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for the week ending 18 September 2022

Chicago Reporter Sues Lori Lightfoot After Press Credential Revoked For Daring To Go Against Her Lies

(Media Right News) — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been slowly letting the city in Illinois go downhill. She was lighthanded on rioters and looters during the Antifa BLM riots of 2020 and beyond. She has railed against Republicans who sent illegal immigrants to her city despite being pro-illegal immigrant.

She has overseen crime increases plaguing the city's residents. Now, McDonald's might even consider putting their money elsewhere due to crime and challenges in the city. Recently, a reporter spoke out against Lightfoot and had his credentials pulled. He is pushing back, however. Journalist William J. Kelly filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

He not only implicates Lightfoot but Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown for violating his first and fourteenth amendment rights. Kelly repeatedly questioned Lightfoot's "failures in performance" and filed suit in late August.
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 Did Life Ever Exist On Mars? NASA's Perseverance Rover Finds Organic Matter In Rock Samples

(USA Today) — NASA's rover Perseverance is investigating signs of ancient life on Mars, and it has now collected some of the most promising samples from the Red Planet yet.

According to NASA, several rock samples containing organic matter were found in Jezero Crater, a 28-mile wide crater home to what scientists believe was once a river delta that formed about 3.5 billion years ago.

"Jezero was selected for this mission because ... it allows us to explore an ancient habitable environment, (and) it allows us to seek evidence of possible Martian life in rocks deposited at that time, about 3˝ billion years ago," Perseverance project scientist Ken Farley said in a recorded panel briefing about the rover's findings.

"I want to emphasize: This mission is not looking for extant life, things that are alive today. Instead, we are looking into the very distant past, when Mars' climate was very different than it is today," Farley said.
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 Cruise Ship Graveyards:
Where The World's Biggest Boats Go To Die

(Dmarge) — In Izmir, Turkey, in a town called Aliaga, there is a ship processing centre where old cargo ships and container ships get stripped for parts, broken down and recycled. In 2020 this processing port made waves around the world when images arose of the place being used as a graveyard for cruise ships.

So: what goes on in a cruise ship graveyard? How do they recycle these giant floating beasts? In the Aliaga shipyard, they use a landing method. The way this works, according to the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, is that "the bow of the vessel is grounded on the shore while the stern is still afloat." Then: "the blocks are… lifted by cranes onto a drained and impermeable working area."

Steel and metal scraps are then smelted down for construction material or sold to car manufacturers. Depending on the size of each ship, each vessel typically needs a couple of thousand workers to recycle, and the process for each ship can take up to a year.
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Jill Biden To Host Event For Hispanic Heritage Month
After Comparing Latinos To 'Breakfast Tacos'

(Fox News) — First lady Jill Biden plans to host an event for Hispanic Heritage Month but has not made any comments on the celebration just three months after being mocked for comparing Latinos to "breakfast tacos."

"Yes, the first lady will host a Hispanic Heritage Month reception at the White House and continue to engage the community as she travels the country," Elizabeth Alexander, communications director for the first lady, told Fox News Digital Friday. The date and further details of the reception have not been announced.

Despite plans to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Jill Biden is yet to make any public statements on the celebration.

In early July, Jill Biden compared the Latino community to breakfast tacos while speaking to a group of Hispanic voters at the 2022 UnidosUS Annual Conference in San Antonio.
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 Chess World Rocked By Rumors Of Anal Beads
And Artificial Intelligence

(Metro UK) — Last week, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, withdrew from a major tournament with a $350,000 prize money after his unexpected defeat by underdog Hans Niemann.

Norway's Carlsen announced his withdrawal in a cryptic tweet with a video implying that Niemann had cheated. The tweet was accompanied by a video of Portuguese soccer manager, José Mourinho, saying, 'I prefer really not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble.'

Other big names in the sport declared Niemann's play 'sus', suspicions were raised further when Niemann admitted to cheating twice previously. issued a statement that it had banned Niemann from its site over his alleged cheating.

Chess enthusiasts online have since gone on to speculate that Niemann may have been cheating with computer assistance and anal beads.
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Missing New York Cat Activates
Her Family's Ring Doorbell: 'We All Just Screamed'

(Fox News) — A family in Long Island, New York, was reunited with their lost cat thanks to the feline's smarts and the doorbell camera that alerted her owners of the pet's safe return home.

Lilly, an 8-year-old, short-haired gray cat, activated her family's Ring doorbell on Sunday, Aug. 14, after going missing for nearly one week in Mastic Beach, New York, Lilly's owner, Stefanie Whitley, told Fox News Digital.

Whitley was in the kitchen washing dishes while her fiancé, Efrain (Chip) Leandry, watched television in the living room with their five children.

Whitley said she and her family had moved recently from a nearby neighborhood and that Lilly accidentally got outside last month. Lilly is an indoor-outdoor cat, though she was not yet familiar with her new surroundings.
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 Florida Chick-fil-A Employee Thwarts Carjacking After Hearing Woman Holding Baby Scream

(Tampa Free Press) — A young employee outside of a Florida Chick-fil-A restaurant rushed to help a screaming woman holding a baby this afternoon after a man grabbed her keys and tried to take her car.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office has charged 43-year-old William Branch of DeFuniak Springs with carjacking with a weapon and battery.

The victim was getting the infant out of her car at a restaurant at 743 Beal Parkway when she says Branch approached her wielding a stick and demanding her keys.

Deputies say he then grabbed the keys from the waistband of her pants, opened her car door, and got inside.

When the victim began screaming for help an employee at Chick-fil-A ran to intervene.
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 Ex-Nevada Deputy Attorney General
Arrested In Teen's 1972 Murder In Hawaii

(Fox News) — A former Nevada deputy attorney general connected to the notorious Mustang Ranch brothel was arrested Wednesday for the slaying of a 19-year-old woman in Hawaii 50 years ago.

Tudor Chirila Jr., 77, was taken into custody in Reno for the gruesome stabbing murder of Nancy Anderson in a Waikiki apartment in Honolulu's tourist hub on the island of Oahu.

Anderson had been stabbed more than 60 times and was found in her apartment in a pool of blood on Jan. 7, 1972.

The young woman, who had just graduated from high school, moved to Hawaii from Michigan two months prior to her murder.

The case had been reopened numerous times over the decades -- including a probe into a door-to-door knife salesmen who had knocked on Anderson's apartment the day she died. 
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Henry Silva, Last Surviving Star Of
Original 'Oean's Eleven,' Has Died At 95

(Fox News) — Henry Silva, the rough and tough actor with more than 100 film appearances, died this week. He was 95.

Silva, known for his roles in "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Ocean's Eleven," among many others, died at the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA, on Wednesday, a family member confirmed.

Scott Silva, Henry's son, told Variety his father passed away of natural causes. The Hollywood "heavy" starred alongside some of the best in the industry as his prolific acting and tough look led him into major roles spanning decades.
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2 Small Planes Collide Midair In Colorado, 3 Killed

(Fox News) — Three people died after two small planes collided in midair on Saturday over Boulder County, Colorado, authorities said.

Neighbors called 911 shortly before 9 a.m. after witnessing a Cessna 172 and the Sonex Xenos crash into one another.

"It looked like it was in trouble, 'cause planes don't go straight down," Sean Tufts told FOX31 Denver. "There was no fireball, nothing, it just crumpled."

One of the planes crashed in a field, the other in a stand of trees near Vance Brand Airport in Longmont, Colorado, about 30 north of Denver.
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