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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance.
The one thing it cannot be is moderately important." — C.S. Lewis

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. —Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
—Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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There is No 'Moderate' Democrat Running in 2020
Deroy Murdock
Pundits and political strategists have filled the airwaves this week with talk of "moderates" who will rescue Democrats from the ascendant Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., and his Vermont-style socialism. But the vaunted "moderate lane" lacks one thing: moderates.

Rush Limbaugh, a Loving Brother and
'Friend to Countless Americans'

David Limbaugh
I am uniquely blessed to be Rush Limbaugh's brother in ways too numerous to count, and I am blessed to be in the special position of witnessing firsthand the outpouring of love and prayers from his family, friends and fans. His wife, Kathryn, has been amazing and a rock throughout.


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A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 16 February 2020

Biologists in WSJ: Only Two Sexes, Male and Female,
There is No Sex 'Spectrum'

In a powerful commentary in the Feb. 3 edition of The Wall Street Journal, biologists Colin Wright and Emma Hilton explain that, scientifically, there are only two sexes, male and female, and there is no sex "spectrum." They also stress that "biologists and medical professionals" must stop being politically correct and "stand up for the empirical reality of biological sex."
"The time for politeness on this issue has passed."
Not Taking Sides: CNN and MSNBC Analysts Sign Petition
Urging William Barr to Resign

Eight legal analysts who work for CNN and MSNBC or appear frequently on the networks signed a petition Sunday calling on Attorney General William Barr to resign over his handling of Roger Stone’s case. CNN analysts and former federal prosecutors Elie Honig and Renato Mariotti signed the petition, which has more than 1,140 signatures.
1100 Deep Staters Tell Barr to Step Down,
Stone Judge Calls in Prosecutors Who Resigned

M. Dowling
In what is becoming commonplace for Democrats, 1100 deep staters called on Attorney General Bill Barr to step down.  The signatories are mostly former career prosecutors, but also some former political appointees. A number of them are tied to the Soros-funded CREW. Let me guess, they worked for Obama and Clinton.
Mccarthy: Picking Clinton Would Show Bloomberg Knows
He Cannot Win Without 'cheating'

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., responding to a report that Michael Bloomberg may choose Hillary Clinton as a running mate by claiming it reveals that the former New York City mayor lacks confidence in his ability to defeat Hew Hampshire primary winner Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, on an even playing field... "he's going to bring Hillary in," McCarthy said, "'cause remember, Hillary cheated Bernie last time to win the nomination."
Greta Rakes in the Green – As in Money
BBC to Produce TV Series About Thunberg's Life

"The series will follow Greta's international crusade, which takes her to the front line of climate change in some of the most extraordinary places on earth, as she explores what actions could be taken to limit climate change and the damage it causes," the BBC said in a statement, as reported by The Wrap.
Do 'Green' Buses Really Pass The Green Test?
Duggan Flanakin
China is seriously committed to "eco-friendly" battery-electric buses, employing mandate, subsidies and rewards to encourage a switch from gasoline, diesel and natural gas-powered buses. California, Maine, and other U.S. states and cities are following suit. Driving much of the U.S. shift is the belief that electric buses avoid "climate altering" gases, at least once they're on the road.
Prosecutor John Durham Examining Interagency Turf War Over
Obama Emails Hacked by Russia

Federal prosecutor John Durham is scrutinizing the intelligence community’s interagency turf war over viewing secretive foreign intelligence and the government restricting access to President Barack Obama's emails that were hacked by Russians but obtained by a foreign ally, sources claimed. Durham apparently is focused on at least two clashes over sensitive information, according to sources cited by the New York Times.
‘Girls Line Up to Give Him [Oral Sex] as a Present’:
Bloomberg Lawsuits Unearthed

Newly unearthed lawsuits against Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg that have either been settled or dismissed paint a disturbing picture of misogynistic behavior. The never-before-seen legal briefs were provided to the Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act and include complaints by a number of women that were followed up by attempts to keep them quiet.
Woman Blames Sanctuary Policies for
‘Rape and Murder’ of Grandmother by Illegal Alien

The granddaughter of a 92-year-old woman who was raped and murdered in New York City last month has blamed “sanctuary city” policies for the woman’s death. President Donald Trump invited Daria Ortiz, 19, one of victim Maria Fuertes’s grandchildren, to speak during a border security event on Feb. 14 at the White House...
Bigshot Dem Gets 'nearly 5 year' Sentence Recommendation from Fed Prosecutors for 'broad range of criminal acts' That Dwarf Stone's
Thomas Lifson
Eat your heart out, Roger Stone. A very prominent Democrat, Catherine E. Pugh – former mayor of Baltimore and majority leader of the Maryland State Senate – is getting a sentence recommendation a bit more than half of what you got at the hands of DOJ prosecutors for a range of crimes that dwarf anything of which you were accused.
Amazingly, MSM did not find this newsworthy.
Amy Klobuchar Wants to Abandon English as
America's Official Language

Andrea Widburg
For Democrats frightened by either an openly socialist candidate or an untested man whom blacks dislike, the seemingly “reasonable” choices are an ex-Republican, sexist, anti-Second Amendment, micro-managing despot – and Amy Klobuchar, the meanest Senator in Washington. It’s time to remember that Klobuchar has no fixed principles but will, instead, do whatever it takes to advance herself in the Democrat Party.

Klobuchar Says English Should Not Be U.S. National Language,
Reversing from Prior Vote

Klobuchar was one of 17 Senate Democrats to vote for the amendment, which would have reversed an executive order by former President Clinton that required government materials to be provided in languages other than English. Her shift on the issue comes a week before the Democratic caucuses in Nevada, which has a significant Latino population and where she polls at about 10 percent support.

Amy Klobuchar Can't Name President of Mexico,
Despite Voting for USMCA

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) could not name the president of Mexico when asked to do so by a Telemundo reporter in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Thursday evening. Earlier this year, Klobuchar voted for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) in the Senate, noting the importance of Mexico to the U.S. economy:
Steyer Frustrated by Poll Showing High Economic Satisfaction
Democratic 2020 candidate Tom Steyer on Sunday accused ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz of "standing up for" President Donald Trump's "version of the economy" after she cited a poll showing high satisfaction with the economy. "How do you convince them that a change is needed when they think they're doing so well under Donald Trump?" she asked.
Liberal Woman After Attending Trump Rally:
“Democrats Have an Ass-Kicking Coming to Them in November”

Karlyn Borysenko is a longtime Democrat. She recently attended a Trump rally and found out is was like nothing she had heard from the media or her liberal friends. Not only were Trump supporters incredibly friendly to her, she was completely shocked by the positive energy and size of the crowd. Now she is issuing a warning to members of her party.
Drone Footage and an Interactive Map
Showing Progress of Border Construction

A great video showing the progress of border construction.
This will brighten your day:
Ilhan Omar's Ex Allegedly Learned of Affair
After Walking in on Her and Lover in Pajamas

Rep. Ilhan Omar's ex-husband learned of her alleged affair with her chief fundraiser when he walked in on the two lounging around her apartment in pajamas – and the jilted hubby will be paid tens of thousands of dollars to stay silent, according to a report. Ahmed Hirsi made the shocking discovery last spring, during a surprise visit to his then-wife's Washington, DC apartment.
NYC Subway Thief Thanks Democrats
After His 139th Arrest, Release: ‘Bail Reform, It’s Lit!’

