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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance.
The one thing it cannot be is moderately important." — C.S. Lewis

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. —Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
—Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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'Cancel culture' Distorts History to Portray U.S. as
Evil Nation That Must Be Transformed

Cabot Phillips
This has been the year of "cancel culture," with celebrities, politicians, and anyone who's ever held an opinion that is mildly divergent from the politically correct left coming under attack. A concerted effort to revise history to fit the modern social justice narrative and insert works of fiction in our education system – from kindergarten through higher education – is well underway.

National Anthem Protests Go Mainstream –
How Counterculture Has Become Culture

Ben Shapiro
Four short years ago, we mostly assumed the best of our fellow Americans – that they weren't endemically racist, at the very least – and the best of our country's ideals. No longer. The counterculture has become the culture. And that is both a tragedy and a travesty. There can be no future for a country in which standing for the national anthem is considered gauche, while kneeling is considered heroic.


Why the United States is a republic and not a democracy
A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 9 August 2020

AG Barr: U.S. Facing New Form of 'urban guerrilla warfare'
Driven By Left's 'lust for power'

Discussing the ongoing Black Lives Matter riots rippling through several U.S. cities, Barr told host Mark Levin that the organization –  which has been characterized by the media as a fed-up activist group –  is comprised of "Bolsheviks" with a focus on on "some form of socialism, communism." "They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism. They're essentially Bolsheviks. Their tactics are fascistic," he said.
Pro-Police Protesters Clash with BLM Demonstrators In Colorado
Counterprotesters got involved in a violent confrontation with pro-police supporters at a Back the Blue rally in Fort Collins, Colo. Saturday, which ended with the arrests of three people. The pro-police attendees said two different groups of counterprotesters – consisting of Black Lives Matter supporters and what appeared to be members of Antifa – joined the event. They also claimed a faction from one of those two groups attacked a veteran who was in a wheelchair, according to The Collegian.
No Doubt About It: Democrats Are Part of the Riot Problem
Issues & Insights Editorial Board
Qui tacet consentire videtur is the Latin phrase that means he who remains silent appears to consent. The Democrats' silence when asked to condemn Antifa violence is coming through louder than a deranged Joe Biden outburst on the campaign trail. New York Democrat Jerry Nadler didn't hit the mute button when he absurdly claimed Antifa was "imaginary," then later said its role in the Portland riots was a "myth that's being spread only in Washington D.C."
New NASDAQ Sets Record:
While Big Three Censor Milestone Close of Over 11K

The ridiculous censorship of good market news in the Trump economy saga barrels on with impunity by the Big Three evening news shows. The Big Tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite stock index closed at a record 11,108.07 Thursday evening, well over the historic 11,000 milestone, according to Nasdaq August 7.
U.S. Adds 1.8 Million Jobs,
Unemployment Drops to 10.2 Percent

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped from 11.1 percent to 10.2 percent in July, beating economists' predictions even as many states have paused or reversed their reopenings in light of coronavirus case spikes. Employers added 1.8 million jobs in July, according to the Labor Department's Friday jobs report, a significant slowing down from the 4.8 million jobs created in June, which was the highest recorded.
Trump Payroll Tax Executive Order Likely Worth $1,200 per Worker
The payroll tax deferral President Trump enacted via executive order on Saturday would save the average person about $1,200 over four months beginning in September, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Sunday. Trump has repeatedly pushed for a payroll tax cut amid the pandemic and included it in the four executive actions he signed this weekend.
Vote by Mail Chaos: Liberal Group Sent Thousands of Illegal, Incorrect Pre-Filled Absentee Ballot Request Forms to Voters
The group, Center for Voter Information, is affiliated with the Voter Participation Center started in 2003 by Democrat consultant Page Gardner. 80,000 pre-filled absentee ballot requests were sent to North Carolina voters this year, a violation of a 2019 state law prohibiting the practice. In Virginia, the group said it sent half a million incorrect absentee forms to voters across the state after the D.C. suburb of Fairfax County warned voters about the forms.
Judge Orders New York State to Count
Previously Invalidated Mail-In Ballots

A federal judge ordered election officials to count thousands of mail-in ballots throughout New York State that were declared invalid for not having a post-mark or arriving at offices shortly after the June 23 primary.
Welcome to mail-in ballot hell
Democrats Planted False Stories In Effort to
Derail Biden Investigations, Grassley Says

One of the longest serving members of Congress in a scathing speech on Wednesday accused Democrats of resorting to dirty tricks in order to derail investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden's dealings with Ukraine. "This is the behavior of cowards. And it has to stop," Sen. Chuck Grassley declared. Democrats have accused two leading senators of engaging in disinformation, while in truth the accusers are engaging in disinformation, said Grassley, R-Iowa, in his speech to lawmakers.
Graham Says FBI Deceived Senate Intelligence Committee in
2018 Briefing On Steele Dossier: 'misled the hell out of them'

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said ... that the FBI deceived his counterparts ... during a 2018 interview on the investigation into Russian election interference, citing a newly released document he obtained through the Department of Justice. "Somebody needs to go to jail for this," Graham said. "This is a second lie. This is a second crime. They lied to the FISA court. They got rebuked, the FBI did, in 2019 by the FISA court, putting in doubt all FISA applications ... a year before, they're lying to the Senate Intel Committee. It's just amazing the compounding of the lies."
Teen Who Rallied to Remove Police from Chicago Schools is
Tragically Shot to Death

Caleb Reed, a 17-year-old student activist from Mather High School in Chicago, was found shot in the head on Friday. The teen's death comes just weeks after he publicly called for the district to remove police from district schools. Reed, described by the Chicago Sun-Times as a "student leader with a youth activist group," was discovered on a sidewalk of the West Rogers Park neighborhood in the city.
Prayerful Pelosi Wants to Fumigate Trump Out of White House
Judi McLeod
Desperado Democrats – who still defiantly want to believe that the 2016 election of Hillary Clinton was inevitable – are showing signs that they do not really believe election polls indicating that the election of Joe Biden as president is inevitable. They’re falling apart at the seams the closer they get to Election 2020.
If Biden Skips Debates with Trump
Here's How Our Enemies Will Read It

