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Test Your NWO I.Q.

Daniel D. New

Readers of the internationalist magazine, Foreign Affairs, read this statement by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., a few issues back:

"In the United States, neo-isolationism promises to prevent the most powerful nation on the planet from playing any role in enforcing the peace system. If we refuse a role, we cannot expect smaller, weaker, and poorer nations to ensure world order for us."

Okay, we all know that "Isolationism is bad," that America must carry the banner for solving all the world’s problems. To do less is to be a selfish Isolationist. So here’s an easy way to find out if you are part of the problem. Take this simple test to find your "Internationalist Quotient." (And I’ll do for you what my teachers never did for me: Give yourself 10 points as an Isolationist for every False and 10 points as an Internationalist for every True.) (If you live in different country, just substitute that country's name.)

___ I feel nothing deep inside when Old Glory passes in a parade.

___ I believe "the American Way" is no better or worse than other countries.

___ If I (or my child) join the military, I would support their having to fight (and maybe die) in a war where no American interest is involved.

___ I think America really ought to become the policeman to the world.

___ It’s fine with me if American soldiers are placed under the command of foreign officers who take an oath to serve the UN exclusively.

___ If it takes a draft to supply men and women to the UN military, I’ll support it.

___ American Independence is really kind of an out-dated idea -- nations should let the UN settle all disputes and put an end to all wars.

___ Every country ought to have a voice in the UN equal to America, even if they only have the population of New Hampshire and the economy of Arkansas.

___ If there’s a conflict between a UN treaty and the US Constitution, then the UN treaty should prevail.

___ I think the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" should be replaced in our schools with a "Pledge to the Planet."

Okay, now you know the score. You know if you’re in tune with the policy of the US government to reduce American sovereignty, and to implement a One World Government. If you answered five or more "F’s" on this test, now you know that you’re the problem, as the government sees it, and until you (or your children) are re-educated, we’ll never have the New World Order promised us by George Bush, and worked for by Bill Clinton.

If you’re not willing for your children to be forced under the command of foreign officers, and if you’re not willing for them to die in a country you never heard of, "in the service of the United Nations," as Al Gore put it, then you just won’t make it in the "Brave New World" of the next Millennium.

In that Foreign Affairs article mentioned at the top, Schlesinger went on to say,

"We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money."

Whose blood do you think he was talking about?


Daniel D. New, fourth generation Texan, lives in Hamilton County, Texas, from whence he lectures, writes and stays in touch with what the United Nations is doing. He just published his first book,
MICHAEL NEW – Mercenary? or American Soldier?,
now going into it's second edition. His son, Michael, was the first American soldier to ever be court-martialed for wanting to serve his country in its own uniform. The case is still under appeal.

For more information, contact the Michael New Action Fund, P.O. Box 100, Iredell, Texas 76649.
Or visit their website at:

Copyright 1999, Daniel New
Permission to reprint is granted.

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