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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance.
The one thing it cannot be is moderately important." — C.S. Lewis

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. —Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
—Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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Censorship By Surrogate:
Why Musk's Document Dump Could Be a Game Changer

Jonathan Turley
"Handled." That one word, responding to a 2020 demand to censor a list of Twitter users, speaks volumes about the thousands of documents released by Twitter's new owner, Elon Musk, on Friday night. As many of us have long suspected, there were back channels between Twitter and the Biden 2020 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to ban critics or remove negative stories.

Media Treats Fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried With Kid Gloves
Because He Was a Democrat Darling

Douglas Murray
People often talk about "cancel culture." The way in which people are "canceled" from public life for the tiniest error of judgment or the most minute misstep. So it is interesting to discover what you can do and still not get canceled. Having studied the matter I have come to the conclusion that the best way to not get canceled is to steal billions of dollars and run off with it. That'll do the trick.


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A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 4 December 2022

Arizona County Chair Reveals He Was Forced to
Certify Katie Hobbs' Election 'Under Duress'

"I found out today that I have no choice but to vote 'Aye' or I will be arrested and charged with a felony," Gould said. The Arizona Secretary of State has threatened to charge election officials with Class 6 felony charges if they don't certify her election. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has filed a lawsuit against Cochise County, which refused to certify the Arizona state election by the Nov. 28 deadline.
Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX Cronies Gave $300k to
House Committee Members Investigating Him

Bankman-Fried's donations to committee members could raise concerns that the lawmakers will not adequately investigate the crypto kingpin, who spent millions on advertising, lobbying, and philanthropic causes to burnish his company's image as an ethical crypto company in an industry rife with scam artists... Waters dodged questions this week about whether she is concerned about Bankman-Fried's political donations. 
WH Non-Binary Official
Facing Potential Jail Time After Alleged Airport Heist

Sam Brinton, a senior Energy Department (DOE) official, was charged with stealing a traveler's luggage in the Minneapolis airport in September, shortly before quietly taking a leave of absence. Brinton – who serves as the DOE's deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition – allegedly took a Vera Bradley suitcase worth $2,325 from the luggage carousel at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP) on Sept. 16, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 26 in Minnesota state court and obtained by Fox News Digital. Brinton had traveled from Washington, D.C., to MSP that day.
Biden Energy Dept. Won't Say If It Will Fire Cross-Dresser
Charged with Felony for Allegedly Stealing Lady's Luggage

The Department of Energy won't say whether it plans to fire Biden administration official Sam Brinton, who was charged with felony theft last month after he allegedly stole a woman's roller bag (worth $2,325) from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. "Sam Brinton is on leave from DOE, and Dr. Kim Petry is performing the duties of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition," the department told The Federalist in a statement on Tuesday.
Report: FDA Plans to Lift More Restrictions on
Gay, Bisexual Men Donating Blood

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to lift more restrictions on donating blood for gay and bisexual men in monogamous relationships, even if they have not abstained from sex for 90 days. The new rules are expected to be implemented within the coming months, FDA sources familiar with the plans told the Wall Street Journal.
Student Loans Relief: 5th Circuit Court Rejects
Biden's Latest Plea to Reinstate Program

President Biden's student loan debt relief program, which seeks to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars owed by tens of millions of borrowers, was handed another loss Wednesday as a federal appeals court denied his request to reinstate it, court documents show. Biden's student loan handout intends to forgive $10,000 in federal student loans per borrower and double that for PELL grant recipients, but it will remain on hold after the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Biden administration's request to lift a stay put on the program by a lower district court in Texas.
Rep. Comer Wants Twitter Employees to Talk to Congress 
About Biden Laptop Story

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said on Fox News Friday night that he wants "every person at Twitter" to speak before Congress about the social media company's decision to limit access to the Hunter Biden laptop story... What they're saying: In response to the report, Comer said on "Hannity" that he wants to bring "every employee at Twitter who was involved in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story" in front of the House Oversight Committee.

A GOP with Backbone Would Support Elon Musk,
Punish Apple, and Fight for Free Speech On Twitter

John Daniel Davidson
Apple's threat to remove Twitter from its App store for the crime of being a slightly more open forum for free speech under Elon Musk has been met with a chorus of outrage and substantive threats of congressional action by Republican leaders. Just kidding. Republicans have barely said anything about it, and establishment Republicans have said nothing at all.

Ex-Intelligence Officials Who Said Hunter Biden Laptop Story
Was a Russian Operation Silent After Twitter Files Released

Five days after questions were raised at Twitter about relying on a hacking justification to suppress the story, more than 50 former intelligence officials published an open letter on October 19, 2020, that argued that, based on their experience and expertise, the story came from the Russian government. "If we are right, this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this," they wrote. The letter worked to cast aspersion on a blockbluster story that potentially implicated then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden just weeks before the election.
Nicholas Sandmann Asks Musk to Release 'hidden' Twitter Files
On Death Threats Permitted Against Him

"As I'm watching this all play out, I'm wondering if @elonmusk has any hidden twitter files relating to what went on here," Sandmann said on Twitter Sunday. "Let's be clear: under the watch of @vijaya they allowed these illegal threats when I was 16 years old." Sandmann shared screenshots taken of multiple verified Twitter accounts calling on people to burn down Sandmann's high school and throw "MAGA kids" into a wood chipper.
'Blatantly Unconstitutional': Another Lawsuit Filed Against
Oregon Officials for Restrictive Gun Measure

Bronson Winslow
"The deficiencies in this ballot measure cannot go unaddressed. Forget that it is scheduled to go into effect before Oregon even certifies the election, but it requires potential gun owners to take a class that has yet to be created, at a cost yet to be determined, so that they can obtain a permit that doesn't actually give them permission to purchase a firearm," NRA Oregon state director Aoibheann Cline told the Daily Caller News Foundation. "In reality, it's nothing more that an attempt to stifle – if not outright prevent –  the purchase of firearms throughout Oregon," Cline continued.
Don't Be Fooled – Antifa is America's Nazis
Kevin Downey Jr.
Antifa violently attacks Republicans, Christians, and conservatives around the nation. They shut down speeches by conservatives like Ann Coulter. Such violence is reminiscent of Hitler's S.A., which is short for Sturmabteilung (assault division), also known as the "brown shirts." The only difference between Antifa and Hitler's street thugs is sartorial: Hitler's thugs preferred wearing brown shirts, hence their nickname, while Antifa fancies the Italian fascist fashions championed by Mussolini's Blackshirts.
Swiss Prepare to Spend the Winter Bored, Cold, and
Trapped at Home While Banning EVs from the Roads

Stephen Green
The Swiss government announced its plan to deal with expected energy shortfalls this winter, and it sounds like a lot of fun – provided you're a shut-in who likes reading by candlelight under multiple blankets. The alpine country – one of the wealthiest in the world – will severely restrict electric vehicles from its roads, according to a Daily Mail report. If the country runs out of power, EVs won't be allowed out for anything but "essential" travel. But the restrictions don't end there.
But don't tell the hair sniffer-in-chief
How Joe Biden Caused the Diesel Supply Crisis
He Is Complaining About

During recent public appearances, President Joe Biden has continued to complain about energy prices as well as the potentially catastrophic shortage of diesel that has been forecast to hit the United States soon, particularly in the northeast. What we're facing is a significant loss in refinery capacity in the United States and its various territories. We've lost more than a million barrels per day in production capacity, but rather than working to rebuild that capacity, the White House is issuing new edicts that will result in diminishing it further.
Willmar, Minn., Wind Turbines May Be Nearing End of
Their Useful Life and Replacement Parts Hard to Find

The lifetime expectancy for the turbines was estimated to be 20 years when constructed. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find replacement parts needed for the DeWind 8.2 turbines, according to Willmar Municipal Utilities Maintenance and Utilities Supervisor Kevin Marti. Since construction, DeWind has gone out of business and other companies from which Willmar Municipal Utilities has historically been able to obtain parts are no longer able to supply them, Marti told the Municipal Utilities Commission at its Nov. 14 meeting.
Over 5yr avg. power produced was only 50% of expectations
North Carolina Power Substations Taken Out By Gunfire
Over 40,000 Moore County, North Carolina residents were powerless on Sunday afternoon after two substations were taken out by gunfire on Saturday night, according to police. Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields said in a Facebook post on Saturday that just after 7 p.m. on that night, several communities across the county began to experience power outages. "We faced something last night here in Moore County we have never faced before," Fields said during a Facebook Live press conference on Sunday afternoon.
Netanyahu: Iran Nuclear Deal is 'probably dead';
Protests Reveal That Regime is 'really weak'

Recent actions from the Iranian government have been very telling about the state of the country's leadership and may have ended the possibility of a new nuclear deal, according to former and likely future Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "It's [nuclear deal] probably dead because the entire world saw what the true face of this regime is," Netanyahu said. "That's thanks to the extraordinarily brave Iranian women and men who took to the streets – who take to the streets – against this vicious, murderous and brutal regime. 
The New Voting System that Gave Democrats a
GOP House Seat is Dangerous. Here's Why

Selwyn Duke
Alaska's sole congressional seat, which had been in GOP hands for 49 years, was recently captured by Democrat Mary Peltola. The victory has been touted by liberals as either vindication of their agenda or as portending the end of the career of Sarah Palin, Peltola's most high-profile opponent. Yet the result, which took weeks to finalize, was easily explainable: It was a function of Alaska's new ranked-choice voting (RCV) and Top-four Primary (TFP) system – a system electoral engineers would like to institute nationwide.
If Marriage Can Mean Anything, It Will Soon Mean Nothing
Stella Morabito
No matter how you define "marriage," there is zero respect for it in the so-called Respect for Marriage Act. You may believe it serves to federally codify the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision that rejected marriage as a male-female union. Maybe it would do so temporarily. But that's not the endgame. If you're paying attention, you can see that the Senate's recent 62-37 vote for cloture on HR 8404 puts us one step closer to abolishing state recognition of marriage entirely. That's where this train is headed.

United States Senate Passes Radical Respect for Marriage Act
The bill's supporters have claimed that the much-discussed legislation protects religious liberty. But opponents of the Respect for Marriage Act, including religious institutions like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, desperately warned ahead of the vote that it "puts a giant target on people of faith." The legislation repeals the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, obliges those "acting under color of state law" to recognize same-sex marriages, and orders the federal government to recognize marriages that are deemed valid by one or more states.

