Now in our 21st year
"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance.
The one thing it cannot be is moderately important." — C.S. Lewis

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. —Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
—Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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We Can Stop Mass Shootings
Without Restricting Second Amendment Liberties

Tom Giovanetti
The Founders were primarily concerned about preventing tyranny, and they correctly understood that a free people could keep themselves safe, but a safe people might not be able to keep themselves free. You could live safely in a police state or a military dictatorship, or remain subjects of King George, but you wouldn't be free.

How Long Must American Kids Emit 'Primal Screams'
About Family Chaos Before We Hear Them?

Joy Pullmann
One of the saddest and most frustrating things about the aftermath of the sexual revolution is the heights of cognitive dissonance our society engages in about its effects. The plain truth is that private choices about sex have public consequences. There is no such thing as "what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom."


Why the United States is a republic and not a democracy
A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 15 September 2019

Bloomberg Economics: Americans' Comfort Steady as
Republicans More Upbeat Than Ever

U.S. consumer comfort held up last week as assessments of personal finances matched a 19-year high and sentiment among Republicans climbed to a record, adding to signs that Americans are looking past the most recent trade war intensification with the Federal Reserve poised to again lower borrowing costs.
El Salvador Sends Hundreds of Police to Border to
Thwart Migrants Effort to Get to U.S.

El Salvador's government will deploy at least 800 police to its borders with Honduras and Guatemala in a bid to thwart U.S.-bound migrants, officials said on Wednesday. A government statement said the deployment is set to begin on Thursday at La Hachadura, a border crossing with Guatemala near the Pacific coast and where hundreds of Salvadoran migrants have previously attempted to cross as part of large caravans.
Dems Secretly Trained Thousands of Activists to
Manipulate Media, Clinton Library Docs Show

The Democratic party developed an elaborate, multi-year operation in the 1990s that deployed thousands of activists to covertly mold public opinion using talk radio, according to documents from the Clinton Presidential Library. The DNC, with the blessing of the Clinton White House, launched the Talk Radio Initiative ahead of the 1996 campaign. The program trained thousands of operatives to call in to radio shows, conduct surveillance of their contents, and secretly disseminate Democratic talking points while posing as ordinary listeners.
In truth many really were "seminar callers"
Democrats Represent All Countries but America, Mr. Kirk
Judi McLeod
Noting in all the foofaraw of the Democrat debates that there has not been a single American flag on stage for all three debates, American writer and founder of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk is asking on Twitter what country are the Democrats trying to represent? Everybody else's country, Mr. Kirk. Make that everybody else's but the one whose borders are being ignored, called America.
Neil Gorsuch: America Faces a 'challenge in civic understanding'
America faces challenges when it comes to understanding what judges' true roles are and what the Constitution does or doesn't protect. So said Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. "I think during the confirmation process, one of the things that struck me is that there are some challenges that we face today in civic understanding about our Constitution, and some of the freedoms and protections it provides," he said.
Internal DOJ Memo Cleared Flynn of Being Russian Agent –
but It's Missing, His Attorneys Say

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn's legal team charged in court Tuesday that the Department of Justice cleared Flynn of being a Russian agent in a memo as far back as January 2017 – but that prosecutors still haven't produced the document. The claim came as Flynn's lawyers said in a status conference in a Washington, D.C., courthouse that they are now seeking to have the case against him thrown out, accusing the prosecution of "egregious conduct and suppression" of possibly exculpatory evidence.
Malevolent McCabe's Appointment With Justice Is Imminent
Gregg Jarrett
Andrew McCabe is one step closer to a reckoning with justice. The Department of Justice correctly rejected the equivalent of a Hail Mary appeal from McCabe's lawyers that he not face criminal charges for lying. U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie K. Liu has recommended moving forward against the fired former FBI acting director. Presenting the case to a federal grand jury is likely imminent. Lest we forget, McCabe has helped put people behind bars for lying. He should be held to the same legal standard.
NASA Admits That Climate Change Occurs Because of Changes in Earth’s Solar Orbit, and NOT Because of SUVs and Fossil Fuels
For more than 60 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has known that the changes occurring to planetary weather patterns are completely natural and normal. But the space agency, for whatever reason, has chosen to let the man-made global warming hoax persist and spread, to the detriment of human freedom.
Buckets of Icy Cold Reality
Paul Driessen
CNN recently hosted a seven-hour climate bore-athon. Cory Booker opened the bidding at $3 trillion. Kamala Harris and Julian Castro raised it to $10 trillion. Bernie Sanders upped it to $16 trillion. Then they got down to the business of telling us which personal choices and living standards they intend to roll back the furthest.
When Pictures Lie: Faking Climate Change
Onar Ĺm
Recently, a picture of arctic dogs running across what appears to be a sea of melted snow in Greenland circulated in the news. It was taken as absolute proof of how humans are changing the climate and melting the glaciers. There is only one problem with this story: It was fake news. The mainstream media used to be a source of news, but it has increasingly become a tool of manipulation. Using images rather than facts, they push agendas rather than news.
Liberals Haunted by Social Media Tactics They Use Against the Right
Madison Gesiotto
The newspaper's publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, added that "the political operatives behind this campaign will argue that they are 'reporting' on news organizations in the same way that news organizations report on elected officials and other public figures," but he roundly rejected that claim, insisting that his antagonists are trying to "manipulate the facts for political gain."
a.k.a. – The shoe on the other foot
Gun Sales Surge 15%, Driven by Self-Protection and
Pelosi–Schumer Demand for Limits

