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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance.
The one thing it cannot be is moderately important." — C.S. Lewis

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. —Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
—Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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Blaming Climate – Ignoring Incompetence
California Wildfires Incinerate People, Wildlife and Habitats.
Politicians Blame Climate Change.

Paul Driessen
Resorting to "manmade climate change" has become the favorite, most politically expedient tactic for deflecting attention away from the abject, ideological, even criminally incompetent forest management practices demanded by politicians, regulators, judges and environmentalists in recent decades.

So, Who Are the Real Fascists?
Ray DiLorenzo
A common definition of Fascism is: "An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization." Wrong! Those who have been indoctrinated will believe that definition. People who think for themselves, ignore their Marxist teachers and the media, will come to the conclusion that fascism is neither inherently left or right wing.


Why the United States is a republic and not a democracy
A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 18 November 2018

Trump Takes High Road After Macron 'Nationalism' Swipe,
Pays Tribute to Veterans

President Trump on Sunday honored Veterans Day and the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I by paying tribute to America's fallen heroes and the friendship with France that was "sealed in battle." Mr. Trump's mournful speech contrasted sharply with French President Emanuel Macron's remarks early in Paris where he took a swipe at Mr. Trump by condemning the dangers of nationalism.
Too Many Bears!
Draft Plan Says Nunavut Territory Canada Polar Bear Numbers Unsafe

There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut and climate change hasn't yet affected any of them, says a draft management plan from the territorial government that contradicts much of conventional scientific thinking. The proposed plan – which is to go to public hearings in Iqaluit on Tuesday – says that growing bear numbers are increasingly jeopardizing public safety and it's time Inuit knowledge drove management policy.
There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut and climate change hasn't affected any of them
Enviros Have Saved the Trees... for Firewood
California is and always has been a largely arid state,
What has occurred over the decades is forest non-management

How Decades of Mismanagement
Turned American Forests Into 'Time Bombs'

Michael Bastasch
Bob Zybach feels like a broken record. While some want to blame global warming for the uptick in catastrophic wildfires, Zybach said a change in forest management policies are the main reason Americans are seeing a return to more intense fires, particularly in the Pacific Northwest and California where millions of acres of protected forests stand.
California is and always has been a largely arid state,
CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed 2016 Wildfire Management Bill
While CA Burned

Katy Grimes
California's whacky outgoing Democrat governor has spent the last eight years trying to convince the people of California that we are to blame for droughts, wildfires and "extreme weather," and that climate change is an existential threat to the California way of life. What many do not know, is that California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bipartisan wildfire management bill in 2016, despite unanimous passage by the Legislature, 75-0 in the Assembly and 39-0 in the Senate.
California is and always has been a largely arid state,
Apaches Stave Off Wildfires with Timber Industry,
Active Forest Management

Valerie Richardson – Washington Times
The catastrophic blazes that thrive in eastern Arizona's thickly forested yet arid landscape have a way of fizzling once they jump from the dense national forests to the Apache reservations, and that's not by chance. Such wildfire prevention techniques might alarm environmentalists, but the San Carlos Apache have their own agenda: Keep the forests healthy, protect their sacred sites, and bring back the plants and grasslands that flourished before the reservation was established in 1934.
California is and always has been a largely arid state,
Junk Science and Leftist Folklore Have Set California Ablaze
Bruce Thornton
Doctor of environmental science and forester Bob Zybach for years has been the Cassandra warning about misguided policies on forest management. According to Zybach, wildfires began to increase in the late 70's, at the same time policies moved away from active management of forests to a more hands-off "natural" approach. "You take away logging, grazing, and maintenance, and you get firebombs," Zybach said.
California is and always has been a largely arid state,
California's Devastating Fires are Man-Caused –
But Not in the Way They Tell Us

Chuck DeVore
In 2005 while a freshman California Assemblyman, I had the chance to visit Northern California and meet with the forest product industry professionals who grew, managed, and harvested trees on private and public lands. They told me of a worrisome trend started years earlier where both federal and state regulators were making it more and more difficult for them to do their jobs.
California is and always has been a largely arid state,
California Burns:
The "new normal" Thanks to Obama Era Environmental Regulations

Katy Grimes and Megan Barth
This past week [August 2018], the New York Times reported on California's wildfires stating that "Since 2012, according to state emergency management officials, there has not been a month without a wildfire burning – a stark contrast to previous decades, when fire officials saw the fall and winter as a time to plan and regroup." What's the significance of 2012? ... By 2012, the Obama administration issued a major rewrite of all of the country's forest rules and guidelines.
Federal Prosecutors Reviewing Altered Election Documents
Tied to Florida Democrats

The concerns, which the department says can be tied to the Florida Democratic Party, center around date changes on forms used to fix vote-by-mail ballots sent with incorrect or missing information. Known as "cure affidavits," those documents used to fix mail ballots were due no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 5 – the day before the election. But affidavits released on Tuesday by the DOS show that documents from four different counties said the ballots could be returned by 5 p.m. on Thursday, which is not accurate.
Left Eats Left: Ocasio-Cortez Gets in Closed-Door Fight with Veteran Lawmaker Over Climate Change
A fight broke out in a closed-door meeting of House Democrats over climate change as a powerful veteran lawmaker fought with freshman star Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other members-elect over the creation of a special panel for the issue. New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone, incoming chairman of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee – backed by a number of other committee members – slammed the creation of the new climate panel, according to multiple sources in the room.
George Soros: "Protection" of Muslim Migrants
"Is the Objective"… "National Borders" Is "The Obstacle"

Tim Brown
Hungarian-born billionaire philanthropist and Nazi collaborator George Soros blasted back at Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orban over claims that he weakens European countries by pushing to flood them with illegal immigrants, largely made up of Muslims. At the end of October, Orban tore into Soros saying, "This invasion is driven, on the one hand, by people smugglers, and on the other by those (human rights) activists who support everything that weakens the nation-state."
Former Far Left Journalists Admit Immigration is a 'failed experiment'
All Over Europe

Two Danish journalists with far left roots, have heavily criticised immigration into Denmark. They say the same negative effects can be seen in a lot of other European countries as well. Mikkel Andersson and Niels Jespersen, two journalists and authors of "The Experiment That Failed", claim that immigration has made Denmark poorer, less secure and more polarized.
Did Nationalism Cause World War One?
Michael Walsh
The French say many silly things, along with a few wise ones, although since the deaths of Voltaire, Descartes, and la Rochefoucauld, not lately. One of the silliest came out of the mouth of M. le President, Emmanuel Macron, at the centenary observance of the end of World War I on November 11. Calling nationalism a "betrayal of patriotism," the fey popinjay went on to caution the world against "old demons coming back wreak chaos and death."
Illegal Alien Charged with Triple Murder was a 'Dreamer'
Federal officials have confirmed that an illegal immigrant released from jail by a "sanctuary city" and later charged with a triple murder was a "Dreamer" protected from deportation. "The illegal alien who murdered three people after he was released from a New Jersey county jail was a DACA recipient in 2012 and 2014, as confirmed by ICE," tweeted the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for reforms focused on legal immigration.
Forbes Mag: Illegal Immigrants Cost Taxpayers
$18.5 Billion/Yr. In Health Care Costs

Warner Todd Huston
Illegal immigrants cost the U.S. billions a year in health care costs that the illegals never pay for, a Forbes Mag. report says. And that is even though federal law supposedly prohibits this spending. Federal law claims that no federal dollars can go to pay for health care for illegals. Unfortunately, this is a smoke screen because literally billions of our tax dollars go to fund medical care for illegals anyway.
SS Fraud? 6.5 Million Active Accounts for People 112 Years or Older
Steven Ahle
Amazing as it may seem, Social Security has no mechanism to automatically close files on people who die. This was revealed in a report by the Inspector General of Social Security. As a result, there are open files for 6.5 million people who would be 112 years old or older. (I wonder if you tried to match up Democratic voter rolls with the Social Security list, how many matches you'd find) The IG said that by not maintaining the list, it has made the Social Security system rife with fraud and abuse.
Hillary Must Answer Key Email Questions, Federal Judge Orders
A federal judge ordered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to answer five questions she has avoided for years about her use of a private email server to conduct official U.S. diplomatic business. U.S. District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan on Wednesday gave Clinton 30 days to respond under oath to five questions. These questions were all put to her nearly four years ago in a lawsuit filed by the nonprofit government watchdog Judicial Watch.
Shocked Liberals Finally Realizing
Women's March Functions as a Hate Group

Jeff Dunetz
Slowly but surely, liberals are beginning to figure out that the Women's March is actually run by notorious Jew-haters. The latest to turn against the Women's March is the liberal German think tank FES (the Friedrich Ebert Foundation), which canceled an award it was going to give to the Women's March. The FES, a think tank for Germany's Social Democratic party, was set to award the Women's March its Human Rights Award. But not anymore.
New Bill Clinton Accuser Releases Phone Call to Chuck Schumer
'Unlike Ms Ford, I Do Have Proof and Witnesses'

A former local news reporter in New York, but from Arkansas, claims that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her three times in 1980. She claims that during two of those times Clinton was basically groping her and grinding himself against her and he ejaculated. If that wasn't weird, then listen to this. She claims after the sexual assaults, that Bill Clinton came to her apartment and was knocking on the door trying to get in.
She Claimed He Broke Into Her House and Assaulted Her.
A Selfie Proved She Lied.