ICYMI: 'Profound Consequences': Sen. Mike Lee Outlines
How Respect for Marriage Act Will Affect People of Faith

Commentary by Daily Signal Staff
This is a lightly edited transcript of remarks Sen. Mike Lee delivered before his amendment to the so-called Respect for Marriage Act was voted on. That amendment failed in a 48-49 vote Tuesday. Shortly after, the Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act. Madame President, today, as popular winds blow against the man and woman of faith, we should look to the Constitution and remember that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. We do a disservice to all Americans if we elevate the rights of one group at the expense of another.
Europe Shows a Clear Link Between Immigration and Crime –
Like the One the U.S. Seriously Downplays

John R. Lott Jr. & James Varney, Real Clear Investigations
Violent crime is becoming common in Sweden, shocking residents of the famously placid Scandinavian nation, where horrific acts of violence have become "all too familiar," according to Common Sense Media, part of a Swedish nonprofit organization. Since 2018, Swedish authorities have recorded an estimated 500 bombings, while what they describe as gang shootings have become increasingly common. The country reported a record 124 homicides in 2020 and many residents were shocked in April when violent riots injured more than 100 police officers.
Transgender Women Now Issued 'New Vagina Manuals'
Following Affirmative Surgery

"Transgender women" who get medically castrated are now apparently provisioned "new vagina manuals" upon discharge by the surgeons who operated on them in the same way that a manufacturer provides an owner's manual for a new piece of technological equipment. In this way, the transgenders are one step closer to becoming more machine than man. For a graphic, yet necessary, illustration of the gruesome "gender-affirming" procedure known as "vaginoplasty," University of Utah Health explains:
Snip-snap, now you’re a woman!
UN Says Scotland's Proposal for Gender Self-ID
Poses Risk to Women and Girls

The UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls has called on Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to reconsider proposed changes to Scotland's Gender Recognition Act that would make it easier for males to self-ID as women and gain access to women's spaces, a change the UN expert says could be taken advantage of by violent males... Highlighting the global importance of this debate surrounding the self-ID legislation in Scotland, Neem told The Times that she has been receiving messages from women all over the world who are concerned about their own government's plans to enact similar laws.
UK Charity Commission Escalates Investigation of
Trans Charity Mermaids; Ex-CEO Also Began Transing Son at Age 4

John Sexton
In October I noted that the UK trans charity Mermaids was having a very bad couple of weeks. First, there was a story that the taxpayer-funded charity had been sending breast-binders to kids as young as 13 even when their parents opposed it. Shortly after that the Charity Commission, which regulates charities in the UK, announced it would launch an investigation. All of that would have been bad enough but then Mermaids was hit with a real PR disaster. It turned out that one of the group's trustees, Dr. Jacob Breslow, had previously spoken at a pro-pedophilia conference. His remarks to the group included the use of the phrase "minor-attracted-person" instead of pedophile.
This trans perversion is worldwide
Renowned Oncologist Sends Urgent Letter Calling to End
COVID Vaccine Program Immediately as Cancers and Other Diseases are Rapidly Progressing in 'Boosted' People

Dr. Angus Dalgleish, a renowned oncologist practicing in the UK, recently wrote an open letter to the editor-in-chief of the medical journal The BMJ, urging the journal to "make valid informed consent for COVID vaccination a priority topic" because cancers and other diseases are rapidly progressing among "boosted" people... As reported by RAIR Foundation, "The cancer specialist of more than 30 years writes that the link between Covid vaccine and "blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, and strokes is now well accepted, as is the link with myelitis and neuropathy."

Young People Accounted for Greater Proportion of
COVID-19 Deaths in 2021 Than 2020

Gianna Melillo
The proportion of young people who passed away from COVID-19 in 2021 surpassed that of 2020, marking a shift in the pandemic's mortality dynamics. "A shift in COVID-19 mortality to relatively younger people in the second pandemic year contributed to markedly increased premature mortality from this increasingly preventable death," said study co-author Mark Czeisler, a medical student at Harvard Medical School, in a release.
Surviving Home Invaders May Be Charged with Murder
After Resident Shot and Killed One of Them in Self-Defense

Eugene Volokh
"Police now believe four people were involved in a shooting in east Atlanta's Gresham Park neighborhood and that it started as an attempted home invasion. One person has since died in connection to the shooting, according to police... At this time, police said the shooting "appears justified" and no charges are expected to be filed against the the person who fired the shot. The three surviving subjects are expected to be charged with felony murder because of the death of their alleged accomplice. The two adults will also be charged with home invasion." –Atlanta TV 11alive
Pennsylvania Public Schools Adding
Racial, Cultural Bias Rules for Teachers

The politically charged term "critical race theory" is not mentioned. That is a framework nearly 50 years old that centers on the idea that racism is systemic in the nation's institutions, and that those institutions maintain the dominance of white people. It is often linked to any teachings in K-12 education related to race, particularly if schools address diversity and inclusion. Critics say it is an attempt to rewrite history, with the belief white people are inherently racist. 
New Disney CEO Folds to Ron DeSantis
Like a Wash-and-Wear Suit
Big changes are coming to Disney, and though I would have never suspected it given past history, it looks like Bob Iger is looking to turn away from overt political activism... This is a major walk back of Disney's prior policy on political activism... With that said, Iger has a battle in front of him. It's easy for him to say this stuff, but Disney is infested with leftwing lunatics who believe it is their job to shove a "not-so-secret gay agenda" down the throats of audiences. Those people are not going to go quietly, and there's going to be a lot of entertainment value in watching the chaos.
PA County Cements Suppression of 'Thousands' of Voters by
Flip-Flopping to Certify Disaster-Plagued Election

Victoria Marshall
After refusing to certify its general election results due to widespread failures that potentially disenfranchised voters, the board of elections for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, has flip-flopped and voted to certify its election results anyway – after pressure from a lawsuit by known Democrat election meddler Marc Elias... About a third of Luzerne's precincts were out of ballot paper as early as 9 a.m. and turning away voters for several hours, according to election observers affiliated with the Committee on House Administration, a U.S. congressional committee that helps oversee elections. As a result, thousands of Luzerne County residents were affected and likely did not cast ballots.

Week ending 27 November 2022

Students at Maryland High School
Shown Thanksgiving Video Depicting Pilgrims as Oppressors

Jarrett Stepman
The Howard Zinn-ification of American history has now been fully embraced by America's institutions. It's not just on college and university campuses where the late Marxist professor's anti-American history is popular. An anonymous tip to The Daily Signal on Monday revealed that a video depicting the Pilgrims as one-dimensional oppressors was shown to students at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland, before Thanksgiving.
The EV Boondoggle
John Hinderaker
Governments at both the federal and state levels tell us we are in the midst of a transition from internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles. For a number of reasons, I don't believe that is true, regardless of the level of bribery and coercion that governments bring to bear. I think the whole project will crash and burn, after doing enormous damage in the meantime. But the Wall Street Journal sheds light on how corrupt the EV project now is.
God Blessed America
Christopher Flannery
The beautiful 17-year-old actress Madeleine LeBeau fled Paris in June, 1940, just hours before the Germans marched in. The face of her Jewish husband, a celebrated film star in France, was featured on Nazi propaganda posters as a typical Jew. The rest of his family died in Nazi concentration camps. Like thousands of other refugees, they made their way to Lisbon, and from Lisbon, with forged visas and all the complications, uncertainties, and delays imaginable in wartime, they managed to make their way eventually to Hollywood. Two years later, still only 19, Madeleine LeBeau would play a memorable role in a pivotal scene in what would become one of the most well-loved movies ever made: Casablanca.
Casabalanca LeBeau
75 actors were immigrant refugees, the singing and weeping was real. Read the whole article. Better still, rent/buy the movie.
Thanksgiving Lessons from the Pilgrims
John Stossel
If you eat a nice meal Thursday, thank the Pilgrims. They made Thanksgiving possible. They left the Old World to escape religious persecution. They imagined a new society where everyone worked together and shared everything. In other words, they dreamed of socialism. Socialism then almost killed them.
Bombshell Arizona Report: Election Day Problems
In Maricopa Far Wider Than County Admitting

Numerous issues plagued vote centers in Arizona's Maricopa County on Election Day 2022, from ballots rejected by tabulators to hours-long lines for voting, according to affidavits filed with the Arizona attorney general's office. The 11 attorneys visited 115 out of the 223 vote centers in Maricopa County on Election Day and found that 72 of them (or 62.61%) "had material problems with the tabulators not being able to tabulate ballots," Sonnenklar reported, "causing voters to either deposit their ballots into box 3, spoil their ballots and re-vote, or get frustrated and leave the vote center without voting."
Breaking: "See You In Court" –
Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh Files
FIRST Lawsuit Contesting Rigged 2022 Election In Arizona

Abe Hamadeh currently trails radical left Democrat Kris Mayes by just 510 votes, and there is expected to be a recount. However, the Arizona election was an uncertifiable mess due to voters having their ballots stolen, not counted, or being prevented from voting altogether.
Arizona vote counting
Kari Lake Is Fighting Electoral Theft In Arizona.
Where is the GOP?

Monica Showalter
As elections wrapped up, there are probably a lot of people in Washington and its swamp saying that's all over, let's move on. But in Arizona, the top Republican gubernatorial contender has not conceded. She has rightly filed a lawsuit. And her case for a full do-over of Arizona's travesty election has got to go through if there is to be any justice.
Iranian Supreme Leader Mocks Biden As Demented
As Nuclear Deal Negotiations Stall

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei mocked President Joe Biden as a "poor, demented" man and led a crowd in chants of "death to America" during a speech on state television on Saturday. Khamenei's comments come as the Biden administration said this week it is still interested in reaching a nuclear deal with Iran, despite a reported stalemate in the negotiations and the Iranian government's ongoing violent crackdown on nationwide anti-government protests.
Americans Should Pay Close Attention to the
FBI and Zero-Click. Here's Why
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
During the Trump administration, the FBI paid $5 million to an Israeli software company for a license to use its "zero-click" surveillance software called Pegasus. Zero-click refers to software that can download the contents of a target's computer or mobile device without the need for tricking the target into clicking on it. The FBI operated the software from a warehouse in New Jersey. Before revealing any of this to the two congressional intelligence committees to which the FBI reports, it experimented with the software.
CBS Tarred and Feathered for Admitting Existence of
Hunter Biden's Laptop Two Years After New York Post Report

On Monday, the news network confirmed via its own forensic investigation that the laptop the New York Post first reported on in 2020 was in fact real. Major networks at the time refused to acknowledge the story, as Twitter and Facebook moved to stifle the Post's story ahead of the 2020 presidential election… Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton was a bit more positive about CBS' revelation, tweeting, "It only took @CBSNews two federal election cycles to report out this major Joe Biden scandal. Kudos to @CBS_Herridge for pushing this material out!  Better late than never!"
Pennsylvania House Votes to Impeach Philly DA Larry Krasner
After accusations, public hearings, and a committee investigation, the Republican-majority Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 107-85 in favor of impeachment proceedings against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. A 14-8 party-line vote in the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday favoring House Resolution 240 forwarded the articles of impeachment to the full House. "We are finally going to be holding Larry Krasner accountable for his actions," Rep. Martina White, R-Philadelphia, said after the committee vote Tuesday.
Special Counsel Jack Smith Tried to Find Ways to
Target Conservatives During Obama-IRS Scandal