Fred Fleitz
I believe there is no question that China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, ISIS, Al Qaeda and other U.S. enemies and adversaries are rooting for a Biden win in this November's presidential election. If Biden refused to debate Trump, America's enemies and adversaries would interpret this as a sign of weakness and that his presidency would be even easier to dominate and manipulate than the Obama administration.
Is AOC a Bigot in League with the Devil?
Judi McLeod
From the signature crimson-lipsticked trout pout called N.Y. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC's) foul mouth: "St. Damien was a "colonizer" and his statue's inclusion in the U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall is "what patriarch and white supremacist culture looks like!" Vile words that illustrate for once and for all that AOC is a bigot in league with the devil.
Progressives Alarmed by Susan Rice's Vast Financial Investments
When Susan Rice was under consideration for secretary of state in 2012, she was attacked by environmentalists for holding stock in the controversial Keystone Pipeline XL deal. Now, with the multimillionaire in contention to be Biden’s running mate, that investment is again drawing fire from progressives. They say her extensive past holdings in an array of industries at odds with liberal causes could make her ill-suited to be vice president in a Democratic administration.
NY Times' False Claims About
Public School Spending Go Uncorrected

According to the New York Times, one of the main reasons why public K-12 schools are reopening more slowly from Covid-19 lockdowns than private schools is because public schools generally have less money. Times reporter Claire Cain Miller makes this claim three times in a single article, but her assertion is the polar opposite of reality and has been so for decades.
Teachers' Unions Want to Keep Schools Closed –
Welcome to the 'Edupocalypse'

Issues & Insights Editorial Board
While Americans across the country continue to work despite the many hardships of COVID-19, teachers' unions want none of it. They want to keep schools closed, which will benefit their own members greatly but seriously harm school-age kids... It's leading to what we think can be called, without exaggeration, an educational crisis. Public schools may never be the same.
Twitter Staffer Who Announced Trump Censorship
Used to Work for Kamala Harris

Tyler O'Neil
On Wednesday, Twitter deleted a Trump campaign video showing President Donald Trump saying that children are "almost immune" from COVID-19, claiming that the president's claim was "misinformation," even though children face much less risk for the coronavirus than adults.
More Americans are Realizing Government and Police
Can't – Or Won't – Protect You

Roger Katz
It is, of course, disturbingly, depressingly, frustratingly true that "nothing has changed in New York City since 1911, insofar as the City continues to require a valid license to lawfully possess a handgun. Still, in a few important respects, much has changed, and for the worse, since the enactment of the unconscionable and unconstitutional Sullivan Act.
There's a Mountain of Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine Is an
Effective Treatment for COVID-19

Matt Margolis
I'm convinced that if a rabid leftist was dying of thirst and President Trump offered him water, he'd refuse to drink it. This is perhaps the best analogy for what's happening right now with hydroxychloroquine, a decades-old malaria drug that has repeatedly shown to be an effective treatment for COVID-19, but that Democrats and the media have relentlessly dismissed ever since President Trump first touted it...
Rep. Thomas Massie to Donate Convalescent Plasma After
Finding He Previously Had Coronavirus

Rep. Thomas Massie tested COVID-negative last week but wants to donate his plasma to help coronavirus patients recover from their sicknesses after taking an antibody test and discovering he previously had the sickness. The Kentucky Republican, 49, told the Washington Examiner he suspects he first contracted the virus back in early January.
NYC Councilman Paul Vallone Credits Hydroxychloroquine for
COVID-19 Recovery

A Democratic New York City Councilman says hydroxychloroquine saved his life after a near-fatal run-in with COVID-19 in March. Paul Vallone, who represents northeast Queens, took the drug along with a standard Z-pack – given for bacterial infections – and came back from the brink almost immediately.
Reported for the Second Time:
Virginia Erroneously Reports Coronavirus Death of a Child

The Virginia Department of Health reported the death of a child age 9 or younger Friday morning, but in the afternoon, a spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Health said it was a typographical error. VDH provided no additional information beyond saying the error had been corrected. No children in Virginia have died from the coronavirus. A similar incident happened in early May...
How many unreported "errors" are there?
Coronavirus Mask Dispute Leads to Washington Man's Arrest In
Assault On Veteran, 72

A man in Washington state was arrested Saturday and charged with assault after allegedly breaking the jaw of a 72-year-old disabled veteran in a hotel lobby in a dispute over coronavirus masks. Cody P. Hansen, 35, was arrested at his home in Spokane, Wash., on Saturday after police received an anonymous tip. He has been charged with second-degree assault in relation to the incident.
COVID-19 Kills: Released from Jail at Height of Pandemic,
Virginia Rape Suspect Allegedly Killed His Accuser

The incident in Karla Dominguez's apartment last October was violent, and it was not consensual, she testified in Alexandria District Court in December. The man she accused was indicted on charges including rape, strangulation and abduction and jailed without bond in Alexandria. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Week ending 2 August 2020

Black Lives Matter: "We Will Burn Down This System" – Part II
Soeren Kern
BLM's leaders openly admit that they want to abolish the nuclear family, police, prisons and capitalism. Black Lives Matter uses Thousand Currents, which is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization, as its fiscal sponsor. Donations made on the Black Lives Matter website are processed by the left-wing ActBlue Charities, a donation platform affiliated with the Democratic Party, and then transferred to Thousand Currents, which then distributes them back to Black Lives Matter.
Teachers' Unions Will Shoot Their Hostages – Increasingly
Bizarre Demands Aim to Prevent Any Return to School

Washington Free Beacon Editors
For America's kids and parents, the reopening of schools in coming weeks is a source of fear and frustration. For teachers' unions, always claiming to "put the kids first," it's another opportunity for politicking.
U.S. Attorney for Oregon Blasts Portland Officials in
Blistering Interview: 'Nonsensical, political theater'

Oregon's U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams told The Oregonian over the weekend that Portland officials were engaged in "nonsensical, political theater" by banning city police from working with federal law enforcement and swore that the federal government would not be abandoning any of the federal buildings in the city.
As They Turn to Burning Bibles,
Portland Rioters Show Their True Colors

While rioters previously attacked federal buildings, businesses, and even officers, this weekend, they found a new target: Bibles. A video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows rioters holding Black Lives Matter signs tossing Bibles into a fire. Bystanders stood and watched as the flames licked away at the pages of the books.