Paul Bedard
The leading indicator of gun sales jumped in August, driven in part by Americans seeking self-protection and deep concerns congressional Democrats are going to push through expanded gun control legislation. The industry group said that August FBI background checks adjusted for sales surged 15.2% over August 2018. The adjusted August number was second only to August 2016 during the heated presidential election.
28% of Democrats Say It Should Be Illegal to Join the NRA
The National Rifle Association is America’s largest gun rights organization with more than five million members. But a sizable number of Democrats views it as a terrorist group and believes it should be against the law for Americans to belong to pro-gun rights organizations like the NRA.
So much for the Freedom of Association!
How AR-15s Became the Plastic Straws of the Gun World
Selwyn Duke
How did AR-15s become the plastic straws of the gun world? It’s simple: Demagogues need scapegoats. Yet just as banning plastic straws won’t make a dent in the ocean-polluting plastics problem, banning “assault rifles” (which aren’t) won’t save even one life.
NRA Takes San Francisco to Court Over
 'domestic terrorist' Declaration

The National Rifle Association is asking a federal court to block San Francisco from denying government contracts to firms involved with the gun-rights organization, one of the penalties included in a resolution declaring it a domestic terrorist group.
Democrats Frown on Targeting Gang Databases with 'red flag' Laws
Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee amended the measure during a Wednesday mark-up to authorize the federal government to issue extreme risk protection orders in some instances, but they rejected an amendment that would have red-flagged anyone who law enforcement lists as a gang member.
Show of Faith – Muslim Festival Sees Children Left Covered in Blood
as Devout Muslims Use Knives to Slice Their Heads Open

The commemorations take place on Ashura, the tenth day of the first month of the Islamic calendar. They mark Husayn's death at the Battle of Karbala, fought between Husayn and Yazid I on October 10 680AD to determine who should succeed the prophet as the leader of Islam.
Disturbing photos
2,246 Unborn Children Found in Abortionist's Home
Thousands of unborn children were found in the home of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, an abortionist who passed away earlier this month. In 2015, the abortionist's medical license was suspended after he allegedly failed to report an abortion performed on a 13-year-old girl. The remains of 2,246 unborn children have been found inside the Will County, Illinois home of a now-deceased abortionist, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who passed away on September 3, according to a report by WGN-TV.
Air Force Deal to Refuel Near Trump's Scottish Resort
Reportedly Signed Under Obama

The controversial arrangement by the U.S. Air Force to refuel at a Scottish airport near President Trump's Turnberry golf resort apparently was signed under the Obama administration, according to multiple reports. The details emerged as the Air Force was called to explain a March stopover in the Scottish resort – with Democrats on the House Oversight Committee writing to Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan as part of their investigation into alleged conflicts of interest by the president.
Welp, that kills another left-media scandal!

Week ending 8 September 2019

Mugged by Reality:
Green Energy Turns Into Nightmare in Georgetown, Texas

Chuck DeVore
It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Georgetown, Texas – population 75,000 – was to be the new poster child of the green movement. Environmental interest in Georgetown’s big push to generate all of its electricity from wind and solar power was amplified by three factors: the town and its mayor were nominally Republican; Georgetown is in an oil- and natural gas-rich state; and that state is deep-red Texas. Trouble started when politicians’ promise of cheaper renewable energy was mugged by reality.
Julián Castro Lauds How Muslims
Have Helped Make America Great

Robert Spencer
Like so many other Leftist claims, this one isn't true. Julián Castro may not be willing to tell you, but there is simply no record of Muslims having "for generations" been "part of the fabric of our American family" and having "helped make America the great nation it is." Not only were there no more than a handful of Muslim slaves.
Manufacturing Jobs +3,000 in August; +498,000 Under Trump
Manufacturing jobs in the United States increased by 3,000 in the month of August and are now up 498,000 since President Donald Trump took office, according to the employment report released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In July, there were 12,850,000 people employed in the manufacturing sector in the United States. In August that increased to 12,853,000.
Record 157,878,000 Employed in August;
Record Low Unemployment Rate for Blacks, Hispanics

The number of people employed in the United States hit a record 157,878,000 in August, the 21st record set under President Donald Trump, according to the employment report released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's an increase of 590,000 from the record 157,228,000 employed in July.
Tariffs Work. Ask Mexico
Don Surber
Summer began with President Donald John Trump telling Mexico to stop waving illegal aliens through on their way to the USA, or pay a tariff. The media went nuts. CNN ran a story that said, "Chipotle could raise burrito prices by 5˘ if Mexico tariffs become permanent."Mexico acquiesced.
Trump Admin Withdrawing from Obama-Era Bulb Ban
Nicolas Loris
The Department of Energy announced this week that it’s withdrawing the Obama administration’s energy-rationing mandate for certain light bulbs. Opponents criticized the rule change, arguing that the move would be bad for consumers and the climate. The reality, however, is that families and businesses will be better off, and the change will have a negligible impact on the environment.
U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda is
 Really About Destroying Capitalism

A shocking statement was made by a United Nations official Christiana Figueres at a news conference in Brussels. Figueres admitted that the Global Warming conspiracy set by the U.N.'s Framework Convention on Climate Change, of which she is the executive secretary, has a goal not of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity, but to destroy capitalism. She said very casually:
StemExpress CEO Admits to Selling Beating Hearts,
 Intact Heads of Aborted Babies

The StemExpress CEO told a San Francisco courtroom on Sept. 5 that the company brokered beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers. The admission happened during the court proceedings of Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against investigators, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, who did an undercover operation that confirmed that top executives and clinicians from Planned Parenthood are brokering aborted baby parts.
AMLO Drops the Hammer on African Migrants in Mexico
I am thankful every day that we have a businessman in the White House who brilliantly understands how to leverage U.S. economic power to achieve national security objectives. While remaining under the threat of punishing U.S. tariffs, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador (aka AMLO) is strictly enforcing migrant blockades to stop the unlawful travel of Central American migrants to the U.S. border.
6 MS-13 Gang Members, Illegal Immigrants Involved in
Deadly Maryland Stabbing, ICE Says