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) said on Sunday that Special Counsel Jack Smith tried to find ways to target conservative organizations during the Obama era-IRS scandal. Jordan said on Fox Business on Sunday that he and Rep. Darrell Issa's (R-CA) 2014 report looking into the IRS's targeting of conservative tax-exempt organizations has potentially troubling context for the Special Counsel investigation into former President Donald Trump.
The Run on Guns and Legal Battle Begin
After Oregon's Gun Grab Passes
Victoria Taft
The joke these days is that if you put the Bill of Rights to a vote, it would lose. The latest example of this decline in intelligence is Oregon, where voters narrowly passed an anti-gun measure so ghastly that the Second Amendment has been "rendered superfluous." Now, there's a run on gun stores, and civil liberties advocates have begun the fight to once again "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" and reclaim the rights the Declaration of Independence stated were "self-evident" and "endowed by our Creator."
Again: Judge Blocks New York's Private Property Gun Ban
A federal judge in western New York has granted a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the "private property exclusion" tenet of the state's new gun control law, calling it unconstitutional. The case, known as Christian et. al. v. Nigrelli, et. al., was brought by the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition on behalf of Brett Christian, a private citizen. U.S. District Court Judge John L. Sinatra, Jr. with the U.S. District Court in Buffalo handed down the 27-page ruling.
Irony: DC Man Who Pushed "Justice Reform" Bill
Shot Dead On the Day It Passes

Last week in Washington, D.C, the City Council passed a sweeping overhaul to the city's criminal codes. Touted as yet another example of "justice reform," the changes reduced or removed bail for most crimes, and lowered or eliminated minimum sentences for many crimes while also lowering some maximum sentences. As we've seen in so many other cities, the overarching goal of the legislation was to further empty the jails and put criminals back out on the streets more quickly.
Handgun Owners Carrying Daily In U.S. Doubled In 4 Years;
Self-Protection Cited As Main Reason

The upward trend found in the study comes as states loosen restrictions for carrying a handgun and more gun owners cite protection as a top concern. The authors wrote, "This ruling could further catalyze the loosening of firearm-carrying regulations in different parts of the country at a time when, as our study indicates, trends in handgun carrying already point to more U.S. adults carrying loaded handguns in public places, including without a permit when a permit is required."
No Precedent in Modern History for Outgoing House Majority Passing
Omnibus Appropriations Bill in Lame-Duck Session

Joshua Beauchamp
It's expected to be a busy time on Capitol Hill for Democrats as they seek to take as much ground as possible before Republicans take the House speaker's gavel Jan. 3. A chief goal for congressional Democrats (and, it must be said, several Senate Republicans) in the lame duck will be to pass an omnibus appropriations bill that funds the government through fiscal year 2023. Snatching the power of the purse away from the House Republicans the American people just sent to Washington to represent them, however, would be a gross violation of the people's interests and democratic norms. It also would violate historical precedent.
Again, Dems shown to be most foul
Jan 6 Staffers Turn On Liz Cheney
John Sexton
Liz Cheney lost her leadership position in the House last year and lost her primary this year. What she got instead was a position on the Jan. 6 committee given to her by Nancy Pelosi and a lot of strange new respect from Democrats. Now, with Democrats losing control of the House, partisan staffers on the committee are turning on Cheney. "Several committee staff members were floored earlier this month when they were told that a draft report would focus almost entirely on Trump and the work of the committee's "Gold Team," excluding reams of other investigative work."
Culture of Corruption: John Fetterman Disavowed
'Dirty' Corporate Money. Then Came Sam Bankman-Fried.

Super PAC funded by disgraced crypto kingpin spent over $200K on pro-Fetterman ads. Web3 Forward, a pro-crypto super PAC funded heavily by Bankman-Fried, spent more than $210,000 on ads portraying Fetterman as a blue-collar hero who would not "get schmoozed by lobbyists," the New York Times reported. Bankman-Fried, his crypto firm FTX, and one of his cofounders gave nearly $4.1 million to GMI PAC, another tech-oriented group that is the sole funder of Web3 Forward.
Now Vaccinated Americans a Majority of COVID Deaths for
First Time In August: Analysis

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus were at least partially vaccinated, according to a new analysis of federal and state data... "In September 2021, vaccinated people made up just 23 percent of coronavirus fatalities. In January and February this year, it was up to 42 percent," the Washington Post's Fenit Nirappil and Dan Keating wrote.
No longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated
Surprised by the Midterm Election Results?
Take a Look at the Data

Joe Fried
For many Republicans, the final midterm election results were surprising – especially in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Based on polling, it looked likely that Kari Lake, Adam Laxalt, and Mehmet Oz would win their contests. I believe that there are only three likely explanations for the unexpected results: late campaign surges, polling error, or aggressive ballot-harvesting.
Democrat Becomes 'Election Denier' After
Suddenly Discovered Votes Overturn Georgia Election Race

Kyle Becker
A Democrat has suddenly become an "election denier" after her race was narrowly overturned following the sudden discovery of missing votes on a memory card. The previously uncounted votes on a memory card changed the election outcome in Cobb County, Georgia, officials say. Madelyn Orochena had announced her win on social media for the Kennesaw City Council Special Post 1 seat when the results first came in.
'Everybody Is Very Concerned': DC on Edge as
Chinese-Made Drones Are Detected in Restricted Airspace

A surge in drone activity in restricted airspace over sites such as the White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon in Washington has U.S. officials concerned about possible Chinese espionage, Politico reported Wednesday. Hundreds of Chinese-made drones have been detected in D.C. no-fly zones in recent months, according to the report. The Senate Homeland Security, Commerce and Intelligence committees have been briefed on the alarming situation by U.S. officials and drone industry experts, according to Politico, which cited "three people privy to the meetings."
Lawmakers Slam Pentagon for Funding
CRT, Gender Ideology Training

A new report from two Republican lawmakers details how the Pentagon has prioritized promoting critical race theory, progressive gender ideology, and more by using taxpayer dollars. The report, commissioned by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, lays out a series of examples of liberal racial and gender ideology permeating military training, policies, and leadership.
United Furniture Fires Thousands By Text
Days Before Thanksgiving

Mississippi-based United Furniture Industries laid off nearly its entire workforce before Thanksgiving. Around 2,700 workers lost their jobs on Monday, according to a report from the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal. The company, which had become one of the largest furniture businesses in the country, sent a memo via email and text message to workers late Monday night and instructed them not to report to work the next morning.
Oregon School Board Takes Meetings Online to
Hide from Angry Parents

The North Clackamas School District in Oregon is only the latest in a long string of districts where parents have grown fed up with the school's woke leftist policies being approved by the school board... After one recent meeting, the board decided to respond, but not by addressing the parents' concerns. They instead announced that all future meetings would be held "online," depriving the parents of the opportunity to be heard.
Disney's First Animated Movie
With a Prominent Gay Character Bombs

Andrea Widburg
In 2021, Disney greenlit Strange World, an animated movie about a family journeying through a mysterious land to save a resource that's losing its energy. Bob Iger, who is returning to Disney to "save" it from Bob Chapek's sad tenure, was still on board in 2021, so he must have greenlit it. That's a relevant fact because the movie bombed at the box office. Coincidentally or not, the movie has an openly gay subtext as one of the main male characters crushes on another boy.

Week ending 20 November 2022

Key Takeaways from the FBI Whistleblowers Report
Charles Sullivan, American Thinker
On November 4, 2022, the Republican staff of the House Judiciary Committee published a report based primarily on whistleblower testimony, describing how the FBI and the Justice Department have become politically weaponized against conservatives. I strongly urge every AT reader to download the report and spend 30 to 60 minutes reading the first 50 pages. Here are a few of the salient points.
Republican Leaders Have a Choice: Roll Back Early Voting and
Mail-In Ballots or Learn to Take Advantage of Them

Eddie Scarry
If elected Republicans aren't prepared to roll all of it back to the pre-pandemic way of doing things – I know, the media will call you racist, boo-hoo – then they'll have to adapt and develop their own way of pushing their voters to cast ballots for weeks leading up to Election Day. That's what Democrats are doing and it's working.
Abbott Tells Biden He's 'in violation of U.S. constitution' for
Failing to Secure the Southern Border

Abbott sent a letter to President Joe Biden saying Texas was "escalating" its border security efforts and was invoking "Article I, 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, thereby enabling the State of Texas to protect its own territory against invasion by the Mexican drug cartels." The Texas governor also said that by the president "opening our border to this record-breaking level of illegal immigration, you and your Administration are in violation of Article IV, 4 of the U.S. Constitution. Your sustained dereliction of duty compels Texas to invoke the powers reserved in Article I, 10, Clause 3, which represents 'an acknowledgement of the States' sovereign interest in protecting their borders,'" citing Justice Antonin Scalia in Arizona v. U.S.
Make It As Easy As Possible to Sue Doctors Who Perform
Transgender Surgeries Obamacare Required Insurance to Cover

David Freddoso
This is such an incredibly tragic story from which she might never come back, and it is a story that you're going to hear over and over again in the next several years. Hopefully, as many children as possible come back for justice after being mutilated by these greedy ideologues. The doctors who perform these procedures are doing it because it is so lucrative, and they all need to be sued into oblivion, forever. That is the one sure way to force corporations and doctors to stop being so stupid on this issue – keep suing them until their entire day is filled with court appearances.
How profitable are trans procedures?
U.S. Consumer Confidence Plummets Over Inflation Worries
U.S. consumer sentiment slumped in November amid persistent worries about inflation and higher interest rates, according to a survey on Friday, which also hinted at a sharp slowdown in spending on goods. The University of Michigan's preliminary November reading on the overall index on consumer sentiment came in at 54.7, down from 59.9 in the prior month. The 8.7% decline, which erased about half of the gains since the index's tumble to a historic low in June, also came as gasoline prices pushed higher.
Fed-up U.S. Farmers Tell Why Government
Will Put Them Out of Business

Within the next few months, the United States is projected to import more agricultural products than it exports for the first time in history – a worrisome development for America's family farmers, who say government meddling threatens their livelihoods and the nation's food security. "The United States has never had any trouble feeding itself and much of the world, too," said upstate New York farmer Tim Stanton. "I guess the politicians just figure we'll keep going no matter what they do to us. "But, you know, there is a limit."
IG Reports 'historic' COVID Unemployment Funds Lost,
Congress Investigates, Administration Drags Feet