Cristopher "CJ" Precopia very nearly spent the rest of his life in prison after being accused of assault by his ex-girlfriend. The woman, who despite obviously reporting a false crime has still not been named or charged, claimed Precopia broke into her house and attacked her with a box cutter, slashing an "X" into her chest. Based on her story and the cleanly sliced "X" on her chest, Precopia was arrested.
Yeah, always believe the woman
Monica Lewinsky's Criticism of the Press for Giving
Bill Clinton a Pass All These Years is Spot On

Becket Adams
If you think the press is guilty of giving former President Bill Clinton a pass on his history of sexually abusing and exploiting women, you're not alone. Monica Lewinsky is right there with you. The woman at the center of the 1998 Clinton sex scandal accused the press this week of dereliction of duty, claiming in an essay in Vanity Fair that she had to wait nearly 20 years for reporters to ask the former president (somewhat) uncomfortable questions about the affair and his abuse of power.
Male Gym Teacher Punished for Refusing to Oversee
Middle School Girl Get Undressed In Boys' Locker Room

A physical education teacher in Florida was punished for refusing to oversee a biologically female middle schooler who identifies as male potentially get undressed in the boys' locker room. The school, stunningly, allowed the female student to have access to the boys' locker room without so much as informing the male students who would be sharing the locker room with the girl or the students' parents.
Democrats: 'Cruel and Unscientific' to Define Legal Sex by Biology
It is "cruel and unscientific" to define a person's legal sex by their biology, says a pro-transgender complaint signed by 98 Democratic House legislators. The Democrats' statement was sent to President Donald Trump's administration after the New York Times reported that the administration will formally clarify that the sex of people involved in sex-discrimination legal fights will be based on their male or female body.
Man Wearing MAGA Hat Assaulted
While Walking Downtown Tucson

Jonathan Sparks is passionate about his political beliefs, but he said those beliefs were attacked while he was walking around Tucson. "And oh was it painful. My ankle was just hanging there," said Sparks. "I was attacked with vengeance by an evil man but you know what I learned, you know what God taught me through the whole thing? How wonderful Tucson is," said Sparks.
Note the extreme violence coming from the Left!
D.C. Bureaucrats Are Trying to Make Parents Get a License to
Let Children Play Together

Let's say you and some of your friends decide to gather your young children together a couple of days a week for a few hours of free play. Maybe you switch off who leads the gaggle of kids each week, allowing for some shared free time and flexibility. Sounds like a great arrangement for all, right? Your kids get to play freely with their friends, and you get some occasional free babysitting. According to government officials in Washington, DC, arrangements like this are violations of the law.
Substitute Teacher Asked Not to Return After
Thanking Kids for Reciting Pledge of Allegiance

A Parkway District Superintendent, Keith Marty, reported that a substitute teacher who claimed he was fired over an incident involving the Pledge of Allegiance had “a pattern of inappropriate conduct,” which sounds like covering their decision before it grows into something on a national scale. When people try to tell you that schools/universities aren’t left-leaning, or if that is something you believe, this story tells otherwise.
Tim Allen: Liberals Have Little Sense of Humor About Themselves,
'so I love poking at it'

Allen says in the interview that the character's beliefs aren't exactly his own, but that liberals have a problem with humor targeting them or self-reflecting humor and that it motivates him to prod at the sensitivities of liberals for comedy.
Lacking Permit, Kansas City Health Department
Pours Bleach on Food Meant for Homeless People

The Kansas City Health Department threw away and poured bleach on food meant for homeless people. The food was going to be distributed by a group called Free Hot Soup KC. The Kansas City Star said that the food, which included home-cooked chili, foil wrapped sandwiches and vats of soup, was destroyed on Sunday, Nov. 5, during a coordinated sting at several parks where volunteers had gathered.
DC Bans Churches from Handing Out Straws with Free Coffee;
Asks Public to Report Violators

Washington, D.C., will begin enforcing its ban on plastic straws on Jan. 1, which would penalize churches for offering free coffee if it comes with a stirrer. The Department of Energy and Environment tweeted Thursday that Mayor Muriel Bowser has a "list of recyclables and compostables" banning plastic straws and stirrers. An enforcement flier circulated by the D.C government said businesses, restaurants, and churches can now offer straws made out of bamboo, hay, or stainless steel instead. [How do you properly clean a stainless steel straw for public reuse?]
Gray Wolf Population Could Lose Federal Protection Under GOP Bill
Republicans have only a few weeks left until they cede control of the House to Democrats, but the first big post-election GOP vote won't address taxes or border wall funding. It involves wolves.

Week ending 11 November 2018

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month
The Patriot Post
We set aside Veterans Day to honor the high price of sacrifice paid by generations of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coastguardsmen. They have carried forward the banner of Liberty since the first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord. Millions of American Patriots have, for generations, honored their oaths "to support and defend" the Liberty that was "endowed by our Creator," and enshrined in our Constitution.
It’s Not Quite Kristallnacht, but It’s Not the Fourth of July Either
Clarice Feldman
Just days before the eightieth anniversary of Kristallnacht, when Nazis burned synagogues, looted Jewish homes and shops, and rounded up Jewish families for concentration camps, Tucker Carlson’s home was surrounded by Antifa thugs who pounded on his door (cracking it), terrifying his wife, uttered threats against him and his family and painted an anarchist symbol on his driveway while the DC police did nothing to these modern-day brownshirts.
No Peace for President Trump on Armistice Day
Most news networks – including even the weather channels – bitterly criticized President Trump for canceling his visit to a U.S. cemetery in France because of bad weather. ‘Clouds with Drizzling Rain Prevented “Marine One” from Flying Trump to U.S. cemetery near Paris’ Inclement weather preventing safe travel in a chopper, like everything else, is Donald Trump’s fault.
Senate Report Paints Devastating Profile of
Justice Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick

The 400-page report by the Judiciary Committee's Republican staff paints a devastating portrait of Ms. Swetnick. She made the most sensational charges of the women accusers and won airtime on national TV. The report depicts her as dangerous, a serial complainer, a liar, mentally unstable and cruel toward her parents. It turns out that in one of Ms. Swetnick's previous sexual harassment complaints she was represented by Debra Katz, the Democratic-connected attorney who took the case of Christine Blasey Ford.
Feinstein Urged Obama to Use Presidential Power to
Limit Immigration: 'No Legislation Necessary'

Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein encouraged then-President Barack Obama to use the "very broad power" granted to him by Congress to limit immigration in any way he saw fit, according to a letter obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Feinstein sent the letter to Obama in July 2014, in the midst of an unprecedented surge in illegal immigration by family units and unaccompanied minors, mostly from Central America, across the southwest border.
FL Election Worker Chelsey Smith Signs Sworn Legal Statement
Alleging Broward County Elections Staff were Filling in Ballots

Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp tweeted that there is an affidavit from a Florida campaign worker who states that he/she saw Broward County Elections staff filling out blank ballots! When the Florida Broward County Elections staff member reported that she saw elections staff committing crimes by filling out of blank ballots, she was fired and told not to come back!
Pirro Hammers Broward County’s Brenda Snipes for
‘Insidious’ Election Fraud

“Let me tell you what a mess we are in,” Jeanine Pirro said. “There are reportedly thousands of newfound ballots. Each one is five pages long. Do you think a woman who doesn’t tally or canvass along the way, who loses thousands of ballots, who doesn’t want to turn them in in 30 minutes after the polls are closed like 3,139 other counties do should be trusted?
"Tons" of Non-citizens Are Voting
Just a day after the Washington Post assured readers that voter fraud isn't a problem, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he will launch an investigation into voter fraud in the Lone Star State's Travis County. Abbott acted after Project Veritas released yet another of its startling undercover videos. This one has poll workers telling PV's reporter that non-citizens can vote as long as they are registered.
Arizona GOP Accuses Dem Recorder of Destroying Evidence
Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines accused Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes of destroying evidence, in the midst of the ongoing vote count in the razor-thin contest for a U.S. Senate seat between Congresswomen Martha McSally (R.) and Krysten Sinema (D.). The accusations by Lines dovetail with a lawsuit filed Thursday by four county divisions of the Republican Party against all of the recorders in the state as well as the secretary of state.
ICE: Mexican National Released by New Jersey Sanctuary County
Went on to Commit Triple Murder

A Mexican national charged with killing three people in Missouri in early November was released from a New Jersey county jail in 2017, despite being the subject an active immigration detention request, federal authorities said Friday. Luis Perez, 23, allegedly killed two of his ex-roommates in Springfield, Missouri, on Nov. 1 and then, a day later, shot and killed a woman who had accompanied him to the first two murders.
Democrats Can No Longer Be Trusted
Elizabeth Vaughn
Democrats have made it clear that, when it comes to gaining power, they can no longer be trusted to do the right thing. We have to wonder how many close elections, rightly won by a Republican candidate, unscrupulous Democratic election officials have stolen. This is not paranoia. Unfortunately, it’s the new reality.
Why do recounts only seem to benefit Democrats?
A New Low for CNN's Prima Donna
Jeff Crouere
The President’s first post midterm election news conference was a rowdy spectacle at the White House. It was an 87-minute marathon with almost universally hostile questions from liberal reporters and combative answers from the President. The entire episode exposed the horrible relationship that exists between the mostly liberal media and President Trump.
Fake News Admitted: Houston Chronicle Retracts 8 Stories After
Fraud Investigation: 'We Apologize to Our Readers'

The Houston Chronicle announced Thursday that they had retracted eight stories after an internal investigation found they relied heavily on sources who seemingly did not exist. "We will be correcting or retracting all of the affected stories in order to set the record straight to the best of our ability, as I promised when this was first brought to my attention," she Chronicle executive editor Nancy Barnes.
Will Ignorance of the Constitution, Gullibility, and Stupidity
Doom Our Nation?

