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Five Reasons Why The Science of
Global Warming Is Nonsense

by Professor Emeritus Philip Stott

1. Climate always changes, gradually, catastrophically, and unpredictably. It would be especially newsworthy if climate stopped changing;

2. Climate change is governed by millions of factors (variables), from the swish of a butterfly's wing, through volcanic eruptions, landscape alterations, natural fluctuations in greenhouse gases, changes in oceanic currents and salinity, variations in the Earth's orbit and axis, sunspot cycles, to dust and meteors;

3. Much of the debate is based on associations (correlations) between extremely short-run data sets, often collected and averaged in unhelpful ways. Correlations tell us nothing about processes;

4. Carbon dioxide is often taken as a proxy for all the other greenhouse gases. This is not acceptable, especially as the models are largely unable to cope with the most important greenhouse gas of all, water vapor;

5. Our climate models come nowhere near to being able to predict climate change. The current direction of change remains unproven, with balloon and corrected satellite measurements, along with some high-latitude ground measurements, still indicating cooling, not warming. It is also possible that any warming signature is really reflecting only the processes of global urbanization.

See also: EnviroSpin Watch Professor Philip Stott's own weblog monitoring coverage of
environmental issues and science in the UK media.
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