Trouble at the Cosmic Happy Hour
Optimists, Pessimists and Realists
Finding True Happiness in the “End Times”

Anthony C. LoBaido
May 2, 2002

There seems to be only two kinds of people left in the world these days. Those who believe there are no problems, and those who believe there is no hope. The few men and women who sound the alarm about the state of the world – Dottie Seese, J.R. Nyquist, Don McAlvany, Charlie Daniels, Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson and others, including Anthony C. LoBaido, are often accused of “being negative” when speaking or writing about this subject. It would be wise to avoid negativity when possible in life. The book, "The Power of Positive Thinking" is surely a must read. But it would also be unwise to avoid a meaningful search to "understand the times" we live in.

Yes, we can find solace in the sunshine, flowers, our pets, walks amid nature and other activities. This is a must to keep our sanity. But for the thinking person, there can be no doubt that the world has entered a vortex – economic, political, religious, social and financial – which threatens to unleash a period of gross instability. This writer believes it is possible to keep “optimistic” while also being “realistic” about current events and the next bend in the road for ourselves, our nation and the world.

The news does seem horrific these days. Problems in the Middle East are out of control. Israel -- which has stumbled in arming Zimbabwe's murderous police force, legalized abortion and sold Red China state-of-the-art people watching technology -- finds herself isolated, with only America to help her. Argentina just stumbled with the largest default by a nation in history and barter is the new common currency down there.

One plus may be that conservative governments are coming to power in Denmark, Hungary and perhaps even France, as globalization and mass immigration cause a backlash in the Western World. But this might also spell trouble for those unwilling to see the approaching storm clouds at the Cosmic Happy Hour. Europe is a continent known to start world wars.

Stem cell research was legalized in America last summer. At that time, this writer predicted it would unleash a horrible effect upon America. It was just a gut instinct. This is truly creepy stuff. Dr. Mengele kind of stuff. Should we be surprised? Operation Paper Clip brought top Nazi scientists to America after World War II. Does that agenda continue?

Abortion, even at nine months is legal in America and the body parts of babies are bagged, tagged and sold to the four corners of the Earth. In China it is not uncommon for some people to actually eat aborted fetuses, (not knowing their commercial value probably, or unable to exploit it fully as China does so well with organ harvesting from political prisoners -- what scum. And to think, Clinton gave a 21 gun salute at Arlington to the Chinese General who organized the Tiananmen Square massacre).

Many Americans are steeped in the occult world, searching for answers in the dead rocks we call planets and they call "plasma physics." Perhaps there is a power there, patterns and even some truth in astrology, that this should not be dismissed outright. But can it help us to prepare for the future -- really prepare for the so called "End Times?" Moreover, can it give us peace of mind and help us to hold onto the special, precious things remnant people have in their relationship with the Lord as they “come out of the world?”

Divorce, Aids, gangs, drugs, alcoholism, drive by shootings, debt, partying, Marxist-controlled universities and political correctness are destroying the fabric of our society – and have done so, perhaps irreversibly. It’s hard not to be “depressed” when considering these things, but Christ specifically told His followers that the world would resemble the condition of the Earth during the time of Noah and Lot. The Bible says Lot was “vexed” by the evil around him.

Most readers of this column might identify with Lot.

America is not alone in its societal meltdown. In South Africa, there is a rape every 26 seconds and even babies are being raped by black Africans who believe such an act will “cure Aids.” It is an odd and creepy cultural phenomena. Who can understand it? The ANC blames Apartheid, but that is no answer. It is a spiritual disease one might suppose, and a "sign of the times."

In Russia, men who are rejected in marriage proposals toss acid into the faces of their would-be brides. In South Korea, abortion of females is out of control and threatens the fabric of their society, which most likely can only be saved by a union with North Korea. In China, female infanticide threatens the future of the nation as well. In Thailand, elephants are fed a speed drug “Ya Baa” which makes them work harder. Almost two million Thais are in drug rehab for Ya Baa and there appears no slow down is likely. Drug wars rage in Burma and Colombia. Child prostitution is endemic around the world, and internet pornography is out of control.

Many people are still reeling from the shock of the 9/11 attacks. The new mayor of New York announced he wants to make New York the Mecca of abortion training for doctors. Is that kind of creepy? Why the obsession with abortion in these times? Is it a black robed blood sacrifice? Many jobs have been lost. Almost every single person this writer knows has lost a job or is facing that possibility. Child porn is on the increase and the Supreme Court recently passed a decision easing America down that slippery slope. Wildly popular cartoons like "South Park" depict children eating human waste on their Christmas dinner and feature Santa Claus saying “F-you” to Jesus. TV shows like Boston Public contain a content scarcely believable. Hollywood elites and sports stars parade their filth on late night talk shows in a manner that would have shocked Johnny Carson only two decades ago.

China continues to expand and arm, building bases in Burma, Namibia, controlling the Panama Canal and has even threatened America with nuclear war. China’s human rights abuses continue, while the West both arms China and buys her slave labor products, including most of our Christmas toys. Radical Islam continues to fester, armed and aided by Mainland China.

Russia has also threatened America with nuclear attack over the Balkans. Iraq has moved her weapons of mass destruction into nations like the Sudan, Libya and Algeria and the CIA is at a loss to explain why weapons inspectors “can’t find” such weapons inside Iraq. South Africa, Vietnam, Laos, Namibia, Burma, Panama, Venezuela, Cuba, Libya, Algeria, Hong Kong, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and other nations are extremely anti-American and anti-West.