Six of the seven people charged in the stabbing death of a man in Maryland in July have been identified by federal officials as being part of the MS-13 gang and in the country illegally, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Baltimore County Police Department announced Tuesday that seven suspects, including a 16-year-old charged as an adult, were charged with killing 21-year-old Daniel Alejandro Alvarado Cuellar.
Media Mute After 7th Illegal Arrested for Rape
Since July in Sanctuary County

Montgomery County, Maryland's liberal leaders are defending their lax treatment of illegal immigrant crime, after ICE revealed that seven illegal immigrants have been arrested for sexual assault or rape charges in the past six weeks, alone. Unbelievably, the networks could find no time at all to cover even one of the stories of children being assaulted in completely preventable crimes.
Media Ignores Climate Alarmist's Court Loss –
It Doesn't Fit The Warmist Agenda

I & I Editorial Board
Last week, a Canadian court tossed out a lawsuit in which Michael Mann, the researcher who published the idolized hockey stick temperature chart, had sued another researcher for libel. The chart ... was the "evidence" the global warming alarmists had been waiting for – "science" that showed human activity was overheating Earth. Not all were convinced, however. There were questions about the data he used to create the stick, which he wouldn't release.
Kamala Harris Lies Again,
This Time About Being the Scrappy Prosecutor Suing Big Oil

Monica Showalter
Kamala Harris seems to be in a race with Joe Biden about how many things she can make up about her record, as if to make herself another Walter Mitty in her own heroic imagined story. 'Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris inaccurately claimed during Wednesday's CNN climate town hall that she sued oil giant Exxon Mobil.'
Bombshell: Mattis Says Obama Refused to Respond to
Iran's 'Act of War' Because of Nuclear Deal

In a new book, former Defense Secretary James Mattis takes the Obama administration to task for its weak response to the growing threat of the Iranian regime. One bombshell included in the book is the Obama administration's tepid response to what Mattis referred to as an "act of war" by Iran – the planned bombing of a café in Washington, D.C.
Bomb plot would have changed history
Montgomery County's Disgrace
Paul Mirengoff
Montgomery County enables rape and other crimes by illegal immigrants by refusing to cooperate with the federal government in removing criminal illegals. By refusing to cooperate with the federal government in the removal of these criminals, County officials bear responsibility for the crimes these illegal aliens commit post-release.
Coal Miners Say They Were Duped by Amy McGrath to
Appear in Anti-McConnell Attack Ad

Coal miners Randy Robbins and Albrow Hall say they were duped into appearing in a political attack ad for Kentucky Democrat Amy McGrath, who is hoping to oust Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from his Senate seat. Their lawyers have written to McGrath expressing their outrage over being used for a political purpose when they say they were never told that was the intent of the video.
Blatant Racism: Bernie Suggests Funding Abortions in
'Poor Countries' to Fight Climate Change
Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders suggested that taxpayers should fund abortions in poor countries during a CNN town hall debate on Wednesday night in response to whether he supports population control.
Democrat Voter: There are too many humans on earth.
Bernie: I agree. We need to fund abortions to poor, third world countries.
Mark Levin Blasts Democrats, CNN Over 7-hour 'scam':
'They know nothing about the climate'

Democratic presidential candidates, including those featured this week on CNN's climate change town hall, have policy proposals that would drive the U.S. back to the Stone Age, according to radio host Mark Levin. The Democrats' proposals are not actually geared toward preventing climate change but instead for allowing for more government control, Levin claimed Thursday.
"This was a sham, a scam, a spectacle."
Booing Won’t Stop This Angel Mom
A mom who loses a child should always be afforded respect. But that courtesy wasn’t extended to Maureen Maloney, whose son was killed in 2011 by an illegal immigrant driving drunk. Maloney prayed to her son for strength Wednesday as she drove to the State House to testify against a controversial bill that would give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses.
Soccer Team Tells Couple Flying Betsy Ross Flag: Take It Down,
 It's a Symbol of Hatred and Intolerance

A Utah couple that brought a Betsy Ross flag to a Real Salt Lake soccer game was told by stadium staff that if they didn’t take the flag down, they would be ejected from the game. Randolf and Diana Scott are season-ticket holders and avid soccer fans. Randolf famously wears a mohawk painted like an American flag to games along with an American flag, but when his old flag fell apart, Diana bought him a Betsy Ross flag.
Betsy Ross flag
Rudy Giuliani Posts Video of Teacher Being Pummeled by Two Students…Blasts Newsome for Signing Bill Prohibiting Suspension
Last week, far-left Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome signed a bill making it impossible to suspend students for willful defiance. The bill was passed after activist groups like the “Voice of the Youth” complained that the bill disproportionately affected black students.
Incredible Evil – Animal Rights Groups Hunt Woman Filmed
Stubbing Out a Cigarette on a Puppy's Eyes in Singapore

Animal rights groups are currently hunting an evil woman who was filmed stubbing out a cigarette on a puppy's eyes. A video has emerged which shows the woman holding a lit cigarette in one hand while grabbing a black and white puppy by the neck with the other. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Singapore was alerted to the sadistic video showing the dog in pain after it emerged in the country.
Hell has a space reserved for this woman
Obama is Fighting to Steal Another Company’s Trademark,
but He Didn’t Build That

They didn’t build that, but it’s theirs anyway. An attorney for an e-publishing company has accused Barack and Michelle Obama of “deplorable behavior” after the former first couple filed to cancel his client’s trademark which he’d been using since 2008, and take it for themselves.

