Microsoft Shipping Error (err ... feature)

There has been a caution statement released by Microsoft
regarding Windows XP which I am posting here:

It has come to our attention that the Texas Edition of Windows XP may have accidentally been shipped outside of Texas. If you have one of the Texas Editions (TED) you may need some help understanding the commands.

TED may be recognized by looking at the opening screen. It reads WINDERSXP with a background picture of the Alamo superimposed on the Texas flag, and it is shipped with a Leanne Rimes screen saver.

This version was developed by our Language Inter-operability Programmers (LIP) to aid users of specific geographical regions. Much the same way as our Canadian, hey, version was developed. Our LIP Service is available to satisfy the needs of any group requesting special features.

The following list indicates the most significant variations in TED from the Standard Windows Interface Networkable Edition (SWINE).


  • Recycle Bin is labeled Outhouse
  • My Computer is called This Infernal Cantraption
  • Dialup Networking is called Good Ol Boys
  • Control Panel is known as the Dashboard
  • Hard Drive is referred to as 4-Wheel Drive
  • Floppies are Them Little Plastic Disc Thangs
  • Instead of an error message you get a Winder covered with a garbage bag and duct tape.


  • OK = 'ats awright
  • Cancel = hail, no
  • Reset = aw shoot
  • Yes = shore
  • No = naaaaaw
  • Find = hunt ferrit
  • Go to = over yonder
  • Back = back yonder
  • Help = hep
  • Stop = ternit off
  • Start = crank 'er up
  • Settings = sittens
  • Programs = stuff that does stuff
  • Documents = stuff I done done.

Also note: TED (or, WINDERSXP) does not recognize capital letters or punctuation marks. We regret any inconvenience it may have caused if you received a copy of TED. You may contact us at 1-800-GOODLUCK for information on how to return it to Microsoft for a replacement.


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10 July 1999;
25 July 2003