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Unchanging Leftists

by: Kim Weissman
November 18, 2001

The nation is at war, the President is putting aside partisan politics for the good of the country, the public is united in a common cause, but leftists will always be leftists — big spending, slanderous (calling republican congressional leaders "the republican taliban"), big government disciples who are thwarting attempts to enhance national security. The democrats' economic stimulus plan is long on special interest pork and short on tax cuts for ordinary taxpayers (and the democrat Senate left town for vacation without acting on any stimulus plan at all); democrats succeeded in making airport baggage screeners into federal employees, as though expanding the federal workforce will magically make air flight safer; and most shamefully, democrat leader Daschle still bows down before environmental extremists and refuses to let the Senate even vote on a bill to increase our energy independence by drilling for our own oil in our own country.

While our military wages a successful campaign in the Middle East, the left-wing establishment in the U.S. wages its own campaign of politically correct anti-Americanism. And even though trials conducted by military tribunals are just fine for U.S. military personnel charged under the UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice], democrats are outraged, and the ACLU is "deeply disturbed", that similar tribunals might be used for non-citizen spies and saboteurs accused of plotting or committing terrorism against America.

The New York Times calls it a "travesty of justice", "a troubling…end run around the Constitution", and "eroding…the rule of law". That from the bunch who couldn't find the rule of law with both hands when Bill Clinton was on trial for perjury. The ACLU demands that Congress block such tribunals "before the Bill of Rights in America is distorted beyond recognition".

Where was the concern of the ACLU and the New York Times for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution when Janet Reno's tanks crashed into the home of the Branch Davidians, when Reno's agents kicked in the door of a peaceful home in Miami to send Elian back to Cuba, or when Bill Clinton trampled on Fifth Amendment property rights to mollify radical environmentalists, and tried to eliminate the Second Amendment entirely? And the ACLU and the Times are staunch supporters of the International Criminal Court, under which Americans can be prosecuted and under which the due process protections of our Constitution and Bill of Rights are greatly diluted or are absent entirely.

Seems that the ACLU and the New York Times are more solicitous of the alleged "civil rights" of foreign terrorists than the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

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18 nov 2001