What Better Way to 'Honor' Christian George Floyd Than by
Firing Up a Good Old-Fashioned Bible-Burning in Portland?

Mike Miller
Let's just come right out and say it. This was never about George Floyd. I'd venture a bet that a majority of these people couldn't care less about Floyd. And if they do, why are they now burning Bibles in his "honor"? By "these people," I mean the anarchists – as opposed to the initial peaceful protesters – who continue to set Portland, Oregon, on fire, night after night.
New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Himself was the
Target of Obama Administration's Russia Probe

Andrew C. McCarthy
Long-sought documents finally pried from U.S. intelligence agencies prove that the Obama administration used the occasion of providing a standard intelligence briefing for major-party candidates as an opportunity to investigate Donald Trump on suspicion of being a Russian asset... The target of the probe was Donald Trump. Not the Trump campaign, not the Trump administration.
Revelation of Steele's Primary Source
Triggers Focus On Think Tank Tied to Clinton, Biden

John Solomon
The revelation that Christopher Steele's primary sub-source for his dossier was an American resident tied to a liberal think tank close to the Obama administration has triggered new investigative interest. The identification of Igor Danchenko as Steele's subsource means Steele's dossier relied on someone who wasn't based in Russia despite claims to the contrary by the FBI.

RELATED:Legal Scholar Accuses Media of
'willfull blindness' to Obama Spying on Trump

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, a self-described liberal who testified against President Donald Trump's impeachment, is scolding the media for "deliberately ignoring the facts" showing the Obama administration used false Russia collusion allegations to justify spying on his campaign. Turley is one of Washington's most respected legal voices, the only scholar to testify at both Bill Clinton's and Trump's impeachment proceedings...
Democrat-Run KKK Burnt Crosses,
Democrat-Run BLM Burn Bibles

The mayhem in Portland where leftist rioters have been trying to destroy the federal courthouse for more than 65 days running,  inadvertently gives us the biggest clue about who Black Lives Matter and Antifa members really are. They are the George Soros bought-and- paid-for search and destroy arm of a Democrat Party well on its way to steal the 2020 Election with a universal MAIL-IN Vote. Proof of who BLM and their anarchist sidekicks are came last night when they burned Bibles in downtown Portland.
CDC Head Robert Redfield Pushes for Schools to
Reopen In 'public health interest'

"I don't think I can emphasize it enough as the director for the Centers for Disease Control, the leading public health agency in the world - it is in the public health interest that these K through 12 students to get the schools back open for face-to-face learning," Dr. Robert Redfield told lawmakers with the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis.
Biden Viewed as 'a puppet' and 'not making any sense' to
Michigan Swing Voters in Axios Focus Group

Monica Showalter
It's gotta be tough to be center-left media outlet Axios. Focus groups aren't everything, but every single one that I've seen Axios do seems to show an opposite response to what they are looking for. Now, either they blundered into identifying a huge hidden nest of Republican voters, or else they are getting a whiff of real voter sentiment in the critical swing state areas that Democrats have been crowing about as a breeze for pickups.
Biden literally escorted like a child by handler
Sound Familiar? Allegations of Campaign Finance and Ethics Violations
Emerge Against McCloskey Prosecutor

Ed Morrissey
She made headlines by charging Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their property, but St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner might have legal problems of her own. Over the last two days, multiple allegations of ethics and campaign violations have erupted against Gardner, and not exactly from defenders of the McCloskeys.
Why Your Kid is a Communist
Ray DiLorenzo
No, I am not saying that every parent’s child is a communist. What I am saying is that there are enough young people out there with either an affinity or a sympathy for the communist system to make us all very concerned. The polls show it, the rioting proves it. Parents, especially of strong Christian faith, can hardly believe what comes out of the mouths of their children. College-age young adults go into university as bright eyed, eager-to-learn fledglings and come out bitter, angry, under achievers.
Watchdog Group Nails Andrew Cuomo for Cover Up of
Number of Nursing Home Deaths In New York

Nick Arama
Sounds like the local New York News may finally be catching up to something that I reported back on May 15 about the funny business when it comes to counting nursing home deaths in New York. Now Bill Hammond who is a Senior Fellow for Health Policy at the Empire Center for Public Policy, a government watch dog group, says that New York has been misrepresenting the number of nursing home deaths.
Ilhan Omar Takes Heat from Democratic Primary Rivals,
Who Claim She's 'Trump's Best Dream'

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, took heat on Friday in a Democratic primary debate that saw two primary rivals attack her record in Congress, and question whether she is the "nightmare" she claims to be for President Trump. "Her quote is she's Trump's 'worst nightmare,' but really in actuality, in many ways she's Trump's best dream," primary challenger John Mason said in a WCCO radio debate, "And Trump is a racist, but really the only one benefiting from Omar is Omar in lots of things."
Why Are Latin American Citizens Counted in Our Census?
Michael R Shannon
A little over a year ago I wrote about another Trump administration immigration policy failure. Trump wanted to add a census question that asked if the respondent was a citizen of the USA. Adding that question should have been a simple administrative procedure since conducting the census is an executive branch function. But nothing is simple where Trump is concerned.
Manhattan Just Lost Its Stranglehold On White-Collar Workers
Nicole Gelinas
For half a century, New York City was home to an archetypical white-collar worker: he (and later she) who would perform feats of creativity, daring and endurance – to get to work. [Now] The white-collar workforce has proved it can skip the office not just one day, not just a week, not just two weeks, but for nearly five months now.
Video Shows New York City Dad Fatally Shot
While Crossing Street with Daughter