As much as $400 billion in COVID-19 unemployment relief dollars were likely lost to waste and fraudsters. Lawmakers want answers. Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Labor demanding documents and information related to the unemployment fraud. "Since the Summer of 2020, repeated alerts from federal law enforcement agencies warned of targeted efforts involving organized cybercrime, foreign actors, and international crime rings using stolen identities of American citizens to obtain fraudulent unemployment benefits," the letter said.
Court Orders CDC to Release U.S. Vax Injury Data
More than 18 million people were injured so badly by their first COVID shot from Pfizer or Moderna that they had to go to the hospital. That's according to the CDC's own internal data, which a court just ordered the federal agency to release to a watchdog group. Instead of alerting the public to the incredible dangers of these shots and completely shutting down Joe Biden's mass vaccination mandates, the CDC covered up the info until it was forced to release. Everyone in a position of authority at the CDC should be fired for this. What good is a "public health" agency if it fails to alert the public that eight percent of vaccine recipients are being hospitalized?
Liberty Counsel: DOD Vaccine Mandate Repeating History of
Failed Anthrax Vaccine Mandate

The U.S. Department of Defense is repeating its failed policy of mandating a vaccine that a federal court later found to be unlawful, the nonprofit religious liberty legal aid foundation, Liberty Counsel, argues. Several years after the DOD launched its anthrax vaccine program in 1998, forcing military service members to be inoculated or discharged, a lawsuit was filed and a federal judge ruled it was illegal, forcing the DOD to end the program. Similarly, as a result of multiple lawsuits filed over the DOD's COVID-19 vaccine mandate and military branches denying Religious Accommodation Requests, courts are continuing to rule against the DOD, although its mandate has yet to end.
Europe Faces 'cancer epidemic' After
Estimated 1M Cases Missed During Covid

Experts have warned that Europe faces a "cancer epidemic" unless urgent action is taken to boost treatment and research, after an estimated 1M diagnoses were missed during the pandemic. The impact of Covid-19 and the focus on it has exposed "weaknesses" in cancer health systems and in the cancer research landscape across the continent, which, if not addressed as a matter of urgency, will set back cancer outcomes by almost a decade, leading healthcare and scientific experts say.
Another Democrat Miracle! Maggie Hassan Wins 1,100 Votes from
Town with Population Under 700
Jim Hoft
According to the blind conservative pundits out there all that is needed in the next election to win is hard work, more likable candidates, more door knocking, and an early Get Out The Vote plan. They just don't get it. Some day they will. Until then they are dangerous people. Maggie Hassan had an amazing night on Tuesday. The unpopular Democrat Senator routed her Republican opponent. She had such a good night that she won 1,100 votes in a community with a population under 700.
Election Machines Reported More Votes
Than Ballots In Two Virginia Precincts

Election machines reported more votes than physical ballots cast in two precincts in an influential Virginia county, raising concerns about election administration in the midterms after the county's former registrar was charged earlier this year with multiple election-related offenses. In Prince William County, one of Virginia's most important electoral counties, at least two precincts had more ballots reported on the machine scanners' tallies of ballots than were tabulated by election officers, according to a report by Electoral Process Education Corporation (EPEC), a nonprofit that performs election data analysis.
Georgia Judge Says Counties Can Offer
Early Voting On Saturday After Thanksgiving

A judge in Georgia ruled that counties can offer early voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for the U.S. Senate runoff election on Dec. 6. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thomas A. Cox Jr. made the decision after hearing arguments on Friday, according to FOX 5.
By hook or crook the Dems prevail
Arizona AG Opens Inquiry Into Maricopa County
Election Irregularities, Possible Legal Violations

The Arizona attorney general's office has opened an inquiry into Maricopa County's handling of the mid-term elections, demanding a full report of well-publicized irregularities and warning there is evidence of "statutory violations." The letter from Attorney General Mark Brnovich's election integrity unit marks a major escalation in the dispute over how voters were treated on Election Day in the state's largest county, where scores of ballot tabulators had problems because of printing problems.
Why Are Nearly ALL Conservative Pundits Quiet About This?
We know how the 2020 steal went down, and it's been documented by people who understand it well. And it's even been thwarted in Wisconsin [in 2022], but very few people are hearing about it. Why? This article really explains the situation well. “There is a big difference between “votes” and “ballots.” The Republicans focused on winning votes; the Democrats focused on gathering ballots. The ballots won,” the Conservative Treehouse opined.
Philly Dem Consultant Accused of Faking 1,000 Signatures
Daniel Greenfield
As bad as Arizona may be, there's a reason that Philly still leads the nation in fraud in contested statewide elections. (I'm not going to bother mentioning New York or Los Angeles, where Karen Bass was predictably appointed mayor by way of a whole lot of late-arriving ballots for the second time.) What's remarkable is not that things like this happen in Philly, but how unremarkable they are.
Shocker! WaPo Sheepishly Admits the FBI Found No Nuclear Secrets, or Anything Else, in Mar-a-Lago Raid
Kevin Downey Jr.
There is nothing funnier than watching leftist Punchinellos beclown themselves over the latest "We've got Trump NOW!" hijinks. Remember when the FBI raided Trump's home supposedly looking for "nuclear secrets" a few months back? Guess how that turned out? In other words, Trump was keeping souvenirs, as everyone else does. Funny how WaPo sat on that story until after the midterms, right?
Four Developments That Waited Until After the Midterms
Matt Margolis
Did you notice that there have been many stories breaking recently that are inconvenient to the left-wing narrative? I did. And I noticed that they came out after the midterm elections were over – when they'd have no impact on the vote. Wasn't that nice and convenient? Here are four of those stories.
Narrative Fail: Every Governor Who Signed a
Constitutional Carry Law Won Re-Election

Every single governor who signed a Constitutional Carry law, which would allow people to carry a firearm without a permit, won re-election... Even the people of Uvalde, who suffered the horrendous tragedy of 19 children and 2 teachers murdered at Robb Elementary School in May of this year by a deranged school shooter, decided to vote more than 60% for Governor Greg Abbott, who again, signed permitless carry into law.
Concealed Carry Permits Surge to 22 Million,
25 States Don't Even Require It

Paul Bedard
The gun craze sparked by the 2016 presidential election, the COVID crisis, and the flurry of random and mass shootings has also led to a record-breaking issuance of concealed carry permits, especially to women and minorities seeking self-protection. A new and authoritative report put the number of permits held by Americans at 22.01 million. That number was a 2.3% surge over last year, according to John Lott's Crime Prevention Research Center.
Armed and Beltway-ish: More Federal Bureaucrats Than
U.S. Marines Authorized to Pack Heat

When Congress authorized $80 billion this year to beef up Internal Revenue Service enforcement and staffing, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned that "Democrats' new army of 87,000 IRS agents will be coming for you." A video quickly went viral racking up millions of views, purporting to show a bunch of clumsy bureaucrats receiving firearms training, prompting alarm that the IRS would be engaged in military-style raids of taxpayers. The GOP claims were widely attacked as exaggerations – since the video, though from the IRS, didn't show official agent training – but the criticism has shed light on a growing trend: the rapid arming of the federal government.
Vermont High School Backs Down Over "Transgender" Incident
After ADF Files a First Amendment Lawsuit

At issue: the school's determination to force its transgender policies upon a 14-year-old girl and her father. For daring to question those policies – i.e., complaining when a male who declared himself to be a female entered the girls' locker room to observe them undressing – RUHS officials demanded that the student, Blake Allen, "take part in a restorative circle … to help her understand the rights of [transgender] students to access public accommodation … in a manner consistent with their [self-proclaimed] gender identity."
WINNING! Owasso School District Bends the Knee to
Parents and Writes New Policy Banning Graphic Content from Library

The Owasso School District has been at war with dad Tim Reiland for months. But after Libs of Tik Tok brought national attention to his story, along with other outlets like PJ Media, the board caved and finally added language that will protect kids from gross sexually explicit content in graphic novels.
Moms for Liberty School Board Members
Fire Superintendent After Winning Election: 'Expect to see more'

A group of conservative school board members who flipped control of a South Carolina school board wasted no time making changes to the school district's governance, including firing the superintendent. The new members of the Berkeley County school board in South Carolina, who were backed by the parent activist group Moms for Liberty, fired the district's superintendent and banned critical race theory within hours of being sworn in Tuesday.
Asian Americans and the Racist Lies of the Left
Ben Carson
America today is obsessed with racial victimhood. From the "mostly peaceful" summer of violence to the attempts to change the date of our nation's founding, America's all-consuming racial obsession is clear. Common sense measures like voter ID are decried as " racist ," our police forces are smeared based on lies, and absurd hate hoaxes are gleefully gobbled up by the media in the hopes of sowing division – presumably because genuine instances of racial antagonism in America are actually pretty rare. But this racial obsession, curiously enough, does not extend to all groups – even those who face genuine discrimination in the public square.

Week ending 13 November 2022

Life After Trump
Don Surber
I was in a bubble this year. Tuesday's election busted it. Hope is the thing with feathers. We were plucked. We can talk about cheating and the fix being in and mail-in votes. We can go on and on about the deep state and the media. We can spend months in denial but the fact is, Americans do not want Donald John Trump to be their president. He did not save the Republican Party. He spent it.
This Election Was an Unmitigated Disaster, and
It's Time to Air Some Grievances

We now have a pretty clear picture of how the 2022 election went. Far from the overwhelming predictions of a red wave (by myself included, even if my predictions were criticized pre-election as being too understated), the end result is an unmitigated disaster for the Republican Party and the country. Democrats have been handed a fresh mandate, holding the Senate and perhaps only losing the House by a vote or two. With those margins, it'll be easy to peel off a few blue-state Republicans to pass objectionable bills.
The Battle Over a 100% Hand Count In Arizona
Pulls Back the Mask

Jazz Shaw
Some day, perhaps even sometime this year if we’re lucky, when election officials in Arizona finally find someone capable of mastering preschool mathematics and they finish counting their ballots, we may know the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections. But that day is not today, my friends. They are somehow still flummoxed by the task of gathering up hundreds of thousands of ballots and feeding them into machines of dubious efficacy.
Illinois Lawmakers Prepare for Session to
Revise Cashless Bail Law Before It Takes Effect

Illinois lawmakers are set to return to Springfield for the fall veto session Tuesday. Members from both parties shared their expectations regarding potential changes to the controversial SAFE-T Act. The Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity Today, or SAFE-T Act, was approved by the General Assembly in 2021. The bill makes several changes to the criminal justice system, including the elimination of cash bail starting Jan. 1. The measure faces a legal challenge from dozens of state's attorneys and sheriffs from across the state.
Montana Shamed As Residents Vote ‘No’ On Measure to
Protect Babies After They’re Born: ‘Unimaginable’

Conservatives on Twitter tore into Montana residents after they voted "No" on a Republican-backed referendum to ensure medical care for babies delivered alive at any point in pregnancy, including those delivered after botched abortions. The measure comes from House Bill 167, sponsored by Republican state representative Matt Regier. Kaiser Health News reported that Regier intended the bill and referendum "to protect infants who have survived abortions from being denied medical care and being left to die." Pro-life Twitter users were outraged that Montana voted to deny the referendum, accusing the state’s residents of voting "to let babies die."
What a dark, horrific day.
Soros Prosecutor Botches Another Case,
Frees Second Murder Suspect in a Month

A Virginia prosecutor backed by the progressive billionaire George Soros botched yet another homicide case, freeing a second murder suspect in less than a month. Loudoun County judge James Plowman said the office of Commonwealth's Attorney Buta Biberaj (D.) "exhibited a phenomenal series of missteps" while prosecuting a delivery driver charged with conspiracy to commit murder. 
Soros-Backed District Attorney Candidates Sweep Elections
Far-left district attorney candidates who appeared on November ballots and received backing from billionaire George Soros have swept their elections, according to a nationwide search of records and election results. Fox News Digital performed a 50-state search of campaign finance databases and identified at least four prosecutor candidates who received financial backing from Soros and won their November elections, including two newcomers and two candidates he's previously backed.
Days After Election, Joe Biden Extends
'Temporary' Amnesty to 305K Foreign Nationals in U.S.