Week ending 1 September 2019

Michael Mann's Tree-Ring Circus
Daniel John Sobieski
This has been a tough week for climate hustler Michael Mann, who lost his defamation and libel lawsuit against respected climatologist and warming skeptic Dr. Tim Ball at the same time it was announced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that there has been no U.S. warming since 2005.
Time to Give the CO2 Endangerment Finding a 'Tremendous Whack'
Tom Harris and Dr. Jay Lehr
It's time for the Trump administration, the Chamber, and indeed everyone who wants sensible environmental policy to call a spade a spade. Rather than merely engaging their enemies in legal arguments, while fighting activists on their own ground, they should clearly state that CO2 endangers no one and the Endangerment Finding should be reopened. When the re-examination inevitably reveals that effectively classifying CO2 as a pollutant was a mistake, administration officials should not be quiet about it.
Jimmy Carter's 1977 Law Gives Trump
Sweeping Powers to Block China Trade

Legal scholars and trade policy experts say that President Trump is right to claim broad powers to prohibit companies from trading with foreign countries thanks to a 1977 law that has previously not garnered much attention outside the context of national security. The law, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act signed by Democratic President Jimmy Carter, gives the president sweeping powers to restrict trade once a "national emergency" is declared.
Hasbro CEO Says Moving Out of China Has 'gone very well for us'
Hasbro shifting its business out of China has been positive for the company, according to its CEO. "It's gone very well for us," Brian Goldner told CNBC on Tuesday. "We're seeing great opportunities in Vietnam, India and other territories like Mexico. We're doing even more in the U.S. We brought Play-Doh back to the U.S. last year, " Goldner said on "Squawk on the Street. "
The BC Supreme Court Issued Its Final Ruling ... This Extraordinary Outcome May Prove Fatal to Climate Science Claims That Modern Temperatures Are "Unprecedented."
Michael Mann, Creator of the Infamous Global Warming 'hockey stick,' Loses Lawsuit Against Dr. Tim Ball, Ordered to Pay Costs
Mann, a climatologist at Penn State University, is the creator of the "hockey stick graph" that appears to show global temperatures taking a noticeable swing upward in the era when humanity has been burning fossil fuels and dumping CO2 into the atmosphere. The graph was first published in 1998, prominently featured in the 2001 UN Climate Report, and formed part of Al Gore's 2006 movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
Dr. Ball's statement that Mann "belongs in the state pen, not Penn State" is a precise and true statement of fact.
Obama's Legacy Continues to Crumble: Court Declares Intrusive
'Waters of the United States' Environmental Rule Unconstitutional

What Barack Obama buildeth, the Trump administration is systemically dismantling – while at the same time reimposing the rule of law and upholding our nation's founding document. U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood has ruled that the former president's "Waters of the United States" rule, issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, is an unconstitutional federal power grab.
Faculty Demanded University Boot Chick-fil-A.
The Administration Gave it a Better Location Instead.

College Fix – Greg Piper Assoc. Editor
If you thought LGBTQ activists in the University of Kansas faculty were mad before, wait till you see them now. Following years of demands that the taxpayer-funded institution discriminate against a vendor because of its founders' religious beliefs, the KU administration actually gave its Chick-fil-A restaurant a better place on campus, the Kansas City Star reports.
Note: Activists only matter if you let them matter
No 'gay gene', but Study Finds Genetic Links to Sexual Behavior in
Less Than 1% – Environment More Significant

A large scientific study into the biological basis of sexual behavior has confirmed there is no single "gay gene" but that a complex mix of genetics and environment affects whether a person has same-sex sexual partners... This means that non-genetic factors – such as environment, upbringing, personality, nurture – are far more significant in influencing a person's choice of sexual partner, just as with most other personality, behavioral and physical human traits, the researchers said.

There is No 'Gay Gene,' Comprehensive Scientific Study Finds
Matt Margolis
Recent polls have shown that most Americans believe that homosexuals are "born that way" rather than become gay as the result of environmental factors. In fact, perpetuating the belief that sexual orientation is innate has been crucial to the gay rights movement. So, what happens when science proves that homosexuals aren't "born that way"? Perhaps we'll find out.
Dozens of ANTIFA Terrorists Arrested for Violence
During ‘Straight Pride Parade’

Law enforcement arrested 36 individuals, mostly believed to be ANTIFA terrorists, at yesterday’s straight pride parade in Boston, MA, as four police were injured as the thugs attempted to stop the parade from taking place. Big League Politics reported that ANTIFA was already fundraising to cover bail fees for their organization’s terrorists beforehand, as their violent display was clearly premeditated.
'Antifa' Professor Resigns After Losing Class
A professor who publicly expressed an identification with the controversial "antifa" movement, who appeared to threaten the president, and who intimated that he would like to murder evangelical Christians, has resigned after his school removed him from teaching a course this coming semester.
Freaks, Hippies, Weirdos, Twerps, Misfits & Not Much Diversity: ANTIFA Unmasked is No Pretty Sight!
Shane Trejo
ANTIFA domestic terrorism has been sweeping the country throughout the summer, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, as usually masked assailants attack journalists, patriots, children and anyone who stands in the way of their extremist, anti-American agenda. However, once they are apprehended and unmasked, they are not all that scary.
A Tough Week for NBC!
Silvio Canto, Jr.
First, Lawrence O'Donnell got ahead of his source and presented a lie to a national audience. He said his source had told him that a Russian bigwig had cosigned a Trump loan at a German bank. Second, the media ran with another one about President Trump denying citizenship to children of U.S. military personnel. It was huge, and several Spanish-speaking news services called me for an opinion. I told them to research the story further, because it did not make any sense.
Judge Slaps Down Democrat Gambit in
Trump Impeachment Probe

A D.C. federal judge on Wednesday shot down an attempt by House Judiciary Committee Democrats to link their subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn to a separate request for secret grand jury information from the Russia investigation after the Justice Department accused them of trying to "game the system."
Oh my! The Dems would never "game" the system – yeah, right.
Flynn Accuses Prosecutors of Hiding Exculpatory Evidence,
Demands They Be Removed

Attorneys for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Aug. 30 accused prosecutors in a lawsuit against Flynn of hiding exculpatory evidence. Flynn’s team asked the judge to find the prosecutors in contempt of a standing court order, which would lead to the prosecutors’ dismissal from the case.
ISIS Fighter Killed by Drone Bomb He was Operating After It
Ran Low on Battery and Flew Back – Jihadi Karma.