New York City emerged from another violent weekend that included 10 fatalities, including a father who was gunned down Sunday crossing the street with his 6-year-old daughter in broad daylight. Video showed Anthony Robinson, 29, with his daughter on their way back home to Brooklyn from the Bronx. Surveillance video shows a car pull up alongside them and open fire.
A Growing List of States and Cities are Attempting to Impeach or Recall Governors, Mayors and Other Officials for Abusing Their Power
Investment Watch Blog
These are real recall petitions going through the proper channels to recall the governors in these states. Don't confuse these with online petitions you may have signed which will not lead to an actual recall. Check Your State
Barack Obama's Half-Brother Rips 'cold and ruthless' Ex-President
"He got rich and became a snob," Malik, 62, told The Post via Skype from his home in the Kenyan village of Nyang'oma Kogelo. "What I saw was he was the kind of person that wants people to worship him. He needs to be worshiped and I don't do that. I am his older brother so I don't do that."
Supreme Court Denies Request to Halt
Construction of the Border Wall

A number of groups, including the ACLU and Sierra Club, had asked the high court to get involved again after the justices last year cleared the way for the administration to use military funds for construction while the case played out in the courts. A federal appeals court had ruled against the administration last month, but the justices, for now, have given another temporary victory to the administration.
Democrat State Senator Charged With Stealing Federal Funds
A Tennessee state senator has been charged with stealing more than $600,000 in federal funds received by a health care company she directed and using the money to pay for her wedding and other personal expenses, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. A criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday charges state Sen. Katrina Robinson with theft and embezzlement involving government programs and wire fraud, U.S. Attorney D. Michael Dunavant said in a news release.
L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar Charged in 34-Count Indictment in
Ongoing Corruption Probe

Huizar, 51, was charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act upon his arrest by the FBI last month. The newly unsealed indictment includes counts of bribery and money laundering among several other criminal charges and details 42 alleged acts of corruption by Huizar. “Mr. Huizar was busy enjoying the fruits of his alleged corruption while his criminal enterprise sold the city to the highest bidder behind the backs of taxpayers,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California said in a June 23 statement announcing his arrest.

Week ending 26 Jult 2020

McCloskey Case Shows How Dems Could
Confiscate Law-Abiding Americans' Guns if in Power

Cal Thomas
For years conservative groups and especially the National Rifle Association have been warning that the government would find a way to confiscate the guns of law-abiding Americans. Many dismissed what they regarded as a scare tactic designed to raise money. What is happening in St. Louis should awaken us to the fact that those fears are well founded.
Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance
Heather Mac Donald
Over the last four months, Americans have lived through what is arguably the most consequential period of government malfeasance in U.S. history. Public officials’ overreaction to the novel coronavirus put American cities into a coma; those same officials’ passivity in the face of widespread rioting threatens to deliver the coup de grâce. Together, these back-to-back governmental failures will transform the American polity and cripple urban life for decades.
Devastating – Senate Republicans Release Files
They Say 'Undercut' Steele Dossier

"... the comments of Peter Strzok regarding the February 14 New York Times article are devastating in that they are an admission that there was no reliable evidence that anyone from the Trump Campaign was working with Russian Intelligence Agencies in any form," [Sen. Lindsey] Graham explained. "The statements by Mr. Strzok question the entire premise of the FBI's investigation of the Trump Campaign and make it even more outrageous that the Mueller team continued this investigation for almost two and a half years."
FBI Knew 'collusion' Was a Nothing-Burger,
but Kept Fake Scandal Alive Anyway

Andrew C. McCarthy
'We have not seen evidence of any individuals affiliated with the Trump team in contact with [Russian intelligence officers]." How much wasted time on pointless investigations could have been prevented had Peter Strzok, then one of the FBI's top counterintelligence officials who was spearheading the bureau's Trump-Russia investigation, said this publicly one month into President Trump's term?
Taxpayer Mugging: Federal Employees Can Get One Day Off for
Every 1.4 Days Worked

Paul Bedard
"I am happy to celebrate Juneteenth. I think we should celebrate the fact that we did remove that original sin by emancipating slaves," said Johnson in blocking Senate approval Wednesday. "I simply don't believe we should make American taxpayers in the private sector pony up $600 million a year, $6 billion over 10 years, to give federal workers, who already are paid quite generously and have quite a few days off, one more paid day off," he added.
Stanley Kurtz Sheds Light on Trump's Latest
'Tremendous Accomplishment,' and Why Media Overlooked It

Stanley Kurtz, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, spoke to Fox News about what he called a "tremendous accomplishment" of the Trump administration, one that the mainstream media apparently failed to notice. "Very recently, President Trump, with the help of Secretary Carson, have in a very powerful and effective way put an end to AFFH as it was created under the Obama-Biden administration," Kurtz explained.
Hydroxychloroquine Could Save Up to 100,000 Lives if
Used for COVID-19, says Yale Epidemiology Professor

"There are many doctors that I've gotten hostile remarks about saying that all the evidence is bad for it and, in fact, that is not true at all," Risch told "Ingraham Angle," adding that he believes the drug can be used as a "prophylactic" for front-line workers, as other countries like India have done. Risch lamented that a "propaganda war" is being waged against the use of the drug for political purposes, not based on "medical facts."
This Black Lives Matter Activist Thought KNEELING on a
White Baby's Neck Was a Good Idea...