Just a few days after Tuesday's midterm elections, Biden's DHS filed an automatic extension in the federal register that will allow more than 305,000 foreign nationals from El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Sudan to remain in the U.S. and hold American jobs. The bulk, about 194,000, are nationals from El Salvador.
Demise of Biden's Student Loan Handout Rocks Twitter:
'Its only purpose was to buy votes'

Twitter users reacted to the news that a federal judge in Texas blocked President Biden's student loan handout. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman ruled that Biden's executive action was unconstitutional because Congress didn't approve the sweeping plan. In fact, the judge claimed it was one of the largest executive branch overreaches in the "history of the United States."
'Played for fools'
If I Were the Devil, Updated
Don Surber
On April 3, 1965, a mere 57 years ago, Paul Harvey gave a commentary on ABC radio entitled, "If I Were The Devil," in which he laid out Satan's plan for America. If he were the devil, Harvey began, "I'd subvert the churches first – I'd begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: 'Do as you please.'"
Crickets: Illinois Professor Publishes Racist Attacks Against
Herschel Walker With No Outcry from the Faculty or Media

Jonathan Turley
Professor Sundiata Cha-Jua, a prominent history and African-American studies professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, is under fire after using racist slurs to describe Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker. While the racist attack has drawn criticism on conservative sites, there has been no opposing statement or protest at the university. The media has also been largely quiet.

Why Green Energy Is Not Green At All
Viv Forbes
"Green" policies are destroying the natural environment and changing local weather.  This is part of a futile U.N. scheme claiming to improve the climate of the world. All green energy degrades its environment. Green energy is very dilute -- thus, large areas of land are needed to collect wind and solar energy.  Even more land is cleared for the ugly spider webs of power lines and roads needed to collect green energy in dribs and drabs and conduct it to cities, where it is needed.  But for most of the time, every day, these expensive assets produce nothing useful.
Escaping from the COP-27 Insane Asylum
Paul Driessen
Even crazier, these are just a few examples of the insanity gripping the world's political classes, especially during Conferences of Parties (COPs) on climate change. Happily, escaping this insane asylum requires little more than recognizing a few simple realities. 'The vast majority of nations signed the Paris climate treaty for the money – most of which they are now beginning to realize they will never receive. Moreover, coal, oil and natural gas still provide 82% of the world's energy; nuclear, hydroelectric and biomass (wood and dung) provide most remaining energy needs, and less than 2% comes from wind and solar.'

Why Climate Models Don't Work
John Hideraker
Climate alarmism is not based on observation, it is based on predictions generated by climate models. [An] article by computer modeler Greg Chapman at Watts Up With That is a good primer on why those models are inherently unreliable, and in fact have been shown to be wrong... We now have enough years of temperature data, and enough experience with climate models, to know for sure that the models are wrong. A model that makes wrong predictions about the future has been falsified and is useless.

Climate Change: 400 Private Jets Go Wheels-Up to COP27
Lisa Carr
According to world leaders and authorities, Climate Change is very real. If our "betters" do not meet to discuss this "very real" climate change, our world will burn around us. In fact, it already is. Which is why elites from around the world met in Egypt at COP27 to discuss alternatives to the self-centered, gluttonous practices of the peasants. Namely, fuel-powered vehicles and airplanes. In a meeting that could have easily been done via ZOOM call to save carbon emissions, our climate change betters ate up jet fuel in the comfort of their 400 private jets.
UK Faces Blackouts, Blistering Costs and
Still Has to Pay Wind Farms 1B to Do Nothing

Imagine that the government told The People that this would make their electricity cheaper (and people believed them!). In the UK people are forced to pay unreliable generators for electricity that comes when no one wants it. No doubt this was built into the contract from the start to stop investors from fleeing for the hills.
A Cold Winter for Europe: Blame Strategic Blindness
Burak Bekdil
The story goes back to early 2000's when German's then Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder decided to develop strategic relations between Berlin and Moscow. He went so far as to offer partnership to Russia in EADS, a multinational European defense and aerospace powerhouse. In November 2004, Schroeder called Russian President Vladimir Putin a "flawless democrat." Unsurprisingly, in 2004, Schroeder hailed Turkey's Islamist autocrat, then prime minister (now president) Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a "great reformer."
After Kherson Success,
Kyiv Vows to Keep Driving Out Russia

Ukraine's president vowed to keep pushing Russian forces out of his country after they withdrew from Kherson, leaving behind devastation, hunger and booby traps in the southern Ukrainian city. The Russian retreat from Kherson marked a triumphant milestone in Ukraine's pushback against Moscow's invasion almost nine months ago. Kherson residents hugged and kissed the arriving Ukrainian troops in rapturous scenes.
Biden Department of Education Official
Claims 'school discipline' is 'racist,' Blames 'whiteness'

A Biden Department of Education official has claimed that "school discipline" is part of a "racist system," blaming so-called "whiteness," while she worked for a left-wing education organization, Fox News Digital found. Kayla Patrick is yet another DOE official who hails from the "equity-driven" Education Trust, an organization funded by the Gates Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Patrick believes that equity can only be achieved through addressing "systemic causes." Equity is a key priority for the Biden administration. On Biden's first day in office, the president signed an executive order to address "systemic racism" and push equity into all federal agencies.
Rashida Tlaib: Terrorist-Affiliated Charities
"Inspire Me Every Single Day"

Steven Emerson
When U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib argued last month that true progressives cannot "back Israel's apartheid government," she and her supporters insisted it wasn't an antisemitic statement covering the vast majority of American Jews. As I noted at the time, however, the Michigan Democrat's previous statements show her problem is not with the Israeli government, but with the existence of the Jewish state.
NJ Muslim Threatens Attack on Synagogue, 'Pigs and Monkeys',
Media Fails to Investigate his Potentially Radical Father

Amy Mek
On Thursday, Federal authorities charged 18-year-old Muslim Omar Alkattoul from Sayreville, New Jersey, with transmitting a "manifesto" in which he wrote about targeting a synagogue and specifically wanted to attack Jews. The manifesto led the FBI to issue a statewide security alert for temples. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is trying to whitewash Islam from the jihadi's motives and invoke sympathy for the criminal.
Are American Jews Finally Leaving the Democratic Party?
Rabbi Michael Barclay
A recent poll after the midterms demonstrates this optimistic change. Thirty-three percent of Jews voted Republican in the primaries, up from 30% in 2020 and 24% in 2016. This new voting bloc proves two things:  Jews are starting to wake up to political realities and letting go of their indoctrinated belief that Democrats are the "Jewish party"; and the rise has nothing to do with and is not tied to Donald Trump and his pro-Israel positions. Sam Markstein of the Republican Jewish Coalition phrased it well: "Republican candidates are offering concrete solutions to the issues that matter to Jewish voters."
Ex-Trans Teen to Sue Kaiser Permanente
Over Gender Transition as Minor

Chloe Cole, who was prescribed puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and then had her breasts removed when she was 15, says she will sue the medical group and hospital that facilitated the gender transition as a minor she now deeply regrets. "The adults who were supposed to take care of and guide me as a child failed to do so and they will take responsibility for it," Cole told The Epoch Times on Nov. 11.
'Cut-and-pasted boilerplate': Detransitioner Sues Providers for
Approving 'unnecessary' Mastectomy

A young woman who regretted her gender transition helped shut down the U.K.'s central provider of pediatric "gender affirming care" this summer through litigation that prompted more scrutiny of the National Health Service-run Tavistock clinic. An older American detransitioner is following Keira Bell's lead, suing mental health professionals for allegedly rushed, sloppy and categorically false evaluations that authorized her for a taxpayer-funded double mastectomy despite the red flags she presented on mental health.
New Data Emerges of
1,100+ Adolescent 'Gender Affirming' Mastectomies

Christina Buttons
A new study of nationwide hospital databases found that at least 1,130 adolescents between 2016 and 2019 received "gender-affirming" chest surgeries in the U.S. The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, saw a 389% increase in adolescents (ages 12-17) obtaining chest surgeries from 2016 to 2019. An overwhelming majority (1,114) of the adolescents seeking this surgery were female (98.6%), and just 16 were male (1.4%).

Week ending 6 November 2022

Why Suburban Women Are Flocking to the GOP: As Simple As A,B,C
Glenn H. Reynolds
Something's happening in the suburbs. On the one hand, polls indicate that white suburban women are shifting – hard – toward the Republican Party. On the other, lots more parents are home schooling their kids, post-pandemic. These phenomena are not unrelated. Suburban women are shifting Republican – by 27 points, a Wall Street Journal poll found, with 74% saying the country's headed the wrong direction – because the Democrats have let them down.
Red Wave On the Sunset
Clarice Feldman
The internet this week is full of election projections and Elon Musk's moves to clean up Twitter. (Snip) It really does look like there will be a red tsunami at the polls, even accounting for the Democrats' well-known election tricks. Real Clear Politics' latest projections on Saturday are that the Republicans will take 228 seats in the House of Representatives and 54 seats in the Senate.
On Second Thought, Just Throw Plastic Away
Even Greenpeace Now Admits The Obvious: Recycling Doesn't Work.

