PBS-Why Gays Should Be Scout Leaders

Rev. Austin Miles

NOTE: To retain the full impact of this article,
some explicit sexual references are included.

Are you aware that homosexuality is normal? Or that the only thing that is not normal is the Boy Scouts who do not want homosexuals to be Scout Masters?

This premise occupied an hour of PBS TV, June 1, 2004, 10-11 P.M. (Pacific). Instructing America on these issues, was a teen-ager, Steven Cozza from Petaluma, California.

Sponsored by PBS, 'Viewers Like You', and the NEA (National Endowment of the Arts), which is funded by the United States government, that due to budget cuts, have closed libraries, schools, cancelled school music programs, sports programs (in several schools) and with others cutting their 7th period class. But the funding is there to propagate the homosexual agenda to legitimize and to force acceptance of a deviant and destructive life style.

This is all occurring during the annual, Gay and Lesbian Week, heavily supported by Kaiser Permanente.

Steve Cozza, who has pushed for homosexuals to be not only in the Boy Scouts but also for homosexuals to be Scout leaders, has championed this "social action" since he was a pre-teen. He claims to not be "gay."

In shots of his family, it was disturbing to see the superior attitude he exhibited toward his father bordering on outright disrespect. And when his mother, Jeanette, tried to wipe something off his cheek at the kitchen table, Cozza roughly pushed her hand away from his cheek with a perturbed look on his face. When he was made an Eagle Scout, his mother tried to kiss him on the cheek after the ceremony. Cozza withdrew from her angrily and rubbed his hand on his cheek as though trying to get rid of the kiss.

The idea of sex itself can be troubling to young people. Same sex coupling (the first time the idea is brought to their attention), is, to normal young people, sickening. It is a natural instinct to be repelled and to recoil at the idea. Even to those who have never been exposed to the Holy Scriptures. It is very unusual that a pre-teen would be so adamant in demanding that homosexuals be part of the Boy Scouts. Especially if that pre-teen is not gay, as Cozza insists.

At best, he is a very misguided young man who managed to misguide his own father, who was an Assistant Scout Master, along with Scout Leader, Dave Rice. Cozza recruited them into the homosexual cause and to carry signs in community parades (while wearing their Scout uniforms) accusing the Boy Scouts of, "Discrimination against Gays"

His father, and Dave Rice were both dismissed from their Scouting leadership positions by the head office of the Boy Scouts located in Texas, following publicity of their involvement in the gay cause. PBS presented this as an outrage.

Even worse, a family meeting was shown on the program with a church camp counselor, himself openly gay, who has had HIV for 17 years, according to his own admission. This is a CHURCH camp counselor!

Cozza offered up "the many homosexual role models in the Boy Scouts", telling what wonderful people they are. And he and the 'role models' worked to dispel "the myth that homosexuals are child molesters any more than heterosexuals."

That is a lie. Statistics have proven that an overwhelming majority of homosexuals are indeed child molesters. And the "gay" community is the only segment of our population that has actually formed a pedophile organization to fight for the legal "right" for men to have sex with little boys. The organization is NAMBLA, the North America Man Boy Love Association. And it is heavily supported.

Missing from this PBS program was any negative side of having homosexuals as Scout leaders. A victim (or victims) of homosexual predators who had taken advantage of their leadership positions should have been included. This should not have been considered unreasonable. After all, the homosexual lobby itself champions the idea of 'inclusion.' Then there would have been an accurate account of this issue.

Homosexual Scout Masters role models? One of those "role models," was John Brockdorf of Salinas, California, who became a Scoutmaster of Cub Scout Pack # 62 back in the 1940's. There is one child in particular who was emotionally damaged for life by this predator who wormed his way into the Scouts so he could have access to little boys on camping trips. And like so many little boys, he was afraid to say anything to anybody, including his parents about that horrible and confusing betrayal of trust..

He suffered the rest of his life in silence, fighting depression because he had no one to talk to about this. In today's world, where it has become politically incorrect and in some cases, illegal to speak out against homosexuality, similar stories are being played out daily. In the meantime, Brockdorf went about fulfilling his perverted lusts unchallenged, for the rest of his life.

The Democrats, who are the prime pushers of the gay agenda, have no concern about the hundreds of thousands of victims of homosexuals whose lives will never be the same. What's more, during the last Democratic Convention, when a Boy Scout troop proudly marched on-stage to present the flag... the Dems loudly booed them because these young boys wanted to live a moral and godly life.

Have the Dems not considered what it means to those who have been physically and emotionally scarred for life by the shadowy queer section of our society that molested them?...sexually abused them?

