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Lest They Forget...


As the media toast to the Clinton years commences, we must remind them why the informed opposition will demur from clinking glasses. From the top, here are twenty-five good reasons, at least half of which could not only have gotten a Republican impeached but also convicted:

1. The transfer of missile technology to what Clinton once aptly called "the butchers of Beijing," either directly or indirectly for campaign cash.

2. The most notorious church burning of them all, Waco, and the destruction of its 80 good souls, more than 20 of them children, more than half of them minorities, for no reason anyone can rightly understand.

3. The undeclared bombing war on Serbia's civilian population, presumably to punish them for a "genocide" that never took place, led by a president they would soon vote out of office.

4. The brutal, unnecessary, illegal, unwarranted seizure of Elian Gonzalez and the beating of the NBC crew who got in the way, all to appease Castro and his corporate allies.

5. The gratuitous, wag-the-dog bombing attack on Iraq on the very eve of impeachment.

6. The gratuitous, wag-the-dog bombing of a Sudanese aspirin factory in the wake of Clinton's grand jury testimony.

7. Operation Citizenship, the mass herding of immigrants, thousands of them felons, through the naturalization process in time for the 1996 election.

8. The coercion of countless women into signing affidavits falsely denying that Clinton had seduced, molested or raped them, and the harassment of those who refused to sign.

9. The often brutal suppression of reports from those who either saw too much (the 755 eyewitnesses) or knew too much about the crash of Flight 800.

10. The flagrant witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and perjury surrounding the Monica affair and the seven preposterous public months of denial, aka impeachment.

11. The $500,000 plus payoff to Webb Hubbell so, in his own words, he would "roll over one more time" and refuse to cooperate with Ken Starr.

12. Using the IRS and the FBI to replace the White House Travel Office, and the personal destruction of Billy Dale, to avoid the appearance of patronage politics.

13. The misdirection of troops in Mogadishu and the denial of the armor a score of them needed to get out alive.

14. The blatant obstruction of justice in the very strange death of Vincent Foster.

15. The hiring and promoting of that international man of mystery, John Huang.

16. The unexamined death of the man for whom Huang worked, the utterly corrupt Ron Brown, and the punishment of those military officers who sought the truth of his death.

17. The callous exploitation of the Oklahoma City bombing and the conscious failure to seek any answers beyond "right-wing terrorists."

18. All the missing things: billing records, e-mails, Republican files, etc.

19. The Janet Reno's failure to investigate the Chinese connection, White House fund-raising calls, and other campaign abuses, despite requests from senior Department of Justice investigators.

20. The Los Alamos debacle and the Wen Ho Lee affair.

21. The blatant political use of IRS audits.

22. The secrecy violations in the HillaryCare debacle.

23. The unpunished Defense Department confidentiality violations in the smearing of Linda Tripp.

24. The illegal 1996 DNC campaign cash swap with the Teamsters union.

25. In a final flurry, Hillary's $8 million book deal, Clinton's quiet rescinding of his very public 5 year prohibition on lobbying, the promotion of Terry McAuliffe to head the DNC so the good times will continue to roll, and unfortunately, there's still time for more.

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11 jan 2001