Anybody Feeling Afraid?

by Angel Shamaya

Okay, I'll admit it.  I am feeling some genuine fear.

I'm afraid of whoever sits at the top of the food chain and pulls the disarmament strings and thus works to make the work of rapists easier.  I'm afraid of the people who control the media and of why they suppress so many facts proving that gun crimes are decreasing, and I'm scared as to the true reason they squelch the truth and inflate through fear tactics the problems on gun violence.  I'm scared of their real agenda.

I'm afraid of the deep-seated ignorance that has been programmed into our society regarding the real reason the Founding Fathers of America wrote the Second Amendment.  It scares me that there are so many people, especially young people, who have no clue that privately owned guns are the last shield between them and utter enslavement.  Frightening.  That so few people actually question the disarmament going on in America today adds further fear to the heap, as well.  

And I am genuinely afraid that the only way to stop the assault against our freedoms may actually be by use of force.  Yes, I am afraid I will have to live through the times where we will see widespread bloodshed on American soil as citizens with freedom running thick in their veins resist with their last drop of blood the onslaught of tyranny with which they are besieged.  I'm disquieted by the looming confiscation and the battles which would certainly ensue.  Angst times ten.

And I am scared of the Perpetrator-in-Chief.  People call him "president clinton," but I know he is the Devil himself, or certainly one of his Chief Executives, I can feel it.  His wicked and forked tongue woos and coos, and people buy his unmitigated farce likes it is some sort of genuine communication of care and concern for the welfare of human he really cares for them.  He scares me.  That people buy into his deep and calculated deception scares me even more.  Chilling to the extreme.  This "al gore" person is just the same or worse, and the thought of him coming into office is really really scary.  Alarming agitation and intense trepidation.

And I'm frightened of the police who actually carry out unconstitutional laws in the name of "protecting and serving" or "doing their duty."  And I'm more scared for our good upstanding police officers who support the constitution but are increasingly unable to make their voices heard up the chain of law enforcement bureaucracy. This I find as frightening as must have been the fears of Nazi gestapo members who disagreed with the orders coming down from superiors but were afraid of losing Severely for speaking up.

My fear has been forcing me to face some things that now seem inevitable.  And I am facing them.

I am genuinely afraid that we will see political assassinations some time soon--that we will see anti-freedom political figures singled out, targeted, and destroyed for their actions.  John Ross talks about the Unintended Consequences of the advancements into Liberty in his landmark book, and his accounting is daringly to the point.  This is some scary stuff, and it seems like it is bound to happen sooner or later, and probably sooner with the way things are going.  And I'm scared of what would happen if such incidents began happening with any regularity.  Martial law, among other things, would be an obvious chess move for the out-of-all-control government.  What could erupt amidst such events chills me to the bone and racks my nerves like crazy when I let myself go there.

I predict that we will see open and brazen gun confiscations some time in the coming months, right here on American soil.  Yes, we've seen isolated confiscations in New York, California, Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, D.C. and other places, but I now believe we are likely to see very bold, direct, mass assaults on liberties far beyond anything we've witnessed as a collective community in modern times here in America.  And that just plain scares the hell out of me.

Fear is an amazing and powerful creature.  It can cripple the mind and cause utter ineffectiveness.  

And, fear can also be the most strident ally we have.  When fear is used as fuel, it is transformed into Courage, Faith, and Strength--the birthright and heritage of America itself.  Our Founding Fathers risked everything they had including their very lives to lay our foundation.  Their lives were in jeopardy and they knew it.  Had they succumbed to their understandable fears that the King's men had orders to apprehend them at all costs, we'd be living in Britamerica right now.  Had they given in to self-preservation in lieu of species preservation and Nation Preservation, we'd be programmed to hail some worthless figurehead of a Queen instead of hailing our creator and the rugged individualism and interwoven vital freedoms we hold so firmly to our hearts.

But they didn't cave, and neither will I.  My fear is fuel for my courage, strength, faith and deep knowing that we will reclaim this nation at all costs, and I do mean ALL costs.  My freedom is not for sale.  My freedom is not a poker chip at some political craps table.  My freedom is not negotiable.  My freedom is mine and mine alone, and I will live the rest of my life free or I will die an honorable death defending it knowing that I am sacrificing my life for Freedom Itself.  I work so hard every day to avert having to resort to arms to defend Liberty, and I believe we can still do this peacefully.  And, I also see that window closing daily by an onslaught of tyranny beyond anything I ever believed (ignorance was bliss) could happen in America.

As for me, I know where I stand.  There will not be a Waco Part 2 in my town.  There will not be Ruby Ridge Act 2 in my town either.  Though I live a pretty public life these days because of the work I do for freedom, I am not the kind of person to sit on the sidelines and "report" about pushing coming to shoving.  I will not sit by and watch innocent people destroyed in the name of Statism.  Not me.  I couldn't live with with such self-cowardice.  If my increasingly-well-networked local family of freedom fighters contact me and tell me Waco 2 is happening up the road, I am THERE.  Police forces, no matter WHO hired them, do not get to kill innocent men, women and children any more--not in my neighborhood.

I'm not afraid of my fear; I am grateful for it.  It got me off of my lazy butt and into the arena where my intelligence, time, talents, skills, resources and ideas are needed immediately.

And as for you--you congressional anti-constitution criminals who work under grossly overpaid salaries stolen from the blood, sweat and tears of my countrymen--you are disgusting, liberty-stealing human beings who belong in Exile, and you need to get something very clear. We law abiding gun owners have been abused enough.  We've born enough weight from your unAmerican tinkerings.  We're deeply dissatisfied with your vile and despicable deceptions and half truths as you diligently work to destroy the foundation of our country.  We are not only mad, we are FURIOUS, and our patience is growing thin.

And we are watching you anti-constitution legislators like a hawk and notifying many thousands of people every day about your actions.  You will relent.  You will stand down. You will obey your oath of office.  One way, or another, our Constitutional Republic will be returned to us.  One way, OR ANOTHER.  We prefer the peaceful route.  The choice is most definitely yours, and it looks like you are making some very, very foolish choices with dire consequences for many Americans.

"...but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude, that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people, while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and use of arms, who stand ready to defend their rights..." —Alexander Hamilton speaking of standing armies in Federalist No. 29

Angel Shamaya is the Founder of  Keep and Bear Arms

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7 apr 2000