John Tierney
Even Greenpeace has finally acknowledged the truth: recycling plastic makes no sense. This has been obvious for decades to anyone who crunched the numbers, but the fantasy of recycling plastic proved irresistible to generations of environmentalists and politicians. They preached it to children, mandated it for adults, and bludgeoned municipalities and virtue-signaling corporations into wasting vast sums – probably hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide – on an enterprise that has been harmful to the environment as well as to humanity.
The plastic scam heads to the nearest landfill
Plastic Recycling Remains a 'Myth': Greenpeace Study;
Waste of Effort to Recycle Numbers 3 - 7

Plastic recycling rates are declining even as production shoots up, according to a Greenpeace U.S. report out Monday that blasted industry claims of creating an efficient, circular economy as "fiction." ... Despite often carrying the recycling symbol on their labels, products that use plastic types "3" through "7" fail to meet the Federal Trade Commission classification of recyclable.
The plastic scam heads to the nearest landfill
Greenpeace Gives Up On Recycling Plastic
Thomas Lifson
Recycling almost everything is an uneconomic scam[i], but that hasn't stopped many localities from enforcing recycling mandates, and employing lots of people to sort through garbage and spend large sums on trying to find another use for the materials. At great expense to taxpayers. But finally, Greenpeace has realized that recycling plastic makes no sense.
'Massive' Win: PA Supreme Court Rules
 Undated Mail Ballots Can't Be Counted

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with an argument made by Republicans in their lawsuit seeking to prevent the counting of improperly completed ballots in next week's general election, throwing out a lower court's ruling that would have allowed PA election officials to count absentee and mail-in ballots that were not correctly dated and signed... As Townhall reported earlier this month, the RNC, NRCC, Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and several Keystone State voters filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to prevent the counting of mail-in ballots that don't meet explicit state requirements.
The Democrat War on Fossil Fuels
William Manning
On October 19, in the heat of an election campaign, President Biden told the American people, "We need to increase oil production." He went on to say, "My administration has not stopped or slowed U.S. oil production."  It was a disingenuous statement from a man whose sense of reality, fact, and fiction have become an undecipherable narrative. Biden failed to mention the executive order he issued which stipulates, "the Secretary of the Interior shall pause new oil and natural gas leases on public lands or in offshore waters." This pause is ongoing.
Native American Tribes Dependent On Fossil Fuel Resources
Rip Biden Admin for Double Standard

Native American tribes that rely on fossil fuel production across the nation reiterated their demand that the Biden administration allow them to develop the resources on their lands. Tribal leaders and energy experts contacted by Fox News Digital criticized efforts to restrict oil, gas and coal production even as those resources sustain thousands of Native Americans's way of life. The Department of the Interior has repeatedly expressed support for boosting tribal sovereignty for Indigenous tribes, but has also pursued a climate agenda limiting fossil fuel production on federal lands and waters.
Big Ballot-Havesting Operation Busted In Orlando, Florida
Monica Showalter
Ballot harvesting, according to the California Democrats who'd like to take it national, is an innocent practice where union members and activists, some of them illegally present in the country, do voters the favor, see, of helping voters fill out their ballots and then collecting those ballots for them so that they need never go to the polls. They call it "a new service." It's part of their "make every vote count" agenda, and who could be against that? But out in Florida, where there's still some semblance of objectivity, investigators found another story.
'Nobody Likes Them': Victor Davis Hanson Predicts a
'Revolt' Against 'Bicoastal Snarky Elites' In Midterms

"They've brought people together, Tucker. There's a new ecumenical movement of African American males, Hispanics and the white working class that detest these bicoastal elites and are starting to look in class concerns rather than these racial differences," Hanson said. "Just the antipathy towards these left-wing elites has created a consensus that I haven't seen in my lifetime, and I think that we'll be shocked next Tuesday when it roars."
It Isn't Just Congress: A 'Red Wave' Is Hitting Social Media, Too
I & I Editorial Board
With the 2022 midterm elections less than a week away, it's easy to be obsessed with the outcome of the vote. If recent polls are correct, this will be a "red wave" election in which Congress is returned to GOP control. But there's another "red wave": The one that's washing over the Big Media and Social Media... Can Meta's Facebook and the others survive long-term in a no-growth economic environment if they continue to stifle the political beliefs of half of the population? Not likely. 
Appointed Boards Are NOT Lawmakers!
Tom DeWeese
Originally, appointed boards were created by elected officials as a means to carry out certain bureaucratic and administrative tasks and oversee specific policies that the elected representatives have voted to deal with. But today they have become all-powerful forces within themselves as they have morphed into semi-autonomous overlords who no longer answer to anybody, including the very legislature who created them. If liberty is to be saved, that must be changed.
Biden Tells Black Students He 'Got His Start' at 'Historically Black College' Delaware State University.
He Didn't… He Went to University of Delaware

Joe Biden on Tuesday evening campaigned for Democrat duds Charlie Crist and Val Demings at Florida Memorial University in Miami. Biden told the black students at Florida Memorial University, a HBCU (Historically Black College) that he 'got his start' at HBCU Delaware State University. Joe Biden went to the University of Delaware. Biden is very clever in how he tricks people into believing he attended Delaware State University.
If Biden is talking he's lying
Dem Poll Worker Ejected for Pre-Selecting 'straight Dem ticket'
On Voting Machine, Calling Rs 'racist'

An Indiana election office reportedly ejected a Democrat poll worker over allegations that he had pressured poll-goers against voting for certain candidates and even pre-selected Democratic candidates on a voting machine last week, local election officials told Fox News. The incidents took place at a polling place in Carmel, Indiana, under the Hamilton County Election Office. Hamilton County election administrator Beth Sheller declined to confirm the poll worker's identity in an interview with Fox News Digital, but detailed a report from the inspector at the polling location.
Exclusive: Migrants Are Given 'Literal Roadmaps' to
Reach the U.S. Border. And Big Tech Is Funding It

Daily Caller Investigative Group
Doctors Without Borders, a medical aid nonprofit which is funded by a number of prominent tech companies, is publishing and distributing maps to migrants showing routes through Central America that reach the U.S., according to a copy of the map seen by the Daily Caller News Foundation. The map is labeled "shelters for people on the move" in Spanish and lists a number of clinics and other areas where aid can be found along the journey to the U.S., according to the document.
Fact-Checking 5 Biden Warnings About Dangers to Democracy
Fred Lucas
President Joe Biden warned that democracy was in peril and on the ballot during a primetime speech Wednesday from Union Station in Washington, D.C., near Capitol Hill. Biden referenced the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot, and talked several times about former President Donald Trump. He also said that political violence is on the rise. Here are five claims.
No Call to Bibi:
Biden Has Yet to Congratulate Newly Elected Israeli Leader

The Biden administration will not say when the president plans on calling newly elected Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory, drawing accusations the U.S. administration is trying to isolate the conservative Jewish leader before he even takes office. Asked on Thursday afternoon if President Joe Biden has any plans to phone Netanyahu following his victory this week in the Israeli elections, a White House spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon, "We don't have any call to preview at this point."
Biden is a putz
Texas Is Running Out of Pipeline At the Worst Possible Time
Texas has a natural gas problem. That may come as a surprise since we're talking about one of the most plentiful energy-producing regions in the country, if not the world. But the problem in Texas isn't that they're running out of natural gas. They've got enough of that to last well into the next century. What they don't have is enough volume in the available pipelines to get all of that gas to where it needs to be, particularly the supplies coming from the western Permian Basin.
Reviewer Exposes EV Truck's 'Kryptonite' After Trip
Takes 3 Hours Longer Than It Should've

Warner Todd Huston
Certainly, electric cars themselves are not entirely useless, especially for local driving. Instead, the problem comes with the Biden administration's attempts to force Americans to switch to electric vehicles rather than allowing them to determine for themselves what kind of vehicle best fits their needs... This fact brings to light the serious mental aspect about driving an EV. The phenomenon is called "range anxiety," as drivers find themselves in anguish over whether or not they will make it to the next charging station before their EV conks out because manufacturer claims don't ever seem to pan out.
Wind Farm Dismantled to Expand Coal Mine
As Germany Faces Its Green Reckoning
Thomas Lifson
'The German coal mine Garzweiler, operated by energy company RWE, admits the situation appears to be "paradoxical" – sacrificing one energy source for another – but defended the decision as necessary to strengthen supplies amid the ongoing energy crisis, Oilprice.com reported.' It's not "paradoxical" at all, it is practical. Germany needs reliable energy now that the comfortable reserve capacity supplied by massive Russian natural gas imports is no longer available to pick up the slack when the wind isn't blowing, or is blowing so hard that the windmills need to shut down.
Bloomberg: Don't Understand Why China Needs Coal
Paul Homewood
There is only one reason why China is still building new coal plants - that is because they know that they need dispatchable power, and not intermittent renewables. Even if you believe Xi's promise to hit net zero by 2060, they will still need lots of coal power in the meantime. Much of its older coal capacity will be long gone by then.
The Dangers of Low Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations
Craig D. Idso
Thus, CO2 literally is the "food" that sustains essentially all plants (and animals who consume plants, including humans) on the face of the Earth. And when that food supply is diminished, nature begins to diminish... [T]here are consequences to reducing the air's CO2 content by any amount. To claim otherwise or ignore this scientifically-based truth demonstrates the ignorance (and arrogance) of those hell-bent on reducing the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere.
Can't We Just Admit That Modern Art Is Garbage?
Matt Margolis
I have to say something that needs to be said: Modern art is mostly garbage. This week, the internet was abuzz over a story that some famous modern art painting by Piet Mondrian, called "New York City I," has been hanging upside down for decades... Mondrian died in 1944, so we can't ask him how it's supposed to hang, and frankly, who cares? The painting is garbage.
Judge Allows Lawsuit By Pennsylvania Moms Over
First-Grade Transgender Lessons to Move Forward

A federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled against a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by parents who allege their children's first-grade teacher violated district policy, state law and the Constitution by teaching children about gender dysphoria and transgender transitioning. Senior U.S. District Judge Joy Flowers Conti ruled Oct. 27 in Tatel v. Mt. Lebanon School District that the Pennsylvania parents had sufficient reason to allege their constitutional rights were violated if their claims are true.
Florida Medical Board Outlaws Sex Changes,
Puberty Blockers for Transgender-Identifying Minors

The Florida Board of Medicine this week outlawed several medical procedures for minors who claim they are transgender, including puberty blockers and irreversible sex change operations. The directive, which addresses "standards of practice for the treatment of gender dysphoria in minors," forbids doctors from performing on minors "sex reassignment surgeries, or any other surgical procedures, that alter primary or secondary sexual characteristics."
Michigan Muslims Rock the Casbah Over
Gay Porn in Schools, Jumping En Masse to the GOP

Kevin Downey Jr.
Seven months ago, an intrepid PJ Media columnist with wonderful hair opined that the transgender movement would bring down the ultra-commies running the Democrat party. While the Democrats were attacking white Christians for believing women are women and men are not, they never thought the Muslim community might have a say in all this. They do.
Muslim Dad Grills School Board Over Obscene Books
A Muslim father was among hundreds of angry Michigan parents to char-grill the Dearborn Public School Board over extremally age-inappropriate, sexually explicit books available in the school library. "I want to first start out by saying one thing. Any of the teachers that are here, our beef is not with you. Our beef is with you," said the protester, pointing at the assembled school board.
Should Elementary Schools In Maine
Carry Pornographic Comic Books?