An ISIS terrorist blew himself up when the drone bomb he was operating ran low on battery – and flew back. The idiotic killer was targeting allied forces after the Battle for Mosul in northern Iraq. He had customised his weapon to carry plastic explosive and planned to detonate it by troops based in the city.
Second Swedish Municipality Which Took in Too Many Welfare-Dependent Migrants Faces Financial Ruin
After taking in close to 3,000 ‘asylum seekers’ in just three years, the municipality of Hässelholm in southern Sweden faces financial ruin as up to 80 percent of migrants taken in remain on welfare. When speaking about the issue, Lars Johnsson, Hässleholm’s City Council chairman, said that the municipality has no less than 100 completely illiterate migrants and another 200 which are very poorly educated.
Ilhan Omar's Campaign Funded $21,547 for Man She's Alleged to
Have an Affair with, FEC Records Show

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveal the Omar campaign began making travel reimbursements to Tim Mynett's company, E. Street Group, LLC, on April 1, about a week before Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett said her husband admitted to having an affair with the congresswoman, according to a divorce filing the New York Post first reported on.
Everybody Must Get Stoned – Except Ilhan Omar
Robert Spencer
"Everybody must get stoned," Bob Dylan said, but despite the fact that she has been accused of committing an offense for which Islamic law prescribes stoning, the one person to whom Dylan's words do not apply is Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). Even the most hardline Muslim clerics worldwide are almost certain to remain silent about Omar's alleged adultery, even in her home country of Somalia. The reason why is clear: she is simply too useful to their larger cause.
Georgia Man Dies in Jail While Awaiting Trial for
Death of Baby Found in Freezer

A man from Georgia has died in an Alabama jail while awaiting trial for the death of his 6-month-old son found in a hotel room freezer last summer. Carlton James Mathis, a 30-year-old from Gainesville, Ga., died at the Houston County jail in Dothan, Ala., on Friday after a jailer found him unresponsive just before 10:00 p.m.
RFK Assassin Sirhan Sirhan Stable After Prison Stabbing
Sirhan Sirhan, imprisoned for more than 50 years for the 1968 assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, was hospitalized Friday after being stabbed by a fellow inmate at a San Diego prison. “Officers responded quickly, and found an inmate with stab wound injuries. He was transported to an outside hospital for medical care, and is currently in stable condition,” the statement said.
NYC Bicyclists Are Killing Pedestrians and the City Won’t Stop It
Mayor Bill de Blasio has aggressively pushed a bike-friendly agenda, adding about 100 miles of dedicated lanes for cyclists amid a spike in rider collisions, but he’s done little to address the danger that bikers themselves pose. Since 2011, bicyclists have injured more than 2,250 pedestrians – including at least seven who died.

Week ending 25 August 2019

Bias Has Killed the ‘Gray Lady’ – and
Dean Baquet Fired the Fatal Shot

Michael Goodwin
By giving reporters and editors license to try to stop Donald Trump from becoming president, then letting them peddle the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, Baquet helped unleash the ­hatred that is tearing America apart. Never before has a single media institution played such a destructive role in the nation’s life.
Says Man Who Exposed Hillary's Ties to Google

Tyler O'Neil
On Monday, President Donald Trump tweeted out a study on Google bias from Ph.D. psychologist Robert Epstein. Epstein supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, but after the Trump tweet, Clinton attacked his professional reputation... At the suggestion of many conservatives online, the psychologist posted a statement in the unlikely (?) event he gets "suicided" by Hillary Clinton.
U.S. to Sign New Trade Deal With Japan Worth Billions, to
Include Farm and Digital Products and Reductions in Tariffs

President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe closed a new trade deal worth billions to the United States and Japan in what the PM called a "win-win" for both countries. Trump, who is attending the G7 conference in France, confirmed Sunday that "it's a very big transaction and we've agreed in principle."
Trump is Right – Ending Birthright Citizenship is Constitutional
Hans von Spakovsky
President Trump's announcement Tuesday that he is preparing an executive order to end birthright citizenship has the left and even some conservatives in an uproar. But the president is correct when he says that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution does not require universal birthright citizenship. Those who claim the 14th Amendment mandates that anyone born in the U.S. is automatically an American citizen are misinterpreting the amendment in a manner inconsistent with the intent of the amendment's framers.
Planned Parenthood Abandons Title X Federal Funds
After Trump Rule Prohibits Abortion Referrals

Planned Parenthood announced Monday that it is pulling out of the Title X federal family planning program rather than abide by a new Trump administration rule prohibiting participants from referring patients for abortions. Pro-life groups heralded the abrupt decision as a major victory – and one that signaled that Planned Parenthood, contrary to its claims, is primarily a politically motivated abortion provider, not a healthcare organization.
Bernie Sanders Indicates Climate Plan Will Require
Nationalization of U.S. Energy Production

The "Green New Deal" proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., seeks a complete transition to "energy efficiency" and "sustainable energy" – much of which would be owned and administered by the federal government. During an appearance on MSNBC Thursday night, Sanders told host Chris Hayes that the U.S. needed an "aggressive" federal approach to producing electricity and nodded after Hayes claimed he proposed a "federal takeover of the whole thing."
Sounds like Venezuela
to me
Medical Exam Disputes CNN Report,
Shows Detained Immigrant was Not Lactating, ICE Says

CNN published a story Monday about a breastfeeding mother apprehended in an ICE raid, but a medical examination disputes the story's basic premise, finding the woman is not even lactating. In a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation, not only did ICE reiterate that Doming-Garcia said "no" when first asked if she was breastfeeding upon arrival at an ICE facility, but a spokesperson revealed that a subsequent medical examination found that she was not even lactating.
CNN’s Brian Stelter Lets Psychiatrist Claim
Trump Worse Than Hitler, Mao, Stalin

Ryan Saavedra
CNN's Brian Stelter allowed psychiatrist Allen Frances to make wildly false claims about President Donald Trump on his Sunday show and offered zero pushback to any of Frances' remarks which sparked intense backlash against the far-left network. Frances' false claims about the president came during a segment in which Stelter, who ironically hosts a show called "Reliable Sources," brought on a second psychiatrist to bash the president.