Gary DeMar
I rarely use the word “stupid” to describe people, but sometimes no other word will do. Stupidity is not the same as a lack of intelligence. There are a lot of book-smart people – the test takers – who say and do stupid things.
PG&E Could Be to Blame for Sparking Camp Fire in Butte County
PG&E has been at fault for several deadly wildfires across the state, and now the company may also be to blame for the Camp Fire. "We have eyes on the vegetation fire," said one firefighter in a call to dispatch. "It's going to be very difficult to access Camp Creek Road, it's nearly inaccessible."
Video: Camp Fire 10 PM Update 11/10/18
'It’s gone. Paradise is gone.'
Fire destroys a Town, Taking So Many Lives with it

Two days after walls of flames devoured the entire Sierra foothills town of Paradise in minutes, three firefighters set about surveying the damage Saturday so they could report back to evacuees they’d grown up with on what they’d seen. Capt. Alejandro Saise, firefighter A.J. Mount and engineer Phil Rose had little good news to share.
Former Democratic Party Chairman, Harold Moody, Jr.,
 Arrested on Pedophilia Charges

Moody, the former chairman of the Pulaski County Democratic Party for two years and communications director for the Democratic Party of Arkansas from July 2015 until February 2017, was caught during a federal investigation into child exploitation. According to an affidavit filed in the Eastern District of Arkansas, Mr. Moody is accused of using a video conferencing application to view and share videos of adults raping children.
Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader,
Leads 'Death to America' Chant in Iran

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite who recently compared Jewish people to termites, led a "Death to America" chant Sunday during a solidarity trip to Iran. Farrakhan's trip came ahead of the Trump administration's re-implementation of U.S. sanctions against the Islamic Republic on Monday. Speaking to law school students at the University of Tehran, the 85-year-old Farrakhan said "America has never been a democracy," and also led a "Death to Israel" chant at the end of his talk, according to Iranian news agencies.
Hundreds of Jews Contact Gun-Training Academy
After Pittsburgh Attack

Hundreds of Jewish people in America have rushed to undertake training to learn how to shoot, after an attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on October 27 that killed 11 people. A private company offering "Israeli tactical shooting techniques" has been inundated with hundreds of requests in the days following the shooting.
Former DNC Chairman Declares
Migrant Caravan Made-Up Problem

Former DNC Chairman and Governor of Pennslyvania, Ed Rendell, asserted that the migrant caravan currently heading to the U.S. border is a ‘made-up’ problem. Rendell made the comments during an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier, alleging that Trump’s immigration stance is actually a turn off for suburban voters.
Cold Case Killing of Florida College Student Cracked
Thanks to DNA, Genealogy Database

The Orlando Police Department said Monday that 38-year-old Benjamin L. Holmes was arrested in the murder of Christina Franke. Franke was 25 and a student at the University of Central Florida majoring in education when she was found dead in her Audubon Park apartment in October 2001, according to FOX35. The college student had been robbed and assaulted, and her killer had left a large amount of DNA at the scene, police said.
Arizona girl, 11, Stops Would-Be Kidnapper by
Asking for ‘code word’

An 11-year-old Arizona girl thwarted a possible kidnapping last week after she demanded a stranger who told her to get into a white SUV to give her a “code word.” The man claimed the girl’s brothers were in a serious accident and told the girl she had to come with him, police said. The girl asked the stranger for a “code word” – but the man didn’t know the answer and fled the scene.
Woman Scams Trump Supporters Out of $150k in
'Blacks for Trump' Con, Brags Online

A black woman used social media to announce her departure from the Democrat Party, claiming to be part of "blacks for Trump" and the "walk away" movement. At the height of so-called "Blexit," a movement which encourages black Americans to reject the idea that they must be Democrats, the Twitter post making such a declaration from the woman went viral. But the announcement was phony.
What the Media Forget: Trump is Smart
Richard Jack Rail
Unlike Barama, who had people around him formulating policy and doing the heavy lifting, Trump did all that himself. Brains. Effort. Where Barama was lazy, spending hours on the golf course to avoid having to do anything back at the White House, Trump is a workaholic. In Donald Trump we have a once-in-a-hundred-years leader, a guy with brains and instinct all rolled into one.
Poland Inks Huge Natural Gas Deal with U.S.,
Becoming Less Reliant on Russia

Poland's state-run oil company signed a 24-year contract on Thursday to buy liquefied natural gas from the U.S.-based company Cheniere, a transaction hailed as a victory for Trump's energy dominance agenda meant to move Europe from dependence on Russian energy.
4 Fossil-Fuel Power Plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania to be Closed – Renewable Energy Mandates Cited
FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. (FES) announced it plans to deactivate four fossil-fuel powered electric plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2021 and 2022. In a press release announcing the closures, FES said it was shuttering the plants because the current government-regulated market structure does not adequately compensate generators for the electricity reliability and fuel security the plants provide.

Week ending 4 November 2018

The Audacity of Obama's Lying
Brazenness is Key. If You're Going to Lie, Don't Be Shy

Roger Kimball
What makes a good liar? It's a harder question to answer than you might think, partly because it's a harder and more complex thing to accomplish than you might think. I was reminded just a few days ago that we have in our midst a grand master of mendacity. In his speech in Milwaukee on Friday, Barack Obama demonstrated once again his effortless, masterly deployment of deceit.
For the Love of Decency,
Stop the Gaslighting About Inflammatory Rhetoric

Ben Shapiro
It's true that violent, inflammatory rhetoric can lead to radicalization among a small minority of the population... But there's another element to radicalization: gaslighting. It turns out that people can radicalize when they are lied to and about. Telling people not to believe their lying eyes makes them more likely to engage in extreme rhetoric, less likely to engage in decent conversation, more likely to raise the temperature.
156,562,000: Record Employment for 12th Time Under Trump
The economy is the second most important issue for registered voters as the midterm election nears, a new Gallup Poll says. And there was very good economic news on Friday, as the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics rolled out the October employment report – the final one before next week's midterm election.

U.S. Added More Than 1,000 Manufacturing Jobs a Day,
Best Since 1998

The United States added 32,000 new manufacturing jobs in October, more than 1,000 every day, including holidays and weekends. Twenty-one thousand of the new manufacturing goods were in durable goods manufacturing, including more than 10 thousand in transportation manufacturing. More than 6,000 new jobs were added in autos and auto parts. Nearly 5,000 jobs were added by makers of machinery.
Jobs that Obama's "experts" said were lost forever
Another Kavanaugh Accuser Admits to Fabricating Rape Story
It “was a tactic”

One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s accusers admitted this week that she made up her lurid tale of a backseat car rape, saying it “was a tactic” to try to derail the judge’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee revealed the fraud in a letter to the FBI and Justice Department Friday, asking them to prosecute Judy Munro-Leighton for lying to and obstructing Congress. Mr. Grassley said Ms. Munro-Leighton is a left-wing activist who hijacked another “Jane Doe” anonymous report about a backseat rape and claimed it as her own story, calling it a “vicious assault.”
'No evidence' to Back Kavanaugh Accusers' Claims,
Senate Panel's Report on FBI Probe Finds

An investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by multiple women found that no witnesses could provide evidence to substantiate their claims, a letter to Senate Republicans from the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said Friday. According to the 414-page report released by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, investigators interviewed more than 40 people, monitored social media and news reports and reviewed evidence provided by the judge and his accusers.
Investigation Underway Into Failed Hack of
State’s Voter Registration System by Democrat Party of Georgia

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office says it is investigating a failed attempt to hack the state’s voter registration system by the Democratic Party of Georgia, the office said in a news release. "While we cannot comment on the specifics of an ongoing investigation, I can confirm that the Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation for possible cyber crimes," said Secretary of State office Press Secretary Candice Broce. "We can also confirm that no personal data was breached and our system remains secure."
Trump Calls Out Media: 'Their Fake & Dishonest Reporting
Causing Problems Far Greater than They Understand!'