A New York City man who’s now been arrested 139 times thanked Democrats for guaranteeing his immediate release despite repeatedly swiping hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting subway commuters since the state’s new bail reform law went into effect Jan. 1. Charles Barry, 56, has been arrested six times since the start of this year. He’s been released each time without having to post bail under New York’s new bail reform law since his alleged offenses were nonviolent, the New York Daily News reported.
Former S.F. Mayor Willie Brown Writes About Dating Kamala Harris, Appointing Her to Posts
A 1994 Los Angeles Times report about then-California Assembly Speaker Brown's "rush to hand out patronage jobs" described Harris as Brown's "frequent companion" and said several people referred to her as Brown's girlfriend. That report also cited a column from the Chronicle's Herb Caen that called Harris "the Speaker's new steady." When they met, she was 29 and Brown was 60.
S.F. Mayor Admits Past Romance, $5G Car-Repair Loan from
Subject of FBI Corruption Probe

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Friday admitted having a 20-year friendship and brief romantic relationship with a former public works director Mohammed Nuru now under FBI investigation, prompting some to call for her resignation. "Mayor Breed's admission of thousands of dollars in unreported gifts from a subordinate is likely illegal, certainly unethical, and part of a culture of casual corruption that is eroding the faith of the public," [Supervisor] Mar said in a statement.
Real Russian Collusion Had Nothing to Do with Trump: Russia
Funneled Millions to the Clinton Fnd. While Hillary was Sec. of State

Dean Garrison
Isn't it funny how many times The Clintons seem to get caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, without consequence? This is American politics. Politicians, on both sides of the aisle, are a protected class. I think it's time we revisited some of Hillary's Russian ties.

Week ending 9 February 2020

Global Warming's 50 Years of Fraud
Jack Hellner
The theory for those pushing the green new deal or some other radical energy policy that will destroy tens of millions of jobs and greatly harm the poor and middle class is that humans, CO2, and fossil fuels cause warming and climate change. This warming causes the ice to melt in Alaska, then the melting ice causes sea levels to rise and the rising sea levels will cause coastal cities to under water. It is a shame most of the media, entertainers and other Democrats just repeat talking points instead of doing research.
Trump Expanding Base of Black, Hispanic, Suburban Voters,
Has 51% Approval

Paul Bedard
The improving economy and voter anger with the partisan impeachment process have helped to boost President Trump's support among blacks, Hispanics, independents, and suburban women, according to a new survey. "The president continues to receive a high approval rating near or slightly above 50% for the third straight poll. He has rebounded with Independents, women, suburban voters and suburban women," said pollster Jonathan Zogby in his analysis.
Wind turbine blades at landfill
Wind Turbine Blades Can't Be Recycled,
So They're Piling Up in Landfills

Tens of thousands of aging blades are coming down from steel towers around the world and most have nowhere to go but landfills. In the U.S. alone, about 8,000 will be removed in each of the next four years. Europe, which has been dealing with the problem longer, has about 3,800 coming down annually.
At least nuclear reactor waste once provided lots and lots of energy!
Lawsuit of Conservative Group Targeted by
Southern Poverty Law Center to Go Ahead

A conservative group that claims it is being targeted by Michigan authorities for its political views on the basis of controversial research by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has won a round in court, after a federal judge denied state officials' request to dismiss the lawsuit.
Nancy Pelosi's State of the Union Stunt May Have Broken the Law,
 Rep. Matt Gaetz Says

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz filed an ethics complaint against Nancy Pelosi that said the House speaker possibly violated numerous House rules – and maybe even broke the law – by tearing up a copy of President Trump's State of the Union speech. The Florida legislator sent a letter to the House Committee on Ethics requesting that it open an investigation and shared the missive on Twitter.
Tearing Trump’s Speech Backfires on Democrats as Pelosi
Demands Social Media Delete Trump’s Video

Tim Pool
Following Nancy Pelosi’s premeditated shredding of Trump’s state of the union speech a series of intense backfires began. It started with an immediate backlash among basically everyone. Obviously conservatives criticized the move but shortly after Democratic voters called into C-Span to complain that they would be quitting the Democratic party over the “tantrum”.
Department of Justice Criminal Complaint
Against Rep. Nancy Pelosi

This complaint includes clear and indisputable evidence of Rep. Nancy Pelosi willfully violating federal law. "At approximately 2218 hours on Tuesday, 04 February 2020, I witnessed clear and indisputable evidence of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Speaker of the House, committing an act that I believe brazenly and feloniously violates federal law, specifically 18 U.S.C. 2071. In fact, her actions were witnessed by federal law-enforcement officials and she may have colluded with members of her political caucus who were also witness to this act, in premeditation for the commission of this offense."
Republicans Seek Hunter Biden Travel Records from Secret Service
Shortly After Trump Acquittal

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., announced in a letter Wednesday they are seeking "records of Hunter Biden's travel while he was under U.S. Secret Service protection as they continue to investigate potential conflicts of interest to boost his business ventures in Ukraine and China."
Biden, in New Hampshire, Jokingly Calls Student
'a lying, dog-faced pony soldier'

Presidential contender Joe Biden jokingly called a college student in New Hampshire a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier" during a campaign event on Sunday, just two months after he unloaded on an Iowa voter whom he called a "damn liar" and days after he dryly instructed a climate activist to "go vote for someone else."
Joe Biden Exaggerated His Academic Record
During Angry Rant in New Hampshire in 1987

Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Nashua, N.H., on Tuesday, declaring that he's "looking forward to making my case across the state."  But it was here that then-Sen. Joe Biden got in a heated confrontation with a voter that derailed his first run for president in 1987. Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume reviewed the history of the first-in-the-nation primary and the role it has played in picking America's presidents.
Dems have problems with their biographies
Mini Mike Bloomberg Thinks Americans Are
 Really Stupid and Lack Nuance

Andrea Widburg
Looking at the dysfunctional group of Democrat presidential candidates, Mike Bloomberg is planning, through strategically placed ads and a well-funded ground-game, to be the last man standing. His problem, though, is that he’s a bully, lacks charm and, as a recently unearthed video reveals, dislikes and disrespects the American people.