Thomas Klingenstein
Maine Governor Janet Mills's administration recommends that elementary schools carry pornographic books such as Gender Queer, a graphic novel (what we used to call comic books) depicting, among other vivid illustrations, a boy with his penis in another boy's mouth. The text is as explicit as the pictures. Statements like, "I'm gonna give you the blow job of your life," and "I want you inside me," convey the tone and flavor of this volume.

Week ending 30 October 2022

The War Over 'Transgender' Kids: A Pre-Election Battlefield Update
Ben Weingarten – RealClearInvestigations
America is in the throes of a cultural and political war over gender ideology, featuring high-profile conflicts over everything from school curricula to athletics to pronouns. But among the most explosive battles unfolding within the broader war is that over transgender children. In an inhospitable election year for the left, Democrats, far from being on the back foot, have pushed ahead on this front, including this fall in California, New York, and Virginia with moves to curb parental rights. Days from the election, President Biden made clear the party's broader position, telling a transgender activist that no state should be able to bar "gender-affirming healthcare" for kids.
Watch for These 5 Red Flags In Pennsylvania's Elections This Year
Victoria Marshall
With the 2022 midterms fast approaching, Democrats in states like Pennsylvania are trying the same tactics they used in 2020. As Republicans gain in the polls (thanks in part to skyrocketing inflation and the country's disastrous economic prospects), sinister games are at play behind the scenes. This is nothing new to the Keystone State. Corruption-riddled Philadelphia has long been ground zero for Democrats' election-rigging schemes.
Crisis In Pennsylvania – 255,000 Unverified New Voters Sent Ballots – Candidates Better Contact Their Lawyers
Pennsylvania Democrat officials sent out 240,000 255,000 ballots to people they could not verify either by their Social Security or Driver's License numbers. The ballots should NEVER have been sent out to these voters. Fifteen Republican State Representatives sent a letter to Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth Leigh Chapman after they discovered that over 240,000 illicit ballots were sent out in the state prior to the 2022 midterm elections.
Trump's Greatest Achievement That No One Is Talking About:
Flushing Out the Swamp Commies

Kevin Downey Jr.
We can talk about Trump's successes for days – the wall, the re-writing of NAFTA, low gas prices, etc. But let's focus on Trump's most important achievement of them all: he forced the hand of the swamp commies, and now we can see who they are. 
Fauci Tells Americans to Get Boosted Before Holidays; Claims There is “No Doubt It’s Safe” Despite VAERS Data Showing the Experimental Jab is the Most Dangerous Vaccine in History
Julian Conradson
With the holidays just around the corner, Tony Fauci is climbing back atop his high horse to shame Americans into compliance with his vaccine demands. The self-proclaimed embodiment of science joined Stephen Colbert's 'The Late Show' on Thursday to dutifully peddle some more propaganda about the failed and dangerous Covid booster shots.
Myth Busted: VAERS is NOT "over reported"
Steve Kirsch
My latest survey shatters all of the myths that the CDC has used to ignore the VAERS safety data. There are more reports for these vaccines because there are more events observed. In this article, I bust the "over reporting" myth by using data that took me only a few hours to collect. What I found is that it isn't even a close call: VAERS is actually under reported for the COVID vaccines (relative to other vaccines) and there are more reports because the vaccines are extremely unsafe.
How Worried Should We Be About Boston University's
Gain-of-Function Covid Virus That Kills 80% of Mice?

This week, Boston University found itself at the centre of scorn over claims its laboratories were engineering a "SARS-CoV-3" virus that would (hypothetically) put humanity one lab-leak away from a renewed Covid pandemic. In the midst of worldwide relief over SARS-CoV-2's eventual replacement by the mild, 'common cold' Omicron variant, BU's scientists have created de novo an "Omicron S-bearing virus", potentially marrying Omicron's transmissibility with the Wuhan strain's dangerous pathogenicity.
The 'cabal' That Bragged of Foisting Joe Biden On Us
Must Answer for His Failed Presidency

Glenn H. Reynolds
It's time to admit it. Less than a year in, Joe Biden's is a failed presidency. Biden knows it, the press knows it, and voters know it. And our foreign adversaries like China and Russia know it. It's also time to look at the "cabal" of business, labor and political leaders who foisted the Biden administration on us. That won't be hard, as they were openly bragging about their efforts less than a year ago.
Bye Wind, Hello Coal: German Windmills Will Be Taken Down to
Give Way to a Coal Mine

Eight wind turbines are about to be dismantled to make way for a planned Garzweiler open-cast pit in Erkelenz to mine coal. The windmills began functioning in 2001, and their incentives under the Renewable Energy Sources Act have expired. When the wind turbines were installed then, it was understood that the opencast mine would follow, according to the spokesman from German energy firm RWE who operates the mine and the coal-fired power plant in the region.
What Has All That Investment In Renewables Actually Bought Us?
David Strom
Trillions of dollars have been poured into investments in "renewable energy." Vast fortunes have been made by grifters willing to pocket the money being thrown at them for building useless junk. Power has accumulated into few hands... How can $3.8 trillion buy you nothing? Well, it hasn't bought exactly nothing. It has bought you a bunch of useless crap while also doing exactly what it is intended to do: transfer great amounts of wealth to the friends and families of powerful people and transfer huge amounts of power into the hands of politicians and bureaucrats who are gaining control over every aspect of our lives.
Bombshell Court Order Outlines
Proven Government/Big Tech Censorship

Americans worried about the government conspiring with social media companies to censor their speech aren't conspiracy theorists. It's been proven. Just this past Friday, what appears to be one of the only honest judges left in America ordered several key figures to sit for depositions in a court case brought against the Federal Government by the states of Louisiana and Missouri. In the case, the states allege that several key bureaucracies in the Federal government have conspired with big tech companies to censor free speech on social media platforms.
'Don't know why that's so important': Hochul Baffled When
Zeldin Talks Jailing Criminals During NY Gov Debate

Gov. Kathy Hochul stunningly said she didn't know why it's "so important" to lock up criminals when confronted by Republican challenger Lee Zeldin over the state's controversial bail reform law during their first and only debate Tuesday night. Zeldin, who's pledged to declare a crime emergency and suspend cashless bail if elected, brought up the issue midway through the televised face-off. "My opponent thinks that right now there's a polio emergency going on but there's not a crime emergency – different priorities than I'm hearing from people right now," the outgoing congressman from Long Island said.
FBI Classifies 'misinformation' Under 'election crimes':
Whistleblower Leaks to Project Veritas

An FBI whistleblower has leaked an agency publication to Project Veritas that classifies "misinformation" as an "election crime," even if someone spread false information "unintentionally." The pamphlet, dubbed the "2022 midterm elections social media analysis cheat sheet," includes a list of "election crimes" that includes sections on "campaign finance," "disinformation," "election influence," "election interference," "misinformation," "voter/ballot fraud," "voter intimidation" and "voter suppression." It classifies "misinformation" separately from "disinformation."
Armed Apartment Residents Fight Back,
Take Down Would-Be Robber In Break-In

A group of Indiana apartment residents beat up a would-be robber and kept him in custody using their own firearms until authorities could arrest him, police said. Kokomo police reported that Marrell Tyler, 18, received multiple facial injuries when he broke into the apartments at 3:25 a.m. Police responded quickly but arrived to find Tyler beat up and held at gunpoint, thanks to the actions of three men who had been inside the first apartment he had entered.
Texas Mom Jumps Into Action When Burglar Breaks Into Home,
Opens Fire On Suspect

A Texas mom successfully chased off a suspected burglar after locking herself and her children in a bedroom and opening fire on the man. "You have the right to defend yourself in your own home against an intruder," Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra told KRGV, commending the mom for protecting her family and home. "I imagine she was in fear of her life … so she did what she had to do, and we support her."
Sweet Victory! CA Court Rules In Favor of Christian Baker Who
Refused to Bake Cake for a Lesbian Couple In 2017

A California baker has won a discrimination lawsuit after she refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple's wedding– citing her Christian beliefs. On Saturday, Cathy Miller, owner of Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, California, announced that a Kern County judge had sided with her after a years-long battle. In 2017, Miller refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple, Eileen and Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio, claiming that her religious beliefs were grounds to not make a masterpiece for the pair's special day. At the time, the baker allegedly politely refused to make the cake and gave the couple the name of an alternative bakery.
Public Comments Flood Virginia Over Plan to
Treat Students by Biological Sex, Not Gender Identity

A month after Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin's proposed reversal of his predecessor's transgender policies, which let students use restrooms and participate in sports based on their gender identity, the commonwealth's Department of Education is dealing with a crush of feedback from across the country. The public comment period for the "Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia's Public Schools" ended Wednesday night, with nearly 72,000 comments filed by individuals and groups across the political spectrum.
What Price the Endangered Species Act?
Clarice Feldman
In 1973 when President Nixon signed into law the Endangered Species Act, which had been passed by a bipartisan vote in Congress, everyone doubtlessly conceived it would protect valued species like the bald eagle, the California condor, the grizzly bear, humpback whale, and the peregrine falcon. I doubt that anyone imagined it would destroy so much of the West's economy; allow opportunistic groups to kill or substantially delay and raise the cost of needed water and energy projects to save insignificant creatures which in the end thrived after transplanting them; contribute to massive forest fires; and end up killing off one species to save another. That, however, is just what has happened.
'Defund the police' Councilwoman Begs Seattle Police for
Protection After 'poop' Thrown at Her House

Kshama Sawant, the Seattle City Council member who led the charge to defund the police department is now requesting police to protect her home in response to repeated scatological vandalism. Sources told The Post Millennial that over the past month someone has been throwing human feces at the Marxist council member's home. According to the source, the Seattle Police Department responded and took a report, and the council member is now requesting a "permanent patrol presence monitoring her place from 5 pm -10 pm every day."
Mandela Barnes Compared
'God, country, and guns' to ISIS Rhetoric

Wisconsin Democratic Senate nominee Mandela Barnes' questionable social media posts are coming to light again less than two weeks before election day. Barnes, now Wisconsin's lieutenant governor, came under fire last week after tweets resurfaced of him praising Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and expressing how he wished he could have met Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.
Threat of Nationwide Railroad Strike Grows
After 2nd Union Rejects Proposed Deal

We have been following developments related to a potential rail strike as unions try to negotiate a new contract with employees unhappy with proposals that have already been offered. Now there is news that a second union has rejected a deal that was hammered out last month between rail companies, unions, and the Biden administration.
NCLA Amicus Brief Supports States' Suit Against
Biden Admin's Mass Student Loan Cancellation

The New Civil Liberties Alliance, a nonpartisan, nonprofit civil rights group, has filed an amicus curiae brief in the lawsuit brought by six States – Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, and South Carolina – to block the Biden Administration's unlawful student loan debt cancellation plan. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit issued a stay of the executive action while it considers the States' emergency request.