A shocking and deeply disturbing image posted to Facebook has led to the arrest of a Black Lives Matter activist. A black man, identified as BLM supporter Isaiah Jackson, took a picture of himself kneeling on the neck of a 2-year-old white child in diapers. The image shows another person holding the child's arms back, and the child crying. The caption read, "Blm now mf."
Louisville Protests Descend Into Chaos When Armed Protester
Accidentally Shoots Members of His Group

Gunshots erupted during a planned protest in Louisville, Ky., Saturday and three members of the heavily armed militia group, the "Not F---ing Around Coalition" (NFAC), were injured by shots fired from one of their own member's guns, police told Fox News. Earlier in the day, officers from the LMPD were on high alert, aware of the possibility of violence from highly armed militants dressed in all black – many of whom are not from Kentucky...
Planned Parenthood's New York Chapter
Disavows Founder Margaret Sanger Over Racist Eugenics

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York is removing the name of Margaret Sanger, the founder of the nation's largest abortion provider, from its New York City clinic due to her "harmful connection to the eugenics movement," the group said Tuesday. "The removal of Margaret Sanger's name from our building is both a necessary and overdue step to reckon with our legacy and acknowledge Planned Parenthood's contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color," Karen Seltzer, the chair of the New York affiliate's board, said in a statement.
'Baby Lives Matter' Mural
Painted in Front of Planned Parenthood Clinic

A anti-abortion activist splashed the words "Baby Lives Matter" in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, arguing the Black Lives Matter movement "wasn't talking about the actual problems in their community." "This affects every race, but Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who consulted with the KKK to create the organization," Hansen told Fox News.
Cancel Culture Alert: Target These Racist Organizations
Mark Alexander
Finally, no cancel-fest would be complete without noting the granddaddy of all racist organizations – the Democrat Party itself! Given the violent racist history of the Democrat Party, shouldn't any and all references to it be "canceled" and stricken from history – and anyone associated with this racist party tarred and feathered? Democrats were, are, and will continue to be the party of black oppression.
Remove Statues of Margaret Sanger,
Planned Parenthood Founder Tied to Eugenics and Racism

Kristan Hawkins
All across America, video of activists attacking statues plays on a loop while some political leaders voice their support for removing all reminders of people whose personal histories put them in a negative light. For those identifying historical figures with racist roots who should be removed from public view because of their evil histories, Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, must join that list.
Washington Post Settles Nicholas Sandmann Defamation Lawsuit in
Covington Catholic High School Controversy

The Washington Post is the latest news organization to settle a defamation lawsuit launched by Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann over its botched coverage of a viral confrontation with a Native American elder that had portrayed the Kentucky teen as the aggressor... This follows the multi-million dollar settlement CNN made with the teenager back in January.
Ozzie Myers, Corrupt Former 'Abscam' Congressman,
Busted for Vote Fraud

Disgraced former Congressman Michael Ozzie Myers (D-Penn.) is staring at a laundry list of federal criminal charges starting with conspiring to violate voting rights, according to a statement released Thursday by the U.S. Justice Department. The conspiracy charge is tied into "stuffing the ballot boxes for specific candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections, bribery of an election official, falsification of records, voting more than once in federal elections, and obstruction of justice," the DOJ revealed.
We've been assured by the Dems vote fraud never happens
Queens, N.Y., Primary Gives Us a Preview of
the Mayhem Mail-in Voting Could Create in November

Now there is an example of how disastrous a statewide or national election could be if mail-in voting is utilized at scale. At a minimum, it will delay results. Worst-case scenario, mail-in voting will cause widespread mistrust in the outcome of an election. Democrats know this and don't care, even when it affects a primary for their own party.
The Heat Is ON: Biden Campaign Goes On Defense
Over Senate Burisma Investigation

Gregg Jarrett staff
Remember when not so long ago, President Trump had a phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky and, despite releasing the full transcript, Democrats cried treason and launched an impeachment investigation? Yeah, we do, too. We also remember the reason Trump asked the new Ukrainian President to "look into" corruption in his country in the first place, was because of Joe Biden.
Trump Hating Puerto Rico Governor Faces Corruption Probe
Amid Growing Allegations

Puerto Rico's governor, Wanda Vázquez and other top officials on Monday became the official targets of an in-depth government investigation into recent corruption allegations. "This is very serious," Edgardo Román, president of Puerto Rico's College of Attorneys, told The Associated Press. "It means there are already two entities that have independently concluded there is sufficient basis to investigate a governor."
Former Google Engineer:
Disappearance of Conservative Sites Might Have Exposed Blacklist

"It appears to have revealed the existence of another blacklist that disproportionately targets conservatives. The glitch is that sites on this blacklist disappeared from Google search results, but the existence of the list is very much by design."
Stanford Researcher Faces Charges Over
Alleged Ties to Chinese Military

According to a U.S. Department of Justice press release, Chen Song entered the United States in 2018 through a J-1 nonimmigrant visa. Song claimed that she was employed by Xi Diaoyutai Hospital in Beijing.  However, the Department of Justice found open-source versions of four research articles that she allegedly submitted along with her application to Stanford, which revealed that she was employed by a People's Liberation Army Air Force hospital in Xi'an, China.
Fauci's Infectious Disease Agency Broke
Federal Spending Law and Rules, Audits Show

As scrutiny of Fauci's role in managing the pandemic grows, the nation's infectious disease specialist has defended himself by citing his long record in government. But that record includes several ethics and patient safety controversies on his watch as well as numerous citations for violating contract "time" and "amount" rules and the Anti-Deficiency Act, a federal law.
This Indian Slum Contained a Possible COVID-19 Disaster
With Hydroxychloroquine

Vijay Jarayaj
On July 9, 2020, Asia's biggest and densest slum shocked the world by announcing just one new positive COVID-19 case despite being a cluster and hotspot. Dharavi is no ordinary slum. It is one of the densest in the world, housing more than a million people.
'He's Lying': Eyewitness Calls Out Portland Mayor Over
Fabricated Tear Gas Incident

News reports from The Associated Press, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and others all claim the Democratic mayor of Portland, Oregon, was tear-gassed by federal agents during Black Lives Matter demonstrations Wednesday night. But one eyewitness is calling the claim into question. According to CBN News contributor Chuck Holton, who was on the ground during the protesting in Portland, the entire encounter was intentionally staged.
Louisiana Supreme Court Grants 'diploma privilege' to
Let Recent Grads Practice Without Bar Exam

The Louisiana Supreme Court announced Wednesday that it will grant "diploma privilege" to recent law school graduates, allowing them to practice law without taking the now-canceled July 27 bar exam, which the court called off last week in light of a new spike in coronavirus cases. The announcement set off fiercely opposing reactions: Many recent law school graduates celebrated after months of studying for the most critical exam of their careers, while three of the seven Supreme Court justices filed blistering dissents into the record.
Only a lawyer could go for this stupidity