Oops: Michael Bloomberg Once Called Transgender People
‘Man in a Dress’

T. LaDuke
Good ole Mike got himself into some trouble last week when a video from 2016 popped up where he was commenting about how the rubes in the midwest could not understand the trans thing. So, the theory goes according to Mike, that if you could find a salesperson that could do it than by golly that person could cure all the ills of the world.
Bloomberg Just Gave Gun Owners
60 Million Reasons to Get Involved This Year

Everytown for Gun Safety, the Bloomberg-created gun control group, announced Monday that it plans on spending $60-million in the 2020 elections in a bid to do to the United States as a whole what the group did to Virginia in 2019: give Democrats complete control of the executive and legislative branches of government.

Michael Bloomberg's Claim About
Children' Killed by 'Gun Violence' is Off by 73%

Jacob Sullum
Michael Bloomberg's Super Bowl ad, which presents the Democratic presidential contender as a brave advocate of public safety who is not afraid to take on "the gun lobby," claims "2,900 children die from gun violence every year" in the United States, which is not true. That number includes young adults as well as minors, and it includes suicides as well as homicides.
Elizabeth Warren Transferred Oil-and-Gas Investments to
Her Children to Protect Her 'Green' Political Profile

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigns as an environmental activist, supporting the completely insane Green New Deal and stating that she will ban fracking on her first day in office. As is often the case with Warren, what she says and what she does are very different things. The Wall Street Journal reports that Warren received income from oil and gas royalties in Oklahoma and that she transferred her holdings to her children before announcing her run for the Senate.
Warren is a phony's phony
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Hit Over Fake
Native American Ties, Real Casino Deal

Hot on the heels of seemingly coming in third in the chaotic Iowa caucuses, Sen. Elizabeth Warren finds herself targeted by a new attack ad raising a different Native American question than the one that has dogged her for years. An outside group launched the digital ad, titled "Fake, Hypocrite" days before the Democrats' Iowa caucus debacle and leading into the New Hampshire primary.
Obama Awarded the Medal of Freedom to a Sex Predator,
But Liberals Are Triggered by Rush Limbaugh's

Matt Margolis
If you watched President Trump's State of the Union address, one of the more touching moments was when he recognized Rush Limbaugh, acknowledging his recent cancer diagnosis, and announced that he was awarding Rush with the nation's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which was awarded to him on the spot by First Lady Melania Trump.
Sanders: ‘An Absolutely Essential Part of Being a Democrat’ is
Being for Abortion

“Is there such a thing as a pro-life Democrat, in your vision of the party?” MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asked Sanders at a presidential forum in Concord, N.H. on Saturday focused on the federal judiciary. “I think being pro-choice is an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat,” replied Sanders, an independent from Vermont running for the Democratic nomination.
R.I. Bishop Tobin:
 'Are Pro-Lifers Not Welcome in the Democratic Party?'

Commenting on the top Democrats who are running for their party's presidential nomination, Bishop Thomas Tobin, head of the Catholic Diocese of Providence, R.I., noted that all of them are "pro-abortion," so extreme in their views that they support "even partial-birth abortion."
Ilhan Omar Under Fire for Saying Benefits of G.I. Bill
Should Be Applied 'to everybody'

Rep. Ilhan Omar caused a social-media stir this week by promoting an article in which “the ethos behind the original G.I. Bill” was applied to legislation for all Americans. “Imagine what it would do for our country and those who live here if we were to take the ethos behind the original G.I. Bill and apply it to everybody – canceling all student debt and making public colleges, universities, and vocational schools tuition-free,” she tweeted Thursday, a direct quote from the piece.
Criminals Would Be Protected from Deportation
Under Bill AOC and Other House Democrats Back

Tucker Carlson
At this moment there is a bill pending in Congress called the New Way Forward Act. It's received almost no publicity, which is unfortunate as well as revealing. The bill would entirely remake our immigration system, with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move here, and settle here permanently, with impunity. You may think we're exaggerating for effect. We're not – not even a little.
Bernie Sanders: “The Arctic is on Fire” –
Weather Service: It’s 45 Degrees Below Zero in North Alaska

Sen. Bernie Sanders says on the website for his presidential campaign that “[c]limate change is a global emergency” and “the Arctic is on fire.” By contrast, the National Weather Service is reporting today that it is 45 degrees below zero in Nuiqsuit, which is in northern Alaska.
Sanctuary Calif.: More Than 1,500 Aliens with ICE Detainers
Released from the Orange County Jail in 2019, Many Re-Offended

ICE Acting Director Matthew T. Albence has repeatedly expressed concerns about how state or local policies limiting cooperation with ICE can lead to more crime. According to data recently released from the Orange County Sheriff's Department... the sheriff's department has rearrested more than 400 (27%) of those they released on whom ICE had active detainers.
White Students Win MLK Day Essay Contest at
U. Montana, Outrage Ensues

The University of Montana thought it had a good idea a couple of weeks ago: It established a writing contest for the annual Martin Luther King Day holiday. It turns out there was a problem: All of the entrants were white. Which means all the selected winners were white.
'Anti-Violence' Organizer Pleading Out on Gun Charge
Reminiscent of Others

"A Saginaw woman who organized an anti-violence march has accepted a plea deal her felony gun case." As part of the deal to get the plea, prosecutors agreed to drop three "felony firearm" counts stemming from an incident where witness testimony said Roby returned to a beauty salon with a gun to threaten an employee she'd had an argument with moments before.

