Presidential Press Conference

[We join the President's press conference in progress...]

President George W. Bush: "Next. You there on my left."

Reporter: "Sir, would you like to make a comment on Doonesbury?"

Bush: "The folks that make the cake mixes? What are they up to?"

Reporter: "You're thinking of Pillsbury. I'm referring to the political comic strip, Doonesbury."

Bush: "Why would I have a comment on a comic strip?"

Reporter: "Well sir, a lot of people have been saying....."

Bush (interrupting): "A lot? I have spoken to a lot of people already today and not heard anything about this comic strip. Perhaps you should re-phrase the question."

Reporter: "Sir, a few people....."

Bush (interrupting again): "A few? Come on, how many?"

Reporter: "Three."

Bush: "Well, unless you mean the Holy Trinity, that is not a very significant number. Tell me, who draws this comic strip?"

Reporter: "Gary Trudeau."

Bush: "Frenchman, huh?"

Reporter: "No sir, he is an American."

Bush (rolling his eyes): "Alright. Let's see if I have this correct. You have used this valuable opportunity to ask the President of the United States a question about matters affecting our nation to, instead, pose a question about a comic strip drawn by a Frenchified American because three insignificant people put a buzz in your Stetson? I suggest you may want to dust off your résumé upon returning to your office."

Bush: "Who's next?"

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