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July 23, 2001

Television — Tool of the Left

Charles A. Morse

A cardinal goal of the left is what was referred to in the Communist Manifesto as "public ownership of the means of communication." TV represents the penultimate means of communication in our times. When in the hands of the left, the chattering box can either filter out or politicize information in such a manner as to serve the "progressive" cause. Willi Munzenberg, Stalin's protégé, started the strategy of ownership of the media in the 1930´s by infiltrating the Cinema and literature with the key placement of communists. This strategy was called "boring from within."

Television today plays a key role in the left agenda. As a passive media in which information, and propaganda, can be fed directly into a viewer´s subconscious mind, television is tailor made for the left´s plan of changing and controlling our perceptions and culture. I have come across a column by 1960´s television entertainer turned New York television critic Alan Dale that I think is worth reading today so I have re published an excerpt here. Reading Dale today lends a historical perspective on the use of television by the left, a use that has not changed:

"You believe that communism cannot co-exist with free nations. The philosophy and doctrine that is communism tells you that; the communist conquests and enslavement of the peoples of 28 nations tell you that; the communist leaders tell you that. But the voices of TV say there is nothing to fear from communism. Your children buy it!

You believe that Revolution must be resisted by loyalists, and that treason is punishable by death. But the voices of TV say treason is an American tradition called "dissent" and America was founded on Revolution. The voices of TV compare Americans with the British of 1776. You think that´s insane, but your children buy it!

You believe that only criminals "shoot it out" with the police. But the voices of TV say that certain group[s] are justified to shoot it out with the police. These groups wear uniforms and have their own "minister of defense" within our own nation. You believe only a sucker would fall for that trick twice in 30 years. But the voices of TV say that the police should be investigated for participating in such a shoot out. Your children buy it!

You know drugs have been around since you can remember, so you believe that it is a climate of permissiveness and indoctrination that is now turning on a generation, including your own children. But the voices of TV say that if YOU can drink, the kids can turn on. Your children buy it!

You believe that in a nuclear age we need defense against nuclear attack – that such defense has probably prevented World War III. The voices of TV say America should forget about missiles and defense. Your children buy it!

You believe that socialism and a "one-world order" mean the end of individuality and freedom. You believe that a "one-world order" under socialism is the consummate dream of the communists. Your dictionary tells you that is correct. But the voices of TV say socialism and a "one-world order" will be the salvation of mankind. Your children buy it!"

Dale referred to the TV networks as propaganda machines "engaged in psychological warfare against the American people." He wrote that the networks "are waging the greatest advertising campaign in history – selling the propaganda of the left to our children."

TV, back in the 1960´s, routinely portrayed American leftists as "idealists," foreign communists, such as Mao as "agrarian reformers," and Conservative anti-Communists as diabolical right-wing fanatics. TV is a visual media and, as such, can be used to manipulate the emotions and well as the intellect of the viewer who has an experience while absorbing information which re enforces the effect. The left understands the power of TV as a tool to affect the type of change they seek. The type of crude barroom propaganda they got away with in the 1960´s has been replaced with a more sophisticated and couched effort today. An effort that is also more dangerous and deadly.

Charles A. Morse is a nationally syndicated talk show host heard on the American Freedom Network aptly named Boston Radio’s VOICE of REASON — Chuck is known for his incisive, insightful and sometimes controversial analysis of our political and social culture. He is the author of Thunder out of Boston. Listen in Monday thru Friday from 8-10 PM ET on KHNC 1360AM radio in Northern CO — 1370AM radio in Deer Trail, CO — via satellite — and live on the Internet.
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25 jul 2001