There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news. The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame of Anger and Outrage and we will then be able to bring all sides together in Peace and Harmony. Fake News Must End!
Black Leaders Incensed Over Don Lemon’s Divisive Rhetoric
Call on CNN Chief to ‘put his house in order’

A professional black leadership group called out the controversial comments by Don Lemon in a statement to CNN’s president. The black leadership network, Project 21, declared that Lemon’s racist comments in a segment calling “white men” the “biggest terror threat” facing the U.S. “cannot stand.”
Lester Holt Dressed Up as a Woman in 'Whiteface,'
Fallon in Blackface, What Exactly is NBC's Policy?

Lester Holt, NBC Nightly News anchor, last week covered the story of outgoing fellow NBC-er Megyn Kelly talking about blackface and whiteface, the segment for which she was ultimately booted from her show. Kelly mentioned both blackface and whiteface, equating the two, but Holt did not mention "whiteface." Nevertheless, he is familiar with it, as the photo in this Tweet found by Mediaite shows.
YIKES: Leftists Lose Their Minds, Bash the New York Times
After Beto O'Rourke Exposť

Leftists on social media lost their minds Monday after the New York Times released an exposť, detailing Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) Democratic challenger, Beto O'Rourke's, early career in real estate development, and revealing for the first time this campaign that O'Rourke isn't a blue collar hero but rather the son-in-law of a billionaire. The NYT reports that O'Rourke's father-in-law proposed gentrifying a neighborhood in El Paso by force, bulldozing public housing to make way for restaurants, a shopping district, and an art walk.

Why Did Nobody Mention That
Beto O'Rourke's Wife is a Billionaire Heiress?

Young Beto O'Rourke casts himself as the 'anti-Trump'. But his father-in-law, it turns out, is a billionaire property developer with a contentious relationship with non-white residents – not unlike the President. Beto's more the proto-Jared Kushner. The New York Times today revealed the highly interesting news that friend-of-the-little-guy Beto married well. Very well.
Obama Unhinged:
Mocks Hillary’s Emails, Ebola, Trump, Migrant Caravan

Former President Barack Obama has had a hard time staying focused on the campaign trail lately. In less than 90 seconds, Obama defended Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to send and receive classified information, downplayed the severity of the Ebola virus, defended the migrant caravan trekking north toward the U.S., and attacked President Donald Trump.
Mexico Deports Caravan Migrants
Wanted for Murder, Drug Trafficking

Mexican law enforcement officials deported two migrants traveling in the caravan that is headed for the U.S. border as they are reportedly fugitives wanted for their roles in a triple murder and drug trafficking. "The arrest took place as part of a joint effort between Mexico's Federal Police and the National Migration Institute (INM) in conjunction with Interpol, Mexico's Secretariat of the Interior said."

Illegal Immigrant ICE Wanted Deported is
Now Charged in Wife's Stabbing Death

Federal immigration officials say Oregon authorities prevented them from detaining for deportation an illegal immigrant from Mexico who is now charged in the brutal stabbing death of his wife, whose body was found in a ditch Sunday. The case marks the latest dispute between federal authorities and Oregon over the state's "sanctuary" laws regarding illegal immigrants.
The 14th Amendment Does Not Mandate Birthright Citizenship
It was About Removing Vestiges of Slavery, Not Regulating Aliens

Andrew C. McCarthy
Shortly after the Constitution went into effect, the first Congress enacted a naturalization law. Lawmakers superseded this statute just five years later. Both provisions derived from the Constitution's grant to the legislature of the power "to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization." That grant ... edifies us about the Framers' conception of citizenship, and of the status of aliens and their children.

Revoking Birthright Citizenship Would Enforce the Constitution
John Eastman
In a nation such as the United States, which is rooted in the idea that governments are formed based on the consent of the governed, the notion that foreign nationals can unilaterally confer citizenship on their children as the result of illegal entry to the United States (and therefore entirely without our consent) is a bit bizarre. It rewards lawlessness, undermining the rule of law. It deprives Congress of its constitutional authority to determine naturalization power.

Harry Reid: 'It's insane to reward illegal immigrants
by giving their children birthright citizenship'

He would have reversed himself eventually even if electoral pressures in his home state hadn't forced him to. It's hard to imagine a modern Democrat supporting any meaningful disincentive to illegal immigration but it's completely unimaginable to imagine one backing a tweak to the Constitution(!) that would deny something as momentous as citizenship(!!).
Study: 300K Anchor Babies Born Every Year,
Exceeding U.S. Births in 48 States

New wide-ranging analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies' Steven Camarotta reveals that there are roughly 297,000 births per year to illegal immigrants in the U.S. The children of illegal aliens are commonly known as "anchor babies," as they anchor their illegal alien and noncitizen parents in the U.S. and eventually are allowed to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country through the process known as "chain migration."
Disabled Veteran Knocks MSNBC Crew for
Blocking Handicapped Spots at Polling Site

"Went to vote, and found this waiting for us," James Berrie, who has multiple sclerosis, wrote in a widely shared Facebook post. "The only van accessible spot and they’re filming in it. We asked them to move, pointed out how it was wrong, then went to vote, because it takes time to load up. But came out and still there. Not even packing up, still getting ready for their shot."
Arrogant and insensitive
U.S. Official Felt 'obligation' to Leak Documents on Manafort, Others
Prosecutors said Natalie Sours Edwards, a senior adviser in the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, leaked documents to a reporter that became the basis of articles about that investigation published by digital media company BuzzFeed. “She saw things in her official capacity that she felt an obligation to bring forward,” Marc Agnifilo, a lawyer for Sours Edwards, told reporters after a hearing in federal court in Manhattan.
U.S. Top Court Rejects Trump Administration Bid to
Halt Climate Trial

The administration has said a courtroom is not the appropriate venue for a debate on climate change policy. “This suit is an attempt to redirect federal environmental and energy policies through the courts rather than through the political process, by asserting a new and unsupported fundamental due process right to certain climate conditions,” Trump administration Solicitor General Noel Francisco said in court papers.
Gore Admits UN Report was 'torqued up' to Promote Political Action – 'How [else] do they get the attention of policy-makers?'
"The language that the [UN] IPCC used in presenting it was torqued up a little bit, appropriately – how [else] do they get the attention of policy-makers around the world?" Gore admission that the UN IPCC report was "torqued up" in order to "get the attention of policy-makers around the world" is just the latest in a long line of evidence that the UN climate panel is nothing more than "a purely political body posing as a scientific institution."
A Short History of American Medical Insurance
John Steele Gordon
Perhaps the most astonishing thing about modern medicine is just how very modern it is. More than 90 percent of the medicine being practiced today did not exist in 1950. Two centuries ago medicine was still an art, not a science at all. As recently as the 1920s, long after the birth of modern medicine, there was usually little the medical profession could do, once disease set in, other than alleviate some of the symptoms and let nature take its course.
Clapper, Brennan Caught in Falsehood to Congress
In the summer of 2014, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper sent a letter assuring Sens. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) that enhanced monitoring of Intelligence Community workers was designed to find leakers and insider threats, and was not intended to thwart lawful whistleblowing. Clapper even cc’d then-CIA Director John Brennan on his letter, an apparent heads-up to America’s most famous spy shop, the Central Intelligence Agency. It turns out that entire pledge was false and disingenuous. And it took us four years and a new presidential administration to get the truth.
How Public Schools Indoctrinate Kids Without Almost Anyone Noticing
Auguste Meyrat
Many people have long suspected that governments sometimes attempt to indoctrinate their people to increase the government's own power and influence. Unfortunately, ambitious governments will not stop at merely controlling what their people can do; they must control their minds. Indoctrination happens through many channels – entertainment, speeches, and censorship – but its main instrument is the school system. Teachers have a captive audience of malleable young minds for several years.
Obama CIA Failure Lead to Dozens of U.S. Spies Killed After
Iran and China Uncovered Messaging Service Using Google

Between 2009 and 2013 the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency suffered a “catastrophic” secret communications failure in a website used by officers and their field agents around the world to speak to each other, according to a report in Yahoo News, which heard from 11 former intelligence and government officials about the previously unreported disaster. “We’re still dealing with the fallout,” said one former national security official. “Dozens of people around the world were killed because of this.”
Woman Dead After Stabbing at Seattle Center,
Suspect Confronted by a Good Guy with a Gun

A woman who was in critical condition following a stabbing at the Seattle Center on Friday evening has died. Gabrielle Maria Garcia, who was in her 30s, was stabbed several times, Seattle Police said, at the MOD Pizza inside The Armory, which houses restaurants, the Seattle Children’s Museum and hosts plays by the Seattle Shakespeare theater company.
Armed with Assault Rifles, Black Panthers March for Stacey Abrams
In a video posted on the group’s Facebook page on Saturday, members of the Black Panther Party are seen marching through the West End neighborhood of Atlanta in support of Stacey Abrams gubernatorial campaign. As they marched, the Black Panthers carried assault rifles and continually shouted slogans such as “black power” and “power to the people.”
Colorado Gun Dealer Offers Local Rabbis Free AR-15 Rifle
A gun dealer in Colorado Springs, Colo., has offered a free AR-15 rifle to local temples for protection following the mass killing of 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue by an anti-Semitic gunman. Mel Bernstein, owner of Dragon Arms, told Fox News on Sunday that four local rabbis in Colorado Springs took him up on his offer and a fifth accepted the offer of a handgun. “I feel very bad that someone can walk in to a synagogue or church and start shooting and they can’t protect themselves,” Bernstein said.
'I would've killed him if I had to':
Mother of 3 Shoots Home Invasion Suspect

Ashley Jones told FOX Carolina she heard someone banging on the door of her home in Anderson County around 6 a.m. Thursday. She looked out the window and didn't see anyone, so she asked who was there. No one answered her, but she heard people speaking in front of the house. Next, Jones said she called 911 and grabbed her gun.