CNN Actually Does Need to Make Brian Stelter Apologize or
Discipline Him for This

Erick Erickson
For a show host who covers “Reliable Sources,” Brian Stelter went a bridge too far on Sunday and CNN either needs to make him apologize or needs to discipline him. This is too much for a network that prides itself in being fair and objective. First, Stelter decided it was appropriate and relevant to bring on people to discuss, as experts, the President’s mental state even though they have never diagnosed the President.
CNN's April Ryan Speaks Out for First Time After
Bodyguard Allegedly Assaulted Journalist at Event

Following the forceful removal of a journalist from an event by her bodyguard, CNN political commentator April Ryan finally spoke out about the incident in an interview with her home network on Sunday. "I am the first person who wants to get a story out – be it on TV or radio, and the only reason why I’ve been quiet is because of the threat of lawsuits," Ryan told "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter.
Journo Who Pressed Charges Against April Ryan's Bodyguard Hints
He's Exploring Legal Options Against Her, Too

Last week, Red State's Bonchie wrote about a disturbing incident from August 3rd involving New Brunswick Today journalist Charlie Kratovil, CNN political contributor April Ryan, and Ryan's bodyguard Joel Morris. Kratovil alleges that Morris assaulted him. Not long after the incident, Kratovil pressed charges against Morris.
Fox’s Brit Hume: Biden Mistakes Suggest
‘memory loss associated with senility’

Fox News' Brit Hume expressed concern on Saturday that Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden's string of recent gaffes may be a sign of "senility." While campaigning in New Hampshire over the weekend, Biden appeared to confuse the state with Vermont when asked how he was enjoying his time there. The mistake comes as the latest in a series from the former vice president in recent weeks, and Hume took note.
Slavery: What They Didn't Teach in My High School
Larry Elder
Over 600,000 Americans, in a country with less than 10% of today's population, died in the Civil War that ended slavery. "While slavery was common to all civilizations," writes Sowell, "… only one civilization developed a moral revulsion against it, very late in its history – Western civilization… Not even the leading moralists in other civilizations rejected slavery at all."
Reframing American History is Activism, Not Journalism
Erick Erickson
The New York Times has commissioned their 1619 Project. According to the Times, the project "aims to reframe the country's history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are." They key word is "reframe." The Times does not seek to tell the story of the United States. Nor does it seek to add to the story. Instead, the New York Times has a conclusion and is working backwards to twist and contort facts to fit the conclusion.
Americans Have Almost Entirely Forgotten Their History
Jarrett Stepman
According to a recently released survey, Americans are woefully uneducated about the most basic facts of our history, to the point where most couldn't even pass a basic citizenship test. A study by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation found that only 1 in 3 Americans can actually pass the U.S. citizenship test, which asks the most basic questions about our history and how our system of government works.
A Michigan Court Case Shows the
Right of Armed Self-Defense Is Broader Than You Might Think

Yesterday the Michigan Court of Appeals handed down a decision in a highly public and very controversial case that gun owners across the United States should applaud. In short, it demonstrates and validates the value of armed self-defense even when you do not pull the trigger and – crucially – have no cause to pull the trigger. It justifies the brandishing of a gun as pre-emptive measure to block the use of unlawful force.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Hate-Based Scam That
Nearly Caused Me to Be Murdered

Jessica Prol Smith
It was the type of violent incident that one could expect a group that purportedly monitors "hate," like the Southern Poverty Law Center, to notice, research and decry. In fact, we were on the center's radar but for all the wrong reasons. The assailant acknowledged later in FBI testimony that he had selected our office precisely because the SPLC had labeled my employer a "hate group."
5 Reasons the SPLC Is Profoundly Wrong
About Two Notorious Christian 'Hate Groups'

Over the weekend, Jessica Prol Smith spoke out at USA Today about almost getting murdered thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which had accused her employer, the Family Research Council (FRC), of being a "hate group," putting it on a list with the KKK. Smith's current employer, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), has also been falsely accused of being a "hate group."
New Group Launches to Warn Young People About Socialism
A recent Gallup poll found 58 percent of Americans ages 18 to 34 think socialism is good for the country, and democratic socialist politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez enjoy broad support from millennial and Generation Z voters. Morgan Zegers is determined to change their minds.
Climate Alarmists Foiled: No U.S. Warming Since 2005
James Taylor
When American climate alarmists claim to have witnessed the effects of global warming, they must be referring to a time beyond 14 years ago. That is because there has been no warming in the United States since at least 2005, according to updated data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
The Great Failure of the Climate Models
Should We Trust Their Predictions of Doom?