The world is running out of fresh water and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are soon to become the most vital water source on the planet, and a war to secure them will most likely occur in the next decade or sooner. Today U.S. Special Forces are in Northern Kurdistan preparing for that war. Don't look for anyone to tell America and the world this coming war is about "water." But it is.

Western culture continues to plague the developing world as every sort of filth imaginable is exported overseas from America’s shores. Nations like South Korea have been overwhelmed by this phenomena, and an entire generation of youth has been lost to the MTV culture, while we wait the next generation, raised by the Clintons, South Park, tattoo and body piercing parlors, to “run” an ever increasingly complex society. The RU-486 abortion pill was nearly legalized by the outgoing Clinton administration for dispensing in every American public school. Only an 11th hour act of Congress prevented this bill from becoming law.

The United Nations continues to work towards making world government a reality, and the Bush Administration had to stave off a push for a world taxing system.

“Let’s roll” indeed. More like staggering and straining to plug the holes in the dike.

Have you considered what will happen to America and the world if New York Senator Hillary Clinton comes to power in 2004? How might she empower the U.N. The world is ready for global control. Americans might not be, but Sweden and Togo are ready. Will Hillary come to town, this time at the top banana?

This is a real possibility, considering the dumbed-down American voting public, filled out with millions of new immigrants, legal and otherwise, who are anti-Western and most likely will only vote based on the economy. Heck, most people might vote based on the economy.

After all, to be honest, both Bush Sr. and Jr. offered America only recession. That's what the idiots who believe Dan Rather think anyway. America did have “prosperity” under the Clintons while Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve pumped up the stock market.

Remember when "Time Magazine" was trumpeting how Larry Summers, Robert Rubin and Alan Greenspan “Saved the world?” Well let’s see them save it now. China may see its entire banking system go bankrupt. Ditto Japan. In Japan some citizens are printing their own currency and using it in barter. Japan is desperately trying to get all the Southeast Asian nations to use the Yen. This increase in economies of scale may save Japan from collapse. If you were paying attention, you might have heard that Japan is threatening to build thousands of nuclear weapons to counter China’s military buildup.

How much have things changed since 1998? Consider "Time" magazine recently ran a page article on surviving nuclear war. A year ago, such a piece would have been dismissed as “crazy” and the fodder for columns written by men like LoBaido or Nyquist.

Want a stream of consciousness to keep you up nights?

Consider also that in Africa, the San bushmen are selling a “diet” extract from a plant growing in the Kalahari, while millions starve to death on the Dark Continent. Consider in Uganda there is a child army of 6000 soldiers trained and armed by the government of Khartoum, with kids as young as six taking up arms. Add to this the 35,000 strong billionaire Wa State drug army in eastern Burma. Let's not forget the kindergarten cuties being trained to carrying out suicide attacks in Palestine’s West Bank. Recall that passage in the Bible, “Suffer the children.” Well, they are suffering indeed. If it isn’t South Park its South Sudan. The "Who," a popular music group recently played at a fundraiser for 9/11 victims and sang “Teenage Wasteland” about kids tripping out of drugs. How’s that for a revival of moral community our children can look up too.

Those who try to warn their friends, families and world about the state of the planet will continue to be seen as “negative.” And if the world spirals out of control it will be no solace to be proven “correct” on such predictions.

Honestly, the world is out of control and this is due mainly to greed and the erosion of every societal norm to the four corners of the Earth. Where are the leaders of today speaking out against such things? And who can right the ship at this late hour? Will the prophecies of Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus be proven right, or will the world somehow magically turn back towards the morality of the 1950s? Is the “Mickey Mouse Club” coming back anytime soon?

So, in considering the opinions of the optimists, pessimists and realists, perhaps the real optimists are those who are most realistic. For they will survive the tumultuous changes that are soon to engulf the world.

Indeed, the real optimists will prepare radical changes in their lives to deal with what is coming. Some will engage in home schooling, indeed in America millions have done so, and this is a bloodless coup against the politically correct brainwashing going on in American schools these days. Others will be moving to various rural locations out of major cities, buying gold, guns and groceries. Many will prepare to survive the encroaching power of a United Nations world government if such an ethos emerges from the decline of the nation state. Or perhaps as the poet Yates wrote, “the center will not hold” and the world will decay into a high tech Middle Ages of sorts.

Still others will repent of their sins and seek out God as never before, using various religious texts and materials as their guide, for the distractions of this world no longer help, and they are tired of merely filling up their lives with emptiness.

Those who do these things will do doubt find a deeper peace as they enjoy a walk in the park with their pet. The next time you’re out smelling the flowers seeking an escape from all you have read in this column, don’t forget to wake up and smell the coffee. There can be little doubt that your economic future and perhaps to some degree even the destiny of your spouses, children, families and friends will be influenced by the plans you make for the future as the vortex approaches.

A few years ago, this writer received a hand-written letter from the late and great Romanian Prophet Dimitri Duduman. In it he wrote, “Anthony, when the end times come, the Lord will send an angel to warn each believer where he or she should go, just as the angel was sent to Joseph telling him to take Mary and baby Jesus into the deserts of Egypt and escape King Herod.”

Perhaps the remnant’s mantra should be “no to fear, yes to sanity, clarity, realism and mobility."

For now, those who tell us “everything is alright” and “don’t be negative” will just have to understand this new truth. Remember, they mocked and laughed at Noah and Lot It is possible to “understand and discuss” the times we live in, and make preparation for the future while at the same time enjoying the small pleasures in life. That is perhaps the most important lesson remnant people can learn at the dawn of the 21st century.

Anthony C. LoBaido is an international correspondent for

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