was allegedly started over the use of a water-bead gun.

Court papers from earlier this week show the grand jury indicted DeShawn Stafford on two counts of involuntary manslaughter – felonies in the first and third degree, respectively – and one count each of first-degree assault and fourth-degree aggravated assault.

Tyler Stafford was indicted on single counts of first-degree involuntary manslaughter and first-degree assault, while Jones was indicted on two counts of first-degree assault, records show.
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Texas Man Shoots Woman In Neck But Bullet Exits,
Kills Him, Police Say

(Fox News) — A Texas man accidentally killed himself after a bullet he fired from a gun exited a woman’s neck and struck him in the leg, police said.

Dallas police responded to a shooting around 11:30 a.m. Saturday at an apartment complex on Medical District near Bengal Street.

Police said officers saw a large amount of blood and a trail of blood in front of an apartment – but no one was inside.

Officers were alerted to a call at a hospital where a man and a woman were found nearby in a vehicle with gunshot wounds.

Police identified the man as 26-year-old Byron Redmon. The woman’s identity was not released.

Investigators said that Redmon had shot the woman and the bullet exited and struck him in the leg. He later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.
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