Communism Very Much Alive, Part One

Copyright 2001 By Ray Thomas

It amazes me when people who are known to be intelligent repeat communist/collectivist propaganda as if it were true. The general thinking today is that "communism is dead" because it has "collapsed" in Russia. But has it? The very same communists who were in power before the "collapse" are still in power today. They're just "not communists any more." Yeah, we believe that. (Funny thing is, most of us, those who don't "pay attention," do.)

Especially after Gorbachev's speech to the Politburo in 1987, just prior to "the collapse": "Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep."

And "fall asleep" we have. It is "conventional wisdom" that "communism is dead" while it thrives in almost every country in the world except Russia — and truth be known it is thriving there, too. Thriving under another name. And we're completely fooled.

As I wrote in BC 25, "Is Communism Dead?" Adam Wisehophf, professor at Germany's Ingolstadt University, who founded the Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, smugly reflects on his ability to con the gullible people of his day, saying: "The most wonderful thing of all is that the distinguished Lutheran and Calvinist theologians who belong to our order really believe that they see in it the true and genuine sense of Christian religion." Then he went on to exult: "Oh mortal man, is there anything you cannot be made to believe?" It is this plan (the one he created for world government) that is still being promoted by socialists all over the world. Communism dead? Not likely. It lives on as socialism.

Socialism, like communism, is just one form of collectivism, the philosophy that maintains that man does not have the right to live for his own purposes. That he must be concerned for everybody else, to the exclusion his own needs and desires. It is fueled by this old saw: "From each according to his ability, and to each according to his need." It is a "maxim" that gives people the right to steal from others if they "need" it. It makes "need" a demand on the earnings of others. It is what is fueling the drive of the people I call "the power seekers" in their drive to be able to utterly control all of us.

Communism in Russia was the first "showcase" for the "power seekers" in the world. That it failed to the point where they had to create such a massive hustle to convince the world that it had failed utterly was a surprise to them. But to people who believe in the "two step forward, one step back" method of taking over, they took it in stride. All forms of collectivism have failed every time they were tried. But those in power have used force to maintain their power and gotten help from those collectivist governments that are not as far down the road to ruin. They cooperate to maintain their power until they control the world. Then they think they won't have to worry any more.

Albert Herlong, Jr., a Floridian who served in Congress from 1949 to 1969 read into the Congressional Record, a list of 45 "Communist Goals for Takeover" that they intended to use to complete the takeover of the United States of America and thus, the world. Once they accomplish that, the rest of the world (that small part of which is not already under communist/collectivist domination) will "drop into their laps like a ripe plum."

They're so cocky that they don't even care that these goals are commonly known by their intended victims. They have been in circulation for many years, yet most people don't even know about them and most of those that do look upon them as a mere "intellectual exercise." But most of their goals have already been realized. And most people, even those who are supposed to be "our leaders," are unaware of it or are cooperating by hiding it from us, or by ridiculing us for having the audacity to bring it to their attention.

I'm not going to list all those goals in the blueprint for our destruction as a free nation. You can find those on the Glenn Beck web site at Glenn Beck is a radio commentator in Tampa, Florida, at WFLA-AM. He is a "firebrand" who engenders love and hatred, and is a staunch anti-communist. His view however, might be somewhat limited, as this article will show (although this article is not written with that goal in mind). His limitation is in blaming everything on communism without looking at the larger picture where it soon becomes obvious that what I said above is true: communism is but one form of collectivism, and it is the collectivist idea, in many different forms, that has been working diligently to enslave us all.

What I'm going to do is take a few of those published goals and talk about the details of how they have been, or are as I write, being realized. I'm not going to talk about all those goals that are already, or are in the final stages of being realized. I think you can learn about those for yourself, once you've been alerted. So let's begin:

