Liberalism, is it a Derivative of Liberty?

Darrel Mulloy
August 13, 2001

We have erroneously been of the impression that liberal meant freedom, that is to be liberated or enjoying liberty, and that is one definition, but today the term liberal is used more when referring to those on the "left" politically, usually Democrats. Why would we associate a word that is derived from liberty to those most in favor of destroying that liberty? We don't! In the sense that we use it today, liberal has nothing to do with liberty, but with the new world definition of free to do whatever feels good at the time.

Mortality is seeing a decline in today's America, and doing what feels good is the prevalent religion among followers of the new age philosophy. I call it a religion, but what it really is, is the total decline of religion. Separation of church and state is assumed to be somewhere in the Constitution, and the American Civil Liberties Union has fought to remove all public displays of religion, and with much success. The fact is that there is no mention of the separation of church and state anywhere in the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence or any other of the founding documents. It is a myth. I defy anyone to find the term in our founding documents, it ain't there!

I have never been a deeply religious person, and have sometime in the past doubted my belief in God. While today I still don't attend church or align myself with any religious denomination, I do believe that the teachings of Jesus are responsible in large part for America and her way of life. I do believe that our rights, as human beings, are derived from God, our Creator, as is stated in the Declaration of Independence, and if there were intended to be a separation of church and state, there would have been no mention of a Creator in that document.

Our morality comes from our belief in God and our founding fathers same belief. Morality is as much a part of who America is as is the rule of law, not men. The decline of morality will mean the decline of America. The new world order requires that decline of morality in order to achieve its goal of taking away our sovereignty. It is well on its way to accomplishing that goal. The latest evidence of that is President Bush's decision on stem cell research. While there may be some societal benefits from such research, it is immoral and as stated by Alan Keyes, just fruit of the forbidden tree. In time, fetuses will be cultivated for the express purpose of stem cell harvesting, in spite of promises to the contrary.

While I believe stem cell research is not a discussion that the federal government should be involved in, the fact remains that it is involved, and there is nothing we can do about it. It is just another symptom of the decline of morals in America.

If you don't believe what I have stated above, just watch your nightly news on the major networks; read the mainstream newspapers; listen to what the polling data are saying. We are a lot closer to losing this country than most of us realize, and if we don't wake up soon, we will wake up in a "new world order" where morals are a thing of the past and so is liberty. Liberalism has nothing to do with liberty, in the modern sense!

And that is not just my opinion!

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15 aug 2001