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A Eulogy for the Civil Rights Movement

In Remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

J.J. Johnson, Editor-in-chief The Sierra Times
J.J. Johnson
Editor-in-chief The Sierra Times

 Jan 16th, 2001

On Monday, January 15, 2001, the Charlotte Observer reported that nearly 4,000 protesters rallied at the South Carolina state Capitol - meaning there were probably less. The reason of course, was to remove the Confederate Flag from the grounds of the Palmetto State capital grounds. It was said by one prominent protester, "This is about honoring Dr. Martin Luther King." This is the big lie, and represents the painful death of the Civil Rights Movement.

As many know, I have been a strong supporter of Southern Heritage. On this same night, I was on a local television program in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. About halfway through the program, I began to wonder why many in the black community even honor his name anymore. There are some within the white community who still hold reservations about the man. But on the other side of the tracks, it has become worse than calling him a womanizer, a communist, or a troublemaker. They have almost blasphemously used the King name to justify behaving like some of the same people King marched against.

Nelson Rivers, national field director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is from Charleston, South Carolina. Keep in mind that this protest was in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He said, "No more functions in peace. You cannot be bringing that money into South Carolina. Somebody says they're going to have the Spoleto Festival in Charleston whether we march or not. Let's find out. Let's see what they do."

This is what King stood for? Hurting black businesses while tourism in South Carolina has increased during this NAACP boycott? Not as far as I could remember.

As I've stated before, (and on the television program on Monday,) Dr. King's greatest battle was not against the Southern social/political machine, but within the black community itself. King had to "overcome" those forces within the black community who clearly had a different agenda. Much of this agenda has come to the surface today, and is even considered by many to be the conventional wisdom of the entire black community. Strangely, when I brought this up on that television show with three of the best known black men in rural Pahrump, Nevada, I got little disagreement. In fact, there was no disagreement at all.

What used to be a movement of Civil Rights has become a movement of "Civil Retribution." Where once the policy of non-violence, honor and honesty was the rule, violence has become an acceptable means to an end. Intimidation and extortion is encouraged from high levels of so-called "civil rights" organizations. Honor and honesty have been replaced by who can yell the loudest and get the most media coverage.

An example I used on this television program (again - with no disagreement) was Jesse Jackson's sojourn to Decatur, Illinois to fight against the local school system's suspension of several adolescent thugs who terrorized a high school football game. The fact that these distinguished black men offered NO disagreement whatsoever is just more evidence that the movement is dead - if not dying fast. But forget anyone in the black community saying that. It's a little secret those so-called black leaders and the media would rather you didn't know.

Today's battle cry is to remove every vestige of Confederate memorabilia from existence - in honor of Dr. King, of course. But in all of Dr. King's public statements, he NEVER said anything about the Confederate Flag or its symbols. You see, he knew there were much more important issues facing the black community. Maybe he also knew that for a group of people to receive respect, they first had to earn it, as well as give it to others. Sadly, this is not the case today.

Among too many in the black community, racism, fascism, bigotry, intolerance, and insensitivity have become the norm. These are principles that King wanted no part of from anyone - black or white, and said so publicly on many occasions. If you are black and you're reading this, please don't write back with the evil nasty (racist) names we're so used to seeing. You'll only prove my point. Many comments I have received from angry blacks are unprintable, and some bordered on threatening.

Here's another example: Rivers called the State House monument of a Confederate soldier atop a pedestal, which honors South Carolina's 20,000 Civil War dead, "that redneck statue."

And these people claim to be fighting for civil rights?

In Rivers' complete arrogance and ignorance, he called over 97,000 of his own descendants - his own bloodline, "rednecks" - considered a derogatory term by many white people today. He also insulted the descendant of every person who gave their lives to protect the building (where Rivers was speaking) from General Sherman's (the Great Arsonist of Atlanta) army cannons. And they weren't flying a Confederate Flag.

But no matter. Like communists, today's black political leadership advocates sensitivity training, where people are taught to feel guilty based on their skin color, sex, or place of birth, and to accept every insult laid upon them, all for the sake of "getting along."

Like some in the Old South, today's black political leadership turns a blind eye when Southern Heritage supporters are threatened, assaulted, and in some cases, even shot at.

Like true fascists, today's black political leadership believes in open extortion to achieve their demands. Attempting to sue the Microsoft Corporation does not solve any racial problems in America, but sends a signal that there is NO economic incentive to stop racism in America. To the "race pimps" of today, it has become a profitable business.

To highlight this point is the ongoing attempted "blackmail" of America. I'm referring to "reparations" now being asked by some in the black leadership from the United States government (read: the taxpayers of America). As it was told to me Monday night, these tax incentives would be used to "level the playing field," and to help blacks get out of the ghettos, etc. I guess two trillion dollars just wasn't enough.

The fact is, it will NEVER be enough for these people. As long as there are guilt-ridden white people out there who remain silent in the face of injustice - as long as there are white people who participate in this system, this will continue. And the race pimps will continue to grow rich, while doing everything they can to ENSURE racism exists in the world - else they have nothing to do.

This is NOT what Dr. Martin Luther King stood for. And I submit that if this was his view on "the other side of the mountain", those marches toward "that mountain" would have stopped dead in their tracks.

Again, if you are black and are reading this, I hope you are furious. If your anger is toward the author, remember that I am not the person causing the racial strife in this nation. I am not the one who seeks to pass laws making blacks and other minorities "superior citizens" (read: hate crime legislation). I am not the one attempting to extort money from innocent white people. I am not the one who stands and all but preaches to the world that white people have no rights, and in fact, should be passed over for jobs solely due to another person's skin color. I am not the one insulting white people and their ancestors for fighting for a cause they believed in. I am not the one threatening and assaulting fellow blacks for fighting for that same cause. I am not the one using the plight of inner cities blacks as an excuse to behave in any manner I wish in order to achieve fame and fortune.

