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The Biggest Liars On Earth:
The UN's Global Warming Panel

Alan Caruba

Let's understand something. The members of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are not scientists. The constant media rubric that the IPCC is the voice of scientists is just plain wrong. They are representatives of various nations, i.e., bureaucrats, and their reports over the years about an impending global warming have been routinely revised up and down to fit the times.

Apparently the times now require a new report predicting that global temperatures could rise by more 10 degrees this century, the most rapid change in the last ten millennia and more than 60% higher than the same group predicted less than six years ago.

Let it be said as loudly as possible that the IPCC is the biggest bunch of liars on the face of the planet, constantly revising the dubious data they use to create the bogus computer models on which these idiotic predictions are based.

The latest report was announced on January 22nd by Robert T. Watson, chairman of the IPCC, in Shanghai, China. The purpose is, as always, the tired, utterly discredited call to reduce energy use everywhere (with the exception of a few places like China and India) to spare the earth from a horror list of calamities that includes droughts, floods, and the spread of diseases.

Listen closely. The earth warmed about one degree Fahrenheit between 1850 and 1950. Since then, not one single piece of scientific data, largely collected from meteorological satellites, as well as radiosonde balloons, has supported the lies that the earth is warming. A half-century has passed since the last, brief warming and the only thing the current data points to is a slight cooling. Indeed, back in the 1970's, the Greens were writing books predicting a new Ice Age.

The notion that humans are causing cataclysmic changes in the earth's weather is so idiotic it requires this endless scare campaign, the mother of all hoaxes.

Some part of the earth, every year, is subject to droughts and floods. With total confidence I can predict that there will be volcanic eruptions somewhere this year. With total confidence I can predict there will be hurricanes. With total confidence I can predict there will be earthquakes. Thus it has always been and will always be. Humans have nothing to do with it!

These reports are about politics, specifically socialist politics, not science. Those who write these reports are not the least interested in what real scientists have to say on the subject of whatever weather trends are occurring.

It is Green politics that has left California, a State whose economy places it on a par with entire nations, bereft of enough energy to light the Christmas tree on the lawn of the Governor's mansion. It is Green politics that nixed the building of new nuclear plants in California to provide the energy needed by its 34 million citizens. It is Green politics that has rolling blackouts leaving parts of that State without electricity. It is Green politics that has bankrupted the State's utilities.

It is Green politics that locked up a billion dollars worth of high-grade coal in Utah. (Coal is the primary fuel used for the generation of energy in the US.) It is Green politics that recommends tearing down hydroelectric dams to save a few salmon. It is Green politics that finds an "endangered species" every time and everywhere some developer wants to build new housing or any other commercial structure. It is Green Politics that bans needed roads in US nation's forests to effectively manage those forests and to provide access if fires break out to destroy millions of dollars of the natural resources they represent.

The United Nations has been totally captured by the most fanatic Greens on the face of the earth and nothing it says about the environment has any relation to the truth. The most sophisticated computer models are barely able to predict changes in weather patterns for the next week, let alone the next decade or century.

Meanwhile, all this obscures the United Nations' relentless drive toward becoming a global government, utterly negating the sovereignty of this and all other nations. We need to put an end to this socialist subterfuge that passes itself off as the only way to avoid conflicts between nations and advocates programs that attack the core element of every society, the family. End it. End it now.

Alan Caruba, pulls no punches pointing out environmental lies and liars, political pandering, food police nutcases, animal rights lunatics, and the entire managerie of mis-information and dis-information at The National Anxiety Center. E-mail Mr. Caruba at

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28 jan 2001