Week ending 2 February 2020

Two Losses for Trans-Atlantic Twits:
Brexit Finally Happens, Impeachment Collapses

Sohrab Ahmari
How much punishment must liberal elites on both sides of the Atlantic endure before they learn not to try to undo the will of voters? That such trickery only invites fiercer and more decisive popular backlashes? This week, elites on both sides of the Atlantic had their knuckles rapped on exactly these points – yet again.
The 1619 Project Depicts an America Tainted by Original Sin
John McWhorter
The verdict is in: The idea that America's real founding was in 1619 does not wash. And yet, it will be considered a mark of sophistication to pretend otherwise. Stimulating proposition, but professional historians, as modern academics about as enlightened on issues of race and racism as any humans on the planet, have politely but firmly declared that the facts simply do not bear out this take on our nation's founding.
Stuart Varney: Poll Trashes Narrative
That America Under President Trump is 'unhappy, bigoted'

Fox Business host Stuart Varney argued that a narrative from "Democrats and the media" that Americans are "unhappy, bigoted, stupid and bad" has been destroyed by a new survey showing that the vast majority of folks are satisfied with their lives and believe that the country is improving on multiple fronts. "Well, well, well, contrary to all the negativity splashed across our screens every day, Gallup found 84 percent of us are satisfied with the overall quality of our lives," he continued.
Schumer Falsely Claims There Have Been 'No Witnesses,
No Documents' During Impeachment – Numbers Tell the Truth

Matt Margolis
Unfortunately for him, he's completely wrong. The facts are the Senate has received documents and testimony. The only real tragedy was the mockery that House Democrats made of their impeachment inquiry when Adam Schiff refused to allow Republicans to call any of their own witnesses.
Impeachment Numbers
These Once-Secret Memos Cast Doubt on Joe Biden's Ukraine Story
John Solomon
Former Vice President Joe Biden, now a 2020 Democratic presidential contender, has locked into a specific story about the controversy in Ukraine. There's just one problem. Hundreds of pages of never-released memos and documents – many from inside the American team helping Burisma to stave off its legal troubles – conflict with Biden's narrative.
Pam Bondi Exposes the Shocking Amount of Money
Burisma Paid Hunter Biden for His Father's Influence

When Hunter Biden and his business partner, Devon Archer, joined the board for Ukrainian energy company Burisma, many who were paying attention wondered what he brought to the table. He wasn't a successful business leader, an expert on Ukraine, or knowledgeable in any way with the energy industry. But Hunter Biden's father did happen to hold a position of importance to the company.
The Dam Breaks:
Establishment Media Zone in on Biden Family's Culture of Corruption

Haris Alic
With less than one week before the Iowa caucuses, the establishment media is zeroing in on former Vice President Joe Biden and the culture of corruption that has permeated his immediate family for decades. On Tuesday, Politico published an in-depth exposé on the financial ties between the former vice president's younger brother, James, and a high-powered Washington, D.C., lobbyist.
NSC Aide Handling Book Approvals is
Twin Brother of Lt. Col. Vindman

The twin brother of a key administration impeachment witness against President Trump is in charge of the National Security Council's process for reviewing publications by current and former NSC officials, according to a new report on Monday. Breitbart reported that Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, a senior ethics lawyer for the NSC, is in charge of reviewing publications such as the book manuscript submitted to the NSC on Dec. 30 by former National Security Adviser John Bolton.
Isn't this lucky fortuity?
Lindsey Graham Reveals Burisma Witness Wish List,
Pledges Hearings on FISA Abuse

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said Sunday that he and other Republicans will begin calling witnesses within weeks for hearings related to Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine, as well as the FBI’s surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. “We’re going to get to the bottom of this,” Graham pledged in an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”
My Trump Endorsement Was Correct –
Here's How He Restored American Greatness

Jerry Falwell Jr.
Four years ago, I endorsed Donald J. Trump for president of the United States. A lot of people – including many whose opinions I deeply respect – thought I was crazy at the time. But after three years of the Trump presidency, most of them now acknowledge that my instincts were correct.
CNN Don Lemon Panel Faces Intense Backlash for
Mocking Trump Supporters as Illiterate 'Credulous Rubes'

The clip was spotted by former CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer, who blasted the panel. "The arrogance, the dismissiveness, the smug cackling, the accents," Krakauer reacted. "If Donald Trump wins re-election this year, I'll remember this brief CNN segment late one Saturday night in January as the perfect encapsulation for why it happened." "If you want to give people a reason to vote Trump as a screw you to the media, keep airing segments like these," Daily Caller editor Peter Hasson said.
Richmond Proves the Left Hates You and Your Guns
Michael Shannon
Virginia's 2nd Amendment rally was a huge disappointment for Big Nanny Mike Bloomberg, Gov. Ralph Northam and gun-grabbing busybodies across the nation. The event failed to produce the Reichstag Fire the left was secretly hoping would occur. Over 22,000 armed 2nd Amendment supporters gathered in the state capital with loaded firearms and there wasn't even a single accidental discharge. Talk about your misfire!
Gorsuch Rebukes Lower Courts' Nationwide Injunctions
In a blistering five-page concurrence, joined by Clarence Thomas, Gorsuch blasted judges in lower courts who routinely issue nationwide injunctions to obstruct the administration's agenda. There have been 40 such injunctions during Donald Trump's first three years in office – twice the number that were issued during Barack Obama's entire eight years.

Neil Gorsuch Issues Savage Rebuke to
Activist Judges and Nationwide Injunctions

On Monday, the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration's public charge rule to go into effect, striking down a nationwide injunction from a New York judge. The rule allows the government to deny green cards to immigrants who receive public assistance and are therefore considered a "public charge." In addition to the 5-4 decision allowing the rule to go into effect, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch issued a concurring opinion rebuking activist judges and their rush to apply "nationwide injunctions" against Trump administration policies.
Climate Soothsayer Greta Mimics UN Sustainability
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
The non-profits and think-tanks have now adopted and added another descriptor to their strategical predictions – sustainable. Mimicking and adopting the dictates of U.N. Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development 17 goals, everything is now sustainable. If it is not sustainable, it is not hip and worthy of discussion.
Students Demanded Divestment from Fossil Fuels,
a Professor Offered to Turn Off the Gas Heating

Professor Andrew Parker of St John's College at Oxford University is my new favorite person. The Times of London reports that a group of students wrote to Professor Parker to discuss demands being made by student protesters about fossil fuel divestment. His response wasn't what they were expecting:
Two Democrat Georgia Senators
Targeting the Elderly with Profoundly Immoral New Bill

Elizabeth Reed
After suffering a crushing defeat when they tried to oppose the Heartbeat Bill last year; Senator Steve Henson, Senator Nan Orrock, and their pro-death supporters took the year to lick their wounds and have returned this legislative session with a new targeted attack on the innocent and most vulnerable among us – Senate Bill 291, the "Georgia Death with Dignity Act".
Largest U.S. Teachers' Union Endorses Abortion
NEA Passes Resolution Defending the 'fundamental right to abortion'