Patrick Michaels and Caleb Stewart Rossiter
Computer models of the climate are at the heart of calls to ban the cheap, reliable energy that powers our thriving economy and promotes healthier, longer lives. For decades, these models have projected dramatic warming from small, fossil-fueled increases in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, with catastrophic consequences. Yet, the real-world data aren't cooperating.
Martha's Vineyard Home Proves
Obama Knows Global Warming's a Hoax

John Nolte
Barack and Michelle Obama are proving with the purchase of a $15 million home on Martha's Vineyard that they know Global Warming is a hoax. Do you want to know the very last thing a true believer in Global Warming would ever do…? Move to an island and invest $15 million in a home with a – no joke – ocean view.
After Seven Roof Fires, Walmart Sues Tesla Over Solar Panel Flaws
Walmart filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Tesla on Tuesday. The retail giant says Tesla's "negligent installation and maintenance" of solar panels caused fires on the roofs of as many as seven Walmart stores since 2012. Most people think of Tesla as an electric car manufacturer, but Tesla also sells other products related to renewable energy. Since the 2016 acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla has had a substantial solar panel business.
Leader of Large Organic Food Scheme Dies By Suicide
A Missouri farmer blamed for running the largest organic food fraud scheme in U.S. history has died by suicide, weeks before he was to report to federal prison to begin serving a 10-year term, a coroner said Tuesday. Police officers found Randy Constant dead in a vehicle in his garage at his home in Chillicothe, Missouri on Monday evening, hours after federal investigators held a news conference in Iowa to highlight the prison sentence he had received.
Killer Linked to Cold-Case Florida Murder Through Fingerprint Background Check for Job Gets Life
A man linked eight months ago to a Florida 1998 cold case murder – when he applied for a job requiring his fingerprints for a background check – has been sentenced to life in prison for the crime. Todd Barket, 51, of Brandon, Fla., was told his sentence Friday in West Palm Beach after he was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of 68-year-old Sondra Better in August 1998.
Federal Court Undercuts Progressive Efforts to
Nullify Electoral College, Rules Electors Can Vote Freely

In a major blow to state-by-state progressive efforts to effectively replace the Electoral College with a nationwide popular vote, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that presidential electors in the Electoral College have the absolute right to vote for presidential candidates of their choice. The decision, however, also raised the prospect that electors could legally defect at the last minute, and decide the occupant of the White House on their own in dramatic fashion, weeks after Election Day.
Journalist Attempts to Buy Guns at Walmart,
Ends Up Collapsing the Left's Anti-Gun Narrative Instead

Brandon Morse
After the devastating El Paso, Texas, shooting the left began to do its usual pattern of never letting a crisis go to waste. [Leftist lawmakers and activists] presented the idea that it's incredibly easy to purchase a firearm from Walmart. Hayley Peterson of Business Insider wrote that she set out to buy a gun from Walmart to see how easy it would be and found the process to be far more complicated than many have let on:
Talib's Palestinian Village
One of the Richest – Grandmother Not Deprived

What is it really like to live in the Palestinian village Beit-Ur al-Fauqa, where Rep. Rashida Tlaib's grandmother and other family members live? Are conditions there as bad as she has claimed? Achiam Tlaib, for example, drives a brand new BMW. On his Facebook account, you can see that his family lives in a very comfortable three-story building.

Week ending 18 August 2019

The Paedophile Next Door
James Patterson
James Patterson, one of the world’s most successful authors whose novels regularly top the best-seller charts, happens to live half a mile from Jeffrey Epstein’s home in Palm Beach, Florida. Over the years he had become fascinated and appalled in equal measure by Epstein and determined to investigate just how and why so many young women found their way to his home on a secluded street. This is the deeply disturbing story of what he discovered ...
Remembering the Great Inversion Recession of August 14, 2019
David Blackmon
For an entire day, our mainstream "news" media focused on pretty much nothing else. The yield curves had inverted and by golly that meant we were about to have a massive recession!!!!!! Why, it was just around the corner!!!! Or maybe – just maybe, all the fake journalists reported with bated breath – we're already in it!!!!!!  Oh, happy days are here again! But then, on Thursday, those pesky yield curves de-inverted...
CNN Found It Controversial that
Trump Wants to Brand Antifa as Terrorists

With Antifa still assaulting and harassing peaceful “right-wing” marchers, police, and journalists in the streets of Portland, Oregon on Saturday, CNN Newsroom host Ana Cabrera and the network found it controversial that President Trump would want to accurately brand the extreme far-left group as the domestic terrorists that they were.
Rep. Haaland (D): Antifa Are
‘Peaceful Protesters’ Trying to ‘Safeguard Their City’

Democratic Rep. Debra Haaland (N.M.) called Antifa a group of "peaceful protesters" that is "working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism" during an appearance on CNN Saturday. Police arrested at least 13 individuals during the protests and counter-protests between far-right activists and "anti-fascist" demonstrators in Portland, Ore. according to reports.
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Partnered with
Vicious Anti-Semites to Plan Their Trip to Israel

David French
This should be a national scandal. The most important element of the story is the fact that two American congresswomen shunned a bipartisan congressional delegation to Israel to go on an independent trip to Israel sponsored by vicious anti-Semites. Another important element of the story is that, as of today, the mainstream media have whitewashed Omar and Tlaib's vile associations.
‘These People Are Morons’ – Tom Homan Has Some Hard Facts for Google Employees Who Signed Anti-ICE Petition
Former ICE Director Tom Homan and National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd reacted to Google employees signing a petition against their employer potentially working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Over 600 Google employees signed the petition stating they “refuse” to be “complicit” in a potential cloud computing contract with the federal government.
Exclusive: Google Insider Turns Over
950 Pages of Docs and Laptop to DOJ

Sara Carter
A former Google insider claiming the company created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms – in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content – delivered roughly 950 pages of documents to the Department of Justice's Antitrust division Friday.
Lindsey Graham Politely Explains to Idiot Reporters
Why He needs an AR-15

Stephen Kruiser
"Here's a scenario that I think is real: There's a hurricane, a natural disaster, no power, no cops, no anything," a reporter asked if he meant looters. "Yeah, people, they're not going to come to the AR-15 home," Graham responded. "Well, I think if you show up on the porch with an AR-15, they'll probably go down the street."
Civil Rights Lawyer Tells Black Candidate for
KY Attorney General to 'Stop Eating the Coon Flakes'