You see, dear black reader, what is written in the above paragraph was EVERYTHING Dr. Martin Luther King fought AGAINST.

As those distinguished black men I sat next to ALL proclaimed that America is the best country in the world (especially for blacks,) it seems that trillions of dollars, affirmative actions, quotas, government handouts, civil rights laws tilted against other races, protests, demonization of Southern Heritage and name calling has only led to the neo-black leadership to call for reparations.

My prediction: This will be the battle cry of the next month, which happens to be "White Guilt Month" (Formerly Black History Month). So, for those blacks (and I certainly do not mean all of them) who feel there is just no solution to the problems of 400 years of "white man domination," I have the ultimate reparation proposal that should satisfy all concerns.

Just as it was justified that Arabs be carted off for the Jewish people to occupy their "promised land" after the third worst holocaust in history (Sorry, Jews - Stalin and Mao trumped Hitler,) I, on behalf of all those who are FED UP with left-wing whining, propose the same for all the liberal blacks that cannot be satisfied....


Yes, where the environment has been spared (for the most part) from those evil racist corporations. Where blacks are in the majority and race shouldn't be an issue. Where those evil white people (none of whom are alive today) took you from the land - we propose to give it all back. If there are any "fundamentalist natives" on the Dark Continent who may have a problem with your "settlements," we'll even provide proper, armed protection against those fellow blacks who might try to "deny your civil rights."

Included in this "reparation package" will be FREE airfare from New York, Washington, and Atlanta via the airline of your choice to places like Casablanca, Mogadishu, Cairo, Johannesburg, and Liberia. Just say the word, and the funds for that one-way trip of a lifetime will magically appear.

Please don't think anyone's trying to get rid of you. All we are doing is trying to work toward Dr. King's vision, and improve race relations in America by relocating some of the worst racists who reside in America to places more fitting to their beliefs and culture.

Look at the benefits: You can honesty call yourself "African American." You won't be disenfranchised. You can use those immigration laws you lobbied for here to win support for special status there. There's more than 40 acres for everyone, and forget the mule - we'll throw in an SUV. Being from America, some of you will take with you trade skills that are badly needed in Africa to help bring that continent out of poverty - all those things you learned in that evil, racist place called America. You can help stop the slaughtering of Christians in the Sudan. And with the recent behavior of some of you here, you can be entertained by the ethnic cleansing that is taking place in Southern Africa against white people. Free education and health care provided by the United Nations. And most of all, those blacks who are left here won't have to feel intimated any longer about simply wanting to be considered an American. We can live in harmony with our fellow Americans without being insulted daily by the left-wing media who pick and choose "black leaders," forcing everyone to wonder if there is any common sense left in the black community as a whole.

Some of these proposals may sound mean-spirited, evil and yes - racist. But many in the black community who work, raise their children and mind their own business need to know that many white people who even marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. years ago would jump on this proposal today. They won't say it of course. But if the Mfumes, Jacksons, and Sharptons of the world were to give out a mailing address to donate to this - the ultimate reparation, I'd predict they would raise more cash than they EVER would suing Microsoft, Texaco, Coca Cola, Hollywood, firearms manufacturers, or even the U.S. Government. - and a lot faster.

This is what has happened to race relations in America since the death of Martin Luther King Jr. If some of the black "poverty pimps" who parade themselves on television had goals that are being implemented today, then they must have celebrated King's assassination, and spit on his grave when no one was looking. Under the current black leadership (in power since King's death,) a whopping 25% of black males will never be allowed to vote, or have the right to keep and bear arms. They are part of that federal plantation now. Black private land ownership is now less than during the days of Jim Crow laws. On the mean streets, a black man's greatest fear is another black man (per - Jesse Jackson). Even though Christian Faith was the sword and the shield for the Civil Rights movement when it began, successful blacks such as Reggie White and Clarence Thomas are vilified for even mentioning the Lord's name - or His Holy Words. Young black children are being taught to praise criminals as role models, and to regard true role models as Uncle Toms, sell-outs, and other names that are unprintable.

Conservative blacks and Southern whites are openly discriminated against in the workplace and in society with no recourse whatsoever. Their symbols are trashed, they are mocked, threatened and assaulted. Although part of the movement for civil rights was to achieve a better education for blacks, the "black leadership" now fights with all its power to keep as many blacks as possible in a failing public school system. They strive to entrench themselves in power in the metropolitan areas, while passing laws that economically prevent many blacks from finding greener pastures elsewhere, and exposing them to criminal behavior without a sound defense.

The Civil Rights Movement is dead, America. Those old black & white epic scenes of heroism for a gallant cause - gone. Martin Luther King, Jr. is dead - and part of "that" movement died with him. His dream lives on - but many in the black power structure are making sure that it will always remain nothing more than a "dream". What has risen is a new "Klan" with a suntan that seeks nothing less than absolute humiliation of people they hate, and to become rich in the process. They seek all of this at the expense of America, itself.

So as we spend now till the end of February burying this corpse, let us find new leaders, and seek to better educate those who would follow. Let us look to those who will rise up above the State-Sponsored media spin from within the black community and say "enough is enough." Let us all re-dedicate ourselves to judging men and women by the content of their character, and not catering based on the color of their skin. Let us all become Americans by respecting the rights and heritage of our fellow Americans, and not look at them with disdain. Let us agree that fighting intolerance cannot be achieved by practicing it. Let each and everyone of us - learn within our hearts to hold these truths self-evident: That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Civil Rights Movement - May it rest in peace.

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18 jan 2001