Revisiting the Global Warming Hoax

Alan Caruba
June 9,  2003

In simple terms, CO2 is the lifeblood of the planet.

There has been no spring on the East Coast of the United States this year. Even into the early days of June, the weather has remained cold and damp. One is tempted to ask, "Where is the global warming that has been predicted?" but this cold spell in the US is offset by a heat spell in India that has killed dozens of people. Is global warming occurring there, but not here? Is global warming occurring at all?

No. The entire global warming hoax is based on computer models and they are designed to produce the kind of data that supports the claims by environmentalists that the Earth is warming at an alarming rate. The blame is assigned to the combustion of fossil fuels, the basis for the provision of energy to heat our homes, service manufacturing, and fuel our transportation needs.

We are told that the main culprit is the increase of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth's atmosphere. Testifying on May 13, 2003 before the US House of Representatives' Committee on Resources, Dr. John Christy, a professor of atmospheric Science and director of the Earth System Center at the University of Alabama, said, "CO2 is not a pollutant. In simple terms, CO2 is the lifeblood of the planet. The vegetation we see around us would disappear, if not for atmospheric CO2. This green world largely evolved during a period when the atmospheric CO2 concentration was many times what it is today…in other words, carbon dioxide means life itself."

This raises the obvious question, if CO2 is integral to all life on Earth, why have the environmentalists been striving to put restrictions on it through such instruments as the United Nations Kyoto treaty and propagandizing its supposed danger?

Why have the Greens consistently produced bogus "computer models" that predict a massive, swift "warming" when, in truth, it is virtually impossible to know with any certitude the overall temperature of the Earth's surface? Whole aspects of knowing or predicting this remain largely a mystery to the best meteorologists and climatologists. "Fundamental processes, for example heat transfer, are not adequately described in the models," Dr. Christy noted. He could have added that little is understood or known about the actions of cloud formation worldwide.

His testimony is particularly significant because Dr. Christy recently served as a lead author of the UN's' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, frequently cited as proof that global warming is occurring. Little known to the public is the fact that most of the scientists involved with the IPCC do not agree that global warming is occurring. Instead, its findings have been consistently misrepresented and/or politicized with each succeeding report.

Dr. Christy's latest paper, published in the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, revealed that estimates of global warming "show much less warming, less than half, observed at the surface. The real world shows less warming in the atmosphere, not more, as models predict." He told the House Committee that computer models should be "viewed with great skepticism."

Despite the IPCC claims, studies have clearly demonstrated that "large temperature swings have been common in the past 1,000 years, and that temperatures warmer than today were common in 50-year periods about 1,000 years ago. These studies suggest that the climate we see today is not unusual at all."

The global warming hoax is not about the Earth's climate. It is about an attack on the economies of those nations that produce much of the world's wealth. "Our country is often criticized for producing 25% of the world's anthropogenic CO2," Dr. Christy noted, "However, we are rarely recognized and applauded for producing, with that same CO2, 31% of what the world wants and needs; its food, technology, medical advances, defense of freedom, and so on."

The industrialized nations of the world are the target of the environmentalists, as is the entire population of the world. By every means possible, they have sought to undermine economic growth and to enhance the reduction of human life on this planet. Those of us who defend growth, who oppose their efforts to keep vast portions of the Earth's population in poverty and subject to lethal diseases, are assailed as "tools of multinational corporations" and advocates for "pollution." Nothing could be further from the truth.

What we want is the worldwide spread of prosperity and, importantly, the spread of freedom that underwrites it.

What we don't want is for people to suffer from the Big Lie of Global Warming being perpetrated out of the United Nations and propagandized by environmentalists worldwide.

Alan CarubaAlan Caruba is the author of "The United Nations Vs. The United States", available from the website of The National Anxiety Center. He writes a weekly column, "Warning Signs", also posted on the site. The Center is a clearinghouse for information about scare campaigns designed to influence public opinion and policy.
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