  • Free Trade: Permit free trade between all nations, ignoring their communist affiliation, regardless of whether or not those items could be used against us in a war. We've been selling Communist China sensitive information for many years, trying our best to ignore the fact that they are one of our biggest threats today. Bill Clinton sold them secrets that allowed them to advance 25 or years or more closer to "parity" with us. He sold it to them for millions of dollars in campaign donations. It was treason, but no one will prosecute him for it.
  • Financial Support for Communist Nations: On this goals list, it says: "Extension of long term loans to Russia and Soviet Satellites." But today, we're doing more than that. We're giving foreign aid to more "formerly" communist nations than I can count, based on the fiction that they're no longer communist and, due to the "hardships" caused by the quick change in their system, are "needful." (Right: "need" is a demand on our aid)
  • Individual Representation for Soviet Satellites in UN:With the so-called "breakup" of the Soviet Union, many "former" Soviet Satellite countries are now nominally "independent" and will soon apply for representation in the UN as independent countries. Mark that one off the list.
  • Capture American Political Parties: Looking at the actions of both major political parties in the United States, I believe this one has been accomplished to a great degree.
  • Gain Control of the Courts: One of the main problems today is the tendency of liberal appointees to the courts making "technical decisions" that undermine basic human institutions, using the "civil rights" hustle. That the courts make "new law" rather than affirm what is the law. The 2000 presidential election was almost decided by the Florida Supreme Court's making of new law in allowing an extension of the time limit for counting votes in spite of clear law to the contrary. Another "basic institution" they've destroyed is the prohibition against killing unborn children as "birth control" and for the convenience of the parents by "finding" a right in the Constitution that did not exist through twisting the meaning of the words therein.
  • Get Control of the Schools:Any would-be despot knows that in order to have an easy time of it, they must control what is taught to the children in school, and from the earliest age. They're using many different schemes to accomplish this, but none so successful as the "child protector" hustle. Today, they have set it up so that the "child protectors" can literally walk in your home without a warrant, strip search your children against your will, force you to allow them to be drugged or face child abuse charges, snatch them from you on the "chance" that you might become abusive if they are left there. They get the unquestioning support of the police in many jurisdictions, using police to force their way into homes without warrants, with the courts ignoring this violation of their rights or ruling that "since this is a 'civil' action rather than a 'criminal action,' constitutional rights do not apply."

    They're protected, for the most part, by the "Good Samaritan Laws" that allow them to escape the consequences of their actions even if they can be shown to be liars under oath. They have "hot lines" set up all over, and the people who call in and "report" child abuse are similarly protected to the extent that today lawyers advise their clients to report child abuse even if not true in order to move their opponents' attention away from the central point of whatever litigation in which they're involved. They do this because it is well known that there is "no price to pay" for such lies. They cannot be prosecuted because of the Good Samaritan laws.

    Once a "report is in, the "child protectors" go in with a vengeance and rip families asunder, even if child abuse cannot be proven. To my knowledge, they are the only "enforcers" who can take action on the opinion of the social worker that the parent might become an abuser if the children are left in the home. In other words, to take action in the absence of lawbreaking because a law might be broken in the future.

    They're now forcing parents to allow the drugging of their children with cocaine-like, addictive drugs such as Ritalin and its derivatives. Drugs that those very children are now abusing on their own. That they're stealing and selling to those who aren't being drugged by government order. They're doing this because of a "malady" (ADHD) for which there is no clinical proof of its existence, the frequency of which has doubled and tripled in the last few years. An increase that proves that it is the "popular diagnosis" doctors make at the behest of the social workers in the absence of real knowledge of anything being wrong with the child.

  • Control Student Newspapers: The leftist agitators who caused so much trouble in the sixties never left the campus. Now they're the ones running them. They're the college presidents and regents, the deans. And they're the ones who would take action when students abuse people in the student newspapers who write things the leftists don't like. But they're the ones who "stand aside" while campus papers slant their stories to justify the absurd, far-out positions of the left-wing radicals.

    They're the ones who allow school-funded college journalists to attack conservative students and professors who do not toe the left wing "politically correct" line. While the liberals who run these "official" campus publications shut out conservative students from newspaper staffs. They're the ones who harass and harangue young students who dare to speak up on campus in defense of economic freedom, personal liberty and traditional moral values. They ignore it while leftist students steal and destroy entire issues of campus papers that contain stories with which they do not agree.

There are so many things on this list that have been, or are being accomplished right now that I just don't have the time, nor the room here to list them all in one article. So I'm going to write several articles in the future to get to most of them. The whole point here is that there is not a single conspiracy to promote communism, there are many conspiracies, all fueled by collectivism, the philosophy of choice for people who want power over the rest of us. There are basically two kinds of people in the world: those who want to control others, and those who don't. Those who don't have no reason to "conspire" to gain power. Those who do, have every reason to "conspire." Not necessary together, but in a similar conspiracy to others, which makes it look like a single conspiracy. It's not.

Many separate conspiracies work together, since their goals are similar. But the fact remains that there are so many "conspiracies" out there to take power that they are uncountable. The scams, schemes, and hustles they use to gain an advantage are legion. So many in fact that there is no way we can even know about them all, much less do something about them. But the answer, whether it is a single conspiracy or many, is this: investigation and exposure.

Someone once said: "If the American people knew what was being done to them, there'd be a revolution before morning." I agree. Not that I'm promoting a bloody revolution, but I am promoting a non-bloody revolution by telling people — as many as I can — what is really going on. By trying to get as many people as I can to "wake up" and realize that they are slowly being enslaved, and to ignore it is to allow it. If they don't wake up today, one day they'll wake up as slaves.

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18 apr 2001