Week ending 19 July 2020

Despicable Behavior of Today's Academicians
Walter E. Williams
Much of today's totalitarianism, promotion of hate, and not to mention outright stupidity, has its roots on college campuses. Sources that report on some of the more egregious forms of the abandonment of free inquiry, hate, and stupidity at our colleges are Campus Reform and College Fix.
The Great Culture Purge of 2020
Ben Shapiro
Have we finally reached the glorious age in which Absolute Truth is known with such fulsome certainty that our cultural betters should be trusted to wish dissenters away into the cornfield? Of course not. We're just watching the latest cultural revolution in real time. Which leaves those who wish to not be purged with two simple choices: Stand up together against this round of Maoist purification, or hang separately.
Donald Trump Celebrates Record Success in Cutting Regulations
"We must never return to the days of soul-crushing regulations," Trump said, warning that if former Vice President Joe Biden won the election, leftist activists would work to quickly restore the onerous regulatory burden. He described his efforts as the most dramatic regulatory relief campaign in history, noting that for every one new regulation, eight other regulations had been terminated.
Richard Grenell: Biden was 'manipulating intelligence'
Richard Grenell, who declassified documents related to the Russia investigation during his monthslong tenure as acting director of national intelligence, told Newsmax TV that the Obama administration "weaponized intelligence" between the 2016 election and Inauguration Day. He claimed Biden, who is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, played a leading role in an effort to undermine President-elect Trump.
Never-Trump Project Lincoln Co-Founder
Had Contract with Russian Government

Tyler Durden
We should note – well, John Solomon noted on Monday, that Joe Biden's energy adviser, Amos Hochstein, also advised TENEX. In fact, Hochstein "assisted personally" in "Russia's attempts to corner the global uranium market." So two guys who want to see Biden elected have dealings with the Russian government. This, mind you, after Weaver has spent years spewing unfounded accusations about Trump being a Russian agent, while the other guy helped Russia buy uranium leading up to the infamous Uranium One deal.
LA Times Op-Ed Mocked for Calling to Replace
'The Star-Spangled Banner' with 'Lean on Me'

Contributing writer Jody Rosen began his column by slamming a San Franciso monument of Francis Scott Key, who famously wrote the lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner," as "imposing and fussy." "The wave of reckoning and revisionism that is sweeping the country may have to come for the national anthem," Rosen wrote, pointing to viral claims that "The Star-Spangled Banner" is a "racist song" that stems from Key's poem "Defence of Fort M'Henry," which invokes slaves.
Ben Shapiro Tells Mark Levin U.S. is Going Through
'French Revolution in Real Time' Without Guillotines

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro told "Life, Liberty & Levin" in an interview airing Sunday that the ongoing unrest in the United States resembles "the French Revolution in real time without the actual physical guillotines." "The fact is that what we have seen over the last several weeks is the full flowering of an ideology of disintegrationism that has been running roughshod over our universities, through our media, through our major cultural institutions for years," said Shapiro...
Seattle Just Passed a New Tax on Jobs in the Middle of an
Economic Crisis – But Exempted Government Workers

Brad Polumbo
The COVID-19 pandemic and local government lockdowns economically decimated Washington state in March, with Seattle hit especially hard in the early days of the virus's spread. In the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, Seattle saw the biggest spike in unemployment of any city in the country. The city's economy continues to flounder amid the pandemic. Nonetheless, the Seattle City Council has decided that now is the right time to impose a new tax burden on its residents.
California Rejected 100K Mail-In Ballots Because of Mistakes
More than 100,000 mail-in ballots were rejected by California election officials during the March presidential primary, according to data obtained by The Associated Press that highlights a glaring gap in the state's effort to ensure every vote is counted. With the coronavirus pandemic raging, California is part of a growing number of states increasing mail-in balloting to avoid crowds at polling places.
Vote By Mail Might Sound Good, Until You Look at the Data
J. Christian Adams
The voters who sent these ballots probably do not even know that their ballot was not counted after they sent it back. Making all of this even worse are the hundreds of millions of dollars that leftist foundations dedicate to this process fight. There is money for media outlets to publish stories that voter fraud is a myth. They even lend struggling newspapers foundation-funded "reporters" to work for free, as long as they publish stories saying voter fraud is a myth.
Remember, ALL mail-in ballots are counted behind CLOSED doors
Voting by Mail Shouldn’t Be a Partisan Issue, But in Reality IS
Judi McLeod
Already providing criminals a Get Out of Jail Free Card, the Democrat-exploited pandemic will turn Election 2020 into a 100% mail-in-vote. On the basis of sparing prisoners from catching Covid-19, Democrat governors are setting rapists and murderers free, with California Governor Gavin Newsom planning to release some 8,000 prisoners next month alone. “Resistance” leader former President Barack Obama is now calling on Americans to register to be able to vote by mail in Election 2020.
Soros Groups' Vote-by-Mail Drive Aims to Expand Government Control
Scott Walter
Democrats already have managed to pass into law some absentee ballot provisions using the coronavirus relief package. Deep in the bowels of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill Congress passed in late March was a vote-by-mail timebomb that conservatives will come to regret in the 2020 election.
Wisconsin's Vote-By-Mail Looked Bad. It Was Actually Worse
Jazz Shaw
Back on April 7th, Wisconsin held the first in-person primary election since the pandemic outbreak began. Well, it was at least partially "in-person" but the state attempted at the last minute to turn it into some sort of hybrid, combining a smaller number of in-person polling places with the option to request mail-in ballots.
Leo Terrell: Black Lives Matter is 'profiting' on a 'false narrative'
Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joins "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Sunday night where he addresses his issues with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, saying the organization's motivation is money and calling them "profiteers." "This is why Black Lives Matter is basically, in my opinion, the Al Sharpton of the 21st century. They're profiteers. They are profiting on trying to give a narrative, a false narrative that is white racist cops, deaths destroying the black community," Terrell told host Mark Levin.
Georgia Democrat Defends Trump,
Eviscerates Black Lives Matter Narrative