"[T]he NEA will include an assertion of our defense of a person's right to control their own body, especially for women, youth, and sexually marginalized people," the resolution states. "The NEA vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade."
Guess the State: Democrat-Run Fiasco Edition
Charles W. Sullivan
The last time Republicans held a majority on this state's Supreme Court was in the 1920s. Its Court of Appeals has never had a Republican majority. The last time Republicans held a majority in both houses of the state Legislature at the same time was 1930. In the 89 years from 1931 to the present, Democrats have held a majority of both houses of the state Legislature for 79 of the 89 years. What state am I?
Fully Armed Rally-Goers Enter Kentucky's Capitol Building with
Zero Resistance (Umbrellas Verboten) 

Armed gun owners rallied in Kentucky entering the state's capitol building in Frankfort on Friday. The gathering was organized by the group We Are KY Gun Owners. They were spurred into action when Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam pushed for new gun control measures that led to threats of violence, culminating with Northam declaring a state of emergency earlier this month.
Liberalism's 'cesspit'? Tech Giants Have Turned San Francisco Into a Dystopian Nightmare of Addiction, Homelessness and Criminality
Ian Birrell
I had just passed dealers selling drugs beside a police car parked outside government offices, and seen their customers openly smoke fentanyl, an opioid 50 times stronger than heroin, then collapse on the street. All cities have their seedy sides. But this is the very center of San Francisco, by an upmarket Westfield shopping mall thronged with people in designer clothes perusing Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton handbags and Tiffany jewelry.
West Point Forces Cadets to Undergo 'Gender Diversity' Training,
Says Men are 'Toxic'

Warner Todd Huston
America's premiere military school, West Point, is now forcing cadets to learn about "gender norms," "diversity," and "inclusion," instead of teaching cadets in training useful leadership skills. The absurd PCing of the school is so bad that one cadet was heard grousing that they are teaching him "how NOT to be a man." According to Breitbart News, cadets were forced to watch several documentaries that celebrate transgenderism and the gay lifestyle.
Yale Plans to Ditch an Art-History Class Because
It's Too Straight, White, and Male

Yale University is set to cancel a popular introductory art history class after this spring's session, citing department concerns that its focus was too Western, straight, white, and male. According to an article in the Yale Daily News, "Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present" was once "touted to be one of Yale College's quintessential classes."
Science Says Liberals, Not Conservatives, are Psychotic
Turns out liberals are the real authoritarians. The American Journal of Political Science published a correction this year saying that the 2012 paper has "an error" – and that liberal political beliefs, not conservative ones, are actually linked to psychoticism.
Why the F-35s Crazy 'Beast Mode' Should Terrify
North Korea, China (or Anyone)

Mark Episkopos
F-35 fighter
Recently leaked video sheds light on one of the F-35's possible weapons configurations, previously dubbed as "beast mode" in a Lockheed Martin infographic. The video, dating back to November of 2018, depicts an F-35 simultaneously firing five air-to-surface missiles against five test targets. At least one of the targets – a light vehicle – can be seen moving.
Trump Takes Out Another Top Terrorist in the Middle East
President Donald Trump appears to have added another name to the list of terrorists that his administration has killed as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reportedly launched a drone strike that killed the leader of Al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen. "The officials expressed confidence that the Qaeda leader, Qassim al-Rimi, was killed in a January airstrike in Yemen but were awaiting confirmation before making a public announcement."
Palestinians (and Democrats) Reject Trump's Peace Plan,
But Key Arab States Do Not

Palestinian leaders have, as anticipated, roundly rejected President Trump's Mideast peace proposal, but the stance of some key Sunni Arab states is more nuanced, characterizing it as an important basis from which to move ahead. At the plan's unveiling at the White House Tuesday, both Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu welcomed the presence of the ambassadors of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Oman.

Twenty-Three Nations Embrace Trump Peace Plan, 7 in Middle East
Paul Bedard
Nearly two dozen world leaders have signaled their openness to President Trump's sweeping new peace plan for Israel and Palestine, ignoring claims in the U.S. media that it was dead on arrival to focus on it as a beefy starting point. A statement from Bahrain was typical of the reaction that has flooded into the White House since Trump unveiled the plan Wednesday. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commends the United States of America for its determined efforts to advance the peace process," Bahrain said.

Lara Logan: Not Surprising to See Mainstream Media
Barely Cover Trump's Mideast Peace Plan

Appearing on "Fox & Friends", Logan said that it was consistent with coverage from outlets for the past year. "You just look at the media landscape since President Trump took office," she said. "It's consistent with the strategy by Democratic political operatives and propagandists who have laid out that they would pressure media outlets to resist what they call the 'normalization' of Donald Trump."
Texas Mother Trying to Transition Her Seven-Year-Old Son Into a Girl
Loses in Court

A mother from Texas who was attempting to medically transition her seven-year-old son into a girl has lost a court case. Dr. Anne Georgulas, who is the mother of James Younger, originally won her previous court case last October that allow her to give him hormones that block puberty. But the decision by the jury meant the boy's father, Jeff Younger, who opposed such a procedure, had absolutely no say in his son's medical decisions.
Banks Pull Donations to Private School Voucher Program
Over anti-LGBTQ Policies

Ohio-based Fifth Third Bank tweeted its announcement Tuesday evening, in response to a state representative who had tagged the company in a separate tweet about the bank's contributions to the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program. That program allows companies to make donations, which are deducted from corporate taxes, to fund private school vouchers for lower-income students.
Harvard Chemistry Department Chairman Charged with
Lying About Ties to Chinese Government

Federal prosecutors Tuesday charged Harvard University's chemistry department chairman with lying to the U.S. Department of Defense about his ties to a controversial Chinese talent recruitment program. Prosecutors say Charles Lieber concealed almost $2 million from authorities in an alleged scheme to hide his ties to a Chinese university linked to a program accused of stealing U.S. intellectual property from businesses and universities.

Week ending 26 January 2020

AOC’s Socialist Dream Would Make
Democrats the Party of Karl Marx

Justin Haskins
During an interview conducted at an event celebrating Martin Luther King Day, Ocasio-Cortez –a self-described socialist – claimed that despite criticism from conservatives about the socialist nature of the modern Democratic Party, “We don’t have a left party in the United States.” “The Democratic Party is not a left party,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “The Democratic Party is a center or a center-conservative party.”
Adam Schiff's Media Fawners Cross Journalistic Lines
Cheryl K. Chumley
In the minds of Republicans, truth-tellers and, um, sane people, Rep. Adam Schiff isn’t just one of the villains in an ongoing leftist-fueled, Democrat-pressed impeachment sham – he’s the liar-liar-pants-on-fire guy who’s taken his bloviating, lying self from the House into the Senate, to orchestrate another theatrical performance of Get Trump, Any Which Way You Can. But with so many members of the media carrying his water for him, he’s proving unstoppable.
And Now a Novel Theory: Truth as a Defense
This week will show ... what the Democrats are up to.