Week ending 23 October 2022

Here's Proof Biden Knows His Student Loan Bailout Is Illegal
Brad Polumbo
From the very moment President Joe Biden announced his unilateral "cancellation" of $10,000 per borrower in student loan debt, critics have blasted his plan as unfair , costly , and unconstitutional . In response, the White House has grasped at straws to try to justify it somehow having the authority to usurp Congress's constitutional powers and spend money without legislation. But the president just tipped his hand – and revealed that he actually does know his plan is unlawful. Here's the backstory.
After the Jan. 6 Committee Finishes, Maybe a GOP Congress
Can Probe Some Actual 'threats to democracy'

Glenn H. Reynolds
Indeed, after a disastrous almost two years in office for Biden, things are looking grim for the Democrats. The midterm elections loom, and everyone seems to expect the Democrats to get a shellacking, which they richly deserve. If that happens, the question is what a new Republican congressional majority should do. The answer is lots of things, but I have one suggestion: It's time for some hearings of their own.
Supreme Court Justice Rules
Part of N.Y. Absentee Voting Law Is Unconstitutional

A state Supreme Court justice issued a split ruling Friday that found New York's absentee ballot laws are partially unconstitutional, a decision that will hurl an element of disorder into the midterm election in which mail-in voting is already underway. Her ruling on the lawsuit filed by Republican and Conservative party leaders was immediately challenged by Democratic officials who filed a notice of appeal on Friday evening. The case, which may be resolved by the state Court of Appeals, is expected to move quickly as Election Day is less than three weeks away.
Federal Appeals Court Rules Congress Upended
Separation of Powers in Creating CFPB Under Obama

The 39-page ruling invalidates the Payday Lending Rule, which became effective in 2018. It restricted lenders ability to provide consumers with loans unless they've determined they have the ability to repay them according to certain terms, and also restricted a lenders' account access to repay loans. The three-judge panel reasoned that Congress appropriates funds via the Appropriations Clause – but handed over that authority when it created the CFPB, giving the agency unchecked power.
Whistleblower: FBI Has 'Voluminous Evidence'
Against Biden and His Family

In a letter sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss last week, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said that the FBI has "significant, impactful, and voluminous evidence" of "potential criminal conduct" by Joe Biden's son Hunter and his brother James Biden relating to their business dealings in China and Ukraine. The letter was obtained by the Washington Examiner on Monday. In it, Grassley accused the bureau of making "pattern and practice of political decisions," citing a whistleblower within the FBI.
Biden Admin Admits Americans
Will Face Steep Energy Price Hike This Winter

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released data on projected energy costs, indicating that Americans can expect to pay higher fees for natural gas for the upcoming winter. The EIA said it forecasted that U.S. households that primarily use natural gas for heating will spend an average of $931 on heating this winter – a whopping 28%, or $206, more than last year.
Biden's Border Commissioner Called
'Unengaged' by White House Colleagues

Rick Moran
Yes, Joe Biden's administration has done nothing – absolutely nothing – to stop the flow of illegal aliens across the southern border. And to discover the reason, look no further than the guy in charge of securing the border. According to Politico, no less than five colleagues of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Chris Magnus portray him as unengaged in his job and say he falls asleep during department meetings.
U.S. Supply Chain Looking Mighty Shaky Right About Now
Beege Welborn
Historic import and export container processing in the month of August pushed the Port of New York and New Jersey to the No. 1 spot outpacing both the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.…"One of my biggest worries right now with this congestion is a railroad strike knocking out the third leg of transport," McQuiston said. "The U.S. would have an element of paralysis in certain sectors of the supply chain if there was a rail strike. You do not have enough cabs or drivers to pick up the containers once bound for rail."
Oy Vey!
Narrative Backfire: 'Mainstream Media' Most Widely
Feared Threat to Democracy in New Poll

Despite persistent efforts led by the Biden administration, House Democrats' Jan. 6 tribunal and allied media to paint former President Trump as authoritarian, nearly as many Americans view President Biden as a threat to democracy as they do Trump, according to a new poll – and the mainstream media itself looms as the most widely feared threat to American democracy... A whopping 84% of these voters – which translates to roughly 60% of all registered voters – view the media as a threat to democracy, with 59% calling the press a "major threat" and 25% calling it a "minor threat."
Climate Protesters Accused of 'Blood On Their Hands'
After 2 Die in Crash Amid Traffic from Bridge Protest

Climate protesters in England are being accused of having "blood on their hands" after their protest scaling a bridge caused a traffic jam that reportedly kept first responders from quickly tending to two crash victims who died. "The eco-warriors may have thought it was an innocent protest, but they've got blood on their hands," Mark Heap, 55, told the Daily Mail after suffering a broken back and a broken leg on Monday when he stopped to help a stranded motorist and was struck by a speeding car that was attempting to avoid a traffic jam caused by climate protesters who had scaled England's Queen Elizabeth II bridge.
Biden's Diesel Fuel Supply Crisis Could Soon
Cripple America in Ways Never Before Seen

Oil prices and President Joe Biden's continued draining of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) have dominated the headlines over the past few weeks, but analysts say a more impactful and serious crisis on the energy front looms: a diesel fuel shortage. Diesel doesn't get as much of the limelight as oil and gas, but it should because diesel fuel is the industrial lifeblood of the United States, and the price of diesel alone probably has a more significant impact on inflation and the prices you're paying at the grocery store over any other factor. Without ample amounts of diesel, semi-trucks don't move, farms are shut down, and critical manufacturing sectors are crippled.
Wyoming Electric Vehicle Road Trip Nightmare:
Man Spends 15 Hours to Travel 178 Miles Across State

Warner Todd Huston
A Colorado man learned the lesson of just how bad electric vehicles are for long-distance travel when he discovered that it took him 15 hellish hours to drive from Cheyenne to Casper, Wyoming. At around 180 miles, this is a trip that only takes about three hours in a gas-powered vehicle. But because he was in an EV, the trip took five times more time to make the distance.
Swing Voters Rip Fetterman On MSNBC:
'Hard to watch him speak,' 'sore eye for the Democratic Party'

Pennsylvania swing voters got honest about the health of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman, telling MSNBC that it's "hard to watch him speak" and that someone should have advised him not to run in his condition. Though the collection of voters expressed sympathy for Fetterman's condition, they admitted that it meant he wasn't an ideal candidate.
There's Another Problem With Fetterman's Doctor's Note
Matt Margolis
Fetterman and his campaign haven't been honest about Fetterman's health problems since his stroke. Frankly, he's acting like he's got something to hide. On its face, the doctor's note itself was suspicious, but when you consider that it was written by a Democrat donor, well… let's just say it raises a few red flags. Any objective person can see that Fetterman is not well, and Chen's assessment didn't pass the smell test before this revelation. It's hard to see anyone taking it seriously now.
Kathy Barnette Urges Her Supporters to Vote for Mehmet Oz
"First, I hear you on the principles but let's cut to the chase in politics here," talk radio host David Webb said. "Are you working and encouraging your base, your substantial base, which could be the difference between a Republican loss in Pennsylvania and a Republican win?" Barnette said she is "absolutely" encouraging her base to support the Republican nominee.
Armed Citizen Shoots Knife-Wielding Man Threatening Paramedics
Just a day after Stacey Abrams pilloried Georgia's concealed carry laws and bemoaned the fact that millions of Americans have embraced their right to keep in bear arms since gun sales started soaring in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, an armed citizen in Gainesville, Georgia came to the aid of paramedics who were being threatened by a man armed with a knife.
Baby Formula Update: Still Missing In Action
We haven't heard much lately about the baby formula shortage that was dominating the news earlier this year. (When we weren't talking about Ukraine and the rest of the crises unfolding in the country.) So at least that one problem got cleaned up, though it took quite a while, right? All of those babies out there are happily gurgling away and nursing off their bottles once again. What a relief! Except that's really not the case.
How Next-Gen Ultrasounds Are Changing the Abortion Debate
fetus ultra sound"The ultrasound just made it feel a lot more real," Sarah* recalled. "When I first heard my son's heartbeat, there was an immediate attachment to the idea of him." Five years ago, when she was 27 years old, Sarah realized she was pregnant. Immediately, she knew she had a difficult choice before her. Her relationship with her boyfriend of five years was shaky at the time, and he was strongly in favor of her terminating the pregnancy.
Analysts Say Bed, Bath & Beyond Could Go Bankrupt After Siding With Leftists By Taking MyPillow Products Off Their Shelves
Retailer Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. has been staggered by poor management, poor inventory control, lack of store upgrades and overwhelming competition. It has been one of America's most troubled retailers for the past two years. CNN Business analysts believe the difficulties are so severe that Bed Bath & Beyond belongs on a list of store chains that could go bankrupt.
There's a Public School Child Sexual Abuse Epidemic
No One Is Talking About

Matt Margolis
Did you think Drag Queen Story Hours, transgender closets, and porn in school libraries were where sexually grooming kids ended in the public school system? Guess again. There is a widespread epidemic that has not gotten enough attention, and that's the shocking number of public educators who have been arrested for child sex-related crimes this year. Nearly 270 public educators have been arrested for child sex-related crimes in the first nine months of the year. These crimes have been against students of all ages, including anything from simple grooming to statutory rape.
Report: Hospital Denied Operation to Female Sex Abuse Victim
Who Requested Biologically Female Nurses

A woman in the United Kingdom is accusing a hospital of cancelling her surgical procedure after she asked to only be treated by biologically female nurses. The woman, who is remaining anonymous, told the Daily Mail that she was scheduled to have a colorectal surgery at London's Princess Grace Hospital until she complained about a transgender woman nurse checking in on her during preparation for the intimate procedure. She reportedly asked for an all-biologically female nursing team going forward, at which point her appointment was cancelled.
HS Girls' Volleyball Player Suffers Severe Head, Neck Injuries
After Trans Opponent Spikes Her In the Face With the Ball

A girls' high school volleyball player in North Carolina recently suffered severe injuries to her head and neck after a trans opponent spiked a ball into her face. Early last month, Hiwassee Dam High School competed against Highlands High School in a girls' volleyball tournament. During the game, an unnamed biological male playing for Highlands spiked a ball over the net and hit an unnamed Hiwassee Dam player directly in the face.
Who Wants Sex Change Operations On Minors?
John Hinderaker
It isn't usually hard to understand liberals' policy positions. They want money and power, and you can generally see how their policies give them more money and more power. But the current "trans" mania is an exception to that principle. Why have liberals gone crazy over an issue – or, perhaps, a fad – that was unknown a few years ago? Over a segment of the population that barely exists? I can't explain it.
Three Alleged Cyber Bullies Suspended from
Florida School Hockey League After Teen Kills Herself

Three Florida cyber bullies have been suspended from their hockey league after they allegedly relentlessly bullied a teammate, who then committed suicide, according to a report. McKenna Brown, 16, took her own life in August after she began talking to one of her friends' former boyfriends – which prompted the would-be pal and some other girls to taunt and harass her, her mother Cheryl Brown told Dr. Phil this week.

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