On Monday, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones (D) thanked President Donald Trump for defending law and order and condemned the "hypocritical" Black Lives Matter movement, insisting that all black lives should matter, including the people killed in the riots following the horrific police killing of George Floyd. "Most people, including black people, they want law enforcement to be out there enforcing the law. I think people just want them to be, they want them to be fair," Jones said at a White House meeting with Trump.
How Is the Left of the '60s Different from the Left of Today?
Rachel del Guidice
How do the radical movements of today – Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others – compare with their counterparts of the 1960s, such as the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground? What would the leftists of the '60s say about the rioting that followed the death of George Floyd, the toppling of disfavored statues, and efforts today to "defund the police"?
BLM Organizer Charged on Six Counts of Child Sex Abuse,
Possession of Images of Underage Girls

Christopher DeVries, organizer, and leader of a Black Lives Matter/Defund The Police protest he named 'Skate Away the Hate' has been arrested on six counts of possession of child sex abuse images. The child abuse images allegedly show underage girls either in "lewd exhibition" of private parts, or engaging in sexual activity. He was also charged for possession of psilocybin mushrooms, a Class B felony, which is punishable by up to seven years in prison.
Planned Parenthood Launches Digital Ad Campaign for Biden
Planned Parenthood Votes, the political arm of the national reproductive rights group, is ramping up its general election efforts, launching five-figure digital ad campaigns across nine battleground states. Why it matters: This is the group's biggest election cycle effort yet, part of a larger $45 million investment ahead of November's election, and provides a glimpse of how Democrats are trying to take down President Trump on women's health issues while boosting Joe Biden as the alternative.
Video Confirms Cops Aren't Always Wrong
Nolan Finley
Detroit Police Chief James Craig wisely released the bodycam recording showing a man identified as Littleton firing a handgun point blank at an officer who was attempting to arrest a suspect in a triple homicide. It didn't stop protesters from trying to fit this shooting into the George Floyd mold, but it did raise important questions about whether the Black Lives Matter movement is really after justice, or simply chaos.
Doofus Joe Channelling Chairman Mao
Through Obama Bot Anita Dunn?

Judi McLeod
Obama bot Anita Dunn, who is Senior Strategic Adviser to Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign, is a huge fan of murderous former China Chairman Mao Zedong ... "Mao is the barbaric founder of Communist China who killed 80 million of his own people, according to the Washington Post. "Anita Dunn issued a lengthy public statement praising communist Chairman Mao while serving as the Obama/Biden administration's White House Communications Director."
Former Ohio State Professor Arrested Trying to Flee to China with
Stolen Laptops, USB Drives

According to the FBI, Zheng was involved in a scheme to use approximately $4.1 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to bolster China's research in the areas of rheumatology and immunology. Zheng is also accused of making false statements to cover up his involvement with China while working at multiple universities, including Ohio State.
Ivanka Trump: College Isn't the Only Job Path;
'Find something new'

Paul Bedard
In a new bid to kick-start the economy and steer younger people to good jobs that don't require a $120,000 college degree... the White House, and other sponsors are unveiling a new campaign urging potential job seekers to "find something new." The campaign [is an effort] to make apprenticeships and other training programs just as attractive and far less expensive than higher education, viewed as the path to a top-paying job.

Week ending 12 July 2020

Brazen Lying is Media's Latest Escalation In
Campaign Against Trump

Mollie Hemingway
As if orders went out from a central director, nearly every major media outlet flat-out lied about Trump's speech. Whether they were engaged in reflexive "political advisor" mode like the Stephanopoulos of old, whether they had pre-drafted their reports based on dubious theories about what would be in the speech, or whether they simply decided that the best way to counter an effective political message was to simply lie about it, lie about it they did.
Trump's Right.
We're Now Reckoning With a Generation of
Anti-American Indoctrination

Jarrett Stepman
A generation – generations, actually – of indoctrination by America's most powerful cultural institutions have produced an American elite instinctively hostile to praise of America's past, and a larger American population unmoored from any kind of understanding or perspective of what makes the United States unique, distinct, and great despite its many imperfections.
Joe Biden Vows Abolish America’s Suburbia,
Flood Communities with Immigrants

Former Vice President Joe Biden's proposal for the Democrat Party platform for 2020 is looking to abolish America's suburban communities by flooding them with immigrants and forcing low-income housing into the area. The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations aim to give an immediate amnesty and a pathway to U.S. citizenship for 22 million illegal aliens currently living in the U.S.
Officials Scramble to Deny Herd Immunity
After News of 68% Antibody Rates in Parts of NYC

The fastest way to get suppressed in mainstream and social media is to promote the concept of herd immunity as a strategy to fight COVID-19. It would bring challenges to their lockdown agenda, so they choose to bury the stories supporting it rather than let people know the truth.
DESPICABLE: NBC 'Doctor' Who Appeared on Air with Coronavirus
Never Had Coronavirus in the First Place

NBC medical expert Dr. Joseph Fair who appeared on NBC nearly a dozen times claiming he had the coronavirus, has now come out to say that he never had the virus in the first place... It now seems that Fair was attempting to fear monger the American people considering he had multiple interviews from his hospital bed and claimed that he contracted the coronavirus through his eyes.
Giving the public crap for news!
Agenda of Black Lives Matter is Far Different from Slogan
Andrew Olivastro and Mike Gonzalez
The goals of the Black Lives Matter organization go far beyond what most people think. But they are hiding in plain sight, there for the world to see, if only we read beyond the slogans and the innocuous-sounding media accounts of the movement. Theirs is a blueprint for misery, not justice. It must be rejected.
America is Poised to Collapse from Within
Carol M. Swain
Two hundred and forty-four years after the 13 British colonies in North America declared their independence and became a sovereign nation, America is poised to collapse from within. Her imminent demise will not come from foreign troops quartered on her soil. It will come from Marxists and anarchists who use racial grievance and the cries of the oppressed to dismantle America's institutions and defenses.
Nation's Values Under Attack – We Must Do This to
Stop the Left's Socialist Agenda