Dov Fischer
The real zonker for me was watching the masterful “Six Key Facts” opening by virtually unknown Trump Team attorney Michael Purpura. What a great presentation! And then a fine follow-up by Jay Sekulow.
Carter Page FISA Warrant Lacked Probable Cause,
DOJ Admits in Declassified Assessment

At least two of the FBI's surveillance applications to secretly monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page lacked probable cause, according to a newly declassified summary of a Justice Department assessment released Thursday by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The DOJ's admission essentially means that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant authorizations to surveil Page, when stripped of the FBI's misinformation, did not meet the necessary legal threshold and should never have been issued.
Laura Ingraham Shows Emails Tying Alleged Ukraine Whistleblower to Obama White House Meeting on Burisma
Fox News host Laura Ingraham reported Wednesday evening that she obtained a chain of State Department emails stemming from a standard request for comment from New York Times journalist Ken Vogel, whose reporting helped generate scrutiny of Hunter Biden's ties to Ukrainian gas company Burisma.
CNN Analyst Joe Lockhart Admits
He Fabricated Conversation Between GOP Senators

CNN political analyst and former Clinton White House official Joe Lockhart admitted on Wednesday that he made up a conversation between two Republican senators that he claimed were stunned about what they were learning during President Donald Trump's Senate trial. Lockhart tweeted: "Overheard convo between two Republican Senators who only watch Fox News. 'is this stuff real? I haven't heard any of this before. I thought it was all about a server. If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we're up shit's creek. Hope the White House has exculpatory evidence.
Dem's openly lie and MSM propagates the lie
White House Takes Aim at California Law
Forcing Insurers to Pay for Abortions

Just hours before President Trump addressed thousands of anti-abortion rights activists at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., his administration has given its attendees reason to cheer. The Office of Civil Rights, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, announced Friday that it is taking action against California for requiring private insurers to cover abortions.
NYC’s New Top Cop Challenges Left;
Slams NY’s New Crime-spiking Bail Laws

 Selwyn Duke
“I can’t believe they let me out,” Gerod Woodberry told a detective. Woodberry was right to be surprised. He’d already been charged in four bank robbery cases and now had just been charged with collecting $1,000 from a fifth bank. At least he’d learned a lesson, though – that he could do it again. And four days later the 42-year-old allegedly hit a sixth bank. That’s when he was finally held.
Tom Homan Hits Back at AOC for Bashing ICE at Sanders Rally:
Her Statements Are 'dangerous' and 'idiotic'

The New York Democrat also urged Sanders' supporters to start "tipping people off" if they see federal immigration authorities taking action against illegal immigrants in their communities. “Organizing is about tipping people off if you start to see that ICE and CBP are in communities to try and keep people safe,” Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said in Iowa on Saturday.
Turley Says Democrats Made ‘huge blunder’ in Presenting
Impeachment Case, but Trump’s Defenders Got Off to ‘strong start’

Jon Dougherty
Georgetown law professor and constitutional expert Jonathan Turley laced Democratic House impeachment managers for making a basic legal error in presenting their ‘case’ to the GOP-controlled Senate last week. Because the upper chamber of Congress isn’t run by clowns, lunatics, and sycophants like the House is, treating senators like it is won’t win you many friends or influence their opinions of your case, especially if the upper chamber is controlled by the political opposition.
Pompeo Blasts 'shameful' NPR Reporter,
Claims She Broke Agreement Reached Before Interview

Jason Rezaian of The Washington Post, for example, called Pompeo's statement "a shameful assault on #PressFreedom." That comment drew a sharp rebuke from Andrew Surabian, a former special assistant to President Trump. "In what universe is complaining about a reporter breaking an off the record agreement an 'assault on press freedom'?" Surabian wrote.
By Turning Back Caravans,
Mexico is Acting As Trump's Border Wall

In other words, Mexico is actually paying for the wall and the deal Trump pulled off is the reason illegal immigration has precipitously dropped in the past several months... this week, López Obrador's government greeted migrants in a more hostile fashion. Mexican National Guard troops in full riot gear blocked their way and fired tear gas canisters to disperse those seeking to breach the nation's border with Guatemala.
Mexico pays for border wall
Democrat Caught on Video Teaching Illegals How to Vote
Dean Garrison
“One of our hosts, Joe Baswari, and our friend, Josh Aminov ... disguised as illegal immigrants seeking to vote. After asking the organization’s co-founder, Richard Gooding, about how to vote as non-citizens, asking if they ‘support illegals,’ the staffer told an undercover journalist how they could sneak around voter laws and vote as non-citizens in federal elections!”
Did Puerto Rico Politicians Keep Their People
Waiting for Emergency Relief?

Puerto Rico residents are outraged after discovering that emergency relief aid sent by President Donald Trump in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria remained hidden in a warehouse for more than two years. "People in a southern Puerto Rico city discovered a warehouse filled with water, cots and other unused emergency supplies, then set off a social media uproar Saturday when they broke in to retrieve goods as the area struggles to recover from a strong earthquake. (Associated Press, Jan. 19, 2020)

Puerto Rico Fires Two More Officials After Hurricane Maria
Aid Found Unused Amid Current Earthquake Aftermath

On Sunday, Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vázquez fired two more officials in the most recent development since anger broke out over a viral video showing unused emergency supplies – allegedly left-over aid from Hurricane Maria – sitting in a warehouse in the southern coastal city of Ponce. "There are thousands of people who made sacrifices to bring aid to the south and it's unforgivable that resources have been kept in a warehouse," the governor's initial statement said.
Cindy McCain Admits 'we all knew' About Epstein
Cindy McCain, the widow of late Sen. John McCain, blasted authorities who were "afraid" to arrest convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein even though everyone "knew" what he was doing. "Epstein was hiding in plain sight," said Cindy McCain. "We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no one that was – no legal aspect that would go after him. They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him."
Yang Calls Out DNC for Excluding Fox News from
Presidential Primary Debates

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang criticized party leadership on Friday for blocking Fox News from hosting a televised primary debate during the 2020 election season. "One thing I think Democrats should do, I think we should go on Fox News and talk to the American people," said Mr. Yang. "Because how can you win an election and bring the country together if you literally won't talk to 40 or 50% of the population?"
Dad Confronts Warren on Student Loan Forgiveness:
'Can I Have My Money Back?'

