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The United Nations Looks At "Racism"

Charles A. Morse
September 6, 2001

The so-called "World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance," just held in Durban South Africa, marks the latest edition in a long and infamous line of U.N. agitprop extravaganzas. The antics and high jinks at this confab should be instructive to freedom loving people regarding the true communist nature of the U.N. Regardless of the topic under discussion, the communists at the U.N. consistent with communism generally, are not interested in objective truth, only in deciding which "truth" best benefits their agenda. The U.N. agenda, in line with the communist tradition, is the achievement of a one-world government.

The two issues that caused the US to withdraw from the conference were the labeling of Israel, one of the worlds most racially diverse nations, as "racist," and the insistence that the US be singled out as the object of extortion to atone for a slave trade that included much of Africa, the Arab nations, Europe, and Latin America. By rejecting participation in this lunacy, the US, acting in the tradition of our great Republic, was behaving as a moral and principled arbiter, a light unto the nations.

The next logical response should be complete withdrawal by our government from the U.N. altogether. The U.N. should move its headquarters out of New York, where for over 50 years it has been a subversive dagger in the heart of the center of capitalism, and go to either Switzerland, or any other nation that would have them. The stated purpose of the U.N. has been to maintain world peace. In this regard, it has been a dismal failure and a farce. This failure is no accident; it is the result of the communist nature of the U.N., which defines "peace" as a world under the direct control of a socialist U.N.

William Z. Foster, chairman of the American Communist Party, in his 1930 book Toward Soviet America reveals the attraction that communists had for the U.N. in the following comments:

"The American Soviet government will join with the other Soviet governments in a world Soviet Union … not Christianity <sic> but Communism will bring peace on earth. A Communist world will be a unified, organized world. The economic system will be one great organization, based upon the principle of planning now dawning in the U.S.S.R. The American Soviet government will be an important section in this world organization."

The U.N. was developed at two pivotal conferences, Dumbarton Oaks in Washington D.C., and Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, before the end of World War II. Masterminding these conferences were Soviet agents Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Lauchlin Currie and others. The communist Alger Hiss would be appointed, at Stalinīs recommendation, Secretary General of the U.N. founding conference in San Francisco. Other American communists, later exposed by congressional testimony as Soviet agents, who helped found the U.N. while in the employ of the US government include:

"Soloman Adler, Virginius Frank Coe, Lawrence Duggan, Noel Field, Harold Glasser, Irving Kaplan, Victor Perlo, Abraham G. Silverman, Nathan G. Silvermaster, William H. Taylor, William L. Ullman, John Carter Vincent, Henry Julian Wadleigh, and David Weintraub."

Former Communist Party member Joseph Z. Kornfeder stated the following regarding the U.N. in congressional testimony, 1955:

"I need not be a member of the United Nations Secretariat to know that the U.N. blueprint is a Communist one. I was at the Moscow headquarters of the world Communist party for nearly three years and was acquainted with most of the top leaders … They (Hiss, White et al) and the Kremlin masterminds behind them never intended the U.N. as a peacekeeping organization. What they had in mind was a fancy and colossal Trojan horse under the wings of which their smaller agencies could more effectively operate. And in that they succeeded, even beyond their expectations … Its (the U.N.s) internal setup, Communist designed, is a pattern for sociological conquest; a pattern aimed to serve the purpose of Communist penetration of the West. It is ingenious and deceptive."

The U.N. record is clear. Communist and one party dictatorships sit in judgment of the United States. U.N. organizations such as U.N.E.S.C.O. seek legal power over the education, and therefore the minds and souls of the worldīs children. U.N. conferences, one after another, seek to enforce the aborting of human fetuses and other eugenic programs as well as sex education and other programs designed to erode the traditional family and religion. The U.N. seeks legal power over property under the guise of protecting the environment. The U.N. seeks a world army under their direct control, and confiscation of firearms, under the guise of "disarmament."

The agenda of the U.N. is one world government. American elected officials demonstrate either ignorance or acquiescence toward this agenda. The only thing that will stop this slide into the cesspool of world socialist government is for the American people to wake up before its too late and start demanding action from our government. We should get out and go it alone.

Charles A. Morse is a nationally syndicated talk show host heard on the American Freedom Network aptly named Boston Radio’s VOICE of REASON — Chuck is known for his incisive, insightful and sometimes controversial analysis of our political and social culture. He is the author of Thunder out of Boston. Listen in Monday thru Friday from 8-10 PM ET on KHNC 1360AM radio in Northern CO — 1370AM radio in Deer Trail, CO — via satellite — and live on the Internet. AFN Radio Call-in Number 800/290-4868, FAX: 800/551-2031.
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