Atrocities Of Morality

Deborah Venable
March 5, 2002

Excuse me while I take a little break from ranting about the socialist agenda in America – just a little break – call it a re-al-it-y break if you want. Does any of the massive group of “victims” in this country, (and no, I’m not talking about us patriots who are victims of rights grabbers), have any idea what goes on in most of the rest of the world right now? I hardly think so or they would not be trying so hard to make America over into a country that would easily fit in with barbaric regions on the rest of the globe.

You stomp around and demand things like “reproductive rights” and scream at Christians who try to tell you that it is wrong to kill your unborn babies. Hey, I’ve got a great idea – go to China! You won’t be accosted by Christians over there, and the government will pay for your abortions. You won’t even have to ask! Why put up with the atrocities of morality here?

You get so sick and tired of seeing churches and Bibles and God everywhere you look, and you can find somebody spouting that Christianity stuff on at least one channel on television if you really look for it - not to mention all the music that contains some mention of God or Heaven or Angels that bombards your poor ears if you happen to land on a Christian or country radio station. There are better places to be my friend – take a long hike to one of the many countries that hunt down those dastardly Christians and slaughter them in any number of grotesque ways. You can even watch them do it – or better still, pick up a hammer and nail a few yourself! You don’t have to take it any more!

If you hear one more story about some yahoo trying to say a prayer in a classroom where your child goes to school you are just going to lose it! How dare they think they can get away with wasting your little darling’s time talking about something called “faith” – or even the patriotism stuff. It’s just gone far enough! Not to worry – there is a place for you! Try one of the many countries that take your little darlings off your hands and place them in much better learning environments. If you’re REAL lucky they will choose the little lad or lass for “special” education in the fine art of terrorism and teach him such wonderful subjects as martyrdom or jihad or murder. You can be so proud!

This whole sexual morality thing that Christians keep spouting has really got you fed up. Everyone should be free to take sex – all kinds of sex – wherever they find it, and to heck with people trying to talk about commitment and responsibility where your own body is concerned! If you are a man, there are many places in the world that will welcome you with open arms. You can have all the sex you want anywhere you find it and nobody is going to tell you to stick to one woman (or boy)! If you are a woman and you want numerous sex partners without interference or morality speech, buy a ticket elsewhere – just so you aren’t picky about consent for all that sex. Got to be careful about that adultery thing in some places too – they get pretty nasty about that one! But I’m sure you’ll be happier some place where Christian morality does not exist.

If you hear one more red-necked patriot spouting off about the right to keep and bear arms you’re going to go nuts! These idiots who want guns available all the time are putting your life in danger and the government isn’t taking the guns away from them fast enough. Your kids aren’t safe either, and just the other day some little bugger pulled a toy gun on an “unarmed” group of kids! If that doesn’t prove how wrong those gun folks are you don’t know what will! Those folks keep talking about individual responsibility and morality and saying things like, “God helps those who help themselves.” You’re right! But you don’t have to take it, buddy! Hop a boat for one of the many places where guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens isn’t a problem! The only criminals that get shot in those places are taken out by the “troops” that march around keeping everybody in line. Try not to stand too close to the criminals though, because the troops don’t take time to aim.

I want to personally apologize to anyone who thinks they have to stay here in America and put up with an old system founded on the belief in God and moral rules. Those predominantly “white” folks who risked everything they were and everything they had to establish America under those rules are certainly not worthy of your “suffering” here instead of any of the places of your origin or your ancestors’ origin. Those places where God hasn’t gotten a big toe hold yet are probably much better suited to your needs, don’t you think? Just watch out for all those places that have NOT abolished slavery yet or you might get a first hand knowledge of it instead of having to imagine how cruelly your ancestors were treated here so many years ago. But, I’m sure you could go there and see how long it takes to wipe out slavery and suffering and injustice WITHOUT any Christian or moral influence.

As for me and mine, I think I’ll take my chances with God and Christians and morality after all. I also have enough to sense to know that in order to keep them I’ll have to have my guns handy – so I’ll continue to do that too. But y’all have a nice trip to your new reality, and don’t forget to write!

Now back to the regularly scheduled ranting against the socialist agenda that wants to strip America of God, Christians, morality and guns!

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7 mar 2002