Playing the Race Card

Wayne D. Carlson

April 6, 2001

Not unsurprisingly, there was an attack upon the stand I took in last week's column in which I equated the unabated flood of millions upon millions of legal and illegal immigrants into this country as an invasion. It is apparent that there are a great many, no doubt well-meaning souls in this country, who believe that you can replace, or greatly reduce, a people responsible for the establishment of a long dominant culture, with those of many other cultures, and still end up with the same country you started with. I would like just one example in history where this was the case.

In the realm of make believe, where I think some of these people exist, you might be able to open up your borders and bring the world’s poor in and think you’ll bring them all up to America’s higher standard of living, but in the real world it isn’t possible. The end result will be a lowering of the standard of living for those that are already here. The point of my column, which was completely missed, and then misconstrued, by at least one reader last week, was that the problem is not the fact that there is immigration into this country as there has always been, but the sheer volume that is coming in. Also, I made the point that our politicians and the elitist media treat the historic transformation of America from a predominantly Western European people into a huge mass of competing social, ethnic, cultural, and religious factions as a non-issue. Well excuse me, but why isn’t this an issue? Was there a referendum asking the American people if this is the future they want to bequeath to their children? No there was not. In fact, when the 1965 Immigration Act was passed, its proponents assured those that were worried about what it might actually do, that there would be no appreciable change in the ethnic make-up of our country. There reassurances were somewhat disingenuous wouldn’t you say?

There is a question I think we need an answer to. To put it in focus I would preface it by asking if the people of Japan constitute “a people”? Is there something called “the English people”, or the Irish, or the Scots, or the Swedes? If the answer is yes, then I would ask, do they have a right to exist, as a people, with their own country? Well, do they? I think most people would answer that they do and that they are entitled to preserve their culture etc. against those things that threaten to extinguish it. We often hear in our own country, for example, those of African descent talking about “their people”. Is this correct? If it is perfectly alright for them to talk and to think this way, and I think it is, then I think a whole lot of people of Western European descent, whose ancestors settled in this land some 400 years ago, would like to know why it is wrong for them to consider themselves “a people” also? If we grant that, say Southerners, constitute “a people”, then why is it not acceptable for them to want to preserve their culture? Why can’t they have their own country? How can we stand there with a straight face and say that their resistance to threats to their very existence is tantamount to “racism”, or “white supremacy”? Hatred and intolerance has nothing to do with trying to preserve the cultural integrity of your people, but loyalty and love of one’s own does.

I’d like to offer just one example of what is happening all over the country. You be the judge of whether or not this will have any impact worthy of at least discussing before we allow it to happen. In 1990, Siler City, North Carolina had a Hispanic population that made up 4 percent of the town’s 4,808 people. In the span of just 10 years, the population jumped to 6,966 residents with an Hispanic population of almost 40 percent. What will another 10 years bring? Should that be of any concern to the citizens? Do they have a right to oppose this happening to their town? Is it really racism to want to preserve a relatively happy, homogenous community? What constitutes a real community? Is it nothing more than atomized individuals living in proximity to others within the same geographic area, or does it have to do with commonalities that bring about natural harmony?

On the national level is it sane to surrender one's country and cultural dominance in the name of "equality"? For daring to ask this question I’ve been labeled a "white supremacist" by at least one (hate filled?) reader. The term is supposed to conjure images of someone who “hates” other races and other cultures. As someone who has spent the past 20 years working with adults and children of various racial and ethnic groups, I would let them attest to the base falseness of the accusation. At the same time I would make it known that I do not think all cultures are equal. I do not support the indiscriminate immigration of people ill suited to “blend” in with the predominant culture that already exists here. To insist that all cultures are equal, and on that basis deliberately seek to bring these people here represents an incredible shallowness of thinking. Why is there no national dialogue along these lines? Isn’t it obvious to everyone that the opinion manufacturers in the elite media are responsible for an enforced silence upon this incredibly important issue? Conservatives that look to the Republican Party to stem this flood will be sadly disappointed. The reason is fear. They fear being maligned in the press as I have been. They will do anything to avoid being labeled "racist", even if their silence and inaction results in the destruction of this countries Western European (read Christian) culture and heritage. The message from the leftists is clear; "whitey" cannot speak in his own defense.

Make no mistake about it folks, the ideology that promotes multiculturalism and ever increasing diversity in a single country is a deadly weapon aimed at that society's social, religious, political, and cultural harmony. A society that embraces infanticide through 40 million abortions, celebrates homosexuality as normal and acceptable, and removes the creator from every vestige of its civil life, cannot be successfully harmonized with the old Christian society millions of us mean to preserve. The culture war we are in is at root a religious war that pits Christianity against atheism for the soul of America. Mass immigration and the encouragement of our new citizens to remain culturally distinct is a perfect formula for the intensifying political and cultural warfare we are witnessing every day. Just as a family is bonded together by love and a commonality of shared values and beliefs, so are real communities and nations. Excuse me, but I don't believe we need to apologize for being born white.

What makes the culture of our ancestors worth preserving and fighting for is not necessarily their racial composition, but the degree to which their society reflected their conformity to true Christianity. I say true because there are many churches today that refuse to take a biblical stand on many of the issues being promoted by those whose idea of freedom amounts to morally decadent license to do anything a corrupt mind craves. These “secularized” churches have compromised their faith by blending it with humanistic rationalism. Few indeed are the ministers today that are capable of leading us back from the brink of destruction with what they preach from their pulpits.

The truth may be controversial, but truth is still truth. God does not celebrate multi-culturalism and a diversity of faith. God demands strict adherence to his definition of what is right and wrong. He has ordered the universe just as he created an order for society and the individual to follow. He demands conformity to his law and the acceptance of his son, Jesus Christ, for the remission of our sins. We are judged, not by our race, but individually and collectively as nations, by our adherence and submission to his will. America has been great, not simply because it was founded by white men, but because it was founded by Christians. America is being destroyed today, not merely because it is revolutionizing its racial composition, but because it has turned its back on God and followed the foolishness and wickedness of men.

The word of God admonishes us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. This again, pertains to us individually and collectively. Some people in society today want to make everything about race. They believe ethnic and racial pride is good, unless the person happens to be white, in which case the person is, de facto, a bigoted racist. Who can't see through this absurdity? Fundamental Christians that take their faith seriously today are labeled "right-wing extremists", "homophobes", and "haters". All of these charges are lies and it's high time they are exposed as such. If mass immigration threatens to undermine and destroy the dominant faith and culture of your country we are justified in opposing it and calling it by its right name, i.e. invasion.

We are justified in defending the work of our Christian forebears, whether its from the invasion of apostate Yankees coming South to deny us our freedom in 1861, or the modern day invasion of foreigners with no love or loyalty for our culture or country.

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7 apr 2001