The Price of Indolence

Wayne Carlson
March 18, 2001

"It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance, which if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt."
— John Curran: Speech upon the Right of Election – 1790

Last week I posed the question of whether or not we are citizens of our States, protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or have unknowingly forfeited our original relationship with government, for a federal citizenship with dubious benefits and dangerous concessions of our liberty. I promised to further explore this issue with a brief overview of how these changes came about.

Let us begin by recalling that in the original Constitutional Republic we were considered sovereigns (meaning supreme in power and authority), and citizens of our respective States. The Constitution recognized this sovereignty of the States and its citizens, but granted to Congress exclusive legislative control over the people living in the District of Columbia and the federal territories because they were not States of the union. Thus, States were governed as members of a Constitutional Republic, while the territories and D.C. were ruled by a "legislative democracy". In the latter instance citizens have no rights except what Congress gives them. They can be ruled by Congressional whim. Not so, citizens of States in a true Constitutional Republic. Here the citizens have pre-existing, God-ordained rights, and Congress exists as the servant of the people in their sovereign capacity. This is why those that moved into the federal territories pushed so hard, and were so anxious, for Statehood and admittance into the Union (contract between States).

How is it then that we have forfeited State citizenship to become federal subject-citizens? Well, as readers of this pro-Southern column have learned, it all points back to April of 1865, at Appomattox Courthouse, where the South's struggle to preserve a Constitutional Republic, symbolically came to an end with Robert E. Lee's surrender to "overwhelming numbers and resources". In a very real sense, we all stand today at Appomattox Courthouse. Again, as long-time readers of this column know, to focus solely on the social institution of slavery, without seeing the monumentally important principles of freedom and government at issue, and ultimately lost to all, slave and free, is to be guilty of myopically focusing, to the exclusion of all else, on peripheral questions that shouldn't overshadow the central questions relating to sovereignty, liberty, and the scope of government power. It is as if the scars and imperfections of an otherwise beautiful and magnificent structure, like the Taj Mahal, or Great Pyramid, made it fit for nothing but destruction.

The radical departure from what the founding fathers envisioned and bequeathed to their posterity is directly traceable to the South's defeat and the legal steps that Congress has taken since that time. I am indebted to Mr. T. Collins for much of the following information regarding our transformation from State to federal citizenship. It appears that federal citizenship began with the unconstitutional enactment of the 14th Amendment in 1867. I say unconstitutional because when submitted by a radical Republican Congress during "Reconstruction", it failed to gain ratification from the Constitutionally required two-thirds of the State legislatures. What then followed is "hidden history" that is neither taught in our schools, nor discussed or debated by the powers that be.

Mr. James and Donald Kennedy, in their excellent book "The South Was Right", exposed the truth writing, "To secure enactment of the amendment", which sought to murder the old Constitutional Republic, and replace it with a new government of centralistic federalism, "the Northern Congress had to accomplish the following:

  • Declare the Southern States outside of the Union
  • Deny majority rule in the Southern States by the disfranchisement of large numbers of the white population
  • Require the Southern States to ratify the amendment as the price of getting back into the Union from which heretofore they had been denied the right to secede

In essence then, the South was removed from the Union that had refused to allow it to leave, and were declared non-states (conquered territories). In order to be admitted as States in the Union they had to undertake an action only States can take (ratifying an Amendment), while they were theoretically not States. This is typical of the tortured state of Yankee logic that supports the lies of a mythical continuity in the Constitution and historical governance of this nation. The Utah Supreme Court, to cite but one acknowledgement of the truth regarding the 14th amendment said, "I cannot believe that any court in full possession of all its faculties, would ever rule that the (14th) Amendment was properly approved and adopted."

Thus was the 14th amendment "enacted" and not legally ratified. It created federal citizens for the first time that fell under the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress. As subjects of Congress, they fall under its "protection" as "resident aliens" of a State. True State citizens are "domiciled" in their State, they are not aliens that happen to reside in a State. Mr. Collins points out that "the individual States may not deny to these persons any federal privileges or immunities that Congress grants them, such as affirmative action, quota's, set-asides, welfare checks, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, etc…

A 14th amendment citizen (federal), does not have inalienable common rights "recognized, secured, and protected in the Constitutions of the States, or the US Constitution, "such as absolute rights to property (gun control), speech (hate crimes/speech), religion (restrictions in schools etc.), inheritance, work, contract, travel," ad infinitem. "A federal citizen is a taxable entity like a corporation, and is subject to pay an excise tax for the privileges that Congress grants". They do not have natural rights, but "civil rights". Collins explains, "If you accept any benefit from the federal government, or claim any civil right, you are making an ‘adhesion contract' with the federal government. You may not be aware of any adhesion contracts but the courts are." The Constitution is a compact/contract created and existing in the jurisdiction of the Common law. Federal citizens operate outside of the common law and fall under the jurisdiction of commercial and admiralty/international law. This is why you will find a yellow or gold fringe on the US flag within U.S. Courts, to demonstrate under whose jurisdiction you are operating. The gold fringe on the flag is not simply ornamentation. It signifies federal authority within a military/territorial district of the United States. You'll find this flag flying in your child's school, in offices, courtrooms, and even churches all across the US today. You would do well to remember that federal citizens cannot use the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or Common law, as a defense in court because it is irrelevant to the adhesion contract they've made with you.

Few people understand that you renounce the State citizenship you are born into when you accept a Social Security Number (SSN), receive federal mail with federal ZIP codes, use Federal Reserve Notes (dollar bills), or have money in a bank with FDIC insurance. Collins points out that "over the years, our laws have been made unreadable by the average intelligent person." In addition to the 14th amendment on our road to civil slavery, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 turned our money over to a private banking cartel that makes a mockery of our allusions to living under a true free enterprise system. In 1935, the federal government created 10 Social Security "Districts" or federal areas that covered all of the several States. In 1939, the federal government instituted the Public Salary Tax Act, which, coupled with the Buck Act of 1940, allowed for the creation of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and applied its jurisdiction to anyone "residing" within a Federal area receiving federal benefits.

The information, herein provided, is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It is meant to be a starting point from which we can learn how the federal government has usurped the Sovereignty of the People and their States. Information is power and we should all be active in its pursuit. The stakes in what is going on, and has been going on for a very long time, are nothing less than freedom or slavery. If federal servitude is what you like, fine, but let us at least be conscious of the choices we are making and stop living under the pretense of Constitutional protection, or dual citizenship under our federal and State flags. We are all either one or the other.

Wayne Carlson is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Patrick Henry Chapter, Virginia League of the South. Mr. Carlson can be reached at  

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20 mar 2001