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Media Desperately Pursues Liberal Agenda

Alan Caruba

January 8, 2001

If anyone thinks George W. Bush did not win the election, here are some stone cold facts compiled by law professor Joseph Olsen as posted on

Bush won 30 of the 50 States. That's 60% of the nation. Bush won 75% of all the counties in the nation; 2,434 compared to 677 for Gore. Because Gore's votes were highly concentrated in heavily populated urban centers and suburbs, he did receive more "popular votes." However, the Electoral College exists to insure that States with large populations do not carry more weight then those with less. The offices of President and Vice President are the only ones for which everyone can vote.

Unless you want the citizens of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Palm Beach, Florida deciding the election for everyone else, Bush is an incontestable choice of the majority of American voters

On December 20th, one month before Bush takes the oath of office, NBC's Tom Brokaw had a segment on his so-called news program about the way reporters from a dozen news organizations were conducting their own recounts of "under votes" and, of course, finding that Gore was "ahead" in Florida. Recounting and recounting a handful of Democratic counties in Florida was never sufficient cause to award the election to Gore.

What are the standards by which the journalists made these findings? None! On Brokaw's show there were statistics showing that Gore had won "the popular vote" but what was missing was Electoral College information demonstrating the right man is being sworn in as the 43rd President on January 20th.

This is a deliberate attempt by the liberal networks and the liberal daily press to cast doubt on the right of GWB to be the next President. Make no mistake about it. It's not news. It's leftist propaganda. What's needed now is for everyone to more closely examine the politics of these news organizations because it so colors the content of what they report as to often render it useless as news, fairly and accurately reported.

The liberal agenda is alive and well among the nation's liberal media, from The New York Times to CNN, from the Washington Post to the Networks. This is why the discussion focuses on phony issues such as why the GOP is resistant to "power sharing" in Congress.

It can be seen in the wary, often hostile reporting of the selection of John Ashcroft, a man of impeccable character, as the next Attorney General. The liberal media is desperate and fearful that GWB will actually do what he said during the campaign. Watch, too, for plenty of negative coverage of Bush's choice to be Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton. On Wednesday morning's Don Imus talk fest, he referred to Ms. Norton as a nutcase because, presumably she believes in property rights, the cornerstone of capitalism. This is the same show that featured Sens. Lieberman and McCain constantly before and during the campaign. Both lost.

The Greens who have owned the Clinton administration fear that their hegemony is gone with the Bush administration. They will fire salvos at any choice that believes the Constitution means what it says, who protects property rights, and who wants to eliminate regulations that do more harm than good. They will attack them endlessly prior to and after they are confirmed. It will be war!

Conservative is not a dirty word! Every time the media uses the term "conservative", it does so as a pejorative. It is their way of putting a "negative" spin on the person or program being reported. Fight it. Write a letter to the editor every time you see it presented in this manner. Let them know that you are a proud conservative. Then let the conservatives in Congress know they are there to fight hard for conservative programs, conservative values, and you will settle for nothing less.

Alan Caruba, pulls no punches pointing out environmental lies and liars, political pandering, food police nutcases, animal rights lunatics, and the entire managerie of mis-information and dis-information at The National Anxiety Center. E-mail Mr. Caruba at

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