The father of a college student was seen confronting Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren about her plan to cancel student loan debt in a video that went viral earlier this week. The dad chastised Warren over her plan, and got especially heated after the senator and 2020 presidential candidate told him he could not get the money back that he saved to pay for his daughter's school.
Sekulow Accuses Schiff of Taking Hamilton Quote
Out of Context in Trump Impeachment Trial

One of the lawyers on President Trump's impeachment trial defense team, Jay Sekulow, charged that Democratic members of Congress were taking a quote from Alexander Hamilton out of context as they tried to lay out the standard for removing a president from office.
Trump Becomes First President to Speak at March for Life:
'Every life brings love'

President Trump on Friday became the first sitting president to address the annual March for Life rally in Washington, appealing to the anti-abortion movement with a call to protect the sanctity of life while accusing Democrats of becoming more "radical" on the issue. "It is my profound honor to be the first president in history to attend the March for Life," Trump told the crowd in Washington. "Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House...
Mediaite Claims Trump Told ‘Dangerous Lie’ About
Northam’s Infanticide Comment, but Here’s Video Proof

President Trump became the first president to appear in person and speak at the “March for Life” and told the crowd that Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam “stated that he would execute a baby after birth.” “I never thought I would see the day America had government officials who openly support legal infanticide.” –Marco Rubio
Fight Fires With Facts – Not Fake Science
Paul Driessen & Duggan Flanakin
Greens are incensed over suggestions that anything but fossil fuels and climate change might be turning green California and Australian ecosystems into black wastelands, incinerating wildlife, destroying homes and killing people. The notion that they and their policies might be a major factor in these fires gets them so hot under the collar that they could ignite another inferno. But the facts are there for all to see.
Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense – This is Naked Tyranny
Shane Trejo
In the wake of the Virginia gun rights rally on Monday, Democrats in the Capitol are not slowing down their push for tyranny. They are moving a bill through the legislature that would effectively criminalize dissent against Governor Blackface Northam and other state government officials. Language in the bill explicitly criminalizes free speech, in what would constitute a blatant attack on the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.
Special rules exclusive to the Elite ruling class
Gun-Controlled Baltimore Suffers 5 Murders in 8 Different Shootings
David Kamioner
As we await Super Bowl Sunday we can see another type of game being played out in liberal bastions across America. It’s one where everybody loses. On the recent weekend earlier in January when the AFC playoffs were held in Baltimore, twelve people were shot. Five of those individuals were killed in eight separate shootings.
Technical "Glitch" Results in
Hundreds of Invalid Voter Registrations in Illinois

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White sent a letter this week saying a "programming error" led to more than 500 non-U.S. citizens accidentally being registered as voters. The glitch was fixed Tuesday, but state lawmakers and election authorities are just beginning to raise concerns over the integrity of some state elections.
The only glitch is that it was discovered!
Supreme Court Justices Clash Over Major School-Choice Case
The case, Montana Department of Revenue v. Espinoza, centers around a tax-credit scholarship program passed in May 2015 that gave Montanans up to a $150 credit for donating to private scholarship organizations, helping students pay for their choice of private schools. The state's revenue department made a rule banning those tax-credit scholarships from going to religious schools before the state's supreme court later struck down the entire law.
Convicted Pedophile Who Molested Infant
Released from Jail After Gender Transition

An Iowa pedophile who was convicted of molesting 15 children – including a baby – is to be released from prison after transitioning to become a woman. The convict, Josie Smith, 23, is to be freed from jail after hormones from a gender transition lowered Smith's testosterone levels.
FEC Complaint Filed Regarding Bernie Sanders'
Dark Money Cash Cow

Stephen Kruiser
Bernie Sanders has long masqueraded as a purist when it comes to campaign finance, publicly eschewing Super PACs and dark money. In reality – and like any commie – he is only opposed to other people paying for campaigns that way. Sanders' nonprofit Our Revolution is the candidate's conscience-easing workaround for his phony principles, and now a complaint has been filed with the Federal Election Commission alleging that the group has committed campaign finance violations.

Week ending 19 January 2020

Trump Impeachment Will Bring Pelosi and House Democrats
Condemnation By History

Newt Gingrich
"[Charles] Pinckney and [Rufus] King might have been right in 1787. Americans prefer to choose their presidents with elections, and whenever impeachment is used in an attempt to nullify those choices, the results aren't happy for anyone. That was true in 1868, and as both Andrew Johnson and his accusers might warn us, it remains true after a century and a half." Clearly, Pelosi did not know enough history to understand the warnings of Pinckney and King – or the sad end of the impeachment process against President Johnson.
Pelosi's Blunder:
How the House Destroyed its Own Case for Impeachment

Jonathan Turley
Pelosi may force the Senate into a couple of unprecedented but well deserved rulings. From the outset, the ploy of Pelosi withholding the House impeachment articles was as implausible as it was hypocritical. There was no reason why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would make concessions to get an impeachment that he loathed.
Trump Had Right to Withhold Ukraine Funds: GAO is Wrong
Alan M. Dershowitz
The Constitution allocates to the president sole authority over foreign policy (short of declaring war or signing a treaty). It does not permit Congress to substitute its foreign policy preferences for those of the president. To the extent that the statute at issue constrains the power of the president to conduct foreign policy, it is unconstitutional.
Doug Collins: House Democratic Leader's Remark About Letting
Trump 'Prove Innocence' Should Alarm Americans

House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga., said Democrats are exposing their true contempt for the Constitution and the individual rights therein with how they are conducting the impeachment of President Trump. Rep. Steny Hoyer, the number-two Democrat in the House, defended the House's impeachment inquiry last month by remarking that Trump was afforded "every opportunity to prove his innocence."
McConnell Creates ‘Kill Switch’ to End Impeachment if it Becomes
 ‘Circus Run by Adam Schiff’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has reportedly created a “kill switch” for President Donald Trump’s upcoming Senate impeachment trial that would allow for the president’s legal team to either seek an immediate verdict or a dismissal of the case if the trial descends into a circus spectacle.
Top Democratic Senator Warns FBI
Against Giving Republicans Records from ex-DNC Consultant

A top Democratic senator discouraged the Justice Department and FBI from complying with a Republican demand for information about a former Democratic National Committee contractor. Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden warned that complying with the records request related to Alexandra Chalupa, who is alleged to have sought dirt from Ukraine about then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election, would have dangerous consequences.
Obstruction, Democrat-style
Fox Launches 'Fox Soul' Streaming Service
Targeting African Americans

Fox is setting its sights on the African American audience with a new streaming service called Fox Soul. The live, ad-supported streaming channel is free and debuted today, the network announced in a press release. Spearheaded by the Fox Television Stations group, the channel includes original programming along with existing content from Fox's owned-and-operated stations.
Elizabeth Warren Takes Credit for
Sponsoring Bills She Voted Against

