Do We Really Hate Our Children That Much?

Chuck Baldwin
September 7, 2001

It was widely reported this week that the upcoming fall lineup of network television programming is going to be the raunchiest, vilest, most vulgar yet. According to the reports, all three major networks are planning to run television shows that push the standards of acceptable behavior to their lowest point ever. The reports say that expletives like the "s" word and the "f" word will be used. They also report that several shows will openly blaspheme G-d and mock Christianity.

People who have previewed them say the new shows will turn our television sets into moral slime pits. If that is not enough, reports also state a deal has been reached with the Red Chinese government that will put communist programming (propaganda) on most U.S. cable and satellite systems. Do we really hate our children that much? It appears we do.

Bible students often marveled how pagan cultures of antiquity could deliberately sacrifice their children to idols. Now, it seems easier to understand. The pursuit of hedonism and materialism has caused millions of Americans to sacrifice the hearts and minds of their own children. America's children today are passing through the fire of debauchery as surely as Israel's children once passed through the fire of Molech.

One has to wonder if there is anyone left who can say "no" to filthy lucre. Will actors and actresses play any part, no matter how vile it may be? Will they utter any word, no matter how blasphemous it is? Will they perform any act, no matter how debauched it is? Will parents sit back and say nothing as their children are turned into moral zombies? Will corporate America sponsor any show, no matter how harmful it is to our culture? Do we really hate our children that much? It appears we do.

It is difficult to imagine that so many would give up so much for so little. I submit that this is not natural. It's not natural for adult people to be so eager to damn their own children. It's just not natural. Adults today are willing to destroy children's lives for the prospect of making their lives a little easier. It's not natural, I say.

The natural inclination of normal adults is to be willing to sacrifice their own comfort or convenience in order to protect the lives and well-being of their children. They would never think of turning their culture over to forces that will destroy their children. Then again, it is obvious that we are not living in a normal society today.

Today we kill unborn babies and justify it by saying it will enhance medical research. We expose our children to any act of decadence and justify it by saying we are expressing "tolerance." We worship at the altar of materialism and justify it by saying we are good capitalists.

However, there was a time in this country when any attempt by film producers, educators, or corporate leaders to pollute the minds and morals of America's children would have been met with the fiercest resistance. We loved our children that much.

Chuck Baldwin is conservative — Christian — pro-life — pro-family — and patriotic. He supports constitutional government and the Bill of Rights. Chuck holds fast to the principles and values expressed by the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence. His talk radio show, "Chuck Baldwin Live" aired its first program on August 1, 1994. It is heard Monday thru Friday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm [CST] on WVTJ AM 610 in Pensacola, Florida. The broadcast area includes the Florida Panhandle and Southern Alabama.
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