The Silent Invasion

Wayne D. Carlson

April 2, 2001

There is a conspiracy of silence going on in this country, the consequences of which are vast and probably permanent. At stake is nothing less than our survival as “a people,” in the same sense that the Chinese, Japanese, or Ethiopians constitute “a people”. Liars and propagandists in academia, media, and the halls of Congress are telling us that Americans have never been “a people” in the same sense of other nations that have their own distinctive identity and culture. America, they say, is an idea. We are a “universalist nation”, as pseudo conservative national columnist George Will has stated.

When held up to the light of unbiased study and historical truth, however, we realize that this aberrant and suicidal notion is virtually nonexistent and utterly repudiated by the facts. Only in recent decades has this idea taken root, due no doubt to its promotion by our homegrown and imported leftists, and the silence of dissenters too afraid to speak lest the charge of “racism” be leveled their way.

The fact that before the revolutionary 1965 Immigration Act, almost all of America’s immigrants came from countries that comprised what we call “Christendom”, and were encouraged to embrace the established and dominant culture then existing, strongly suggests a prior self-conscious understanding of who we were. Immigration for most of our history was limited, with a few notable exceptions. It amounted to a trickle by comparison with our present influx of multi-millions of legal and illegal immigrants. It was also of a completely different character to what we are seeing today. Those that are fond of shrugging off what is happening today will mutter something about us “being a nation of immigrants”. They utterly fail to comprehend the consequences immigration on this scale and of this type will inevitably have on the centuries old Western traditions that have made America what it has been.

America’s political leadership, on both the left and the right, have embraced a virtual open-door policy to the world’s non-white, non-Western European “peoples” in a deliberate attempt to destroy the Christian, conservative culture of this nation, so as to make way for the surrender of our Constitution and national sovereignty to a single international government agency that seeks global control. While most people used to laugh and scoff at such a notion just a few years ago, denouncing those that warned of a coming “New World Order” as hopelessly deranged, many are now beginning to wonder as they listen to their own leaders openly speak and enact legislation that makes the direction we are moving unmistakably clear.

Considering where this invasion is taking us, I think it imperative that we begin to confront our so-called representatives and ask them some pretty pointed questions about why no one has bothered to ask the majority if they mind being reduced to minority status, with the resultant loss of cultural and political dominance in their own country. Is this what our colonial ancestors and founding fathers intended? We might ask them why we cannot control our own borders while we have military personnel in over 100 countries around the globe. Ask them why the United States Constitution is being deliberately ignored. Both Articles I, Section B and Article IV, Section 4 require that Congress protect us against, and repel, “invasion”. On June 15, 1984 President Ronald Reagan warned, “the U.S. has lost control of our borders, and no nation can do that and survive.” So, do we wish to survive, or do we have so little regard for our own cultural inheritance that we simply surrender our land, our nation, and our children’s future to the invaders?

For the liberal Socialists already among us, that have bought into the utopian one-world propaganda machine’s myth of “diversity as a strength” I would ask them to point out where there is evidence in history to prove this contention. Can they point to anywhere in America today where bringing large numbers of diverse “peoples” together has resulted in true harmony? Perhaps it’s time for us to answer their inevitable name-calling tactics, used so effectively in getting us to keep quiet, with charges of treason and legislative tyranny.

For those conservatives that still want to believe that the election of Republican George Bush will somehow stop, or even slow this invasion, they are in for a rude awakening. Republican leaders recently met with Mexican President Vincente Fox on January 9th. They agreed to sponsor a “guest worker” program that will grant Mexico virtually unlimited access to U.S. labor markets. Under the agreement, the eight million illegal Mexicans that are estimated to be living in the U.S., will be granted amnesty and allowed to remain. How many are aware that in 1970 California had a population comprised of 80 percent European descended whites, and are today a minority in their own State? Is such a dramatic transformation of little consequence to future generations of Californians? Some of the new majority are making their sentiments with regard to the new minority crystal clear by sporting bumper stickers on their cars that say F*** You! This is still Mexico!

The changing face of our own State was revealed in the recently released census figures. If Virginia is to avoid the same fate as California and New Mexico, and in the very near future, Florida, Texas, and Arizona, we must be willing to break the silence and take action. The solution is in the power of truth. Truth, like knowledge, equals power. You must begin to look beyond the controlled media. I would recommend as a starting place, Donn de Grand Pre’s “Barbarians Inside the Gates”, Jean Raspail’s “The Camp of the Saints” and

America must come to understand that she is the product of Western Civilization. She has been the highest embodiment of that civilization. This civilization is today in grave danger, both from within and without. Alexander Solzhenitsyn has remarked, “As seen from the outside, the massive upheaval in Western society is approaching the limit beyond which it will become ‘meta-stable’ and must collapse.”

I hope that readers are concerned enough about what is happening in this country that they will risk the inevitable liberal assault upon their good name and character and begin to speak out in defense of the treasures and virtues of our civilization. We also need to realize that the hour is late.

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4 apr 2001