Week ending 28 October 2018

NBC News Hid Information that Would Have
Cleared Kavanaugh of Avenatti Rape Allegations

NBC News deliberately hid vital information that would have helped clear Brett Kavanaugh of the serial rape allegations Julie Swetnick and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, leveled against him. Avenatti tweeted out a sworn statement from a woman who backed up Swetnick's outrageous rape allegations. In her statement, this second woman swore that she, too, had witnessed Kavanaugh spike punch bowls and take sexual advantage of girls. Well, unbeknownst to us, NBC interviewed this anonymous witness on September 30, and she recanted!
Ginsburg Points Finger at Congress
Over Contentious Judicial Confirmations

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg criticized Congress for politicizing the judicial confirmation process Wednesday night, urging a return to the bipartisan confirmations of decades past. Speaking at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, the justice urged lawmakers to "reach across the aisle" and restore collegiality to a process riven with brinkmanship.
U.S. Third-Quarter GDP Grows More Than Expected
In a report, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said that GDP registered a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 3.5% growth in the three month period from July to September, cooling from growth of 4.2%, which was the strongest reading in four years. The reading beat consensus expectations for an expansion of 3.3% and left the U.S. economy on track to register 3% growth for the year as a whole, which would be the strongest outcome since 2005.
Report Card On Trump’s Deregulatory Activity:
Billions In Savings Reported

All but the most ardent followers of regulation usually greet the semi-annual Unified Agenda of Regulatory & Deregulatory Actions with a yawn, but that is not the case with the report the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) issued this morning. The Trump administration is using the Agenda not only to share its planned regulatory and deregulatory actions over the coming year, but also to report on agencies steps towards achieving the president’s deregulation promises.
Rust Belt Boom: Since Trump's Election, Jobs Have Increased In Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin
President Trump did the impossible in 2016 by breaking the so-called "Rust Belt" states with his winning of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Two years later, has voting for Trump paid off for those residents? The numbers say yes. According to the latest economic data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the key states that swung the election in favor of Trump have seen a steady rise in available jobs, with Ohio setting a 21-year record.
Obama said these jobs were gone for good
Papadopoulos Told FBI Informant in 2016
There was No Russian Collusion in Trump Campaign

For months, Republicans have been claiming that classified documents revealed exculpatory evidence that should have been included in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Carter Page – and now The Hill's John Solomon has the scoop. In mid-September of 2016, weeks after the Russia counterintelligence probe was launched, then-Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos told an FBI informant there was no collusion going on between the campaign and Russia that he knew of, and that such activity would be "treasonous."
Kyrsten Sinema Reminds Us That Democrats Hate Housewives
Julie Kelly
Just as Democrats try to woo suburban moms ahead of next month's election, along comes Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) to remind us how much the Left hates us. Sinema is running against her Republican House colleague, Rep. Martha McSally, for the open seat vacated by retiring Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. The 42-year-old unmarried bisexual atheist lawyer with a Ph.D. in Justice Studies has some interesting views on life, as you might imagine.
Blexit: In My Own Words
Candace Owens
When I uploaded my first video onto YouTube one year ago, I entitled it “Mom, Dad, I’m a Conservative.” It was a two-minute satirical stab at the social exiling that many Americans face when they announce their conservatism to friends and family. Soon thereafter I would discover that for black Americans, the punishment that awaits is far worse than any social exile: it is a full-court social lynching.
Ebony Magazine Leaves All 6 Republicans
Out of Profile of Black Candidates

Ebony Magazine profiled 18 black women running for Congress in early October but did not include any of the six black Republican women, including one sitting congresswoman, running. Ebony suggested that their profile, which was published on October 11, was the definitive list of all of the black women running for Congress, titling the piece, "Meet the 18 Black Women Running for a Seat in Congress."
#WalkAway Movement Urges Disgruntled Democrats to
Leave the Party Behind

A newly created political movement urging liberals to leave the Democratic Party held a march in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. The five-month-old #WalkAway movement advocates that those who feel disillusioned with the party – which some say uses scare tactics and identity politics – to come out publicly against it.
Migrant In Caravan, Convicted of Attempted Murder in U.S.,
is Hoping He’ll Be Let Back In

Fox News interviewed a caravan member who straight up admitted he’s a felon who was convicted of attempted murder, yet he’s still hoping to be granted asylum after President Trump gives him a pardon.
See the video
Fox News Interviews Migrant In Caravan –
He Says There Are Criminals 'Everywhere'

"Criminals are everywhere," the migrant said through an interpreter. "It's criminals in here. It is. But it is not that many. It is good people here trying to get through Mexico and then get to the United States. It doesn't mean that everybody is a criminal." The firsthand account appears to refute the narrative that the migrant caravan is simply people searching for a better home.
Twice Deported, Man Admits Staging Kidnapping in St. Paul in
Scheme to Win a Visa

A Mexican national twice deported from the United States pleaded guilty Tuesday to staging his own kidnapping in St. Paul – complete with duct tape over his mouth and bindings around his hands – in a scheme to win an immigration visa. Alejandro M. Cortes, 46, admitted in federal court in Minneapolis to visa fraud and illegal entry to the United States. Prosecutors say Cortes lied to federal agents about being abducted in Chicago and tossed from a vehicle into a St. Paul snowbank in April.
WaPost: Previously Deported Illegal Aliens Join Caravan:
'It's Time for Me to Go Back'

Previously deported illegal aliens are joining the now 7,000-strong migrant caravan headed to the United States-Mexico border, to inundate and overwhelm the country's asylum and immigration system. A new report by the Washington Post reveals that the migrant caravan now includes illegal aliens who have already been deported from the U.S., but who are looking to illegally re-enter through the southern border with the caravan.
Transgender Girl Charged in Brutal Texas High School Attack
Caught on Camera

Shocking video shows a student identified by police as Travez Perry violently punching, kicking and stomping on a girl in the hallway of Tomball High School. The female student was transported to the hospital along with a male student, whom Perry allegedly kicked in the face and knocked unconscious. One woman wrote on Facebook: 'This person will get off because they're transitioning. This is an animal. She kicked, and stomped, and beat...not okay.'
Al Gore Was Wrong (Again):
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Dropped Nearly 3% In Trump’s First Year

Joseph Curl
When President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords, liberals went ape nuts. America, they said, had just signed the death decree of the world. Al Gore moved to the South Pole and built an igloo. But a funny thing happened on the way to the end of the world.
California Company That Hires Protesters is Accused of Extortion
Crowds on Demand, a Beverly Hills company that's an outspoken player in the business of hiring protesters, boasts on its website that it provides its clients with "protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts. ... We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas."
Paid protests a growing business
Former NYC Police Chief Says He was So 'appalled' with
CNN for Politicizing Bomb Coverage, He Walked Off Set

A former New York City Police Commissioner walked off a CNN set minutes before going live because of the politicization of the mail bombs coverage. Bernard Kerik, New York City's top cop during the 9/11 terror attacks, told "Breitbart News Tonight" that he found it "appalling" that CNN aired a rant from former CIA Director John Brennan instead of focusing on the aftermath of the mail bombs sent to top Democratic Party figures.
Judge Bars New Hampshire
Proof of Residency Requirement for New Voters

A New Hampshire judge on Monday put on hold a law requiring some voters to present proof of residency when they register, saying it would lengthen lines at polling places and make it difficult for students, disabled voters and others to cast ballots. The temporary injunction against the Republican-backed law comes two weeks before U.S. Congressional elections that will determine whether opposition Democrats or U.S. President Donald Trump’s Republicans retain full control of the federal government’s legislative branch.
Grand Jury:
Texas Democratic Party Leader Funded 'Voter Fraud Ring'

Texas law enforcement officials have arrested four women for allegedly targeting elderly voters in the 2016 elections in a "voter fraud ring" that was funded by a Democratic Party leader, according to court documents filed this week by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. "The defendants were members of an organized voter fraud ring and were paid to target elderly voters in certain northern Fort Worth precincts in a scheme to generate large numbers of mail ballots, then harvest those ballots for specific candidates."
We've been told there is NO voter fraud
Anti-fracking Chaos In Colorado
David Wojick, PhD
The anti-fracking folks are trying a clever new strategy in Colorado. Instead of banning fracking, they just make it impossible. In fact, they make nearly all oil and gas development and production impossible -- which is exactly what radical "leave it in the ground" eco factions demand. The new trick is called "buffer zones," which means areas where drill rigs and fracturing work cannot be done, so nothing can be found or produced.
Early Voters in Texas Say
Ted Cruz Votes Changed to ‘Beto’ by Machines