Kay C. James
One look at the Black Lives Matter organization's website shows that the idea of protecting black lives and seeking justice is merely a vehicle to advance a different, radical set of ideas. The organization is more dedicated to gaining political power and remaking America according to Marxist ideology. Two of the group's three co-founders are even "trained Marxists," according to one of them.
The Fragility of the Woke
Victor Davis Hanson
The woke but godless, the arrogant but ignorant, the violent but physically unimpressive, the degreed but poorly educated, the broke but acquisitive, the ambitious but stalled – these are history's ingredients of riot and revolution.
America Needs to Stop Reacting to Coronavirus
Like a Bunch of Hysterics

Mollie Hemingway
Harvard University recently announced that it will ban students from in-person classes for the entirety of the next academic year. The decision, not based on science, is typical of the decisions made by many elites in response to the novel coronavirus sweeping the globe. Global pandemics aren't new, but the way many Americans are responding to this one is.
Fauci Is a Deep State Fraud
Angelo Codevilla
I knew for sure that Anthony Fauci is a fraud after listening to him for about 10 seconds – as anyone who listens carefully would have known as well. President Trump had been charging the Chinese government with obscurancy and deception in its handling of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Fauci had dealt intimately with the Chinese on that matter. His National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Centers for Disease Control had partially financed the notorious Wuhan laboratory where Chinese scientists were researching the virus.
Report Renewable Energy Risks, Too
Paul Driessen
The Washington Examiner reports that Joe Biden wants to require public companies, pension plans and financial institutions to disclose "climate risks" and the greenhouse gas emissions in various operations and supply chains. However, if we are going to examine supposed risks to fossil fuel investments, we should certainly evaluate risks to renewable energy investments. We're already seeing growing resistance to wind, solar and biofuel projects in Europe, Australia and the United States.
On Vote-By-Mail
J. Christian Adams
Vote by mail might sound good, until you look at the data. The federal election assistance commission keeps tabs. Their data show that 28 million ballots mailed since 2012 simply vanished. They were sent out, but never came back and were counted. Some say they are in landfills, others figure they are in file cabinets. It gets worse.
ALL mail-in ballots are counted behind CLOSED doors
Vote-by-Mail Would Create Chaos and Distrust in November
Tom Fitton
Mandated mail-in voting and other extreme changes to the 2020 election in response to the COVID-19 pandemic could further undermine public confidence in the American electoral system... Mail-in voting is a proven and significant threat to election integrity. In 2005, the bipartisan Carter-Baker Commission noted that mail-in ballots "remain the largest source of potential voter fraud."
When Nightmares Come True: The Return of Hillary Clinton
Judi McLeod
The threat of the Covid-19 pandemic and daily anarchy out on the streets will hold full public attention while the Election 2020 campaign plays out the Democrats carefully orchestrated final hoax. Time is on the side of the Democrat Revenge Team, as it has been ever since the pandemic replaced the Trump Impeachment hoax within days of Impeachment collapse – and they know it.
Maryland Governor Hogan rips Pelosi for Statue Comments,
Says She's 'lost touch with the Baltimore community'

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., over her refusal to criticize those who tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore, the city where both her father and brother served as mayor in the mid-1900's. Pelosi, when asked Thursday about the tearing down of the statue on July 4, said that she supported the removal of statues of those who served the Confederacy and mentioned that she "doesn't care much about statues."
A Lesson from Robert E. Lee
Helen Andrews
There once was a general who fought a war to protect slavery. That’s not how he would have described it. He would have said he was fighting to protect his way of life from a foreign invader... That general was Samori Touré. The West African chieftain is honored today by black nationalists for resisting French imperialism in the Mandingo Wars of the late nineteenth century, but thousands of Africans were enslaved by Samori’s raiders in the course of building up his empire.
History is complicated, isn’t it?
Minneapolis Council Members Who Voted to
Abolish Cops Get Private Security

Three members of the Minneapolis City Council who voted to eliminate the local police force are being protected by a private security detail that costs taxpayers $4,500 a day. News of the arrangement broke Friday, the same day the council voted 12-0 to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.
Lemon: Let's Face It, Jesus Christ "Admittedly
Was Not Perfect When He Was Here On the Earth"

Ed Morrissey
I can most assuredly state with conviction that those who "believe" in Christianity also believe that Jesus was indeed perfect – even here on Earth. In fact, that was the entire point of His sacrifice; He had to be perfect to provide salvation for the world... How do two prime-time hosts on a major cable-news network not know that basic fact about Christianity? If they don't, then what credibility do they have on anything else?
Obama Granted Clemency to Terrorists and Traitors,
But Democrats Are Angry About Roger Stone

Matt Margolis
Soon after it was announced that President Trump had commuted the prison sentence of Roger Stone, the outrage mob mobilized. Nancy Pelosi went on CNN to suggest that a law should be passed limiting the president's clemency powers. "There ought to be a law, and I'm recommending we pass a law that presidents cannot issue a pardon if the crime that the person is in jail for is one that is caused by protecting the president, which this was. It's appalling," she told CNN's Anderson Cooper.
Canadian High School Students Chant 'Jews Are Our Dogs' at
Protest Against Israeli Annexation Scenario

A group of protesters that included high school students chanted "Jews are our dogs" during a July 4 rally in Canada against Israel's possible annexation of portions of the West Bank... The protests featured chants in Arabic that included "Palestine is our country and Jews are our dogs" and "martyrs by the millions march to Jerusalem!"
Florida Homeowner Shoots 3 Armed Intruders, 2 Fatally,
Legally Defending Home and Self

A teen was facing charges for a would-be armed home invasion robbery in Florida in which his two accomplices were shot and killed and he was wounded, authorities said. The person who shot them was the homeowner victim who had a gun and used it to defend himself when he encountered the intruders in his home in Wesley Chapel shortly before 1 a.m. Friday, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said.

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