Have the Dems considered what it must be like for victims to see the sickening spectacle of same sex "partners" arrogantly dancing in the streets, groping each other and sloppily kissing each other on the mouths after going through an illegal "homosexual marriage" ceremony? Celebrating a lifestyle that has so damaged them?

To see our very officials validate homosexual conduct as an accepted way of life is a kick in the stomach to its victims.

To see San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newson, with all his charm, who deceptively won his mayoral election promising to end the homeless problem in San Francisco, when his true, hidden agenda was actually to "legitimize" the perversion of homosexuality, and see him break the law to issue marriage licenses to gays was to prove beyond speculation how morally corrupt the Democratic Party is.

Can you imagine what it is like, as a victim of homosexual molestation, to see every effort to strip away all stigma to a deviant lifestyle that had been, from the beginning, repugnant to society? The same perverted behavior that bewildered the young Cub Scout who would be forever frozen in time to that abuse? Not only is this in-your-face-great-to-be-gay celebration hurtful to a large segment of society, but by catering to those who engage in this aberrant behavior, it is also extremely harmful to the gays themselves..

To encourage homosexual conduct is to be an enabler for those in a totally destructive lifestyle where the death rate is high and at a lower age than the rest of the population.

Homosexuality (the practice of it) is sin, plain and simple. The Bible makes it clear; 'The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Romans 6:23) Young homosexuals are dying at a greater rate, and at a younger age than at any time in history. And death by AIDS is a slow and painful death. What is more, for them, there is no relief in eternal life with God as it is for those who love and trust Him.

The eternal life for those who reject and mock God, extends to torment and pain for all of eternity with no relief. It is not a punishment from an angry God. He simply takes his Hand of protection from those who do not want Him, and moves on to concentrate on those who do want him and His protection. God will not force Himself or His protection on anyone.

Those who want to live by their own rules have the free will to do so. And they will live and die with the consequences of their decisions. God cannot be blamed for bad choices that push Him out of sight, out of lives.

Before the Dems created our Politically Correct society, homosexuality was listed in the psychiatric and psychological diagnostic manuals as, "Same Sex Attachment Disorder" (SSAD). Under pressure from our Dem representatives, homosexuality was taken off the list of emotional disorders and re-classified as a normal life style. As young Steven Cozza stated, "homosexuality is normal. Gays are just like us." Excuse me?

Then to be "normal" is to like pain and degradation, to cause pain to others, have a fascination for public toilets and toilet sex... to be obsessed by human feces... to do what is known as "rimming," which is running a tongue into their partner's anus and around it... a practice called, "scatting", in which one partner smears human feces all over his body and the other partner licks it off... and to urinate on one another.

Then there is "fisting" in which one partner runs his hand into and up the other's anus as far as he can. This writer heard one "gay" brag about putting his arm up past the elbow in his 'lovers' anus. There's even more but this is more than enough. And this is considered being normal? Apparently, PBS and the Democratic Party think so.

This is sick. People in insane asylums have a big thing about toilets and human feces. And the Dems tell us, "Gays are just like everybody else?" No they are not, by any stretch of the imagination.

And homosexuals are a very small portion of our population, not the inflated numbers the gay activists would have us believe. Recent stats show that 1.3% of gays in the world population are male and 2.4 % of the world's population are lesbians. That totals only 3.7% of our population, a very small but vocal group that intends to homo-genize the world. And we are letting them get by with it.

As for those gays' who say that they cannot change, that also is not true. God can change any life. I have seen incredible examples of that, among lifestyles that seemed impossible to change. But with God's power, they not only changed from noxious life patterns, but learned for the very first time what true happiness and fulfillment really is.

For the sake of society and the sake of the gays themselves, we must not enable them in any destructive lifestyle that ends in early death. On the contrary we must show them with love that God can give them real peace and joy, unlike anything that this world can give.

For those preachers and pastors who have taken up the gay cause, and those who have conducted services in their churches, advertised as, "Celebrating The Joy Of Same Sex Unions," there is only this to say: Stop helping the devil!

This is the most difficult part of all. My views of homosexuality did not come to me from Scriptures. That is not what has influenced me in the stand I have taken. But the Scriptures did verify to me that what happened to me was not right or normal.

You see, I was that little Cub Scout who was sexually abused by homosexual Cub Scout Master, John Brockdorf. A great role model for the Scouts indeed.

Rev. Austin Miles is a chaplain and award winning writer who is currently working on two doctorates, one in philosophy and the other in psychology.

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4 jun 2004