Here we go again. Republicans voting early in Montgomery County, Texas say voting straight party GOP ticket and hitting enter resulted in a vote for Democrat Beto O’Rourke rather than Republican Ted Cruz in one of the pivotal U.S. Senate races in the 2018 election.
U.S. Ambassador to Germany Responds to
Ocasio-Cortez Comparing Nazis to Global Warming

Richard Grenell's comments on Fox News' "FOX & Friends" came after Ocasio-Cortez said at a campaign event on Friday that the blueprint the United States used to defeat Nazi Germany is the same blueprint that needs to be used to defeat global warming. "It's never okay, it's never acceptable to minimize the Holocaust and the murder of six million Jews," Grenell said. "Just note to anyone who is speaking publicly – never compare it to anything because nothing can be as horrific as 11 million people, six million Jews murdered."
Brazil Elects Right-Wing Candidate Jair Bolsonaro as President
Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal declared Sunday that far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro, a champion of traditional Brazilian values, has won the country's election for the presidency of Latin America’s biggest country and the world’s fourth-largest democracy. Bolsonaro, who cast himself as a political outsider despite a 27-year career in Congress, is the latest of several leaders around the globe to gain prominence by mixing tough, often violent talk with right-wing positions.
Suspect Shot By Security Guard After
Breaking Into FOX 5 Building

A suspected intruder who was shot after kicking down the glass doors at WTTG FOX 5's building in D.C. on Monday was known to both Fox executives and police, according to sources, and had leveled threats against both previously. The security guard drew her weapon and told the suspect he could not continue walking further into the building before shooting him once in the chest.
Avenatti's Bad Day: Evicted from Office,
Ordered to Pay $4.85M to Former Employee

Porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti suffered two court losses on Monday, including one that saw a judge order him to pay $4.85 million to a former lawyer who argued he was underpaid. Shortly after that ruling from a California judge, another judge ruled that Avenatti and his staff must be evicted from their suite office at Fashion Island mall after they missed four months worth of rent payments.

Avenatti Accused of 'outright fraud' In New FBI Referral
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley sent a new request Friday for the Justice Department to open a second investigation into Michael Avenatti, saying the anti-Trump lawyer lied to Congress through a second affidavit. "Simply put, the sworn statement Mr. Avenatti provided the committee on October 2 appears to be an outright fraud," Mr. Grassley wrote in asking the FBI to conduct a review.
European Court Rules
Insulting Prophet Mohammed 'not freedom of expression'

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Thursday that insulting Islam's Prophet Mohammed is not covered by freedom of expression. Defaming the Prophet "goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate" and "could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace," the ruling stated.
The EU enforces sharia law

Week ending 21 October 2018

The Party of Antifa Fascists?
Paul Driessen
Who are the “Antifa” mobs? What are they doing to our country? How long will we tolerate them? The Antifa mobs are fascists! And they have become the ski-masked thug wing of the Democratic Party. They certainly espouse socialism as their vehicle for wealth redistribution. However, in almost every other respect, their philosophies and actions reflect fascism.
The Blackface Party
Elizabeth Warren Owes the Cherokee Nation An Apology

Kevin D. Williamson
Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal, Beto O'Rourke – what's up with all the ethnic play-acting? Isn't cultural appropriation supposed to be a bad thing among progressives? Isn't blackface (and brownface) supposed to be an unforgivable sin? If a fraternity at a big state university had made the kind of mockery of Native Americans that Senator Warren has, it would be kicked off campus – and no pleas about a vague and mysterious "Cherokee princess" way back in the lost ages of the family history would save them.
State Department Provided 'clearly false' Statements to
Derail Requests for Clinton Docs, 'shocked' Federal Judge Says

In a combative exchange at a hearing Friday in Washington, D.C., a federal judge unabashedly accused career State Department officials of lying and signing "clearly false" affidavits to derail a series of lawsuits seeking information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server and her handling of the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth also said he was "shocked" and "dumbfounded" when he learned that FBI had granted immunity to former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills during its investigation into the use of Clinton's server, according to a court transcript of his remarks.

Treasury Employee Charged with Leaking Financial Info On
Trump Team was Arrested with Flash Drive In Hand

The top Treasury Department employee who was charged Wednesday with leaking confidential financial documents pertaining to former Trump officials was apprehended the previous evening with a flash drive containing the allegedly pilfered information in her hand, prosecutors said in court papers. The dramatic arrest late Tuesday came on the heels of other high-profile, leak-related prosecutions under the Trump administration, which has pledged to go on the offensive against leakers that the president has called "traitors and cowards."
Former Minnesota FBI Agent Sentenced to
4 Years in Prison for Leaking Documents

Terry James Albury was sentenced to four years in prison with an additional three years of supervised release on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Saint Paul. Because of his work with the FBI, Albury held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance that allowed him access to "sensitive and classified FBI and other U.S. government information" according to a 2018 FBI release.
President Trump Slams NBC News for Deliberately
Distorting His Comments About Robert E. Lee

"NBC News has totally and purposely changed the point and meaning of my story about General Robert E Lee and General Ulysses Grant," Mr. Trump tweeted. "Was actually a shoutout to warrior Grant and the great state in which he was born. As usual, dishonest reporting. Even mainstream media embarrassed!" At a rally in Ohio Friday night, Mr. Trump referenced the Confederate Army general as a "great general" to make the point that Grant, an Ohio native, eventually defeated a tough adversary.
Trump super power Trump's Superpower:
Making His Opponents Do the Stupidest Possible Thing

Ben Shapiro
President Trump has a superpower. His superpower is that he can irritate people into doing the dumbest things imaginable. How else to explain Senator Elizabeth Warren's hilarious self-own today, in which she, in preparation for a 2020 run, released a DNA test supposedly showing her Native American ancestry – a test that showed she was somewhere between 1/64th and 1/1024th Native American?
If Elizabeth Warren thought she was going to be able to pull off this charade it demonstrates her extremely poor reasoning ability. Certainly NOT what is desired in a presidential candidate.
Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Does NOT Prove
She's Native American, Contrary to the Hype

Elizabeth Warren is not Native American. Her ancestry has been traced by Cherokee genealogists back to the early 1800s, as far back as there are records, and there are no Native American ancestors. The one potential Native American ancestor was Warren's great great great grandmother, Sarah O.C. Smith, but an initial 2012 report about that was debunked and the Boston Globe was forced to issue a retraction.

Real Pocahontas Descendant Rips Warren,
Calls On Senator to Apologize

An actual descendant of Pocahontas – the 17th-century Powhatan princess – said Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren should apologize to all Native Americans for appropriating and exploiting their culture to promote her professional and political career. Debbie "White Dove" Porreco said the DNA test that Warren released this week does not prove that she's Native American.

Sen. Warren Outed as Fake Woman of Color+Fake Cherokee;
In 1997 Harvard Law Raved About Faculty's First 'Woman of Color'

Mitch Wolfe
Clearly, Harvard was very proud to have on its faculty its first woman of color. I do not care how many liberal pro Warren Harvard faculty members swear on a stack of bibles that race did not play a role in hiring Warren, but the majority of Americans, I would even say the majority of North Americans, don't believe these 100% liberal Democratic Harvard law professors. This is identity politics run amok. Even the Cherokee Nation has issued a blistering public statement of condemnation.

Two Professors Featured in Warren Campaign Video About
Native American Ancestry are Donors

Two of the professors featured in Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new campaign video about her Native American ancestry have also donated to the Massachusetts senator. University of Texas-Austin Law School professor Jay Westbrook and Harvard Law School Professor Charles Fried both gave testimonials to Warren in the video and have donated $6,111 and $250 to her, respectively.

Gutfeld on Elizabeth Warren's Latest Claim
It's Not About Her Background. It's About Cheating.