Daniel Cameron, a former general counsel for Sen. Mitch McConnell, has entered the race for Kentucky Attorney General. He is a Republican. He is also black. On Tuesday, Cameron announced he had received an endorsement from President Trump. Louisville, Kentucky civil rights attorney Dawn Elliott, who is black, has a big problem with that.
Scratch a Democrat and they bleed racism
Volunteers Cleaning Up Baltimore Save Two Overdosing Men in
Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings' Home District

Volunteers cleaning up the streets of Baltimore saved two men from overdosing Thursday. The men donned orange shirts that read "Operation Baltimore Cleanup" and were disposing of waste on Monroe Street when they saw two men walking erratically. "If we had not come here and the locals hadn't had Narcan," Scherb said, "they would have died."
Manipulation of Votes and Media Threatens Our Nation
Marta Hernandez
The media manipulation is pervasive and sometimes blatant, and the tech companies are using tools at their disposal to manipulate Americans into action by tweaking search results and drawing attention to particular stories, no matter how biased these reports are. As Dr. Epstein indicated in his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the results of his research showed a dangerous trend in voter manipulation.
Grassley, Invoking 'Uranium One,'
Probes Biden-linked Sale of Sensitive Tech Company to China

Saying the potential conflicts of interest were reminiscent of the controversial "Uranium One" transaction, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley announced Thursday he is probing the Obama administration's 2015 decision to approve the sale of a sensitive U.S. technology company to the Chinese government and an investment firm run by the sons of Joe Biden and John Kerry.
Comey's FBI was Running a Secret
Counterintelligence Operation Against Trump, New Docs Show

Gregg Jarrett
Newly obtained documents confirm that James Comey's FBI was running a secret and corrupt counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016 and repeatedly deceiving the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) thereafter in order to wiretap a Trump campaign associate. The disclosure was the result of a federal lawsuit and a year of litigation. Despite efforts by FBI Director Christopher Wray to obstruct, a federal court issued an order that forced the FBI and Department of Justice to produce the records known as "302 reports."
Newly Declassified Documents Show Hillary's Server Was
Compromised, Emails Forwarded to Chinese Email Account

On the eve of DNI Dan Coats stepping down, we got a rash of declassifications dealing with the investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal email server. As with all things dealing with this topic, it's complicated and can be hard to follow. But we aren't dealing with anonymous sources or speculation here. These are actual documents that have just been declassified.
Nature Beclowns Itself in What One Scientist Called the
Worst Paper She Has Ever Seen in a Reputable Journal

Nature published a study which combines false equivalencies, cherry-picked errors in both category and categorization, and unreliable partisan sources to (somehow) reach the laughable conclusion that climate change skeptics have too much media visibility.
The World's First Solar Road Has Turned Out to Be a Colossal Failure
Despite the hype surrounding solar roads, two years after this one was introduced as a trial, the project has turned out to be a colossal failure – it's neither efficient nor profitable, according to a report by Le Monde. The unfortunate truth is that this road is in such a poor state, it isn't even worth repairing. Last May, a 100-meter stretch had deteriorated to such a state that it had to be demolished.
Enforce Rules Against False and Misleading Organic Food Claims
It's Time to Enforce the Law and Protect Consumer Health

Paul Driessen
In stark contrast to the way it polices other food, drug, cosmetic and medical device industries, the FDA has let the $52.5-billion organic food industry and pro-organic, anti-conventional farming, anti-biotechnology interests routinely and flagrantly ignore agency rules. Their ads, websites and campaigns deliberately mislead consumers and denigrate competitors with multiple falsehoods.
Philadelphia: Maurice Hill, Who Wounded Six Cops in Shootout, is
Devout Muslim Who Attended Jihadi Mosque

Maurice Hill, the criminal who wounded six police officers in a shootout in Philadelphia and was arrested after a seven-hour standoff, attended a radical mosque. The mosque, called Masjid Ahlil Hadith Wal Athar, is known for preaching the Islamist ideology promoted by Saudi Arabia referred to as "Wahhabism."
Seems MSM neglects to mention that fact
Palestinian Authority Bans LGBT Activities in West Bank
The Palestinian Authority is banning all LGBT members from activities in the West Bank. The ban comes after the group Al-Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society, which supports Palestinians who identify as a part of the gay community, was planning to hold a gathering for its members at the end of August, but won't be able to anymore. Their event was supposed to be held in Nablus.
Parental Nightmares in Public Schools
On the first day of classes at Denair Middle School near Modesto science teacher Luis Davila Alvarado handed out worksheets from a transgender advocacy group titled "The Gender Unicorn" asking students about their "gender identity," "gender expression," and their sexual and emotional attractions. These are children. And yet the teacher did not ask permission to hand this out. Most parents were outraged.
Welsh Town's Anti-Sex Toilets Will Spray Users With Water
A Welsh town is set to install hi-tech toilets that would deter sexual activity by sounding an alarm and spraying the user with a cool blast of water. Porthcawl, located on Wales' southern coastline, is planning to spend about $200,000 on the technologically advanced toilets at Griffin Park that will reportedly include myriad security features to limit "inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism."
CNN Corrects Article
Criticizing Purchase of Alaska in Greenland Debate

CNN stated that the 1867 purchase of Alaska by the United States "didn't work out so well" in an analysis article outlining potential problems if the U.S. pursued the purchase of Greenland. "One of the last times the United States bought land from a foreign country was in 1867, when Seward orchestrated the purchase of Alaska from the Russians for $7.2 million," reporter Chris Cillizza wrote. "It didn't work out so well – and has gone down as 'Seward's Folly' in the history books."

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