Underperforming presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has portrayed herself as a bipartisan dealmaker by taking credit for sponsoring bills she ultimately voted against. "I do work with the other side," Warren said in October during a radio interview in New Hampshire. "I've gotten more than a dozen bills passed into law, and they've been bipartisan. And that's just been since Donald Trump has been elected president."
Does she ever tell the truth?
Court Smacks Down Children's Attempt to
Force Climate Policy by Lawsuit

In a key victory for the rule of law, a panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a lawsuit filed by children against the U.S. government, claiming that the federal government had violated the children's rights by failing to act against climate change. The lawsuit asked the court to unilaterally force the government to adopt broad climate policies, circumventing Congress and the executive branch entirely.
Supremes to Decide if Electoral College Voters Must Vote for
Winner of State Popular Vote

On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that would decide whether electoral college electors must vote for the winner of their state's popular vote. Half the states currently have laws requiring electors to vote for the candidate who wins the popular vote in their state. Electors who do not vote in accordance to the winner of their state's popular vote are known as "faithless electors."
Northwestern Student Government Votes Against
Free Speech Resolution

Northwestern University’s student government voted last week to indefinitely table a resolution in support of the First Amendment and freedom of speech on campus. The resolution concluded by stating that Northwestern students "have the right to free speech and free expression, as enumerated in the First Amendment in the United States Constitution."
Free Speech: Conservative Group Has Enough,
Sues New Jersey School Over 'Unconstitutional' Policies

A New Jersey university has been named in a lawsuit targeting an "unconstitutional" speech policy. The policy, called the Demonstrations and Assemblies Policy, stated that anyone, especially groups or organizations, should give two weeks of advance notice to the dean of students with their "planned objective" of the event. The dean would then review the application and either approve or reject the application ...
Profile in Treason Adam Schiff – Part 1
John C. Velisek USN Ret.
The man in the center of the impeachment storm is the same man that lied during the Russian collusion hoax. He is one of the few progressive socialists that cannot let go and still considers that hoax to be real. His name is Adam Schiff.
Trump Admin Rolls Back Michelle Obama Lunch Rules on
Her Birthday

T. LaDuke
The Trump administration announced today that they were ending the Obama era rules on school lunches that forced districts that received federal money to make sure to have more veggies and fruits. The federal fiats were somewhat controversial at the time being people wondered aloud why did Washington really need to tell us what to do with everything.
A Full Third of Flint's Emergency $390 Million Water Funds
Did Not Go to Clean Water

Four years ago this month, then-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared an emergency in Flint, and $390 million in state aid began pouring in. Much of the money, however, was spent on activities only peripherally related to lead in water, state spending data show... Activist said the funds enabled "the stuff progressives dream about but never get."
The New York Times is Against Biased Textbooks
Not Published by the New York Times

Debuting in August of 2019, the Times set the immodest goal of the project "to reframe the country's history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are." Effectively, the project reverse-engineers American history to ascribe the blame for many modern practices to the horrors of slavery.
This is all about the "1619 Project"
Ilhan Omar is Finally Getting the Scrutiny She Deserves for
Possible Illegal Acts

Andrea Widburg
The unsavoriness of Omar's conduct escalated when she dumped her husband and went to live with another man who apparently left his wife for Omar. It turns out that, beneath the modest headgear she wears, Omar is a Jezebel. In October 2019, the Department of Justice finally assigned an FBI Special Agent in charge to look at Omar's conduct over an 8 year period. Steinberg has now written another detailed article explaining that these investigations are starting to bear fruit.
Republican Muslim Refugee Dalia al-Aqidi Announces
She's Running Against Ilhan Omar

Rep. Ilhan Omar is facing another GOP challenger in November's election – and she's also a Muslim refugee. Dalia al-Aqidi, a former White House correspondent from Iraq, said she felt compelled to run against the Somali-born lawmaker, calling her a divisive figure who has neglected her Minneapolis district.
Biden: I've Beaten the NRA. Time to Get Rid of Their Ammo.
Leah Anaya
I keep asking myself why Democrats insist on blaming the firearms-related tragedies on the existence of guns themselves and why they refuse to acknowledge that behind every shooting, every bullet fired at an innocent civilian, there's either a person with severe mental and/or substance abuse issues or a straight up criminal who would commit an act of evil no matter what weapon they employed.
Isolated Iran Leader Lashes Out at Europe as
Nations Join U.S. in Ramping Up Pressure

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Friday lashed out at Germany, the U.K. and France, calling them the "footmen of the U.S.," days after the European countries moved to sanction the Islamic Republic for violating the controversial 2015 nuclear deal. "The threat of the French & German govts & the vicious British govt to send Iran's case to the Security Council proved once again that they are the footmen of the U.S.," Khamenei said on Twitter.
Why Unlocking More Oil and Gas is Good for Every American –
And the Environment

Ryan Sitton
On September 14, 2019, Iranian-backed militias attacked the world's largest oil refinery, in Saudi Arabia. The attack cut the refinery's capacity in half. But despite some expert predictions, oil prices barely flinched. Americans saw no price spike at the pump. The likelihood that Iran or any other bad actor can use violence or weaponize oil to hurt the global economy has dramatically receded. Why?
Democrats' 'Bail Reform' Has Already Cost a Life.
 'Seething' Family Speaks Out

Due to New York Democrats' "bail reform" legislation, Jordan Randolph, a 40-year-old man with a lengthy criminal rap sheet, was released without bail on Monday after charged with a DWI in connection with a crash that killed 27-year-old Jonathan Armand Flores-Maldonado. Randolph, who has a history of drunk driving, was arrested and released without bail on January 1 – 11 days before Flores-Maldonado was killed – for not having a court-ordered ignition interlock device in his car, reported News 12 Long Island.
Bail Reform:
Man Who Violently Attacked Officer Skips Court Appearance

Law Enforcement Today – Leah Anaya
A man who was released without bail after a horrific attack on a New York City cop just skipped out on his day in court. Welcome to New York in 2020. This is going to be pretty shocking, so hang on: The New York man who sucker punched a cop and then pinned him on the ground did not show up to his court date after being released without bail.
In Case of Emergency, Please Remove Your Bra
Caught in a disaster? You'd better hope you're wearing the Emergency Bra. Simply unsnap the bright red bra, separate the cups, and slip it over your head – one cup for you, and one for your friend. Dr. Elena Bodnar won an Ignoble Award for the invention last year, an annual tribute to scientific research that on the surface seems goofy but is often surprisingly practical.

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