Greg Gutfeld
Senator Elizabeth Warren just released a campaign ad, disguised as a DNA test. Or maybe it was a DNA test disguised as a campaign ad. In it she ladles her DNA results with somber relatives and music – and includes me. I'm touched. But that happens every time I take the subway. So her Native American ancestry may date back 6 to 10 generations. She's potentially one-one thousand and twenty fourth Indian – which is 0.09 percent. Using such standards, I'm Asian – which is why I can't get into Harvard.
Democrats Aren't the Party of Women – They're the Party of
Exploiting Them for Political Gain

Candace Owens
The despicable treatment now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh received at his Senate confirmation hearing proves conclusively that the Democratic Party is not the party of women – it is the party of exploiting women for political gain. In their eagerness to pander to women by saying absolutely anything that might win their votes, Democrats were even willing to throw out the centuries-old concept that is the foundation of our legal system: the presumption that we are all innocent until proven guilty.
Russia, Russia, Russia Becomes Saudi, Saudi, Saudi
Glenn Reynolds
With Saudi Hysteria Replacing “Russians Under My Bed!” Hysteria, it falls to Glenn Greenwald, of all people, to remind the news media that the U.S. has always ignored Saudi atrocities, even when The Lightworker was president:
GOP Senate Candidate Martha McSally Unloads on Kyrsten Sinema: 'This is personal .... She was protesting in a pink tutu'
Senate candidate Rep. Martha McSally exclusively told "Fox News Sunday" that rival Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is "disqualified" to be a U.S. senator because of her 2003 comments on a Phoenix radio show that McSally characterized as supportive of the Taliban, as well as her antiwar protesting in a "pink tutu." "It's her words, it's totally out of step with American values, when she clearly says in this radio interview, she has no problem with an American going to join the Taliban," McSally said.
Women Say Heitkamp Campaign Identified Them as
Sexual Assault Survivors without Their Permission

Recently Senator Heidi Heitkamp's campaign ran an ad (see below) formulated as an open letter sent to Congressman Kevin Cramer by survivors of sexual assault. The letter purports that some of Cramer's recent comments about the controversy surrounding the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were insensitive, but at least four of the women named in the ad feel like they got the raw end of the deal.
Fake News Autopsy
Ann Coulter
If this were an error, it would have been quickly corrected before the first commercial break. It was not corrected because it's not a mistake; it's a political strategy. CNN invents fake news to push an ugly narrative about the president's "racial tribalism." That's why an entire news segment was prepared around the fake quote, with an invited guest asked to comment on something Trump never said.
The Washington Post Claimed Brett Kavanaugh's Prep School
Needs PR Help. There's Just One Problem.

Brett Kavanaugh may now be a sitting Supreme Court Justice – his confirmation hearings long over, and the woman who accused him of sexual assault, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, now a mere memory since she's refused to pursue the case any further – but the Washington Post is still tirelessly digging up dirt on the good judge – and making big mistakes.
Study Shows That Nearly ALL Americans Hate Political Correctness – Except Rich, White Liberals
The concept of politically correct speech is a construct of the Left, but it is something that the vast majority of Americans absolutely loathe, according to a new study. Academics Stephen Hawkins, Daniel Yudkin, Miriam Juan-Torres, and Tim Dixon argue in their paper, "Hidden Tribes: A Study of America's Polarized Landscape," that despite what we see on social media and on the cable news channels, most Americans don't fit neatly into what many view as typical Left-Right categories.
Judge Bucks Cook County Law,
Says Boys as Young as 10 Can Be Locked Up

Juvenile Court Presiding Judge Michael Toomin said a state law allowing children as young as 10 to be locked up not only trumps the county ordinance under the state's constitution but also does a better job of protecting the public. Both boys have gun charges on their records, and both ran away from home after being charged. "These minors represent a clear and present threat to society to the extent that only secure placement is appropriate," Toomin wrote in a court order.
Professor Calls for Harassing Republicans at Restaurants,
Sticking 'fingers in their salads'

The Univ. of Mississippi has condemned a tweet by a faculty member that called on activists to abandon civility and harass Republican senators in public. "Don't just interrupt a Senator's meal, y'all," ... Put your whole damn fingers in their salads," he wrote. "Take their apps and distribute them to the other diners. Bring boxes and take their food home with you on the way out. They don't deserve your civility."
Paid Protesters? They're Real – and a Beverly Hills Firm
That Hires Them Stands Accused of Extortion in a Lawsuit

Crowds on Demand, a Beverly Hills firm that’s an outspoken player in the business of hiring protesters, boasts on its website that it provides its clients with “protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts.… We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas.”
Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton Finally Admitted
Democrats Think It's Okay to Cheat to Win

With the filibuster gone, Democrats play politics with a different detail: Senate rules that, absent consent, require a formal "cloture" vote for any presidential appointee subject to confirmation, followed by a day without action, then 30 hours of post-cloture debate. This tactic, so perfected by Democrats that the New York Times branded their efforts the "art of the delay."
Campaign Worker Goes Public with Sex-Assault Allegation
Against Colleague, Saying She 'Can't Get Any Justice'

Katie Brennan spent more than a year trying to get authorities to take action against the man she accuses of sexually assaulting her. Finally, she emailed New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. Ms. Brennan, chief of staff at the state's housing agency and a former volunteer for the governor's campaign, first called the police in April 2017, one day, she said, after a campaign staffer allegedly forced himself on her. After months of investigation, the county prosecutor's office declined to file charges against her alleged attacker, saying it didn't think a jury would convict him.
Dem Operative for Soros-Funded Group Arrested for 'battery'
Against Nevada GOP Candidate's Campaign Manager

A Democratic operative for American Bridge 21st Century, a group founded by David Brock and funded by liberal billionaire George Soros, was arrested Tuesday after the female campaign manager for Nevada GOP gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt accused the operative of grabbing and yanking her arm and refusing to let go.
CNN's Jim Acosta Sends Expletive to ex-Melania Trump Staffer
In Private Message

CNN's Jim Acosta apologized Thursday for saying 'f-you" to a former Melania Trump staffer in a private Twitter message after the chief White House correspondent was widely criticized for the vulgar attack. Ex-Trump aide Justin Caporale mocked Acosta by writing, "Dear Diary," after the CNN reporter sent a lengthy tweet complaining about the volume levels at President Trump's Montana rally.
'DREAMER' Raped His One-Month-Old Daughter,
Left Her with 45 Broken Bones

A Texas man was sentenced to 244 years of prison time for the rape of his then 38-day-old daughter while in a meth-induced haze. Jurors convicted Patricio Medina, 27, on multiple counts for sexually assaulting his newborn in March 2014. Medina, 27, was found guilty last Wednesday on one count of aggravated sexual assault of a child younger than 6, two counts of injury to a child and two counts of endangering a child.
'Children's bodies are everywhere': Nineteen People Are Killed
In Crimean School Massacre After Student Opens Fire

Vladislav Roslyakov, 18, stalked his college halls with a shotgun and let off a homemade bomb before shooting 17 dead and then killing himself in the school library. Another pupil died in hospital hours later as twelve fight for their lives. The teenager, who is thought to have obtained shotguns and rifles with a hunting licence for which he passed a psychological assessment, also set off a homemade nail-bomb in the canteen which blew out the windows but did not kill anyone, according to reports.
CNN Triggered by Trump Mocking Stormy's Looks, but Were
Okay with Segments About Trump's P***s

Jake Tapper joined several other CNN personalities in showing how concerned they were about President Trump mocking Stormy Daniels' looks, despite the fact that CNN ran two segments about the details of Trump's p***s. CNN personalities Jake Tapper, Brian Stelter, and Chris Cillizza all critically tweeted about Trump referring to porn star Stormy Daniels as "Horseface" on Tuesday.
Leftists Who Donated to Stormy Daniels' Legal Fund
Now Paying Trump's Court Fees

Leftists who forked out $500,000 dollars for Stormy Daniels' legal funds are now facing paying for Trump's court fees after the defamation lawsuit was thrown out by a federal judge. The ruling highlighted the fact that a large number of liberals had donated vast amounts of money in the desperate hope it would bring down Trump, but is now just paying his court fees.
South Carolina Officials Warn About 'flushable' Wipes
After Sending Divers Into 'Raw Sewage'

Officials with the Charleston Water System in South Carolina were caught in a smelly situation last week. They had to send scuba divers roughly 80 to 90 feet down into "raw sewage" Thursday to clear heaping piles of wipes that clogged the system. Unlike toilet paper, wipes have trouble breaking apart after they are flushed, causing serious damage to city sewer systems, The Atlantic reported in 2016.

Week ending 14 October 2018

To Deal with Leftists, Imagine You're Confronting Satan
Selwyn Duke
Truth means nothing to leftists. The ends justify the means and they will literally say or do anything to achieve their aims. They'll use violence – Antifa, BLM, rioting and attacking Trump supporters – and intimidation while calling conservatives fascists and blaming them for the unrest. They'll rail against "racism" one moment and then excoriate a race (whites) the next.
Sorry, Democrats, Progressive Mob Action is a Real Problem
David French
What happens when you combine the classic "Republicans pounce" media narrative with a healthy dose of whataboutism? You get the sad spectacle of the last few days, in which the media has rationalized and minimized genuinely menacing, troubling left-wing mob action – because, after all, there can be only one villain on the national stage.
Trump's List: 289 Accomplishments In Just 20 Months,
'relentless' Promise-Keeping

As Trump nears the two-year mark of his historic election and conducts political rallies around the country during which he talks up his wins in hopes it will energize Republican voters, the administration has counted up 289 accomplishments in 18 categories, capped by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. They include 173 major wins like adding more than 4 million jobs and another 116 smaller victories, some with outsized importance such as the 83 percent one-year increase in arrests of MS-13 gang members.
First Day On Job, Kavanaugh Hires More Black Law Clerks
Than RBG In Her Whole Tenure

