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What is Echelon?
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Fed. of Amer. Scientists (FAS)

How Big Brother Began
Solveig Singleton
"Big Brother" is not the video camera in the department store. Big Brother is a huge government with unique police powers that can control every aspect of our lives. The technology is just an accessory — the police power is the key.

VENONA: Communists in our Midst Revealed
One of the most closely guarded secrets of the Cold War, the Venona Project, was concealed by the National Security Agency (NSA) until 1995. It is comprised of nearly three thousand decrypted telegraphic cables U.S.-based Soviet agents sent to Moscow during World War II.

The Venona Files

List of Americans in the Venona Papers
Lists names and affiliations. Examples:
Josef Berger, Democratic National Committee
Aleksandr Belenky, General Electric
David Karr, Office of War Information; chief aide to journalist Drew Pearson

Joe Mccarthy Was Right

The Red ‘Scare’ Was Real

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10mar02 Line up, boys, and roll up your sleeves ...
Vin Suprynowicz
It's not necessarily a good thing that government will soon be able to track the whereabouts of every individual — and to tax and regulate every financial transaction — through microchips embedded under our skin and in those little plastic cards which increasingly replace money.
5dec00 British Government Plans to Wiretap Entire Country!
The British government has admitted that it is seriously considering a proposal to log every telephone call made and received by the public, all e-mails sent and received and every Web page viewed and store the information for seven years.
22feb00 The New Space Invaders
Spies In The Sky
Echelon presents "a serious threat to the civil liberties in Europe"
with "awesome implications."
18nov99 ACLU to Spy on Echelon
This has gone from X Files material to clear reality" ...
"I think at this point it's fact that it exists."
16nov99 Loud and Clear
Menwith Hill station, it is one of the most secret pieces of real estate on Earth
26aug99 Enemies of the State
In a clash between the authoritarian state and the libertarian vision, the Clinton administration is seeking draconian control of computers and encryption.
26jul99 Echelon--Rights Violation in the Information Age
What matters is that the United States’ metamorphosis into a police state is accelerating at an alarming rate.
ECHELON: America's Spy in the Sky


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