Justice Brett Kavanaugh has hired a black law clerk for his new chambers at the U.S. Supreme Court, matching Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's record of African-American clerkship hiring during her tenure on the nation's highest judicial tribunal. With his first clerkship hires, Kavanaugh also set a gender composition record, an apparent attempt to buck the high court's hiring patterns, which tend to favor white, male graduates of elite law schools.
House Leader McCarthy Introducing Bill to Fully Fund Border Wall, Includes Kate's Law Making Midterm Immigration Referendum
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will introduce a bill this week that will fully fund President Donald Trump's planned wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, thereby setting the midterm elections up as a referendum on immigration policy, Breitbart News has learned exclusively. Outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan hinted at a post-election border wall funding fight on Monday.
DHS to Waive Environmental Laws for
New Border Gates in South Texas

The waiver posted online lists 11 locations where the government plans to install gates in existing fencing. DHS has in recent months issued similar waivers of environmental laws for projects elsewhere on the southwest border. The U.S. government already has around 700 miles of fencing on the southwest border. In far South Texas, segments of fencing stop and start along the levee built next to the Rio Grande, the river separating the U.S. and Mexico.
35 States Tell the FCC to Get Off Its Ass and
Do Something About Spoofed Robocalls

A bipartisan coalition of 35 attorneys general signed a formal request today for the Federal Communications Commission to do something about all the damn spoofing robocalls that have driven us all to basically stop answering our phones ever. Last November, the FCC created the 2017 Call Blocking Order, which is supposed to provide phone companies a means of weeding out and blocking robocalls. But a group of concerned attorneys general have observed that the robocall issue is getting worse, despite the order.
The UN Climate-Change Panel That Cried Wolf Too Often
Rex Murphy
Everybody loves the Apocalypse. The idea of the end of the world, the more imminent the better, has always had enthusiastic popular support. The trouble with apocalypses is that they can't be plural. You only get one by definition. Neither can you set multiple deadlines for Doomsday. It's a kind of one-off by nature. Do it too often and people cease to take notice or even care.
George Soros-Funded Network Drives Anti-Kavanaugh Activism
Mr. Soros has been a key funder through his Open Society Foundations of a left-wing network of protest groups, including the Center for Popular Democracy, which has received millions of dollars from the Soros philanthropy and helped spearhead demonstrations against Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. "Most any left-wing group of any consequence at all is getting Soros money," said Scott Walter, president of the Capital Research Center. "In my decades of studying left-wing groups, I almost never find a group that lacks funding from Soros."
Florida's Sen. Bill Nelson Steers
Would-Be Hurricane Relief Donors to Democratic Bundling PAC

As the devastating storm surge of Hurricane Michael recedes, Florida's U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is raising money. He's raising it purportedly for relief to victims of the hurricane, the third strongest to hit the U.S. coast in recorded history. But as Cameron Cawthorne reports at the Washington Free Beacon, Nelson's recent email encouraging donors to give to relief organizations ends up sending them to a Democratic bundling PAC called ActBlue.
Deceitful, despicable slight-of-hand scam common Dem ploy
Watchdog Presses FEC for Audit On
Maxine Waters Fundraising Practices

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters is facing a new complaint about an obscure fundraising tactic that rakes in thousands from state politicians in exchange for being listed on her slate mailers – this time, involving supporters of a former Los Angeles mayor defeated in the June gubernatorial primary...
FBI's Smoking Gun:
Redactions Protected Political Embarrassment, not 'national security'

John Solomon
To declassify or not to declassify? That is the question, when it comes to the FBI's original evidence in the Russia collusion case. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI have tried to thwart President Trump on releasing the evidence, suggesting it will harm national security, make allies less willing to cooperate, or even leave him vulnerable to accusations that he is trying to obstruct the end of the Russia probe.
Fusion GPS Founder ‘In Real Legal Jeopardy’
Over Inconsistent Testimony, GOP Lawmaker Says

“I’m not surprised that Glenn Simpson is taking the Fifth,” Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe said in a Fox News interview on Sunday. “He probably should. He’s in real legal jeopardy. Very clearly someone is not telling the truth,” he added. Simpson, who investigated the Trump campaign on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, informed Congress on Thursday that he will plead the Fifth to avoid speaking with members of the House committee.
Revealed: Secret Service Foiled ISIS Assassination Attempt
On President Trump

Just one year into his term, President Donald Trump was the target of a credible assassination plot attributed to ISIS – but the U.S. Secret Service managed to foil the attempt, according to a report that will air on National Geographic channel on Sunday.
Politico: 'Trump Anxiety Disorder' is Driving Liberals Crazy
P.J. Gladnick
In case you haven't figured it out yet, it's now official: President Donald Trump is driving liberals crazy. The October 12 edition of Politico Magazine told us what we pretty much already knew. And if you were somehow unaware of this, liberal antics in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation should have enlightened you.
Many of them were already close enough to walk
Actress Rose McGowan – Who Triggered Harvey Weinstein's Downfall – Now Claims the #MeToo Movement is 'all bull****' and a lie'
The actress who kick-started the exposure of Hollywood moguls who allegedly exploited positions of power to abuse women has branded #MeToo campaigners against sex attackers 'losers'. Rose McGowan accused producer Harvey Weinstein of rape this time last year, sparking an avalanche of allegations in the entertainment industry and beyond.
#MeToo Movement Sends Hollywood Figures Into Exile, Not Jail
The #MeToo movement has sent dozens of once-powerful Hollywood players into exile, but few of them have been placed in handcuffs or jail cells. And it's increasingly apparent that the lack of criminal charges may remain the norm. A task force launched last November by Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey to handle the surge in allegations against entertainment figures has taken up criminal cases involving nearly two dozen entertainment-industry figures. None has been charged.
Woman Accusing a N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy Staffer of Rape
Says She 'received no justice'

The woman who accused a senior staffer in Gov. Phil Murphy's administration of sexually assaulting her while he worked for Murphy's campaign last year is a state official who says she is now telling her story because she has "received no justice." Katie Brennan, who later volunteered for the campaign and is now the chief of staff at the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, detailed her allegations against Albert J. Alvarez publicly for the first time on Sunday afternoon.
She Said He Assaulted Her. Witnesses IN THE ROOM Said it
Didn't Happen. He was Still Suspended.

A female student claimed a male student assaulted her while they lay next to each other on a bed one night after drinking. Just a few feet away, the man's girlfriend and roommate were talking, and neither heard or saw anything corroborating the woman's claims. The school suspended him anyway.
Gender trumps facts
Wells Fargo Bucks Corporate Gun Control,
Issues $40 Million in Credit to Ruger Firearms

Bloomberg reports that the $40 million is on top of $431 million Wells Fargo has issued to gun manufacturers since the December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook attack. This means Wells Fargo is not only bucking the corporate gun control trend in 2018 but has also withstood the firearm divestiture campaign that launched following Sandy Hook.
Top 3% of U.S. Taxpayers Paid Majority of Income Taxes in 2016
Individual income taxes are the federal government’s single biggest revenue source. In fiscal year 2018, which ended Sept. 30, the individual income tax is expected to bring in roughly $1.7 trillion, or about half of all federal revenues, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
Sanctuary City: Previously Deported Illegal Alien
Accused of Brutally Raping Long Island Mother for an Hour

A previously deported illegal alien has been arrested and charged with brutally raping a woman in Long Island, New York for an hour, according to police. Ever Martinez-Reyes, a 24-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, allegedly followed a 36-year-old mother of two to her home, knocked her unconscious, then repeatedly raped her for an hour, investigators say, according to Newsday.
Minneapolis Mayor Angers Police with
Mandatory Placards Aimed at Helping Illegal Aliens

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced this week that mandatory placards detailing immigrants’ rights will be displayed in police squad cars, and now some officers are pushing back. The signs will be in both English and Spanish, and will be displayed in all of the city’s squad cars. “Right now, cities have to step up and do what our federal administration and Congress won’t,” Frey said at a press conference Wednesday.
Four Texas Women In 'Voter Fraud Ring' Arrested,
Targeted Seniors In Fort Worth

Members of an organized voter fraud ring have been arrested and indicted on charges they targeted and, in one case stole, the votes of elderly voters on the city's north side. Four people were arrested – Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis and Laura Parra – after being indicted on 30 felony counts of voter fraud, according to a statement from the Texas Attorney General's Office.
Rosemount Educator On Leave After Tweeting 'kill Kavanaugh?'
A Rosemount special education teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after posting a tweet Saturday that appeared to call for the killing of new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The teacher, listed as an instructor at the Intermediate School District 917's Alliance Education Center, has since deleted her Twitter account but her tweet was captured and shared by scores of users who said they reported it to the FBI and U.S. Secret Service.
No Wonder it Works So Well:
There May Be Viagra in That Herbal Supplement

They claim to help you sleep, make your hair grow, speed weight loss, improve your sex life and ward off the nasty cold going around the office. Though it's often impossible to tell if dietary supplements work, consumers generally feel certain they can't hurt. But they can. The FDA has identified hundreds of supplements tainted with pharmaceuticals – from antidepressants and erectile dysfunction remedies to weight-loss drugs – since 2007

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